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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Teapot, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    When reading Tonberry's left-handed/right-handed poll thread, it made me wonder: He, along with other folks, claim that their handwriting is poor - even though their drawing skills are really rather good. Why is this? Also, what is your handwriting like?

    Personally, my handwriting is terrible. Due to a combination of my hands just not worknig right (combination of dyspraxia and loose ligaments in my wrists and elbows), never being taught right when I was young, and laziness, I never learned to actually form my letters properly - and on top of that, I have absolutely no precision in my writing.

    I realised this with the most clarity when I was trying to teach a group of 5-year-olds to write, and realising that, more often than not, I was forming my letters wrong myself - something they got a lot of amusement out of! In fact, when I attempted to write "properly", with tails on letters and whatnot... the only reason my writing was better rhan theirs was because I can spell :p
  2. My handwriting isn't exactly brilliant, but neither is it chicken-scratch; it lives in the limbo world of in-between-ness. For the most part it is legible, unless I've been making very quick notes (which, sadly, I don't have to anymore. I miss education.), though some people might find hard to read, especially when my 'r's slope into 'n's and my 'c's curl into 'e's.

    It's my typing, actually, that sucks. When I switch from laptop to desktop keyboards, it takes me a while to get used to the slight shift in size and so at the moment I'm mashing other keys when I try to spell. I've also noticed I tend to hit ';' insted of the apostraphe I want. I suppose that's what I get for liking semi-colons so much.

    My spelling is also actually pretty bad. Not so much with handwriting, though I do expect there to be the F7 function on my notepad, but for the above-mentioned reason with my typing. I do occasionally end up writing 'teh' when making notes/scribbling scenes.

    Despite Labour's best efforts to the contrary, I do know how to use a pen and pencil.
  3. My handwriting, when I'm just writing, is usually fairly abysmal. As long as I know what I wrote, I don't really care what it looks like :p

    Though, I've made an effort to learn to write in an actual font, one of the more fancy old English ones. So I can write like that, when I wish, though most of the time I just write.

    And my spelling is fine, never had any problems except a couple of words maybe once a week tops.
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    My handwriting, if I actually try, can be pretty neat. I had the neatest handwriting in my class back in first grade. Last year, though, my handwriting was almost not legible to anyone besides me. Took me an effort, actually, to convert back to okay/good handwriting skills this year. But I was able to write pretty well by the beginning of the second semester of 8th grade. Whew, what a mouthful. XD

    Typing, though... I wanna say my typing skills are better than my handwriting skeelz. I can type fairly quickly, though I don't use the "normal" way to type. My hands are, like, angled oddly; I may have to show ya'll a picture of how my hands are placed or something.

    Spelling is okay, though some of you in chat can see me say "or whatevs" after certain/some words. That's because I really don't know how to spell them and just took my best shot.
  5. My handwriting varies between "reasonably neat cursive" and "it's too loopy to be random lines, but that's all we know." I've never actually figured out why it varies that much, especially since it's on a day-by-day basis.

    Spelling's ok-- I'm the kid who ran out of new words to learn in 3rd grade, so I was learning words like "trigonometry" to make sure I'd still have homework-- and despite being unable to touch-type, I type pretty quickly and reasonably accurately.
  6. My handwriting is neat but so small noone can read it. My spelling is abysmal, as is my typing, but I edit everything I post so nobody can really tell. I also have a bad habit of crossing my Ls and running words into each other...
    Oh, and Database's handwriting really is as bad as he says it is. I should know- I used to try and copy his work in Science. It was impossable.

    (One more thing- Database, what A levels are you taking? Mine are Biology, Classical Civilisations, Psycology, and English Language.)
  7. My handwriting was pretty bad for most of my life, and my parents and teachers always told me to cut the shit and write real letters. So I decided to take the easy way out by just taking my time on 'e' in every word, since it's apparently the most used letter, and that made my writing look a lot neater overall. Then, when I got to highschool, I had pretty muched changed the way I wrote every letter so my handwriting is kinda neat now. I still don't take my time when I write, but it at least looks better now.

    My spelling's never been very bad, though I do have trouble with words that have double letters in them. I can never remember how to spell words like 'occassionally' and stuff.

    As for typing, I type almost the proper way. I use some of the wrong fingers for certain keys, but overall it's basically correct. And I'm pretty fast, I guess.
  8. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    You never needed to copy my work. And it was typed anyway, so it made no difference. :p

    Also, just so you know, it might be better to private message me (the speech bubble under my avatar) with conversational questions like that - as it's generally frowned upon here. :) (For the record, though, I'm doing English Language, ICT, Drama, and Business)
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    My handwriting isn't the best but it is legible enough that other people can read it. I actually prefer writting to typing because I'm a pretty slow typer and I have a strange fetish for wanting to type the wrong letter, while I'm a very fast writer.

    What makes my typing superior to my writting is that fact that I can't spell worth shit making spell check an invaluable tool. Another advantage to typing is that when I come up with new ideas I can add or delete lines that would have otherwise had me redoing entire pages, whether it be in school papers or my fic. Also, with my fast writing 'r's tend to become 'v's and 't's become 'f's, but I digress.
  10. My handwriting is fairly legible and can be really neat if I take my time. My spelling is fairly good too--especially when writing. There are a ton of grammar mistakes when I'm typing (as anyone who's ever read my fics can tell you XD)

    My typing speed had grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the chat and writing my fics, but it still isn't very fast. I actually prefer writing, but as it tires my hands out faster, I usually default to typing. However, if I'm listening to a lecture, I take notes the old fashion way with a pencil and a piece of paper. No way I'd be able to keep up with a lecturer typing notes XD
  11. Wow... my normal handwriting is just type and is easily read, although when I start going fast it does tend to blend together a bit on some of the letters. My cursive, however, is absolutely atrocious. XD I hated the fact that we had to use cursive all throughout grade school and was relieved when that was no longer a requirement when I got to high school.

    My typing is fairly quick and accurate, mostly thanks to playing an MMO and having to type everything in the midst of battle before getting a headset and finding out about Ventrillo and Teamspeak. :3
  12. My handwriting is a total mess. I've got this thing where I capitalize 'a's and 'e's half the time. Like, in the middle of words, you'll see a small capital 'a'. And then, in the same sentence, you'll see a lowercase 'a'. It's only certain letters that I do that with, though.

    As for cursive? I learned it in 3rd grade, and then quickly removed it from my mind. Then, on the SATs, you have to write some stupid statement in cursive. I almost punched someone in the face, because I never liked that way of writing.

    My typing's gotten a lot faster ever since I started joining forums. Some laptops give me trouble when there's a touchpad, as I end up resting my wrists on it, and then it clicks something... sometimes I end up typing in the middle of a word, if I happen to have my cursor in the box. Gets a little annoying.
  13. Eh, everyone's digressed to typing now, so I'll just help the matter along and join in :D

    I completely second that - as soon as I picked up a headset and Ventrilo, situations such as what Pheonix said above became so much more tolerable, although that didn't break my 60-85 words per minute touchtyping :p
  14. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Have to agree with Pheo there. My own cursive isn't terrific, one, and I can barely read cursive in the first place, even having to do it as a requirement for years. I remember I wrote a "b" in cursive for a spelling test, and I got the word wrong because my teacher thought I wrote an "l" instead. Took me a while to convince her that I did, indeed, know how to spell that one word. You could see this scene repeat more than once on a regular basis, though it wasn't always with a b mistaken to be an l; sometimes she thought my n was a u or vice verse, or my y was a j or a g, or j was an i. You can really tell you wouldn't want to copy off my notes back in elementary school. XD You guys have no idea how happy I was when I found out we could just write good ol' print once I got into middle school. And since 6th grade, I have never written a single letter in cursive.
  15. It's funny about my cursive. I usually reserve it for my name for signatures, so I'm rusty with writing other words with it XD. But I can still do it legibly with work though. I hated cursive at first, but it grew on me after a while. I think good cursive is beautiful to see and I hope it doesn't die out completely. So yeah, I don't have a problem with reading cursive at all.
  16. My handwriting is a mix between print and cursive. It's neat, but it's far from beautiful. I don't have that perfect computer handwriting so many girls seem to have.

    My cursive is definitely prettier and more elegant than my print, but nobody seems to be able to read it here haha..
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    That's more of a stereotype for girls more than anything else. Where I live, most girls have legible, but not computer-perfect handwriting. And I'm sure most girls in the world don't have that awesome perfect handwriting. I've also seen boys with handwriting that far surpasses the average human's handwriting, just as a random sidenote.
  18. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

  19. According to people that have witnessed my writing, I form letters nicely. Also, many say my writing looks exactly the same as it did years'n years ago.

    When I was really young I was an ambitious learner and really persevered at cursive writing. This has dwindled greatly over the years and the most you will see is in a signature.
  20. I actually used to write rather neatly, in both cursive and script. However, I've found that during my first year in high school, which was rather recent, that it deteriorated rather quickly and became rather sloppy, as I don't write really fast, so copying notes got rather hard after a while >< My cursive, I actually haven't practiced for a while, and I've forgotten how to write in its style multiple times, and as I try to recall how they look now, I can't remember how to do some of the key letters, and I'm fairly certain my cursive e is just a fancy looking three now.

    As for typing, I was never one for that whole form with your fingers on the keyboard, and I kind of just have my hand hover above the keyboard while searching for the correct letters to put in, so I can't exactly watch the screen too well while I type, only out of the corner of my eye. Eheh.
  21. The handwriting of the Brendan Savem: so bad he has to use a computer all the time

    I have a habit of connecting every letter in a word, so my essays look like a bunch of pointless scribbles (despite the fact it is). Sometimes, when I find a year-old writing piece somewhere on my desk during summer cleaning, I try to read it and remember what I was doing at the time, and then fail miseribly. So when even the writer can't read the writing, that's the big hint that maybe he/she needs those 1st grade handwriting lessons again.
  22. Wow. And I thought I was the worst handwriter in the world!

    I have a habit of... a lot of things. Like useing a combo of both running writing and printing. And my Y's and G's always have a kind of c added on the end of them so it looks like there's a c inserted on the next line. They look a bit like this:
    It makes it very difficult to read. Another habit is making my h's look like l's in my haste. I'm a fast writer, but in my speed, reading my writing becomes impossble. No, writing's not the right word. Scrawl is.

    And the scrawl is only a recent thing. I used to write neatly, but it kinda died in year 5...
  23. You never needed to copy my work. And it was typed anyway, so it made no difference. :p

    Also, just so you know, it might be better to private message me (the speech bubble under my avatar) with conversational questions like that - as it's generally frowned upon here. :) (For the record, though, I'm doing English Language, ICT, Drama, and Business)

    Yeah, well... I'm a newbie, and not that bright before lunchtime. I haven't eaten since teatime...
  24. Those who know me say that my writing is that of a doctors...In other words, impossible to read. That's why I prefer to type everything.

    Sometimes I wonder how I manage with legal documents...
  25. Handwriting, hm?
    My handwriting... well, I don't think it's terrible. But it is rather bad. It was no doubt chicken scratch for a while, but I think as I wrote more (yes, I prefer writing to typing as well. It's easier to correct mistakes, and less things go wrong, 'cause with a computer you can hit the wrong button and things go screwy. For me, anyway.)

    I notice that when I'm writing really fast, my "t's" do this weird thing, I don't even pick up the pencil\pen, it looks kind of like a plus (+) sign. My "r's" look like "n's" and vice 'versa, same with my "c's" and "e's".

    If I hand someone a piece of my handwritten work, they will often have to ask my what a word is, usually only once, though. And, I just noticed, that when I write, I hardly pick up the pencil during words. It's not cursive, but nearly all my letters are connected by a very faint line. It's kinda of cool in my opinion...

    I've trained, a bit subconsciously (kind of like a lot of people do with "2's", curving at the bottom) my "y's" kind of loop.

    In other words, my handwriting is just weird. It's totally unique, though. I think the reason it's so.... weird, with the variations and absence of pencil lifts is because I write fast, very, very fast.

    I've also heard that small handwriting is sometimes a sign of low self esteem. Dunno if it's true, but I've heard it.

    That's all ^^
  26. My handwriting is absolutely atrocious, simply put!

    Many people have trouble reading my handwriting, however, it is legible. But barely..

    It's everywhere, and it's a mess. Depending on what I write with, it either goes on my fingers, hand and hell, sometimes the arm. Hopefully you can get a grasp of what I'm saying here.
  27. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    My hand writing is okay. No one's ever told me it's bad, but no one's told me it's particularly neat either. For the most part everone can read it, but for my college and Uni courses I did a lot of note-taking very quickly - that notebook is pretty much only legible to me XD

    My spelling is awful. When I was in school we had a spelling test every week and I rarely did better than 5/10. It's never improved, so thank the Gods for online spell-checkers.

    As for typing, I'm okay, but most regulars in chat out-type me easily XD
  28. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Funny. When I read "handwriting", I immediately think of cursive writing. Non-cursive has always just been "printing" for me.

    Either way, my handwriting is fully legible (it had to be for school/University and previous jobs), but that doesn't mean it looks professional... I seem to write like a 7/8 year old and have never been able to improve it stylistically (like, the letters are fully formed and clear to read, but messy and undignified - if you know what I mean XD). I also almost always write in this hybrid printing/cursive form, leaning more towards printing. I've forgotten how to properly form letters cursively because it's been ages since I had to write fully in it >>;;

    My spelling and grammar has always been bad. I've definitely improved over the years (my grammar from just 7-8 years ago makes me want to cry), but I'll always need dictionaries, spell checkers, editors, etc. It's probably due to the way I learn, process, and use knowledge. Either way, I make typos an art form :p
  29. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Wanna say that's rather false because I have the smallest handwriting of everyone in my class, and I have a rather large ego though I pretend to lack it at times. :p

    Also, Katie, I think Jet can out-art you with his typos. *points at certain chat logs, like mistakes became misteaks for him and other stuffs*
  30. My hand writting is slanted sometimes. The reason? When I was taught how to write cursive, it had to be slanted. It confused me the rest of my life. If I want it to be straight, I have to turn the paper horizontaly. Other than that, however, my hand writting is actually pretty neat.
  31. My handwriting is wonderful, as nearly everyone says. I don't like it very much and I write very slowly.... I learned some cursive but I never learned the entire alphabet in cursive (I dropped out, and I forgot nearly everything either way). But yeah, it's probably the best in my family.
  32. We all know that my spelling it awfully horrible, which is funny as when i was little a got an award for spelling.

    My typing has improved a lot thanks to being here at charms, mostly thanks to the chat room

    But my handwriting not bad, but not good either, it just passes for readable if you try hard enough
  33. My handwriting, not so good. My artwork, amazing. This is according to all my friends, who are most definitely better at me at handwriting but never at art. I have a friend, he writes so tiny the teacher actually takes out a magnifying glass to read it. On the other hand is art is quite nice and that's why we consider ourselves as rivals.
  34. My handwriting is alright, if rather scruffy. But when I start trying to write really well, it goes downhill.
  35. In a single word, my handwriting is illegible. Having dysgraphia doesn't help, either.

    My handwriting hasn't changed since kindergarten. I still have letters of varying size, capitalization states, and neatness. Most of the time, I write fast, so it's hardly even readable immediately after it's written. However, after a few days or so, I can't even figure out what it says, so I have to type out all my notes right after class to be able to use them. When I write slowly, it's still rather messy.

    Now on writing tendancies, I tend to print more than I use cursive. I find my cursive impossible to read, as I put really, really big loops on the letters. I also tend to slide the pen or pencil along the page, meaning there are little 'trails' leading from one letter to the next. I also tend to make my 'r's look like 'l's and vice versa.

    As a funny note, the only class I have ever failed was cursive in third grade with a 'D'. It's worthy of a >.
  36. I write in a very, very small font size. My World History teacher started calling me "Captain 2-Font" because I wrote so small. This is what it looks like at twice the size that I write. XD
  37. My handwriting is very, very hard too read. Probably because i write way too fast, because of my hyperlexia.
  38. Well, I have no excuses, I can write well. When I write slowly and lift my pencil before each little part of a letter. If I don't, I'll write in what I would like to call Printsive. The letters are all print, but a lot of time they're hooked together; like "a"s and "o"s are usually hooked to the letter before it.
    Typing, I type rather fast, but I have to press backspace a lot. And I usually read over what I type most of the time. If not... maybe a funny little typo will pop up.
  39. My handwriting was so horrible in the seventh grade I stopped writing in cursive completely. It took a little effort but I managed to make the change. Now my handwriting is legible. If I really try, I can make it look really nice. (Which I found out with a surprise on Wednsday, while writing an essay.)

    I type in an okay speed, meaning I usually doin't have too many typos (I know :p) and still write at an understandable speed.

    As for my spelling, I'd say it's pretty good. But I still mess up with some longer words. Which has cost me points in tests at school. :-\

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