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Ask to Join Hau'oli Catacombs (Sign-Up/Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ~Patriot~, May 12, 2020.

  1. For generations upon generations, Melemele natives have been buried in Hau'oli Cemetery when their time comes. It is a popular destination for any island challenger native to Melemele Island, as the fledgling trainers pay respect to their ancestors and ask for their guidance along the coming journey.

    You are one such fledgling trainer, a native Melemelean (or one of Melemelean descent) that has come to ask the spirits of your ancestors for help in your Island Challenge. Unbeknownst to you, your visit comes at a time when many strange phenomena are plaguing the Cemetery...​

    Goes without saying, but follow the Global and Pokemon-Specific Pokecharms rules.
    2) Your Pokemon are not invincible, and they won't be able to dodge every attack against them.
    3) Mild violence, keep descriptions close to what we see in the anime.
    4) No outright romance, these characters are well underage.

    Age (Between 13 and 16):
    Physical Description:
    (If you feel confident in your RP abilities you can leave this blank and show the personality in the RP itself)

    Pokemon [No more than 2 Pokemon (stage 1) or 1 Pokemon (stage 2) at first]:
    Nickname (Optional):
    Level (Optional, just something I like to include to gauge abilities):
    Backstory (Optional):
    Name: Malik Kelekolio
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Physical Description: Malik is 5'10" tall and weighs in at about 140 pounds. His skin is a good few shades darker than his wide almond-colored eyes, and his head is topped with short, coal black dreadlocks. He has a lean build, neither muscular nor overly skinny, owed to years of physical activity but little serious training.
    Clothing: Malik wears a white polo-shirt with a light gray Hawaiian pattern, and a pair of gray khaki shorts. He also wears brown leather sandals, a faux silver watch, and carries a red and black single strapped backpack.
    Personality: Malik is impulsive and blunt, a combination that gets him in trouble often. He is hot headed and is quick to act on perceived problems, resulting in frequent visits to the Pokemon Center to heal his partner.
    Backstory: (Will add when I wake up later.)

    Nickname: Kana
    Level: 12
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Backstory (Optional):
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  2. Name: Edmond Florence
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Physical Description: Standing at 5'11" with fair skin thanks to plenty of sunlight, a slim body build thanks to a lot of travelling, short and somewhat smooth pale light Blue hair with a bang nearly covering his left eye, his eyes are dark Blue like the sea.
    Clothing: His main choice of clothing is a White tank top with Blue jeans, Black shoes and a Black belt bag. One of his most notable pieces of clothing is a Black hooded ankle long coat with fur linings along the bottom, sleeves and hood which he wears like a cape. He wears a black wristband on his right hand and a Z-Ring on his left with an Icium Z crystal. (Will get rid of if not allowed, Z-Ring too)
    Personality: I think I'll just make it up as I go in the RP this time.
    Edmond was born from a long line of proud Pokemon trainers in Malie City on Ula'ula island. His grandmother used to be a powerful Ice type Pokemon trainer and nicknamed "The Frost Maiden". Edmond always looked up to his grandmother ever since he was little and made it his dream to become a strong Pokemon trainer just like her, his grandmother was pleased at Edmond's determination and love for Pokemon, always making sure to support him. ...However, before Edmond's ninth birthday, Edmond's grandmother fell very ill and passed away. Since then, Edmond slowly sank in to depression after losing the family member that inspired him to become a Pokemon trainer.

    His parents tried what they could to support him and vice versa, Edmond even considering once to stop trying to become a Pokemon trainer, much to his parents' surprise. One day, Edmond's mother came to him with a little box and told him to keep training to become a... trainer. Inside the box was something that was passed down from Edmond's family for generations: An Icium Z, the gift began to reignite something within Edmond and he felt ready to go out and become a Pokemon trainer and was determined to help "The Frost Maiden's" legacy live on with pride... and secretly try to think of a good nickname for himself to honor her.

    Species: Snorunt
    Ability: Ice Body
    Backstory: One day, when a young 5 year old Edmond went on a trip with his father and grandmother to the foot of Mount Lanakila, they were followed by a rather curious Snorunt. The trio eventually caught notice of the Pokemon and Edmond decided to walk up and greet it, the Snorunt didn't run away but instead greeted back and took a quick liking to the would be trainer. Edmond's grandmother was delighted by the display and his father gifted Edmond with his first Poke ball, the Poke ball he used to successfully catch the Snorunt that became his Pokemon partner.

    Ability: Iron Fist
    Backstory: Crabrawler first met Edmond during his early days as a Pokemon trainer, when Edmond went to collect berries for his partner, Crabrawler sometimes intervened to try and take a few berries for himself. Edmond happily brushed it off as a simple one time inconvenience, but as the Crabrawler showed signs that it was following him, Edmond decided to try and battle it. The battle was a fierce one, even for a wild Pokemon (And not just because of type advantage) until both trainer and Pokemon saw a group of Murkrows try to steal the berries. Edmond and Snorunt decided to work together with Crabrawler and successfully drove away the Murkrows, since then, Edmond decided to catch Crabrawler and in turn make him his second (and rather feisty) Pokemon.

    I didn't add their levels because as they don't usually apply in RPs, I thought it'd be cool not to add them.
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  3. I like the reasoning behind the Z-Crystal, so I'll allow it even if these characters are at the beginning of their challenges. Accepted.
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  4. Oh don't worry, even I know it seems early, so I'll likely have him still need to learn a bit more on using it... and bond with his Pokemon even though their bond is decent enough to say the least... for now.
  5. Would you like me to see if I can tag anyone who may find this interesting?
  6. Feel free to. This RP will be pretty small scale, so I'm thinking a max of four people.
  7. Do you mean four counting us or after another four?
  8. Counting us.
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