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DPPt/HGSS Have any tips?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by RegiLover, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Allright. My team on my Poke'mon games are the Regis of course. and if you dont know who they are theres Registeel (steel type) Regice (ice type) and Regirock (rock type) but even though I have gotten all three of them up to lvl 100, and I gave all of them the highest amounts of PP ups, Hp ups, calciums, etc. They still seem to struggle a bit when facing opponents there level. Here are the attacks that each one has.

    Rock smash
    Rock throw
    Hyper Beam

    Zap Cannon
    Hyper Beam

    Iron Defense
    Metal Claw
    Hyper Beam

    ok. there. now does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make my team of Regis stronger or better? Or if I should give them new attacks or anything? If so please post! >.
  2. Carmen Lopez

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    Is there any particular reason why Regirock know Rock Smash? In my opinion you should stay away from MOST HM moves. I would suggest getting rid of it and replacing it with Brick Break if you want a fighting type move.
  3. Oh, well you see, the only reason Regirock has rocksmash is because I needed to well, smash rocks xP and I was to lazy to walk back to the pokemon center, so I just made him learn it.
  4. Carmen Lopez

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    Well since your Regis are struggling against opponents of the same level I highly recommend making a trip to the move deleter house and getting yourself a new Rock Smash slave.
  5. Good idea xP. Im going to get on it at this RIGHT NOW >:0

    EDIT: annndd I did it xP, but still my problem is not solved, I have no idea what I should replace the rocksmash with >
  6. Carmen Lopez

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    I'm guessing there's no way you can transfer Brick Break from Fr/Lg so I would recommend just about any physical attack. What game are we talking about here?
  7. Well We are infact talking about FireRed, I traded my regis from my Emerald game to it, and I decided to give my Regirock a bodyslam attack, it seems rather usefull.
  8. the thing is...regis have no offense. they're all defense. so maybe a new strategy is in order?
  9. Carmen Lopez

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    Not necessarily. True they all have good defenses but Regirock's attack and Regice's special attack is pretty good. Registeel is the most defensive out of the three.
  10. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    -Rock Slide/Ancient Power
    -Brick Break
    -Body Slam

    Rock Slide and Ancient Power are there for STAB. Its up to you which one you pick. Just remember that Rock Slide is more powerful, but Ancient Power has a chance at raising all you stats.

    Brick Break is for Ice-types that could very well annihilate you.

    Earthquake is just a good attack overall and you'll find it quite usefull.

    Body Slam does indeed work nicely on Regirock, so I would keep that the same.

    -Ice Beam
    -Lock On
    -Zap Cannon

    I don't know why it doesn't know Ice Beam in the first place, that's just awful. >> Powerful Ice-type move AND it gets STAB.

    Lock On and Zap Cannon just go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, plus Zap Cannon will take nice advantage of Regice's Special Attack.

    The last move is up to you really, Regice is kinda lacking in learnable/knowable attacks.

    -Aerial Ace
    -Double Edge

    Registeel has such a limited moveset it makes me cringe. This moveset is best I could come up with, and you'll do... O-K... if used right :p

    Earthquake is for Fire-types, Aerial Ace is for Fighting-types, Double-Edge is just there for plain power and Explosion is there as a last resort move. Use it wisely.

    You'll have to change these movesets around if you want to use these Regi's in Diamond or Pearl.
  11. Ok, Thanks guys! ^.^ I think Ill use the movelist that Sem made.

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