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Haku's Sprites of Spritetastica (New stuff, Check it out!)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Haku-kun, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. 'Alo, I am Haku, I enjoy spriting many kinds of things. From Pokemon, to FE, to Megaman, anything, I'll try my best to do them. I try to adapt to styles used in games, but sometimes I will use different styles, like Pillow Shading, Dithering, and more. Well now, lets get off to the sprites!

    I have the right to turn down a request
    Requests are: Open/Closed

    What I do:
    Original Characters







    It's a Wonderful World

    Fe Characters and Mugshots
    And anything else, just give me a challenge.

    Custom Templates
  2. The Gardevoir isn't too bad, but you might you might want to increase the contrast between the tones on the pants. As for the Ralts, the bottom doesn't look so much like a skirt as much as pants with clothe betwen them. to make it more convincing you'd need to do more than just fill the area between the legs. As for the bottom, I'd try repositioning the wings. Other than that they seem fine.
  3. Thanks for the tip! I'll make sure I will work on those. Now I look at it, the wings do look a little funy o.o

    [quote author=Denis349 link=topic=2499.msg30373#msg30373 date=1186107602]
    im just askin if u can make a Shiny dialga cosplayer

    Sure, I will add you to my request list.
  4. can i please have a shiny diglett cosplayer please?
  5. Sure, that sounds intresting, I'll add it to my list.
  6. Some nice cosplays there. I pretty much got the same to say as, Zero Kirbs. Also, Pocky is awesome! You remind me a bit of my friend Jenny.P. xD
  7. Those two cosplayers are ready!
    Here they are, nice and transparent.
    These are ok, not my best though. :/
    She's Wearing a mask XD


    Thanks for the requests!
  8. YAY!Thx Haku kun!
  9. I really like the Diglet. simple yet effective.

    Can I request a Milotic Cosplayer?
  10. Thanks

    And sure, I'll add you to my list, but I'll have to do it in the morning.
  11. Ummm... watch out...

    One, you double posted, and two, you're writing makes it almost incomphrensible to read. 1337 pisses me off. D<

    Oh, and Haku, are you making more OCs? I love the one with wings. You did a great job with that.
  12. Maybe if you start using correct spelling and grammar, I will.

    [quote author=xfma_addictx / Tori link=topic=2499.msg30812#msg30812 date=1186230473]
    Ummm... watch out...

    One, you double posted, and two, you're writing makes it almost incomphrensible to read. 1337 pisses me off. D<

    Oh, and Haku, are you making more OCs? I love the one with wings. You did a great job with that.

    Yeah, I'm still making them, why, do you want to request one?
    The only problem I have with that one, is that the wings are a little odd-positioned if you look at them.
  13. Hmm... move the left wing over to the left a couple of pixles... and that should do it :D
  14. Reported.BTW can i have a shiny espeon cosplayer please?
  15. Denis: You're warned for double-posting.
  16. Can You ask for something else n.n;;
    I kept trying to do one, but it kept coming out ugly. :/

    [quote author=Nachoman link=topic=2499.msg30929#msg30929 date=1186257606]
    Reported.BTW can i have a shiny espeon cosplayer please?

    Since I didn't want to Double Post, here it is!
    I couldn't resist making Shiny Umbreon too XD
  17. YAY!Thanks again!BTW,you can double post in a sprite art work topic as long as it is an update.
  18. BUMPITY :p

    What's that? I never told you I am a Pokemon Ranger?
    Well yeah, here's my ranger card.
    Neat 'Huh?
    (It wasn't easy, so that's why it doesn't look so good, gave him long pants, different hair, no headband, different eyes, my tweak some more later.)
    Yeah, I'm from Ringtown, I like my job. Here's another Photo of me, and my partner, who's a shiny ralts.
    (Sorry, I didn't get the lower left hand corner of that sprite transparent |P)

    (My ranger card, is actually what it is in the game)

    Hope you like this! And please people, Request!
  19. So what all did you make on that card? Excuse the stupidity, I've never played Ranger.

    If you're looking for a request I'd always enjoy seeing your take on this guy:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. 1. Nothing Special, I put all my status that I have in the actual game. Then, I edited the picture of the main character. I changed his hair color, and tweaked it a tiny bit. I removed his headband. I made his shirt fully black, removing the top white part. and I made the pants longer.
    As for the sprite, I edited a normal villager, and gave him a ranger outfit.

    2. And exactly what do you want me to do with him n_n;;
  21. I request him in a repose! :3
  22. Ok, that works, I'll do it XD Even though there not your sprites o.o

  23. Well I've done this kind of stuff before with my other characters. Just make the same guy, but different you know? Like how the original Spiderman looks diff from Ultimate. Same guy, different design, y'know?
  24. Okay, I'll get it, different outfit and different pose, I'm on it.
    (I might edit this when done)
  25. Sure I'll get on it.

    [quote author=gengargirl247 link=topic=2499.msg31949#msg31949 date=1186590375]
    Cool sprites I love the Umberon. It would be halarious to see a gengar cos player. ;D

    I'll do it.
    [size=3pt]why does everyone ask for cosplayers?[/size]
  26. I dunno.Artiste said because theyre a challange. =/
  27. Sorry, I'm having trouble with your request, can you ask for something else? n.n;;

    ...and the Gengar sprite is ready.
    The mask is kinda small, but I like it.
  28. Okay, that sounds easier XD

    The other one just kept getting messed up whenever I did it.
  29. I...am ALIVE!

    I'm back, and better than evah >=D

    I'm starting back on sprites again, sorry for my absence!

    I will not take requests right now, and I will finish others.

    And, I need to re-upload my Cosplayer Sprite

    And Re-organize everything I'm doing​
  30. Well, ZeroKirbyX's Sprite is finally done and here it is:
    I really like how it turned out. Zipper Pants, Green Vest, straw hat, I think it's nice. :D

    Looks like he's doing some kind of super-secret Pokeball Martial art XD
    I still really like the pose.

    I couldn't choose which hat to use, so I made two.

    And, here's the Roserade Cosplayer:
    It turned out ok... :-\

    Up Next:
    Re-organization of first page
    Make some Fakemon
    Have some contests
    Do stuff other then Pokeymans trainers.
    Do my other roleplay character. (Snappy already did the one, I use a lot for most Rps Xp)
  31. Eh, third post in a row ^^;;

    Here's an big Dump of sprites:

    bunch of practice stuffies
    overworld of my character (trainer was done by Snapdragon)
    Some Spriteon stuffies I did a LOOOooong Time ago, just for practice mainly. Spriteon is Pixelchu's creation, not mine. All I did was take the Espeon base, and give it jolteon ears, with re-coloring, since back then, I wasn't fond of pillow shading. The tail was the only thing not done by me. Walkie was done of the human form of Spriteon. This was mean't to be a gift, but I lost it in my files, and now found it.
    A miniature Powerpoint logo, because me and my friend, along with some other people, had a powerpoint shop, where we would draw pictures in 'em. (Which is very difficult to draw in PPT)
  32. Whats with this?It looks like it was edited from spriteon.
  33. That was just some practice, and an attempt at making a shiny spriteon, as well a walkie.
    Just some old stuffies :p
  34. Hey, nice desin of Hyaba. I personally like the one with the grey straw hat. Good jorb.
  35. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Hey Haku-kun, editting another person's sprite without permission is a warnable offense :)
    You're no exception.
  36. What? No, Listen, that is not her sprite edited. What I did, was notice it was Espeon's pose, and one of the other's ears (forget which) So, I tried re-making it for practice, only without her soft shading, and I also made a shiny, then an attempt at a walkie.

    Please, I don't deserve this Warning :'(

    Mod edit (Yoshimitsu27):
    Consulting Sami ASAP.
  37. Wow, this place really is empty.....o.o

    Ok, well Sprite Update time!

    First let's start with this:
    Original from: Here
    A sprite of my character, Haku, using A Wonderful Life sprites. Thanks to Juan for introducing these sprites!

    Next, lets go with this:
    Original from: here
    Gift Art for KoR or King of Rhinos, since today is his Beefday :D Happy Birthday! Enjoy your FE stuffies!

    Ok, and now here is this:
    Original from:
    Some sprites of my Warrior Character, His name is Sunzo. (Wiggy Names XP)

    And, Yah', that's all for right now, more to come!
    Oh, and before I forget, Requests are back open :D
  38. Nice sprites dude and your welcome?Your guy's shirt looks kinda like ben 10 a cartoon character....
  39. Wow, I kinda know what you mean 0.o

    But, his is different, he has a cross to the side, and his undershirt is the one they use as a long-sleeve undershirt in baseball (that go about half-way up your arm)

    I do see some similarity, like the colors :-\

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