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Have you ever caught a Shiny?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by mjbmitch, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Subject says it all. List the ones you caught.

    As for myself, I have caught three Shinies my entire life.
    - Shiny Celebi
    - Shiny Rotom
    - Shiny Chimecho

    Is that a little compared to you guys? Or is it like alot?
  2. I have caught some shiny.

    • Shiny Linoone (my first shiny R/S)
      • Bidoof,Cubone,Tyranitar,Ho-Oh,Mew,Celebi,Dusknoir,Aggron,Gyrados,Pikachu,Milotic,Gardevoir,Gallade,Rhyperior,and I think that's it :-\(D/P).
  3. Jeez, you guys are lucky. No matter how much time spent with pokeradar, I NEVER catch a shiny.
  4. I have yet to catch a shiny, despite my name. I would like a shiny Giratina.
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    A topic about shinies already exists on the Pokemon Games Discussion board. Please check all appropriate forums when posting a new thread, especially when you're creating one specifically aimed at the games.

    Locking this.
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