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Halls Signatures (Taking Requests!)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by halls, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. I recently made an earlier thread posting these, seeing if anyone liked them, and since I got such good feedback, I decided to take requests making them. Your requests will look a little like these when done except a little smaller: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Taking requests for these and completing them will take longer than a small userbar like the ones made by Jeydis,Pokepok, and Teh Purple One. Sorry, but just please respect that it will not be done minutes after I recieve the request; but to make the process go smoother and quicker, you can fill out this request form...

    Image:(can be any pokemon shiny/non-shiny or any image you give me)
    Background:(just give me an idea of what the background should be like)
    Text:(you can have it say anything appropiate- your username,favorite motto,etc.)
    Type of Font:(www.dafont.com- pick out a nice font and type the name of the font here.
    Details{optional}:(if i missed anything and if you want it to have something special or unique like the sprite of the pokemon or something. be creative. gimp is a hell of a program and you can pretty much do anything you want.)

    P.S.- as you can see these are bigger than those cute little puny fanbar things, so I woudn't put more than one or two of these in your signature.

    thanks to Deviantart.com,Dafont.com,and Gts-plus.net for being the source of my sprites, fonts, and brushes.
  2. Hey Halls! Love this idea!

    Image: My avatar, please!
    Background: Something purple and noticable. Not tacky or flashy, just noticable.
    Text: Teh Purple One - Purplosity Shalt Reign Over Ye!
    Type of Font: Resident Evil
  3. [​IMG]

    here it is. i tried to make the background not tacky but it kind of looks a little dull. and sorry i couldn't get the purplosity shall reign over ye to be resident evil font. my downloaded fonts folder got erased and just....its a long story. your avatar was the worst part. when i tried to make the bg white, it messed up the whole thing. i actually ended up scrapping your avatar and making a whole new one and just taking the colors from yours. you can't tell the difference by just glancing at them. well hope you like it. let me know if you want to change anything.
  4. Awwwuhh I was gunna request something with Resident Evil font, then I saw that Teh Purple One already did it. Ah well, anyways, I love your work, here's one for ya ^^

    Image: Raichu, Rhydon, and Blastoise
    Background: Something black with bloodstains :p Hehe.
    Text: Scream, Aim, Fire
    Type of Font: Dirty and Classic
    Details{optional}: If you can, have the Pokemon be positioned from left to right as I listed them, if that makes sense :p.

    Thank you very much.
  5. here comes rain isabel's request. would have looked better witha different less fancy font.[​IMG]

    sorry lon colossus. im working on yours now its takng a while to fit that square picture into a little rectangle if you know what i mean.

    edit: just kidding! i'm done now. looks a little squished. would have turned out better if the image weren't a perfect square and i would'nt have to crop it.[​IMG]
  6. Thanks a lot halls, permission to abuse your shop and have another as well? :p

    Image: Solrock
    Background: Stars
    Text: LoN_Colossus
    Type of Font: Can you make a sig with each font, and we see what looks best? If not, just the first one. First . Second . Third
  7. yea sure sorry if you didn't like my first one. scaling the image is really hard on gimp. ok i'll get started. i
  8. It's ok, I was thinking it'd be awkward :p

    Hope the Solrock one is awesome too :D Edit: If it is, I'll replace my current sig with yours and a link :)
  9. I REALLY like that..You are right about the font...What if you made it bigger and changed the color, maybe? Idk, if you don't have time, that's understandable :p
    Thank you^^
  10. rain izabel: so sorry about the font. its not my noobish skills that make it look bad. its the font. its not solid and its too detailed. a more solid font would have been better. but i updated it. looks a little better...i guess. the less flashy it is and the less stuff you request, the better it will turn out.[​IMG]

    now for LoN_Colossus: finished with 3 different fonts. i love all of them cuz they match like perfect.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] i personally like the third one best. but the second is cool cuz it has stars in the font, and the first one kind of makes it stand out more and look bigger.

    lets go people request! it doesn't matter even if you end up not using it in your signature.you can toss my signature out the window for all i care, but if you have a good idea for one, request it. dont worry i won't bite.....hard. i want to make more. the more i make, the better i'll get at this.
  11. I'm a fan of the second one halls, myself. Looks AWESOME, as predicted, definitely being my new sig. ;D

    However... (I hate being picky :( ) Can we have a colour that contrasts with the orange background and sprite on the font? I can hardly read it :p
  12. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Love the Solrock sig, that background is beautiful!

    Image: Manectric
    Background: Dark stormy clouds, one lightning bolt on the opposite side to Manectric
    Text: Thunderdog
    Type of Font: Earth's Mightiest
    Details: Manectric on the left, thunderbolt and 'Thunderdog' on the right please ^^

  13. silver magpie: ok i'll get on that right now. i have the perfect brush for that job. gonna look cool *i hope :o*

    LoN_Colossus: sorry im still trashed i have no clue what that means. what color did you want the font? i can see what you mean by you hardly being able to read it. it blends in a little too much i think.
  14. That does look better ^^
    Sorry about the font choice, but I really liked the way it looked :p I'm still gunna use it, because I like it. Thank you very much, Halls. ^^
  15. here comes silver magpie's request. [​IMG]

    i saved it before i put the font in so if you don't like the font or the color of it, i can change it. let me know how you like it or if you want to change anything.
  16. Um, a colour that contrasts with the background. Like yellow contrasts with blue, and red to green. Maybe Purple for my sig font colour?
  17. [​IMG] ka-chow! what do ya think? let me know if you want a darker or lighter shade of purple or anything.
  18. A little darker and that's perfect in my opinion \;D/
  19. [​IMG] ok its darker. ;D i'm so sick of looking at solrock! but if anything else needs to be changed, i'll do it. i got all day. ;)
  20. Thanks a lot Halls! *Replaces sig and adds link*
  21. [​IMG]

    i did some vaporeon signature even though no one requested it. i jsut wanted to try out my new brushes.
    oh and uhhh... if no one requested a signature and i just randomly posted it like it did here, feel free to take it and put it in yours if like it.

    might as well make the other evee-lutions while i'm at it.
  22. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I loves it ^^

    Thanks so much Halls!

    I like your Vaporeon too, the background and font work perfectly.
  23. can you make a glaceon one withe the font http://www.dafont.com/evanescence.font that LoN_Colossus wanted and says Aero up in the top left and glaceon in the bottom right aero in smaller font than glaceon thanks in advance.
  24. sure i suppose you just want a random background. i already got that font so it should be almost no time at all.

    edit: done! i kind of like the way it came out. but if you want me to change anything, let me know.
  25. This is cool!
    Could you please make one with
    Pic: Pikachu
    Background: Red Roses (if you can, if not just red)
    Font: Garfield
    Text: Mystic_Suicune. 'Cause I can, that's why!
  26. ok wow thanks guys sorry i wasn't able to get to your requests sooner i was sick since yesterday. but now im good as new. i'll have these done in a little bit. i'll just edit this post.

    epic edit:


    ok... here comes mystic_suicune. but first i'd like to say a few words. this has been the most grueling experience i have ever had involving virtual roses. it was bed enough i could get them more than one color; the brushes looked like crap! on deviant art this was the best set they had. sorry for the way it came out. would have looked alot better if it weren't for the dumb roses >:( !!!!!!! so, I hereby apoligize to pokecharms for posting such a grotesque work of art (if thats what you call it), and to garfield for having his font put on the roses( love ya garfield! you're my home boy 4 life!), and i apoligize to mystic_suicune for ruining the request. if you want me to change anything or scrap the dern thing altogether (please!), i'd be more than happy to.

    ps: if you actually like this, (you may want to get you monitor checked or your eyes....or brain)... no but seriously if you do like this, i'm sorry for busting on your sense of style and your taste in signatures.

    electric jay i see you! you're comin' up next! i'll edit this again when i'm done.
    #28 halls, Jul 8, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  27. I like it, halls. I didn't know you didn't like roses, I'm sorry. You can make the background regular red, if it makes you feel better. Just PM me when its done.
  28. no i actually love roses. i have a pink rose garden. i like guns n' roses. and they're the perfect right-before-a-date gift. its just the mediocre selection of brushes that deviant art had. i pictured it coming out alot better. i wont change it unless you want me to change it. thanks for keeping my spirit up and pretending to like it!!! :-* ;) ur now my fave!!!

    more troubles again. johto jay, electric jay...whatever your name is. first one i made sucked. the next one was erased cuz my power went out. then the one after that was ex'd out by my mother cuz she is just a computer hog. i just got so pissed i took a break. i'll make another in a little bit now that there are no distractions. no mom. no storm. no girlfreind calling me (yet). nothing. im focused.
  29. No prob. I actually love it.
  30. Cool I want one.

    Image:Charizard Latios Lucario
    Type of Font:Arial
  31. revive. omg i was expecting an ass-load of requsts since i havent been able to go on here in like a fafillion days. dragon i'll do you and electric jay. then i'll do teh purple one.

    edit: here comes dragons request. umm...yeah. you kinda had to give me something to write in the arial font so i just put your username. let me know if you want to change anything. [​IMG]

    edit again?: sorry for the dern near month old wait but here it is. [​IMG] if you dont like anything, just tell me and i'll try to fix it.

    edit again (again): bzzzt! sorry teh purple one! thanks for playing! i cant fix your avatar and put it on your old one. go on paint, paste your avatar, then use the bucket of white paint on the black background, look what happens, and you'll see why i can't do it. maybe you could give me the link to your avatar un-transparent so i could fit it on there? thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
    #33 halls, Jul 21, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  32. Awesome sigs, Halls! Could I request one?

    Pokemon: Dragonite
    Background: The same one as dragon's request
    Font: Papyrus
    Word:Marky's Dragoon
  33. ok i think this'll turn out pretty cool. i'll edit this when im done. i love the papyrus font.

    edit: here it is. lol ok im not sure if you made a typo and meant to say, "Marky's Dragon" instead of "Marky's Dragoon"! so i made a copy of your sig so just incase you did make a typo, i could still put the font in without havin to start all over. let me know if you like it. [​IMG]
  34. thanks for the sig could you put glaceon in the same font as Aero under the pic of glaceon thanks in advance
  35. heres the updated one. it was hard to find a different color font cuz the original color blended in almost perfectly with glaceon's fur. but if you want it in a different position or a different color just let me know and i'll edit this post. i got pretty much all day here. [​IMG]
  36. Hiya Halls, up for a challenge? I'm just interested in seeing what you come up with, so it wouldn't be to the template you have in that first post. Reply if you are.
  37. thanks its awesome
  38. lol sure bring it! >:( me and my garchomp chao are up for anything!

    edit: what the french toast? where's my "challenge"? oh well i guess i'll have to wait. keep it comin' with the requests people! again, i dont care if you end up not using it in your signature, so just request something if you have an idea. ;)

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