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Open Hajime Region Sign ups/ Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. And instead of eating candy, I enjoyed a salad. I shame your unhealthy eating habits. XD
  2. The only salad I would touch with a 10 foot barge pool is Caesar salad, anything else is too healthy XD
  3. Hmm, I'm actually surprised that the Charmander won against the Trapinch. (Despite that ground resists fire and it dominates it.)

    Gotta admit, the ember in the mouth was a pretty smart trick. (I suppose weak spots also maybe apply for things.)
  4. Eh, i was planning to have him faint if Trapinch survived. I guess I'm just lucky. And besides, i would faint of a ball of fire was shot in my mouth.
  5. Ah sorry guys, Jake Acker is my brothers account. We use the same laptop so I kinda forgot to switch the login back to Nebula-newt. Give me a second and I will swap the problem..
  6. Okay, makes sense
  7. Okay, so I am going to edit the original post to include Route information, and what pokemon are common there.
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  8. I'm not going to really bother with using my Fakemon since it would make things pretty complex and well... everyone would be wanting to catch it as if it was a shiny Pokémon.

    I might also need to maybe have my trainer take Sparky to the nearest Pokémon Center since Sparky is going through one of his phases here...
  9. Yeah, there is one just north of Professor Cedar's lab, by the entrance to Route A
  10. Bikuta's entrance is making way for the mention of Team Ultra. They won't appear until maybe about Route C or E, but the characters will know they exist.
  11. Then do i get to join
  12. If you do what i asked you on the Conversation. On the conversation that we had, i told you to do something. That would determine if you have improved or not.
  13. Oh i got off that conversation.
  14. Well, since I have permission to both have another character and use my own Fakemon, I will be posting their information below.

    Name: Gladi
    Species: Taerako
    Type: Dragon Electric
    Gender: He is normally genderless, but he will be referred as a male due to his masculine appearance; along with the purpose of making roleplaying easier.
    Age: His age is unknown, but he appears to look very young.
    Primary Moves: Electro Gash, Outcry, Draconian Blast, Etheral Cyclone. (See below for more information.)
    Gladi is adept at close quarters combat, though he can have a little hard time when it comes to farther ranges. He is also excellent at utilizing the ethereal energy that is primarily stored in his keratin blade; though he can easily get carried away with it and make it accidentally backfire on himself.
    Ability: Persistence (Slightly boosts the Pokémon's power in battle if they are in a pinch; or if they are faced against a significantly bigger Pokémon.)
    Appearance: Galdi is a small Pokémon that vaguely represents a dinosaur. His body is primarily white, while his head to body ratio is slightly bigger than usual. He has red eyes, a small, dot-like nose; along with two pointed teeth that can be seen when he opens his mouth. His hands and feet are both black, as they have five fingers and three clawed toes each. His small, conical, tail is also black; as it glows in a light bluish shade when there is electricity generated or emitted. On his back lies a keratin blade that is normally sheathed between the diagonal gap of his back. The keratin blade can be partially opened to reveal a blue, ethereal blade that is contained inside it; as most of his ethereal energy is stored inside the blade.
    Personality: Galdi has a rather mild nature at others, as he can be rather cautious at strangers though. He can be rather emotional at times, since he is easily startled. He can also be aggressive at times, since he has a hard time controlling his temper.
    Backstory: After he got out of the Rapier Firma with the help of his friend, he decided to go back to a city he first went to in his earlier days. Unfortunately, he was almost caught within the crossfire of the fifth war that went on between Camtonia and Vietbac. He quickly fled the region by sneaking up on a nearby boat that a boy with his Pichu was in. After the boat had gotten over to the Hajime region, he decided to avoid the path that the boy took. He was frightened of humans now after what he had witnessed back in the war zones of Camtonia. He decided to stay in the Hajime Region after going over to Daxdale City, as he went over to Pyua Lake soon after. He tends to wander around either Routes A or B, as he is most likely near Pyua Lake if he isn't at the two routes.
    Fakemon Creator: @Charlespark
    Other: He can utilize the ethereal energy within his body to slowly heal himself, though this does not have any practical use in battle since it would render him immobile. (Plus for the fact that the process would be interrupted if he takes damage.)
    Primary Moves Information:
    Type: Electric
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 65
    Accuracy: 100%
    PP: 20
    Description: The user slashes the target with a stream of electricity, as it may paralyze the target.
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Status
    Power: − − −
    Accuracy: − − −
    PP: 15
    Description: The user lets off a roaring cry, as the user's attack and special attack will be sharply increased temporarily.
    Type: Dragon
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 40 x 3
    Accuracy: 80%
    PP: 15
    Description: The user launches a series of blasts of draconic energy at the target.
    Type: ???
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 95
    Accuracy: 85%
    PP: 5
    Description: The user attacks all nearby Pokémon with a vicious cyclone created from ethereal energy. This attack may petrify the target, but it will temporarily reduce the target's speed if it fails to petrify them.
  15. Youre good to post.

    Also, I'm gonna start the Bikuta and Professor Cedar conversation.
  16. I'll be mainly having the Fakemon interacting with others here since Soma will most likely be in the Pokémon Center for some time.

    (Also, please note that no one can capture the Fakemon here; befriending/battling it is fine, but befriending him may be a bit harder than usual.)
  17. Ok, put your pokeballs away kids!
    *Burst frowns and puts away a large net*
  18. Well, it's for a very good reason here. I don't want others to be capturing my Fakemon especially so early like he's a shiny Pokémon here. (Especially since if I don't mention it, I know that there's going to be that one person that will lob 20 Poké Balls the moment they see my Fakemon.)
  19. True, I completely understand why.
  20. Okay so in the cave, I'm gonna catch a Sandile, so I'm just letting people know this. Also, the Pokemon I've mentioned are just the more common Pokemon found in those places The areas aren't limited to just the pokemon I mentioned. (If you haven't read the Route Info Slide, I recommend it. It's new and updated. It's also almost finished. It's on the opening post.)
  21. Oh okay great, let me just check it out.
  22. There is a lot, fair warning.
  23. Damn there is.....I dont mean to be a pain but any chance you could make it so all these Pokémon are available at some point along the way? Because my team for this was going to be: Flygon (Sorted clearly), Mantine, Toxicroak, Golurk, Kecleon and Skarmory.
  24. Remember that my Fakemon is found on the route though he's rare and he will also be going after one of the trainers. (Because of what he saw earlier...)
  25. Yeah, but these are the most common pokemon on th route. There can be more, then just the ones i mentioned Ex. I didn't say your Fakemon, because he is the only one there. There are more species then the ones I mentioned, so i mentioned them to give an idea of where you would find certain kind of pokemon.

    Mantyke can be found Route B, Kelceon on Route I, and Skarmory and Golurk would be found in rough terrain like area, like Routes D, I, and K.
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  26. Okay thanks mate, I'll remember that. So Mantyke is due to be the second member of my lil team.
  27. Right I wont be back till Tuesday so dont feel a need to wait for me, I will catch up.
  28. Okay folks I should have said this a while ago. All NPC's exept Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, Bikuta, and specific people that I mention are able to be used by other people. If you would like to claim a specific gym leader, just let me know, (same applies fro one of the Team Utra Admins.)

    Also Gotcha!
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  29. oh, oh could I dibs the ground type one?
  30. Blake Piper is all yours. Refer to his sheet for a reference.

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