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Halloween Wonder Trade Event!

  1. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    [So, this is a community project that took off on the forums a few days ago to Wonder Trade Halloween-themed Pokémon - it's a great idea, so I'll let Ruko explain more... -Teapot]

    So, @DoggyEars had an idea to catch up as many Pumpkaboo as she can, give them rare candy and then Wonder-Trade them on Halloween. I've decided to follow suit and do the same thing and thought I'd post here to see if anyone else would like to join us, or perhaps just try to get a hold of one on halloween :)

    At the moment we're thinking about nicknaming them, but don't have any particularly good ideas - if you can come up with any, feel free to post suggestions or even take from the suggestion pool to nickname your own.

    Name suggestions I've liked:


    Misdreavus, Woobat and Noibat all sound great, for general rarity - but I don't think anyone will appreciate receiving a Zubat regardless of intent

    I'm not going to restrict folks who want to join in - attach whatever you'd like, or even nothing!

    Because of the difficulty of coordination, and exclusion of folks in certain timezones, no. I've also run the wonder trades dry before, running out of currently active people to wonder trade with.

    I'm going to have my message set to "Pokecharms.com"
    Anyone inclined enough to check it out will know why and potentially join us in our ghost flood.
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Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Ruko, Oct 22, 2014.

    1. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Boo is always a cute nickname ;D though kinda simple. Also Pepo, from the specie name of pumpkin~

      Also totally joining in on this. It seems fun and I'm willing to see if I somehow, randomly, get anyone's Pumpkaboo here XD Are there other potential 'mons to wonder trade? Like, I dunno, bats or something. Or witches. Misdreavus seems like a good witch/ghost thing :'D *shot*
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    2. AzureEdge
      I have some spare time to get into the halloween mood, so I'll join in on the fun.
      I just thought on some names. There will be more.
      - Cutie pie~
      - Dracula
      - Death
      But, instead of a rare candy, can I adjust the rules to put berries?
    3. Ruko
      Oh, by no means is it a rule - attach whatever you'd like to them, or even nothing at all. The idea is just to give a little something extra.
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    4. UndeadRaptor13
      This sounds fun. I'd like to join in on this. Does anyone think Banette and Shuppet would be good to add in on this, because I've got a box full of Shuppet.
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    5. Green Dragon
      Green Dragon
      I'll probably wonder trade some ghosty things, but I won't have a lot, and they won't have items. Sorry guys!
    6. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      @UndeadRaptor13 Shuppet are cute enough for me to say yes ;D

      Also this came up in chat, but if you're breeding, it'll be a nice touch to add in egg moves you think would be helpful to your 'mons. I'm currently breeding a bunch of Stored Power Woobat, as an example. Hidden Abilities, if you can get them, are also nice~
    7. Jeydis
      I will gladly join you guys, I was thinking of breeding some Duskulls soon, might as well set some up for this.
    8. Ghostly-Hedgehog
      I might breed some Sabeleyes just because its about time for OR AS and it has a mega 8)
    9. Jeydis
      Are we going to be timing this at a specific time on Friday?
    10. Ruko
      That wouldn't be terribly easy to coordinate, and on top of that I've run out of people to wonder trade with before when dumping multiple boxes of babies in at once.. so I think it'll just be a whenever you feel like it unless someone proposes a good reason to do it together.
    11. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      For the record, I'll be Wonder Trading at the start of every hour from 1-4 PM CST, a box each hour (so 4 boxes of babbies). HA Swoobat for everyone! :'D
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    12. UndeadRaptor13
      I've got a box of Shuppet, a box of Misdreavus, and a box of Ghastly ready and waiting for the night of the spooks.
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    13. Jeydis
      I won't be home until 10pm eastern most likely but I will send out my duskulls around then unless I can get a connection to wifi before then. Oh and don't forget to list your OTs so people know when they got another charmsian pokemon :D
    14. Mr.Munchlax
      This actually sounds like a lot of fun :) . I think I'll be able to Wonder Trade in the morning, though I'll have to check which pokémon I can be able to breed &/or trade. Also, I think Ghoulie could be another good Pumpkaboo nickname
    15. Icey cube 23
      Icey cube 23
      Sounds cool! Misdreavus was so hard for me to find T^T
      (I traded my xerneas for it D: )
    16. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      If you see any Pumpkaboos names Spookables... that's my insignia right there. :)
    17. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      I named all my Swoobat "Cooties" and my Joltik/Spinarak "Itsy-Bitsy". If you end up getting one of those, that's mine ;D
    18. Raitoyami
      I'll Be calling them Jack, as in Jack-o-lantern ^^ (also sending out 4-5 iv ones cause I can)
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    19. Ruko
      How could I NOT think of Jack? :'|
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    20. Raitoyami
      It happens to the best of us ^^
    21. Colipso
      This sounds like so much fun I am in 100%! Think I will throw in some mightyeha(sp?) as well for like a werewolf vibe. Other names I can think of for Halloween Mons - Grim, Samhain, Bruja, Spooks/Spooky, Salem... yeah the rest seem to have been said haha! :)
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    22. UndeadRaptor13
      If you see a Shuppet or MisDrevus with the OT name Skler then that's from me.
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    23. VaporeonOfLegend
      Totally in on this :3

      Is there a specific time? Also, I think we should all have our message be the same. #Pumpkaboo maybe?
    24. Ruko
      I was going to set my message to "pokecharms.com"
      It'd be more likely to bring people on board to see the homepage, potentially fueling more wonder ghost explosion.

      Also, no there isn't a specific time for reasons outlined above :)
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    25. VaporeonOfLegend
      Gotta start catchin' those Pumpkaboos... :'|
    26. bioaura
      I like the idea :p and since I wont be Trick-o-treating or doing something in specific in Halloween...;_; I might get pumpkaboo breeding and ghastly breeding for that time.
    27. Poke XY
      Poke XY
      I'm in going to start catching/breeding noibats and glameows (black cat) and houndooms (grim reaper) but one thing. What is the message thing you speak of?

      My friend would say to name the mightinas Edward :@>_<
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    28. Ruko
      If anything the mightyena should be named Jacob.

      And whenever you connect online you can select a special message that you say to everyone automatically - you know how everyone floating by says a particular phrase of some sort?
    29. PurpleTartan
      This an awesome idea! :D
    30. EtherealHaze
      This sounds cool! I might breed some Zoruas, name them 'Howl' (werewolf themed) and I'll try and make sure that they have 4-5 perfect ivs. So if you get a a Zorua named Howl from WT and the OT is Virizion, That'll be from me :D
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    31. Da Freezah
      Da Freezah
      Do you guys have enough Rare Candies? I have an infinite amount of them if anyone needs some.

      I still have to find my Y version though...
    32. Ruko
      That would be some painstaking trading right there @.@
      Nobody has to attach anything - it's just what those of us who are capable are doing.
    33. Burgundy
      Be sure to name all of the Sableyes Burgundy!
      I'm so self-centered haha.
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    34. NocturnalNetwork
      Too bad I don't have a 3DS, I would catch a lot of Murkrows :/
    35. Jeydis
      I will be doing the same :D
    36. EtherealHaze
      I've finished Breeding the Zorua's now :D

      Here is some info on them:
      Nickname: Howl
      Gender: Male or Female
      Ability: Illusion
      Level: 1
      IVS: 4-5 ivs (most have 5)
      Held Item: Awakening
      Moves: Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Extrasensory, Counter
      No# Available: One box full.
      OT: Virizion
      Nature: random natures
    37. Jeydis
      The Duskulls are all ready and will be sent this evening most likely.
      Male and female Duskulls, nicknamed Grim and Mandy for males and females respectively.
      - Various natures but most are Careful
      - IVs are marked (didnt have the time to make a box full of pentas but they have decent IVs for the most part)
      - Will-o-wisp and trick room learned.
      - Most will have pokerus as well.
      - OT: Jeydis
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    38. Ruko
      Sending out first batch of my wonder trades now, for early evening in Europe :)
    39. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      My OT is Rohan~

      Woobat (Cooties):
      -HA Simple
      -Stored Power, Charm
      -Most are 5IVs

      Joltik (Itsy-Bitsy):
      -Compound Eyes
      -Most are 4-5IVs

      Spinarak (Itsy-Bitsy):
      -Toxic Spikes, Megahorn
      -Most are 4-5IVs

      Phantump (Merlin)
      -HA Harvest or Natural Cure
      -4-5 IVs

      Litwick (Lumen)
      -HA Infiltrator
      -4-5 IVs
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