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Open Halo universe roleplay.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jake Acker, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, been playing an awful lot of this game and watching Red vs Blue and it suddenly struck me that I've never really seen any roleplay for it. So here we are! Im very open to ideas on how this will work but it might not follow cannon just so we have more room to do what we want. For example we could start as the children becoming Spartan 2's or we can just jump up as fully developed Spartans. Either way I'm just going to stick my characters bio in here and wait to see what any of you guys interested want to do with this rp.

    Rules: The normal Pokecharms lot, make sure you read them if you dont know them!
    No repeated weapon sets or armour sets!
    No Mary Sue characters, there the worst.

    Name: Knox Lomar (Goes by Lomar)
    Age: (Depends on when we plan to set this rp)
    Height: At the age of 14, 6ft 11.
    Weight: At the age of 14, 34 stone.
    Personality: Lomar has always been a chilled guy with a quick mouth, something that wasn't changed by the Spartan program. He often got into trouble with his superiors for making snarky comments or being too laid back but none the less his spirit remains unbroken. He doesn't belive in taking risks he doesn't deem worthwhile and cares about every human life on the battlefield, if he had it his way he would take the enemy on by himself and completely minimize friendly losses. His sympathetic demeanour isn't seen by whoever is on the other end of his weapon however, Lomar is as ruthless in combat as any Spartan. Due to his affinity for the aquatics environmental tactics course Lomar was quickly assigned the role of orbital and aquatics expert in his class, which paired nicely with his love for heavy weaponry.
    Physical appearance: Brown eyes and a mess of brown hair, the latter of which has the fringe swept to one side. He is actually pretty handsome but rarely removes his helmet, when you wear one as much as he does you just get used to it. Like all Spartans he is ripped, the peak of human fitness and perhaps then some. Even so Lomar has particularly broad shoulders and was one of the strongest in his class, which made up for his sub par speed and agility.
    Weapon set: The Saw lmg and the Hydra micro missile launcher. He also utilises the hard light shield.
    Armour: The oceanic set from Halo 4, decorated in a similar style to world war 2 spitfires, green with a shark style paint job.

    Here's the bio template for anybody who wants it. Backstory isn't on there because we may not need it depending on what time we start this rp.

    Physical appearance:
    Weapon set:
  2. A couple questions.
    One: What place during the timeline does this take place during?
    Two: If Sangheili and Humanity are at peace right now, can we RP as one of them?
    Three: If RPing as a Human, and it's after SPARTAN-II training, does our character have to be a SPARTAN at all?
    Four: How many maximum characters are there allowed?
    Not a question, but, there's been two Halo-Related RPs that I was aware of.
  3. I am agreeing with Eevee and have some questions of my own:
    One: Will it have anything to do with Zcraftgaming's halo rps?
    Two: Will any characters from the games and lore be appearing?
    Three: What planet will the SPARTAN training camp be (like the planet of Onyx from the books)?
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  4. Okay basically as I said story wise I don't have have a set plan, I was going to take into consideration what everybody else wanted before moving ahead with that. It will not have anything to do with Zcrafts Rps, I'm not familiar with them. As for a character limit I would rather you stuck to one, you could choose to be an elite but of course that depends on when we choose to set the rp. It doesn't have to be a Spartan either but you'll have to account for your character being a lot weaker than the Spartans. As for the training planet I was thinking Reach myself but if you guys were after another planet that's fine :)
  5. I'll save my character choice for when the exact setting of the RP is decided. Personally, I'd go for, either some time Post-Halo 5, with the UNSC aiding the Swords of Sangheilios in ridding the galaxy of what's left of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant, or, instead, something during the events of Halo 3, after the Covenant Separatists assist humanity in combating the Covenant. And yes, I'm only suggesting these two because they would allow me to RP as an Elite who wouldn't be trying to wipe out humanity.
  6. Well Im all for either of those settings but if worse comes to worse you could simply be a rebellious elite who sided with the UNSC, we can make that work for the sake of roleplay.
  7. Probably because it's hiding in the dark and kind of dead I think.
  8. Well, They Dont call meh the RP Reviver for Nothin.....

    *Distant Voice: NO ONE CALLS YOU THAT*

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