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Halloween costume

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Indie, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. I'm probably too old for this
    So, what are you going as for Halloween this year? Any novel ideas at that?
    I'm going as a mummy, but instead of wandering around for the day wrapped in bandages, I'll be gluing toilet roll to an old T-shirt and pants. Expect continuous cries of "What is this I don't even" from my part of the world :V
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  2. I'm not actually sure what my costume really is, but I'm kinda going with a Goth theme this year.
    I'm gonna wear all black and put on this cape I got a few years back. I'll put black hair coloring in my hair for an added effect, and I have this blade that, like, bleeds. Totally beast, right? And then, I'm going to mark on myself with a special red marker to look like blood because I like marking on myself with red markers the fake blood is a nice added affect.
    Anywhooo, this Halloween is gonna rock. Anyone agree?
  3. Yeah, Halloween's gonna be pretty beast this year (excluding the fact it's on a Sunday). I'm gonna be a Phantom,with a black creepy robe and a hatchet (a fake hatchet lol). So Im set for this year.
  4. Why is everyone saying beast? Are you sure you aren't all just going as werewolves? Jeezuz. Anyway, I'm going as Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins. If you dunno who she is..that sucks really bad. I've made her costume all by hand..sewing..cutting...blahhh. But it's pretty nifty. For Halloween..I'm working. Isn't that fun? >>;
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  5. Linkachu

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    I doubt I'll do much myself. My biggest decision is which of my hats to wear to work for our Halloween party. It'll either be between my Kisuke hat (from Bleach) or my newest Pikachu hat. Both hats I love muchly. ♥

    Although, I have been tempted to buy a pirate hat... If I can find one that's good quality, I'll probably buy it. :)
  6. *Laughs at the thought of being too old for this

    This Halloween I'll be going as a hippie because my friend loaned me this epic rainbow colored skirt. I'll be posting pics of it for sure ♥
  7. I scared my friends by telling them I was going to go wild on my body with one of those cheese thingies (basically what's on the end of THIS slide, but I'm probably not gonna. I'm trying to look like I did though >:D

    And then I plan on using some black makeup to make things scary. I'm gonna need some help with that though, as a guy I don't have too much experience of makeup.
    Whichever you wear don't come near me or I'll steal it ♥
  8. My costume is basically this black cape, fake chains and masquerade mask. Eclectic xD
  9. Even something really simple like that can look very nice. I can imagine your costume looking very cool :)
  10. I'm just being a random Ravenclaw student this year. As I found the robe way too expensive online (the good ones were $50+), I decided to go robeless. Thankfully, the uniform of sweater (vest for me), dress shirt, and dress pants double as dress clothes for me, so I invested a good amount in them. However, I still need the ribbon for the vest edging, which I hope I can get soon.

    My wand is the Half-Blood wand of Whimsic Alley's, and a friend got me the tie. In addition, I can cosplay at Deathly Hallows on the nineteenth with this.

    Next year (yes, I am already planning), I am going to be a redshirt Vulcan. I choose to be a Vulcan versus a Ferengi (my favorite species) as they are easier to pull off in makeup and such. As I am a redshirt, I hope I can hook someone into 'killing' me in various ways. XD
  11. I'm once again going as the Joker, but sadly, my hair has failed to reach the needed length D:

    Since Halloween falls on Sunday(heh, falls, so punny of me :>), everyone around here is doing their Halloween stuff on Saturday the 30th. But this time, I'm going to this massive Halloween party as a guest of honor(:'D) and will be torturing entertaining the masses >=3
  12. I really don't have anything planned for the day itself- my schoolwork has been shooting me in the face as of recent.

    But on the Friday before, I want to be a pirate in my Calculus class. See, we call our professor "Captain Math" and the classroom is "The Mathship". I kid you not, we do this and he's totally cool with it. But I want to be a math pirate, so I want to make a paper hat out of some calculus homework. I'm not very creative XD
  13. Well.... I'm not sure :/ I had planned on going with the headless swordsman again, which I would use a homemade buster sword, made with ducktape, a mettal rod, and a 1X4 peice of wood. THis thing is huge! I swear, all I have to do is zip something over my head, and I'm scarier that mister Bloody face!

    Anyway, I'm not sure I'll be allowed to carry that thing this year, since mom is dead bent on not letting me take it, for fear of me hurting someone (ironically she let me take the thing back when the thing had a bendable peice of plastic, versus the updated, stronger, iron clast handle). I'll use my pirate sword though, whilest wearing a black cloak. I'm goin to see if I can make my mom make a hood for it, so I can be an Organization XIII member.

    Either that, or I'll be one of the guys from Men in Black. [​IMG] Oh yeah, I've got that look down.
  14. I am going in the same outfit I went in two years ago: A pumpkin. I also wear a purple wizard hat, too. :D
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  15. Ked


    I'm going to be a penguin.

    The costume itself is actually pretty cute~

    It's a black and white dress sorta thing with a red bowtie, a beak, big blue eyes, and a hole for my face.
    It also came with these shoe cover things shaped like yellow penguin feet :/

    I like it, mostly because penguins are my second favorite animal.
  16. Well, originally, I didn't have halloween plans. But that was before I decided to take a job opening at the school halloween carnival as a fortune teller. Now I'm planning to take some aspects from a previous outfit and make myself a fortune teller in a fez, because fezzes are awesome.

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