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HARRY POTTER. (Spoilers :B)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Picnicker Virgil, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. So just last night Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released. I was there, had my ticked ready and waited around two hours for the movie to start. Was it worth it? Yes.

    The movie was really good; it had humor, action, DRAMA (omgromance) and all the other good things HP movies usually have. Buuuuuuuut, I do have some issues with it.

    Okay for one, not that they could really fix this, but holy shit Ginny is tall. Seriously. She's taller than Harry, no joke. And she still looks like a kid :\

    They hardly even mentioned the Potions book. My favorite part about the HBP book was that they had this big secret magic Potions book and they were using all the spells from it and it was awesome. In the movie the only spell they used was Sectumsempra >:|

    Lavender Brown is an annoying bitch. Okay I know they did that on purpose, but still. She's annoying.

    THEY DIDN'T LEARN TO APPARATE. Ffffffffffffff. That makes me so mad. Apparation lessons were the coolest thing ever in the book, but they didn't even give a little mention of it in the movie.

    Harry's hair was really ugly and annoying the whole movie and I wanted to fix it. No I'm serious. It was so annoying, you have no idea. Ugh.

    Teenage Tom Riddle had the FUCKING WEIRDEST VOICE THAT DID NOT GO WITH HIS FACE AT ALL. Omg, it was so weird. It was like a little kid and then he had this big deep bubbly weird voice. Aaaaaah.

    And that's basically it for what I didn't like about it. Now for what I did like:

    The scene when Bellatrix apparates in near the Weasley's and sets it on fire and stuff. I really only like this scene 'cause it looks SO COOL when she apparates in and the smoke is everywhere and stuff.

    The scene when Harry had to force feed the gross Voldemort locket Horcrux water cave potion to Dumbledore. It was so sad but he was just following orders
  2. oh gods, the inferi creeped me out >_< (but then, I was pretty much DRAGGED to the movie XD)

    Also: They cut out this fight scene at the end that would've been -awesome-

    oh gods, that movie had some awesome quotes =D

    I loved most of it though.

    That's all I can think of right now. >> (is overshadowed by Virg's post XD)
  3. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Rawr, I haven't seen any of the movies since the second movie. XD

    But anyways, I must say that, by what I'm hearing from ya'll, I may like this movie a bit, though some parts may make me go like "WTH WHERE'S THIS PART!?" Apparation stuffs and potion book spells must be one of my favorite things in the book, which is saying something because I really didn't like the last few HP books so much, starting with the fifth book when Sirius DIED. DDDD:

    The last part of the book creeped me out a bit; Dumbledore drinking that... thing, and telling Harry to make him drink it... yeah, being how kinda young I was when the book first came out, I swear it really creeped me out when I read it. And I don't think I'm looking forward to seeing that part in the movie.
  4. Although HP6 was good, I felt that they could have done better. They did leave out a lot of stuff that I would have liked to have seen. Like how they (Harry, Ron, and Hermionie) are all looking for the Half Blood Prince...

    They also didn't explain why the Half Blood Prince was called the Hald Blood Prince. My friends were confused once the movie was over, and I had to explain a lot of things.
  5. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Damn inferni! i knew they were coming, i knew it was going to happen when he reached into the water, AND IT STILL MANAGED TO SCARE ME!
  6. I thought it was decent but it lacked a LOT. One: i don't remember the fight scene over Christmas or whenever that was. Two: They forgot the best part, the whole fight scene at the end. And three: since HP5 Harry's hair hasn't matched the books. It's supposed to be all messy, but he barely has hair and they comb it!
    So glad I didn't see in 3-D. The main reason I didn't is because HP5 was in 3-D and the only part that was actually 3-D was the end. I didn't wanna have to spend extra money for another 15 minutes of 3-D on HP6.
  7. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    They'll have added the Burrow scene because the fight scene in the end wasn't there, and it needed some action.
  8. I haven't seen the movie yet, nor have I even seen the fifth one yet. However, I have read reviews and summaries almost constantly. In my opinion, Harry's hair was way too neat. In the books, it is said to be messy. The movie that has complied with this is best is the third, as it was nice and shaggy without look repulsive, like in 'Goblet of Fire.' When I saw that movie, I want to reach through the screen with a pair of scissors and give him a haircut.

    Then there were the subtle innuendoes. Isn't there a scene in which Ginny ties Harry's shoes? Mmm-hmm, there is.

    Sadly, after every other one of my friends have seen this movie, they said I'm exactly like Luna. O_o
  9. Ok so as a stand alone movie the 6th Harry Potter film was fairly good. When compared to the books however it was rubbish. I know that it's obvious they can't convert a long book like number 6 into a super true to text film, but still so many things annoyed me.

    1. Ginny is a spindly giant with like 0 sex appeal. The whole Ginny/Harry romance seemed forced and dull. The girl at the train station seemed to be a better match for him and she was only in like 5 minutes of screen time. Ugh.

    2. APPARATE! They didn't learn to apparate which I feel would be important to show if they plan on having them apparate in the next movie. Also when people did apparate it was in this weird smoke effect which doesn't make sense since it's a form of teleportation not flying. Thats why they have brooms...TO FLY!

    3. So yeah you know how the title of the movie is The Half Blood Prince, remember that? Well the writers didn't since they only vaguely alluded or ever referenced the potion book and never went into the grand search for who was the owner. So at the end when Snape reveals it was him, it has little to no importance or impact. One wonders why they even included it if it was so easily disregarded.

    Of course my biggest compliant was the ending. I'll admit I had really no intention of seeing this movie because I knew it would be butchered but there was one part I really wanted to see. THE BIG FIGHT SCENE AT THE END! What happened? A mob of Death Eaters come in and kill the headmaster and most loved person in the school then they briskly stroll through the school meeting no resistance on there way besides a loud and angry Harry. Really? This makes no sense what so ever and just adds to my general dislike for this movie. Not to mention the cheesy scene where all the students point their wands into the sky to dispel the Dark Mark. Where was your collective magic when the murderers of your beloved headmaster skipped thorough the hallways and blew up your school?

    Sigh. So yes I had issues with this movie but I will admit I did find myself enjoying it at times. Luna was great as ever and Slughorn was enjoyable.
  10. The intro with the London pedestrian bridge collapsing because of Deatheater magic- AWESOME. The effects were great, although the book says nothing about Deatheaters being able to fly withouth broomsticks. The rest of the movie is a bit boring. The whole movie is about the Horcrux. And everything is suddenly dark and dull, everything is green or brown. They probably did to make it more exiting- but it has the opposite effect. Nothing's wrong with a little sunlight.

    I loved the Dumbledore firesea scene in Voldemort's cave. It's top level Hollywood effects. The living dead are boring, too. They're all the same. And that is one BIG cave. Seriously, you could build a town in that.

    In general, i liked the movie. But i can't wait too see the last movie though- HP6 + Hollywood = 5 Oscars.

    I also agree with Laizden. It's weird that the teachers and older pupils didn't attack the Deatheaters. Mcgonnacol could have killed them all.

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