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Hand made trainer cards

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by AshWind150, May 14, 2009.

  1. I don't know how long the card maker has been out, but to help out I can start doing custom cards by hand until it's brought back up. Each one could be customized, and it will only be on my free time.

    I could try doing custom trainers, but it'd be easier if you had your own. I've found a site with different sprites for trainers and pokemon, and I could look around for the different badges.

    An example would be the one in my sig (it took me a few hours, but that was mostly playing around with it and testing different things) and if it's alright with the admins, I could upload the Paint.Net file to some other site like rapidshare that has the different layers. That way other people can start working on it.

    If the admins don't like the idea, or if I broke a rule I'll just delete the thread.
  2. These threads are fine, we've had our fair share of people making customs in the past.

    The only thing that needs to happen is for a mod to move it to the sprite board, I suppose, and you're good!
  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Moved to the Spriting board. Good luck with the Trainer Cards ^^

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