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HarmoKnight: A Melodious Fanfare of Fun

  1. Doctor Oak

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    [​IMG]Despite basically only making the main series Pokemon games for nearly 2 decades solid, GameFreak have, on occasion, been the proud fathers of other games. Probably the two best known until now were Pulseman, a frantic platformer on the Sega Mega Drive (before their days as a Nintendo subsidiary) that later served as inspiration for Rotom, and more recently, Drill Dozer - another twist on platforming that also gave rise to the Drillbur and Klink lines in B/W. I think this week, that has changed, and so has the future of the company (soon to be) formerly known as "those Pokemon guys", with the release of HarmoKnight for the 3DS - another unique take on platforming adventure.

    The game itself is made possible by a recent internal internal restructuring of the company, allowing developer James Turner to be able to develop his idea alongside his contributions to the Pokemon games, and for others to come on board and make it a reality. It's an indication that this is really just the beginning of a new age for GameFreak, and one that can benefit the Pokemon franchise as much as giving life to new concepts and ideas.

    So, with that much riding on the success of the title, how does it stack up?

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Mar 30, 2013.

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