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Halo Universe

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by SineCosineTangent, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Yeah, so totally noticed that there's no discussion for this game, and I kind of got sucked back into it. Hope it's okay.
    [Note! This game series is rated M for Mature.]

    Anyway, it's pretty much one of those series that everyone knows about, since it's so over-hyped. I mean, the amount of "PERFECT OMGOMGFANGASMLOL" reviews that Halo 3 got was purely sickening. I mean, I love the Fun Time Adventures of Chief 'n' Arby, but seriously. That game was faaaar from perfect. Ahem.

    Adding on to this, I pretty much was obsessed with the game from 8th grade until September 25, 2007. I was what you would call a storyline fangirl. My expertise is in the realm of Forerunner knowledge. When 3 came out, it kind of felt like a punch in the face, and because of the multiplayer focus, the community filled mostly with frat boys who made lewd comments at my friends and I whenever we tried to play, simply because we were females. That's when I took my cue and left. Alas, as news of Halo: Reach sounds promising, and as news of an impending Forerunner trilogy of books is announced, I find myself unable to resist the terrible yet undeniable shine of the third game. Also, getting out of the level is pretty much the most fun you can have in any Halo game. Well, that, and forcing 343 Guilty Spark into a corner and calling it a hug. I digress.

    So basically, how many of you have played this series/hate it/love it/are a storyline expert pissed about the utter crap that made up the third game? I'm the latter option :3
  2. The Halo games are now officially more popular than God, and they have reason to be, they're fuckin' awesome! Plus Reach is coming out soon, and I'll bet fanboys are already lined up at gaming stores for it. The best thing about Halo is all of the Machinimas it created, like Red vs. Blue.

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