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Ask to Join Haunted House Game

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. For OOC discussion and character bios go here. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-haunted-house-game-discussion.18612/
    Josh sat in the class reading a book. He already finished his homework for the class so he didn't have much else to do. He certainly wasn't going to associate with the others. He was new to the school but after moving around so many times he became jaded to making friends knowing that he would eventually leave yet again. He let out a breath as he continued to read.

    " Alright students." The teacher an African American man with long white dreadlocks and a goatee said. " Remember that Friday's test will be worth ten percent of your final grade this semester." He said. " Secondly I'm going to be doing a little social experiment. I need eight volunteers." He smiled a little bit. "Trust me I think you guys will think that it's fun." He said smiling.

    Josh thought about it for a couple of seconds before raising his hand.
    " Good." Mr. Dews said. " Anyone else want to volunteer?"
  2. Sasha raised her hand while yawning. School could be realy boring sometimes most of the times. But being an experiment subject? Doing something new and get paid? She's in!!
  3. John had almost gone to sleep until he heard the announcement. At an instance John raised his hand. John had once before been in a social experiment and it was surprisingly not boring. But to be paid to do one he was down.
  4. Mallory raised her hand half-heartedly, just wanting her grade to be higher. Extra credit was something her brothers had appreciated in the family. They'd probably high-five her when she came home.
  5. Dew's nodded as he wrote down the names. " Alright I expect you guys at the schools basement as soon as school ends." He said before turning his head towards the class. " If any of the rest of you wish to get this credit you can also report there." He said as the bell for the next class rang.

    Josh stood up and walked towards the class door getting ready for the next class.
  6. What? Today? Right after class?

    Mr. Dew's statement surprised her, a bit. Well, she still could attend the experiment. She just didn't expect it to be today. If its today then she should left a note in her clubroom, Rika would barrage her with e-mail if she didn't came to the clubroom without notification, she could be both sweet and annoying at the same time.

    Sasha dashed to her clubroom, passing Josh by the door.

    "Hi Josh. See you later at the basement. Well, and I guess in the next class too!" She greeted him. So far Josh wasn't the most sociable student around so except for his name, Sasha didn't know much about him.

    She continued to ran to her clubroom. Wrote a small note about her absence later, and ran to her next class.
  7. Josh watched the girl run past him. " Who was she?" He thought He shook his head as he walked towards his next class. He sat down and took out his note book. He reread his notes for this class though his mind wondered off to what Dew's experiment might be.
  8. John was surprised the experiment was today after school. John made his way to math class, John may have been good at most school subjects but math was the worsts for him barley getting a C- in it. When John got in math class he sat in his desk by the widow. John had looked outside the window like everyday just to see passing cars and the school parking lot but when he looked outside today he saw a man. John swore he wasen't crazy, just some man waving to him. John studied the man and saw he wore a white mas with what appeared to be a beak. John regained his thought as his math teacher began snapping her fingers while yelling at him. John looked back outside the window revealing the man was gone. 'That's weird' all John could think before returning to his class.
  9. time skip
    Josh stood up from his last class as he went towards his Locker. He put what he could inside of his locker as he headed towards the basement. He opened the door and looked at the weird site infront of him. There were eight metal tubes connected to a super computer. ' What the hell.' He thought as he walked in. He wondered what these things were for.
  10. "Prof, you here?" Sasha opened the door to the basement and was surprised when she saw the eight tubes. It was so... sci-fi! She hopped inside the basement to examine the device before he noticed Josh.

    "Oh, Josh! You are early. Where's prof?"
  11. Josh turned his attention to the girl " Oh hey you." He said still not knowing or caring to know her name. " I don't know where he is. probably wrangling some people up for his experiment." He said as he looked at the tubes. "Whatever that might be."

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