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Have the urge to play and some reflections

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Zapdos145, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. I have been having the urge to play a Pokemon game again lately. Now I'm not really sure what to play. I really enjoyed Red and Blue and Gold and Silver. Sapphire and Ruby left a sour taste in my mouth which I haven't forgot. But I've been thinking of picking up Green and Red. I was wondering though as a fan of the older Red and Blue games would I enjoy Fire Red and Leaf Green. I'll be honest I use to be a really big Pokemon fan until I played Sapphire. I rememebr not to long after the release of Pokemon Red and Blue I tried experimenting with what actually effected stats. Glad I didn't have to go through all the hard work azure heights put into Red and Blue but at the time no one in the pokemon communities I visited really knew so we had thought provocative discussion. Also made a few friends there. (All of which have sicne fell off the face of the planet it seems.

    I also remember battling on PBS even where I got an upset against the Pokemon Champ from the UK. (He was a very arrogant guy) (Katie maybe remmebers Darren from and ICQ chat many years ago).

    I will say though the collapse of MSS was probably what killed Pokemon for me truly though. I feel that really had me lose communication with many of my old POkemon community friends(see we at MSS broke away from Pokemon Crater after finding the webmaster cared more about money than Pokemon anymore)(Heck I even became the first non old time friend of Aaron's to become a mod but I later gave my password out and allowed people to mess with the forum as I gave up on trying to save it from the spam hole it became) MSS was the hope of a peaceful non spam organization. It died though around the release of Stadium 2. Infact most of my fave communities have long died. I almsot feel the peaceful pokemon community has died out.

    I actually see this site with a bright future. If we could somehow get the forum to be more active and have noble discussions of Pokemon. (I see new topics in here lacking in my short tenure). But the peaceful aprt is down. Have to say if we could find a way to spark interest in forums again. (Have to say forums were more fun when I was younger I also feel I was more intelligent back then). Guess I better get back to reading my books and programming again..

    PS: Sorry for the long winded psot and most likely horrible grammar. This has been the longest post I've made since my stint in RP'ing many years ago.(only 2 or 3 but you know). Funny thing is I can write on paper without a mistake but when I type I make the craziest mistakes.

  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Darren... Oh yes, I remember him. It's players like him who make me hate certain forum communities/posting my team movesets. Can't believe that was over 5/6 years ago. I haven't even touched ICQ in ages :p

    I know I'm in the minority when it comes to enjoying R/S, but it's mostly because I discovered egg breeding/trading. If it hadn't been for that one aspect, the freedom to trade eggs early on R/S allows that no other Pokemon games do, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed them as much as I did. Emerald is a huge improvement over 'em. As for FR/LG... To be truthful, I found them a bit boring. They had the nostalgia factor going for sure and a few really nice additions (Sevii Islands, 2nd version of the Elite 4) but they haven't managed to hold my interest the way the originals did. Man, I restarted Red and Blue AT LEAST 15 times, possibly 20. I've never played a game as many times over as I did then, and back then you couldn't even breed. That was before I knew of all the game mechanics, though... I didn't know about IVs or EVs or whatnot, it was all just about playing the games and having fun. I had horrible movesets, actually trained Legendaries, used Rare Candy to boost my Pokemon, but it kept me playing over and over again. The irony lined in that statement makes me laugh and also a bit sad. I'll probably never be able to reclaim that enthusiasm for the games again because there are so many factors to consider. Ignorance really is bliss.

    Thanks for the compliments about Pokecharms, and I agree about the lack of activity thing. I want to see this place succeed because I love it and Pokemon. I'd rather see it shut down than become some spamhole or elitist community. There is too much competing on some forums/sites... All it does is kill the spirit of Pokemon IMO.
  3. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Pokecharms, by it's very laid back nature, will never need to come into conflict with other Pokemon sites in the way that BMG and Serebii have etc.

    That's pretty much in large part due to the fact that I simply couldn't be arsed with the crap that goes on between the fandom some times.

    Pokecharms has always been about the fans of Pokemon. We provide a service to the fans as fans ourselves.

    We do not feel the need to involve ourselves in bitch-fights over "We had it first".

    Also, for Pokecharms, we don't follow a stiff set of rules over what we cover. Other sites would NEVER have updates solely about Baratron coming around to Nem's house during my visit to bake us flapjacks. ^^ We simply don't care.

    I continue to pour money, time and effort into Pokecharms simply because it's no longer just a bunch of pages on the interweb. As far as I'm concerned, it's a personality in it's own and I enjoy it as much as everyone else.

    As far as forum activity goes, as you can clearly see, we've certainly not simply 'left it to be'. There are constant drives to get activity here, but none seem to have any strong impact.

    I do assume that this is in large part due to where we are in Pokemon at the moment. Every new generation of games brings with it a new generation of fans. When D/P come out, there'll be a lot of new fans going to google and looking for info on the games and places to talk about them.

    Our games coverage, when we actually get to it (^^') is among the best. Again, because of the fact we don't simply state the facts, we give people something to read and enjoy reading. As well as covering it as in-depth as possible.

    If we do D/P right, the forums will (hopefully) flourish. In the meantime, the best reccomendations I have for anyone that complains about a lack of activity here is to simply post.

    Posting attracts other people to post and in turn attracts more other people to post.

    We certainly aren't going to get THAT far is the only people posting are just me and Katie.
  4. dr oak is right i use serebii but it just seems too bad on reporting stuff it has no character that this site has the games coverage of this site is excellent it'll never get any conflict unlike serebii

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