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Hardest Video Game(s)

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Picnicker Virgil, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. I haven't played many video games in my life, but there are always those few that seem to be way harder than others. So now I'm just wondering if anyone else finds these games as hard as I do, or if I just suck. Anyways, here're my choices:

    The Bard's Tale. I bought this game for the Xbox a few years back and I remember it frustrating me to no end. Basically, the objective is to play songs on your harp thing which summons monsters to help you fight things, and you just play through the little missions you're given unlocking new songs along the way. I haven't played it in ages, but I remember it gave me no mercy from the start, it immediately assumed I knew how to play and thrust challenges at me. If that wasn't bad enough, my dog died.

    Pikmin (1). I've only tried to beat it once, maybe twice, but I failed miserabley. I could not get all the pieces, I could not make my Pikmin be productive, and the yellow ones died like it was their job. It was a fun game, don't get me wrong, I just don't think I'd be able to finish it ever. Blue Pikmin rock, btw.
  2. Some parts of Super Mario Sunshine. Some Episodes are Very Difficult; like the Gloopa Race (Ricco Harbor, Episode 2), I still cant complete that episode! Also, games like Nintendogs, Pokemon Trozei, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (some character events and olympic courses are so damn hard!
  3. KoL

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    I could go on for hours here...

    First game to get a mention here is easily Silver Surfer for the NES. Old school games are generally known for being extremely hard, and Silver Surfer is no exception - it is widely considered one of the most difficult games ever made. The main reasons for this are that if the Surfer is hit once, he dies, and that not only does touching an enemy or getting shot kill you, but you also die from touching the ceiling, the floor, any walls, heck pretty much touching anything at all will kill you. Also, you only get a limited number of continues per game, and if you run out, you have to start all over again.

    Mega Man Zero gets a mention also - whilst it isn't anywhere near as ruthless as Silver Surfer was, it still poses an absolutely incredible challenge. Getting through the levels alive is insanely difficult as it is, and the bosses hardly let up on you either. Luckily, once Zero gets most of his abilities back, he has an easier time dealing with the bosses and levels, although even then the game is still very difficult. That said, I did eventually beat it.

    Ikaruga is similar to Silver Surfer in some respects, in so much that one hit kills you and running out of continues dumps you back at the beginning of the game again, although Ikaruga is a lot more player friendly than Silver Surfer is...but that's not saying very much at all. The game comes with three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard...but if one were to put it more accurately, the difficulty levels should be Hard, Even Harder and Borderline Impossible respectively. Despite this, it is still brilliantly good fun, and I recommend playing it if you love a good challenge.

    Finally, Metroid Fusion earns a mention for having some of the nastiest bosses in Metroid history - Yakuza and Nightmare were absolute monsters, Ridley was a bit easier than in his Super Metroid appearance, although still reasonably tough, and having the SA-X chasing you like a crazed murderer at several points in the game added even more challenge to certain parts...although ultimately the final battle against SA-X proved to be disappointingly easy. Again, I've beaten this one too, multiple times in fact, and have managed to beat it in 1 hour, 18 minutes at best (which isn't amazing, but it's a start.)
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    Pikmin 1 was difficult, but I found the little puzzles to get the parts fun. I've only ever completed it twice, because once I got Pikmin 2 and discovered that I could play for as long as I wanted (In 1, after the time is up you can't use the Pikmin anymore) with all the Purple Pikmin I'd accumulated. They were my favourites ^^

    Black and White deserves a mention from me, seeing as that's a game I never finished. I'd always do really well up until the forth land when the evil god, Nemesis, does something weird to your creature and it behaves strangely. I always found the game quite challenging, with all it's little side plots. On wrong move early on and a task set much later might not work - like the Sheep task. A little farmer wants 10 sheep returning to him, as they got lost. The first time I'd played the game, I'd fed any sheep I found to my creature... so there wasn't much I could about that
  5. Ah, as for a game that I've played and haven't been able to do jack in it...

    Romancing SaGa: It basicly starts you with a very small backstory with either a small party or alone and then throws you into the game. Basicly there are quests but if you get into too many random battles (which are sometimes avoidable beause they are on screen) then you miss some quests or become unable to do some you are in the middle of.

    The main problem I have with it is that... The missions/quests only give money and jewels (which are used to upgrade your abilities like using swords or jumping), so they don't seem important to me as you can get those from killing random monsters. However, on the other hand, if you keep fighting monsters they get stronger because your ER (hidden number that determines what quests you can do) gets higher.

    So it's either fight alot to be able to kill the bosses in the quests to get jewels faster to make yourself stronger which might make you unable to do those quests... Or fight very little and hope that you are able to kill the bosses and get the jewels that way.

    Now... The game isn't completely unfair, they do heal your party after every battle and you have a chance to gain stats after every battle also. But I find it too be a bit too random, not even the same stats from the same monsters. Sometimes a person that will leave your party will get like... 4 stat gains while your main character will get one if he/she's lucky.

    For some reason... people say it's a good game and is easy, it's a port/remake more or less. I've tried the original and it doesn't seem to have the same stupid rules. I dunno, I refuse to give up but... I feel like I should.

    (Oh, it's on PS2, was originally on the Wonderswan Color I think. Got it for 20 bucks new so, not that bad a loss.)
  6. I beat Pikmin 1, it was tough, but I was able to get multiple parts in one day. Anyway, as for games that were really hard, try playing Star Wars Bounty Hunter, I beat that game, but it took like four years for me to do it. In each level, you get 5 lives, and only 5 lives. There are so many cliffs and ledges to fall off, as well as tons of enemies that sometimes just keep respawning. Some levels have tons of snipers and guys with rocket launchers everywhere. In the jungle levels, giant lion things would pounce on you from unseen ledges and kill half your health. Then the bosses are evil, in 3 instances, you have to shoot down some type of attack ship at the end of the level. It drove me to insanity, but it was fun, you get to use a jetpack, flamethrower, poison darts, seeker rockets, cluster rockets, and a sniper rifle. Plus, Jango Fett is cool.
  7. For me Resident Evil (the remake) on hard mode is the most difficult game I've ever played, hands down. Basically, your character is in a mansion with monsters and zombies scattered throughout, and you have to escape utilizing the extremely scarce ammunition the game provides you with. Health restoratives are practically absent and just one hit (or bite) from a zombie will take away more than half of your overall health monitor. On top of that, zombies supposedly killed earlier will turn into "Crimson Head" zombies that can run faster than you and slice your head off (if you're unlucky) or use a nasty slash attack on you taking away 2/3 of your health. Towards the end of the game a new enemy will be released that resembles a humanoid frog that are insanely hard to avoid (or kill, but that would be wasting ammo) that can take you out in one hit. A few more things- there are no continue points in this game, you are forced to a limited number of saves, and if you die, you have to start over from the previous save point. Well anyway, that's it from me.
  8. Ninja Gaiden for the XBOX. Hands down. Hardest Game I have EVER Played. I couldn't even get past the SECOND LEVEL!!! It's like the creators of the game WANTED you to hurl your controller at the TV while loosing a stream of obscenities!

    That... or Silent Hill 4. I literally COULDN'T play that game... I got so horrified by it that I couldn't sleep right for 3 days.
  9. I agree with the guy above!! Ninja gaiden ........ Second boss was about 5 Samurais on horseback I just couldn't do it. Many of my friends had the game and couldn't get past the first boss at the end of level 1.
  10. Call of Duty's Veteran Mode. It's so bloody annoying. Two shots from a gun and you're down. And you have to go through so much of it like that. And whenever you finish one really hard section, there's no checkpoint and you die. And of course, right after the easiest part comes a checkpoint that you really didn't need till later. Quite annoying if you ask me.

    Other games that are hard exist. Like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift tower with enemies that get like 6 turns before you get your first one. Most annoying thing ever.
  11. The hardest game for me would be Atlier Iris Eternal Mana for the PS2 its a rpg overworld really difficult to manage the bosses partially since it is a strategy no free movement during the boss battles and most of the bosses heal themselves like crazy just as you get them even close to dead it took me a full year to get pass a dragon boss and so far its been two that I'm stuck on a unicorn its a good game with a good story line its just over all to challenging for the normal person whose used to games such as phantasy star online episodes 1&2 plus...
  12. I would imagine that any Metal Gear Solid game on Big Boss Extreme/European Extreme is really hard. That said, if you have Stealth Camo and Infinity Face Paint/Bandanna it isn't too hard. Though, if you play through like that you aren't really getting the challenge.

    I remember I tried MGS2 out of boredom in Euro. Extreme and I couldn't even get past the docks in the Plant Chapter. D:
  13. haha I LOVED Ninja Gaiden. Finally a game that lived up to my standarts.
    The second boss was so damn hard, but i got him after the 5th try I think.
    Hardmode was also fun but my friend took the game back (I borrowed it from him) even though he wasnt even able to beat the first boss. What a waste :/

    Now I have a xbox 360 and Im enjoying Ninja Gaiden II. Its still hard and looks beautiful :>

    The first Devil May Cry was hard too. But I liked it :> The second one was crap though. Havent played 3 and 4 yet.
  14. Spyro the New Begining and Eternal Night I can't get past it because I get attacked by waves of monkeys every five seconds and the die...
  15. Donkey Kong (Arcade) and Majora's Mask both are WAY too hard. Majora's Mask was so annoying tough that it kind of turned me away from the Zelda series until I watched someone play Twilight Princess.

    I could never last six seconds in the first Donkey Kong without dying. You started out with ONE life, and it was a pain in the ass to get more.
  16. The Legend of Zelda:Majoras Mask and Ocarina of Time. In Majoras Mask I just couldn't for the life of me get out of the deku link form. In Ocarina of Time I got lost as soon as I got the bombs. I couldn't figure out how to get the giant dodongo's eyes to turn red.
  17. Out of the games I own, Crimson Tears and Viewtiful Joe (1 and 2) are the hardest games I've ever played. I can't get past the second level without failing epically in Crimson Tears. You have to be quick with healing and "cooling down" (You play robots, and they can over heat) Amber and Kadie are the only good ones to play as, since they get you farther than Tokio can, probably cause the girls use close/mid-range combat. What does Tokio get? He gets guns that don't do shit.

    Now, the Viewtiful Joe series. In number one, I was stuck on Fire Leo for three months before I figured out how to beat him. I thought he was the last boss, but then I had to fight Captain blue, which took two weeks to finish him off. In number two, it was a little easier in the boss fights, but the puzzles drove me nuts trying to figure them all out. I was stuck on that game almost for about two months because I didn't know whether to use Joe or Sylvia for the puzzles.
  18. Super Mario 64 DS. I need ONE MORE STAR and I don't know which one it is, and I've been stuck for months on end on New Super Mario Bros. The Godfather Game is also pretty challenging.
  19. Frogers Adventures for the gamecube was suprisingly challenging lol, it took me about 4 months just to get by level 14 and then level 15 was even harder @_@.
  20. Well, mine would have to be the original Legend of Zelda. I know it seems wierd, but it was very confusing. Every temple got progressively harder as you go along. Then the bosses were a trip to kill, especially the one before Ganon. Once you beat the game and all the credits are done rolling, you unlock hard mode. I couldn't even get past the third dungeon on hard mode.
  21. Fracture for Xbox 360 is super hard.Its the hardest game i own.It makes my head split its so hard.The levels may look easy but the objectives are confusing and there r no hints which makes it even worse.I've had it for about a year now and im only on the second lvl.
  22. Bioshock on Hard. That pretty much sums it up. I've been trying to no avail on killing those frigin' Big Daddies! There like mobile anvils! >:(

    Twlight Princess. The Legend of Zelda series is known to have many challenging puzzles that are ment to twiddle yor brain, to finnally see that you got the puzzle. However, Twilight Princess takes that to the extreme by making hair-pulling puzzles, heart pieces in EVERY nook and cranny you can think of, and taking forever to get to the last level!
  23. I rarely use walkthroughs for games but these are the ones I needed them for.

    Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    The puzzles where to hard, especially the one where you need to get the Master Sword. The bosses where a pain in the arse to find out how to kill them. I got lost several times in the enormous dungeons, and forget how to go back. Everything used timing especially in the Ice stage (Forgot the names whatever did not play for a year).


    I didn`t actually look forward to this game and ended up disliking it even more. I did not even finish the game since it was too difficult to understand, and plus my R button on my Ds Lite broke :(
  24. Super Mario Galaxy
    Some of the later Stars are nearly impossible to get. Especially the level where you have to roll the ball through a bunch of gears to get to the finish line. I finally gave up.

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    I had to read a cheat to get through the Water dungeon. I was never able to get the Fierce Deity mask.
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    Wow, do I get to feel clever because I finished Pikmin? ;)

    The games I find hardest are the ones that require fast reflexes. I am useless at the Sonic and Mario games that most other people here love, find them frustrating and just plain don't bother.

    I'm also bad at games that involve "too many" buttons. I'm fine with PS2 and Xbox 360 games that use the normal controller, but I seem to suck at Wii games that involve the Wiimote and Nunchuk together. Especially if you need to use the Wiimote to point at the screen while you turn with the joystick on the nunchuk. Ugh.
  26. earthbound, mother3, pkmn mystery dungeon, mario sunshine has some hard parts
  27. *sigh*... LoZ twilight princess cause i'm frickin stuck in "the city in the sky" and i dont have a clue as to what to do next, and other massive RPG's like kingdom hearts(1,2) and final fantasy(how many now?) just those huge adventure games, i love 'em but they are super hard... :'(

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