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Harry Potter--The new movies in particular

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Is it just me, or am I the only person psyched for the first half of Deathly Hallows? I read it was going to be cut off after Voldemort takes the Elder Wand from Dumbledore's tomb, meaning much of the awesomeness of the first part of the book will be maintained.

    As for the premiere night itself, I am cosplaying as a Ravenclaw student. I'm planning to get an awesome wand, an awesome tie, and assemble an awesome uniform I can apply to other parts of my life. IT will also be my Halloween costume.

    What do you guys think?
  2. What i am hoping for, is that the second part will be 2 hours of battling in hogwarts.
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  3. I didn't really like DH to be honest. The later Harry Potter books didn't feel as clever or exciting as the earlier ones (I suspect because J.K. had achieved Freedom From Editors) and DH is the worst of that lot. It's like 300 pages of the Trio fkin around in the woods! I don't know why they're making it into two movies, because there is not enough stuff happening to justify that. Maybe the second one will have a 90-minute battle, I dunno.
  4. I'm totally psyched ^^

    Deathly Hallows is my second favorite book after Half-Blood Prince. It felt like such a satisfying wrap up. I laughed and nearly cried. However the movies have been hit and miss with me. After the third movie, I rather lost my excitement for the movies because I disliked it so much. I found the fourth one okay and I never saw the fifth one. The sixth movie restored my faith in my movies. Though it had very little action, I felt it did a good job with the rest of the parts of the book and as a result, it's my favorite movie thus far. The trailer for Part I of DH looks amazing...but then again so did the trailer to The Last Airbender >>

    Anyway, I hope the movie does the final book of series that's so dear to so many people (including me) justice .

    I seriously hope that it will be long, and that there will be some kickass battling in it. The book was spectacular, and I trust the directors will do it justice. But.. Half the movie may be the Trio gallumping around the woods, and possibly a battle or two in-between.
    I must say this: Molly Weasley is a kickass mother. I really want them to put in her famous quote: "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU #$@*&! Classic... (Btw, if that violates any rules, take it out.)
    Anyway I'm stealing some Time-Turners and wearing them so I can watch it over and over and over again. And I'll probably cosplay as a Gryffindor student, or the Fat Lady. (For the lawlz)
    If they screw this movie up, Imma seriously have my wand ready to use a few Imperius Curses.
  6. I for one, think Wizards are a menace to polite society and think the need to all be either registered with their local government to regulate their magicing, or we deport them back to somewhere like mexico.
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    Honestly, I couldn't care less about the Deathly Hallows movie(s) since I hated the book, which is a shame really since I liked all the other books before it, and (as the logic of the world would have it) the two movies will probably be amazing now since the book was a pile of ass-dump, in direct correlation to the Goblet of Fire being my favourite of the books while regurgitating the worst movie of the bunch so far.

    That said, I won't be watching either film, purely because unlike the other films, I have no attachment to the book. The films will probably be the best things since the Lord of the Rings trilogy now, just to spite my decision.
  8. I loved the books. Actually, I still do. Hogwarts is something awesome. The Seventh book was a satisfying wrap-up for me. Know matter what others might say, I loved the Epilogue. Even though the book really could have been called "Harry Potter and the Camping Trip". I digress...

    I really hope the movie does it justice. The second half will be closing off the series, I think. And I'd be close to heartbroken if I'm left with a bad movie to close my favorite series.
  9. I second this.

    As much as I love the books, from the 4th movie on, the director has been incompetent. Half-Blood Prince had over half of its scenes made up, the rest were horribly altered. Order of the Phoenix had nearly everthing overexaggerated, and barely touched the surface of the importance of Harry's discussion with Dumbledore at the end. Deathly Hallows will be(I'm totally calling this) a complete failure because the director has no brains at all(why they can't get Chris Colombus to have done the recent ones and this one is beyond me. He did an amazing job with the first two, leaving out a total of three scenes, none of which had impact on the plot.) I think these two will receive much disgust from fans of the BOOKS.
  10. DUDE! I am so psyched for this movie! I'm going as a Hufflepuff student, my mom bought me a movie replica tie and scarf(:

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