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Happy Holidays: Suess style

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Dinova, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Once again the Holidays arrive,
    and the world is buzzing like a bee hive.
    With gifts and decorating and celebrations oh my!
    But we mustn't let the small joys slip by.
    So here on this little thread,
    I lay down an idea I have in my head.
    Declarations, well wishes and things to that end,
    directed to those whom you would call "Friend".
    But there is a gimmick, a catch, if you will,
    Those wishes must be in rhyme to fit the bill!
    So give greetings and sayings to befit this happy time,
    Just remember those wishes must be in rhyme!
    So to those friends, adoptive sisters and brothers,
    give those Holiday greetings you reserve for others!

    So to start off this thing, I'd just like to say
    Happy Holidays all! May they be Merry in the best way!
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm currently lacking the brain power to write something witty
    but I'd still like to try putting together a small ditty.
    This year has been interesting for many different reasons,
    and lots of changes have happened over all four seasons.
    Some of them good, some of them bad,
    and some changes that were downright rad!
    But above all else what I've learned this year,
    is that the people I care for most will always bring me cheer.
    They're thoughtful and considerate, compassionate and wise
    they're always there for me, right before my eyes.
    If I could sum up my feelings into one specific phrase,
    I'd be clear in my intentions and direct with my praise.
    I love you all, more than words can say
    and I'll keep loving you each and every day!
    So merry Christmas to you all, best wishes, and don't forget
    that my life has been blessed since the day that we met.
    And if you're ever in trouble or need a helping hand,
    I'll do my best to be there for you too, now and forever, as long as I stand.

    Merry Christmas~ :)
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