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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. I saw it just a few hours ago. First off, the Harry/Hermione shippers are going to have a field day. Second, the splinching scene was hot. Third, where was the Polyjuice muggle transformation in Godric's Hallow? It is fairly important. The experience with Cattermole's wife and Ron was also very funny.

    Right now, I am all 'SQUEE!' from the awesomeness. Comments?
  2. WAAAAHH, YOU TAUNT ME. I was banned from going tonight as punishment. :'(

    BUT OH, OH YES. I will see it. And Harry/Hermione; aww yeah. Not to mention the Harry/Ginny scene. Definite greatness. AND UMBRIDGE. I have this love/hate relationship with her, because she's a prat, and I just love the way she is portrayed. Kittens and pinkness~~

    I must see. I will see before the break. And spoil away; I'm prone to forget spoilers efore the film.
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  3. I'm leaving to see it in an hour and a half. Great book, I hope it lives up to the book....
  4. Okay, I've calmed down somewhat. Somewhat. XD

    I'm going to pick on one important thing. Harry did not find out about Grindelwad's relationship with Dumbledore, which is important to both character development and the history of the Elder Wand. It would have been a milestone for homosexuality in film as well. In addition, there is a lack of mention of Dumbledore's sister, Arianna, but hopefully that is resolved in the second film. Grindelwad was very important to Dumbedore's youth, encouraging him to help people, though the reason why changed later on.

    Anybody notice the parallels with Nazism? :p
  5. Homosexuality? They were best friends-turned-enemies. And he wasn't encouraging him to help people, he was encouraging him to help wizards overthrow Muggles.
  6. In the book, it is implied that at the very least, there was a strong friendship between Grindelwad and Dumbledore when they were young. When Rowling said Dumbledore was homosexual, it almost confirmed the relationship. Dumbledore believed that they weren't exactly 'overthrowing' the Muggles per say, but helping them by leading them (ex., wizards taking care of muggles like children). In a way, their goal was similar to that of Big Brother's.
  7. Though JK Rowling did confirm the relationship between Dumbledore and Grendelwald, it was never a focal point in the books, so I'm not upset that they left that bit out.

    I saw the 12:45 showing of Deathly Hallows and I was highly satisfied. It was definitely the best film to date. There was no way they could pack everything into the movie, but I'm at least glad they got the major points down. The scene where Hermione erases her parents' memories as well as the scenes from Godric's Hollow were all favorites of mine. I was also particularly interested in scenes in Malfoy Manor. You get to see a different side to the Malfoys as they were obviously intimidated by Voldemort and did NOT really want him in their home. It was one of the highlights in the book and I was glad to see it in the movie.

    And on another note: To be honest, I'm glad they didn't use the Polyjuice Potion when they went to visit Harry's parents' grave. I loved the scene in the book, but I was very put off by the fact that he looked like some balding middle-aged muggle crying. Whenever I subsequently imagined the scene in my head, I always saw Harry and Hermione as themselves anyway.

    There are definite parallels to Nazism right down to the leader not being the desired "pure-blood." (Voldemort was a Half -Blood while Hitler was rumored to have a Jewish relative). Rowling herself points out the similarities. It's just as absurd in the wizarding world as it is in the muggle world.

    Also gotta say that Helena Bonham Carter is win ♥

    Edit: I was researching Dumbledore and Grindelwald's relationship and Rowling said that while Dumbledore had feelings for Grindelwald, Grindelwald didn't recipricate romantically.
  8. Ah, yes, forgot all about the wiping of the Grangers' memories. I have to say I found the wiping of the pictures intriguing, as in the book it only describes the wiping of memories, not tangible objects. However, if Hermione used a spell to also wipe the photos, it makes more sense.

    I missed the albino peacocks at the manor. :p It's a pity, really, they are adorable creatures.

    What about Wormtail not strangling himself? In the third book, Wormtail owed a debt, and he repaid that in the seventh by not killing Harry, but his silver hand killed him.
  9. I thought it was a great adaptation. Splitting it into two parts was definitely worthwhile.

    I liked how it had some funny and light hearted moments despite how dark it was.
  10. Dumbledore's a homosexual??? YESSSSS! It was about time my gay self had a bearded wizard to look up to as a homosexual role model! ... but hang on... he's dead. That's the point of the last couple of films, correct? Dang. Oh well.

    Now, onto the main topic.

    I saw this film six days ago, and I must say I enjoyed it, but it was lacking something... colour. Colour is in my opinion what makes a film watchable. I hate most films run through a greyish blueish green filter. There was absolutely no colour except for that very very last scene where Harry is after burying Dobby. I would have loved a little more colour in that film.

    However I must say I really, really liked that scene in the cafe in London when Dolohov and the other guy come in and ambush our heroes. When I saw Petrificus Totalus used in the firts movie, I was like.... "ahhh, haha... look, he's like a pencil!", but when Hermione used it on Dolohov, it was actually creepy to look at, and really, really dicturbing. I mean, who wants that done to 'um? WHat I am trying to say is that they took somethinjg I thought funny and turned it into something I found genuinely disturbing to watch.

    What did I think of this movie? I thought it was an excellent idea to split the film into two parts, I really did. I think they covered just about everything. I honestly cannot wait for the Battle of Hogwarts scene in the next part, and the 19 Years Later scene was well. There's only one bad point... one really negative point I have to make about this picture...

    It means that the next one is the last one.... ;( !
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    It was half a movie. Simple as that. And yet, it was probably the best Potter film yet.

    I still find the novels significantly better than the films. But this one wasn't bad at all.

    ... Though is it bad that I squee every time I see a Thestral?
  12. No, I find the deathly cute black bird bat horsies adorable as well. Finally, someone who agrees! XD

    As for the color thing, the color has gone down in saturation or whatever as the movies have progressed. In my opinion, it could be a metaphor for innocence draining away.
  13. Whith the movies 4-6, I think were horrible, especially 5 and 6. 7 was by far the best done, and stayed relatively close to the book

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