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Handwriting and Hand Dominace(sp?)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Zachary, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Today or well, tonight, as I was waiting for my mother to get home (from doing whatever she does when she's off work)with my aplications for Subway and McDonalds, I realized I had shit hand writing and I probably should have her do it.

    I've always had crappy handwriting, even writing at a normal pace it turned out like some three year old was scribbling but unless I press down and actually go slower then the speed of a snail, I can't write at all :T and to add salt to the injury, I can't spell very well and I write backwards, which all of my teachers LOOOOOOVE >>;;

    I'm also ambidextrous, I write crappy with both hands anyways so I just use my right more often unless I'm bored with using my right hand so I switch over to my left.

    http://tinypic.com/r/9fxgrm/3 <-- there's a picture of my handwriting, slow and normal pace. :(

    So, Charmsians how's your handwriting and what dominate hand are you? ^^
  2. It sounds like you have Dysgraphia, Zach. You should see your doctor! S/he might be able to recommend you to an occupational therapist. If all else fails, there's always filling out forms on the computer. x)

    I'm very strongly right handed, but my left hand is surprisingly dexterous when it comes to playing the clarinet, playing video games, typing-- it just doesn't like writing or catching things. I also broke my left arm when I was 3 or 4 and it's about a centimeter shorter than my right arm. I also have a ganglion cyst in my left wrist that comes and goes; I usually end up rolling on it and it goes away, but months later I injure my wrist again (or something) and a new one forms. Aiya!
  3. I'm right handed, but my left hand isn't useless either, although I wouldn't call myself ambidextrous. And my handwriting = shit. I will generally type something over writing it, unless I was given instructions to do otherwise.
  4. Linkachu

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    While sometimes I'll swap between my left and right hands when doing certain tasks (ie. playing sports like hockey or tennis, eating with utensils, etc.) I am definitely not ambidextrous. I'm right handed and can barely write at all with my left hand. Something that's always amused me is my mother being a lefty when everyone else in the family is right handed. We own nothing for left handed people because it'd be a waste of cash, so Mom just has to do without. Has never been too much of an issue, mind.

    My cursive writing can be pretty horrible, and my printing looks like an 8 year old's - a messy 8 year old at that. I get by alright and people can read my stuff, but it doesn't look overly professional. I'd blame computers destroying my ability to write, but I was already a shoddy writer before my family ever bought one. :p
  5. I learned a calligraphic style of writing a few years ago, and I wrote like that for several years. But then the major exams started to hit, and it was simply not practical to write like that for them. So sadly, I've since stopped that and I've gone back to my fairly scribbly handwriting.

    I'd love to sit down one day and try to remember how to write like it again though, remember the habits and whatnot :)

    Thats all right-handed too, I can't write left-handed at all. I can type and game and do most things with it, but not write.
  6. It's odd, I can write with my right hand quite easily, and I can use my left hand to do it to, it just takes 5X longer to write a word. For some reason though, when I'm driving my truck, it seems my left hand is dominant while my right hand is lazy. I also seem to be able to deliver punches better with my right hand, but I can hold a sword better with my left. I'm weird I guess :p
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  7. Hn...how should I say this...

    When I first started school, I wrote with my left hand. My letters were large and thin, although there were some times where my letters were extremely bulbous. It wasn't bubble letters, but actually bulbous, as if they had tumors. However, for some reason I don't recall, I practiced writing with my right hand, and it just sort of...stuck.

    My printing is kind of neat and legible. I think a couple of people have also seen my cursive handwriting as well, although it doesn't really look cursive. A pretty bad example would be:
  8. I actually don't have that Keleri, my hand writing was very neat when I was younger ^^

    My handwriting is the way it is from breaking my thumb, index finger and pinkie through the dumbass acts of fighting and basketball :V

    I found the article actually amusing though with the dyslexic dysgraphia.
  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Incidentally I'm right-handed.
  10. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I'm correctly-handed, also, and my handwriting is prettty bad. A lot of my trouble is writing too fast, myself - though not anywhere near fast enough, really. My brain is like 3 sentences ahead of what my hands have written, and it often means I make silly spelling errors.

    Even typing, I'm normally a few words ahead of what I'm actually writing - which means I can, and do, make pretty dumb mistakes that I end up having to edit out when reviewing what I've written.

    I wanted to take a photo of my writing from one of my super seekrit notebooks filled with awesome spoilers for upcoming website stuffs - but I looked through the whole of one of my notebooks and couldn't find a single page that didn't utterly give away some big things... so I just went back and took a snap of some development work from the TCM2 instead :). At least you can get an idea of A) how bad my writing is and B) how stuff like the TCM is developed. :)

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  11. Spoiler'd it 'cause it's a huge image.

  12. Shiny Pyxis

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    I'm right-handed, but after having had major damage to my right hand back in 4th grade I have learned how to write somewhat neatly with my left hand. I also tend to write everything really small, which ends up with my friends calling my handwriting "cute". I also tend to hold my writing utensils strangely, with my ring finger underneath, my index and middle finger on top, and my thumb as support, which results in my wrist cramping every so often because of the lack of manuverability and stuff. I like it stable, though, or else my handwriting becomes rather sloppy.

    Strangely, my left hand's fingers can stretch farther than my right's, though I think that might be because I play the viola.

    *will post a scan or whatever of her handwriting later*
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  13. Eh, I'm strictly right-handed, my left hand can't do anything right with a writing utensil. Compared to the people I've seen, I have very neat and orderly handwriting, although I tend to write more in pen than pencil, which leads to me having White-Out bottles and pens everywhere in my house.

  14. I'm strongly right handed and strongly favor it for most other tasks. I can barely hold a pencil with my left hand and any writing I do with it is nearly illegible. It's so bad, I can't even snap my fingers with my left hand. Though theoretically I should use both hands equally when typing, I definitely use my right hand slightly more. I'm not very adept at using my left hand for things that take fine motor skills. I also text only using my right hand as it feels awkward using my left hand for that at all. And on a random note that doesn't really have anything to do with handedness, I can only wink with my left eye and curl my lip on the right side.

    I'll give a sample of my handwriting later when I'm reunited with my scanner, but I consider it fairly legible.
  15. Well, i would say my Right Hand is the dominant one. For handwriting, I actually do have some very good handwriting. I may not be able to write with my left hand, but I can snap with it. It seems with my right hand I just can't snap using it.
  16. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    I think I might have a mild case of Dysgraphia since I tend to suffer pain between my eyes and just above the bridge of my nose when writing for a prolonged period. The amount of time it used to take before this would occur used to be quite long, usually about 2 hours of constant writing (such as in a written examination) but since I've ended up almost never writing anything for the past four years due to my university course requiring nothing but printed documents, my "writing stamina" has dropped significantly to the point where I can't even write out a job application form in one sitting before I end up with a headache - attempting to continue whilst the headache is there ends in failure, since it becomes too painful to write anything remotely legible.

    I'll show my handwriting when I have access to a camera of sorts...but honestly, I think it looks way too effeminate for anyone to believe it was my writing.
  17. I'm ambidextrous. I forced myself to only write with my left hand about two years ago, and now it's as good as my right hand. Though, I normally right with my right hand now because whenever someone sees me writing with my left hand, they tend to ask, "Are you left-handed?" The handwriting itself is terrible, though. It's so tiny I can barely read it. Whenever I write/draw large, it comes out looking awkward. I always have to re-write papers for my teachers. Dx

    I'll put in a picture of my handwriting when I fix my scanner.
  18. My handwriting is pretty average, and there are few forms of it:
    IT REALLY IS. But seriously, the keyboard is really where I want to be. Sometimes handwriting gets on my nerves >>"
  19. I'm dominantly right handed, and that is painfully clear. Whenever I try to write with my left, it looks like chicken scratch. ^_^" My handwriting used to be oversized and kind of sloppy until I was ten, around when I started writing stories. I ended up making myself write smaller and in a more curvy "font", making my pages last longer and having better word count for each one. By now all of the letters that go underneath the base have a basically italic curve, and generally people like it. I only have the issue of my mom complaining my handwriting is too small, thus making it hard for her to grade my schoolwork. *Sweatdrop.*
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