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Private/Closed Hajime Region: A Whole New World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Soma looked over at Nurse Joy after hearing her talk to Sparky. He quietly went up to her, as he said to her, "Well umm... Sparky here doesn't seem so bright here. He's been rather frantic and crying a lot lately since I just came from the Lab." He gently patted Sparky on his head; trying to calm him from his profuse unease.

    Meanwhile, a dinosaur-like Pokémon aroused from his slumber after he picked up the sounds of some voices and nimble movement. His eyes slowly opened to the greeting forenoon light; they shined within a light shade of red towards the trainers that he gazed over. He stayed hidden within the light green bush that its leaves and ferns shielded most of his babyish body from untrained eyes.
  2. Nurse Joy looked at the Pichu and said quietly, "This must be one of the Pokemon who was there before Professor Cedar moved here." Nurse Joy explained. "They were not very nice people, and this little guy must have escaped. That's probably why he was upset being there."

    She looked at Sparky with a soft tone and said, "Those men are in jail, you'll be fine."

    Mikey looked around and say a bush shaking. He rushed to it, hoping for a rare Pokémon, Instead of the rare pokemon he was expecting, he saw an angry looking Metapod, whom fired. Blast of stick thread at Mikey's face knocking him back. Burst growled at the Metapod firing a blast of fir at the Metapod, knocking it out. Mikey sat on his but and wiped off the sticky thread. "Yuk," he said spitting some out. He stood up and brushed off the dust.
  3. Soma looked over at Nurse Joy with a huge gasp, as he said in shock, "W- wait... you're telling me... that this very Pichu I have... was actually one that escaped from the lab? Dang... now that I think about it, now I feel even more bad for him after finding him in that forest when I was walking back home." Sparky looked over at Nurse Joy, as he took in a deep breath; trying to process what she just said to him.

    He thought to himself, "Jail? Oh come on... you can't be serious. You're telling me that the so called police just took them to a place that's like this living hell?! What in the world is wrong with them? These guys almost killed me and all they get is just staying in a little cell? I'd rather be beating them up or even doing something far bad because that punishment is seriously not justified!" His frightened face swiftly turned into one filled with resentment. His glaring eyes had the looks of a vendetta that he now sought again. He crossed his arms in vexation; mumbling angrily to himself in a fit of petulance.
  4. Right, normal and flying types would be easy. Grass not so much. None the less Jake was confident they could make it through this rookie route with ease. The boys hand crept to his belt and gripped Dusty's pokeball. His gaze fell on one of the Ratatta, a chubby one that had fallen slightly behind his comrade. Perfect.

    "Dusty, lets grab us a quick victory!" Jake yelled enthusiastically as his Trapinch made an appearance on the scene, fresh out of his ball. Dusty was raring to go, snapping his huge jaws together in anticipation. His trainer was happy to see such eagerness from his partner, best not to keep him waiting. Besides Mikey was already taking some Pokémon out himself.

    "Hit him with a feint attack!" Jake instructed and Dusty reacted immediately. The ground type sprang into action and quickly caught up with the sluggish Ratatta. Dusty's eyes glinted as he paused before his foe, something that confused the Ratatta. Why wasn't the Trapinch attacking it wondered? At least it did until Dusty swept the Pokémon's legs out from under it bit the poor thing into submission. Feint, works every time.
  5. The Unknown Pokémon quietly gasped in shock when he saw the trainers freely attacking other defenseless Pokémon. He placed his right hand on his hard, keratin blade; preparing to attack any potential Pokémon that the trainers could possibly send after him. He kept a sharp eye on the trainer and the Trapinch near the Rattata, as he slowly inched towards the other side of the bush.

    The leaves and ferns shook along with his quiet movements and whistling breeze, as he quietly charged some electricity in his conical tail. He kept a tight grip on his keratin blade; ready to draw it out if a battle were to arise, as he thought to himself, "I got a bad feeling that they might search the entire area here... I had to get away from that cave because of that one trainer trying to get me! Ugh... what is with these people nowadays; they're just beating up these other Pokémon now!"
  6. Mikey patted Burst's head. "Chill bud, I'm fine," he said calmly. The Charmander climbed his trainer's shoulders. "I'm gonna go look int he cave up ahead! I heard there could be some strong pokemon!" Mikey called out running ahead. He entered the cave and noticed the bright lights illuminating the majority of the cave.
  7. "Hey, hey wait up man!" Jake called out after hearing what Mikey had said and watching him rush off into the cave ahead. He couldn't be left behind already after all. Not in training or literally. The rookie trainer set off at a steady pace after him with Dusty following shortly behind on his stubby legs. The retreating flame on Bursts tail bobbed in the darkness of the cave and made him an easy little Pokémon to follow. Although, that being said the cave was oddly illuminated all by itself.

    "Wow this place is actually kinda beautiful.." He said in amazement as he looked at the faintly glowing walls with wide eyes. In the mean time Dusty had already found his next victim, a Geodude who had fainted after a single mud slap and was now getting chewed on by those massive jaws the Trapinch owned.
  8. The mysterious Pokémon walked towards the cavern that a boy with a Charmander went in. He saw another boy with a Trapinch; there was a Geodude that the Trapinch had already knocked out. His body filled with rage; his eyes glared off at them in a shade of scarlet red. He angrily stomped over towards them in a fit of petulance, as he emitted a roaring cry at them! He quickly drew out his keratin blade, as it seperated and revealed a blue blade that contained a huge surge of ethereal energy from his vexation! The blade crackled about with his anger, as it glew in a grayish hue; signaling the possibility that he was going to unleash a rather dangerous attack at them!
  9. Mikey stumbled back at the Pokemon's rage. he landed in his butt, and Burst walked over and put his hands up and waved them around as a signal to stop. "Char! Char!" Burst yelled angrily. Mikey reached out and patted Burst's head. "It's fine, just everyone calm down," he said trying to keep he situation calm.
  10. "What th- well somebody has an attitude." Jake remarked upon turning around and seeing the enraged Pokémon. Despite its size the crackling blade did seem quite dangerous. For a fleeting second he considered asking Dusty to attack the new arrival but Mikey had already put himself between them so he relaxed and decided to let him handle this however he wanted. After all there were plenty more Maikarp in the sea. Dusty hadn't even paid the newcomer any attention and continued to chew mindlessly on the fainted Geodude which was now slathered in salvia.
  11. The Pokémon swiftly roared back at the Charmander in a thundering snap! His conical tail loudly sparked off in response to the Charmander's angry roar! He loudly yelled towards the Charmander in a fit of rage, "TAE... RA... KO!" A slight breeze could be felt from close proximity from his energy blade, as he quickly pointed it down towards the ground! The blade crackled even louder; signifying the imminent attack that he was about to execute on everyone around him!
  12. Before Burst could respond, Mikey returned him to his pokeball and took a knee. "I'm not gonna mess with you." he said in a level voice. Then he heard a faint cry. "Excuse me," he said politely, and walked toward the darkness. While squinting, he saw a large rock, that was on a small Sandile's tail. Mikey lifted up the rock and the Sandile scurried away. He returned back to the Taerako, and took back his spot on his knee. "It's okay."
  13. Meanwhile like the *sshole he is, Dusty spat out the poor Geodude and began rolling around in the dirt, spraying it everywhere in a 2 foot radius. Jake was still intrigued in watching the situation unfold but sighed upon glancing at his partner.
  14. The Pokémon suddenly stopped charging his attack, as he nodded at the boy. Knowing that the boy was not going to bother him, he turned towards the other boy with the Trapinch. He started to prepare another attack towards both the Trapinch and his trainer after what he saw the Trapinch doing to the poor Geodude. He roared off at the Trapinch and his trainer, as his blade glew in a now dark bluish shade! The blade loudly crackled with the piling energy that it gathered up, as his conical tail glimmered from the excess electricity it now had.
  15. Mikey noticed how Dusty was being rude and treating the poor Geodude. "Okay, Jake, you need to return Dusty to his pokeball." He said in a warning voice. Mikey jumped in the wat to block the Taerako, and reached into his bag. He pulled out a portion and healed the Geodude with it. The Geodude got up and rolled away.
  16. Galdi gulped the moment when he saw the boy getting in his way, as he quietly said, "Tae.... Tae?" He saw the Geodude moving away after the boy healed him with a potion. He gazed over the other boy along with the Trapinch after, as his attention was intensely focused on the Trapinch. The blade continued to crackle about with his now slight rage, as his red eyes stared down at Trapinch's huge jaws that he noticed.
  17. Jake made the connection at last. It was Dusty's behaviour that was driving this little fellow up the wall. To be honest he knew the feeling, his partner could be quite the handful at times. Mikey than confirmed his suspicions by instructing him to put Trapinch away, something that Jake wasn't exactly happy to do.

    Weighing up his options he was pretty sure he could take this angry reptilian Pokémon. Judging it solely on appearance he gathered it was an electric type of some kind, it would probably have a lot of trouble defeating a ground type. None the less he didn't want to bruise this fierce little Pokémon's ego so with a sigh he turned to Dusty and returned him to his ball. "Sorry buddy, you can play in as much mud as you want later I promise." He told the ball quietly before turning to face their would be attacker. "Happy now?"
  18. "Good, nobody here wants a fight. Sorry to bug you. We'll be leaving." Mikey said giving a nod in the Taekaro's direction. He stood up and faced Jake. "We should go to Daxdale now, it's just in the other side of this cave." He said beginning to walk.
  19. Jake stared at the Taekaro for a moment before turning to Mikey and nodding in agreement. "Yeah sounds like a plan, the sooner I can get my soak badge the better."

    He turned on his heel, causing a pleasant crunch of gravel, before disappearing into the mouth of the cave. It was as if the boy had been swallowed by the maw of some great creature. A small flash indicated that Dusty was now out of his ball again and by Jake's side once more. After making sure they were out of the way of the Taekaro's line of sight he returned to battling any wild Pokémon that got in his way.

    Just after defeating an Aron the quietest of noises caught Jake's attention. What on earth was that? "Hey guys you hear that? It almost sounds like chitterin-" He called out to the others before being cut off by a monstrous swarm of Zubats that descended from their roosts in the roof of the cave and furiously attacked the trainers. "Dusty, take them out!" He shouted whilst desperately trying to bat away some of the Zubats.

    Dusty was already having a whale of a time, jumping up into the swarm and latching on to foe after foe, bringing each one to the ground to be knocked out. It seemed like random selection but in reality he was actually cutting a path through the wall of bodies towards his trainer.
  20. "You know this would be easier," Mikey said sending out Burst. "Boost the light on you flame!" Mikey comanded. Burst flared up his light causing the Zubatto fly away.
    "Zubat are nocturnal, an the lights are off. That means one of the lights around here broke." MIke walked ahead of them, and shouted. "There are better ways to train then just fighting" he said as he exited the cave.

    He was finally in Daxdale. Daxdale City was a town bustling with tourism, and another common entry point into the region. Daxdale was a more rational choice from where to start your journey , if you already have a pokedex. But Mikey didn't so he started in Kurin, not that he really indeed or anything. He waked through the bustling streets, where vendors had set up to sell food, o merchandise. He looked at a sign that mentioned a Water Pokemon Catching Contest. "Oh that's cool, I might enter that." He said aloud.
  21. Jake was glad for the help offered by Burst's natural torch and smirked at the retreating Zubats. Scared of a little light, not exactly ferocious were they? Looking at his partner who was now slowly wandering after Mikey and Burst he grinned, the little Trapinch may not be much now but he had heard stories about what Flygon was like. The Desert Spirit they called it. And he was going to make sure Dusty became the most powerful one alive.

    He winced as he exited the cave, bright sunlight assaulting his eyes. But hey they had already arrived at Daxdale! The hustle and bustle of this city reminded him of his home back in Hoenn and that was comforting. He smiled at an elderly couple walking past as politely as he could before picking up Dusty and following after Mikey. The aromas wafting from the various food stalls were fantastic and Jake's first thought was to sample as many of them as he could. His was "Damn it money, why cant everything just be free.". All the same he did pick up a simple hotdog, it was the cheapest thing he could find, as well as a bar of Pokekibble for Dusty to chew on. He handed the bar to the Trapinch who immediately began to furiously chew on it. "A contest for catching nothing but water types? Like fishing?"
  22. "It's any way you can. They give you a Sportball and you try to catch a water type. Water types are very common up at Pyua Lake, which it is being held." Mikey explained, "everyone keeps the pokemon they caught and winner wins a random award."
    "I'm gonna go enter!" Mikey shouted breaking ff in a run towards Pyua Lake. Little did the boy know was that the Sandile from earlier was following him from a distance.
  23. Galdi noticed that the boys already left for Daxdale City after he saw them going through a cave earlier. He thought to himself while he walked inside the cave, "I'm going back to that lake... I'm feeling rather tired here. Machine or life, I still need to rest right?" His tail emitted a rather loud spark, as his body glew in a pale blue shade. He quickly ran through the cave, as he arrived at Daxdale City after some brief minutes.

    He ignored the various fragrances that came from the diverse food stalls within the city; he was more occupied with getting back to the lake. He scurried over towards the same boy he saw back at Route A, as he noticed him running towards the direction of the lake that he was also going. He took in several deep breaths while he closed his blade and sheathed it between the diagonal gap on his back. His rage had dissipated over the course of his sprinting, as he noticed a Sandile alongside him that was following the boy.
  24. "I guess I could do with a water type and it does sound like fun..." Jake said thoughtfully, pausing for a moment before adding "Yeah I guess I may as well join in."

    He then proceeded to slowly dawdle after Mikey and Burst, at a leisurely pace that allowed plenty of time for Dusty to sniff around and chew on some pebbles. The walk took probably about 4 times longer than it should have normally but hey, what's the point in scenic lakeside routes if you didn't take in the sights?
  25. Mikey walked up Route B, and let Burst loose to ride on his shoulder. As they walked, they heard a scurrying sound behind them. Mikey whipped around to see a smal Sandile run behind a bush. Mikey crouched and said, "Sandile's aren't common here, are you the little guy from earlier."
    The Sandile exited the bush and walked towards Mikey.
    "You wanna join my team?" He asked the small pokemon. The Sandile nodded and Mikey pulled a pokeball from his pocket and clicked it. The Sandile got sucked inside. "I caught a Sandile! I'll name you Razzer!" Mikey shouted tossing out his new friend. The Sandile appeared in a flash of light.
  26. Due to the leisurely pace Jake had decided to follow Mikey at he had fallen greatly behind and was now wandering route B alone with his partner, or so he thought. A figure was lurking in the shadows, concealed amongst the trees that lined this route. The shady figure lurked ever closer to the boy and his Trapinch who were both ever so unaware of the fact they were being followed it was if their pursuer could have been an onix and they wouldn't have noticed. Getting closer now, ever closer.....

    "Aaaah!" Jake exclaimed upon feeling a hand on his shoulder, whipping round in surprise. Before him stood a man dressed entirely in black, some kind of full spandex body suit with a long cape fluttering around him. The only skin showing was his face, which in this case was actually rather unsettling. This was due to the fact the mystery man owned a pair of piercing blue eyes and a ridiculously thick beard that may as well have been made of gravel. "Uh...who are you..?" Jake asked tentatively, whilst Dusty simply cocked his head to the side unsure what to make of this guy.

    The man closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, pausing, pausing for so long that Jake actually suspected he had fallen asleep, before answering in deep and foreboding tone "I am the amazing Daxdale Devil! Fear my power young one! I protect these paths from new and unexperienced trainers like yourself, see how you have ruined its tranquillity? "
    Jake raised an eyebrow before looking around the surrounding clearing. Nothing seemed out of place, the wind still whistled through the trees, a few Wingull could be spotted over head and the smell of the lake was still in the air. Clearly this guy was nuts. After reaching down and picking up Dusty he took a tentative step backwards and gave an awkward smile to the "Daxdale Devil" and saying "Uh yeah okay man, I'm just gonna get going now anyway..so....see ya around.."

    "Leave? No you scoundrel I'm afraid not, not unless you can best me in battle!" Shouted the Daxdale Devil as he did a beautiful spin on a single toe like a ballerina and pulled a Pokeball out of Arceus knows where. Seeming as such a tight suit couldn't possibly have any pockets Jake really didn't want to know where either.

    Now a fire had lit in the boys eyes. "A battle?" He smirked "Well why didn't you say so man? Come on lets tussle."
    And with that Dusty leapt from his trainers arms and landed on all fours, snapping his jaw in anticipation.

    The caped weirdo smiled cryptically. "I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you. Seviper lets go." he instructed, causing the serpentine Pokémon to appear in front of him. "One Pokémon each, you move first fiend!"
    Jake shrugged, that was fine by him. "Dusty hit them with a mud slap, nice and hard!" He told his Pokémon who reacted immediately by springing to life and sprinting at full speed towards his much larger opponent. The Seviper hissed as the dirt was sprayed in its eyes but it seemed relatively unharmed. This surprised Jake somewhat, he thought ground was super effective against poison. Maybe this would be tougher than he thought.

    "Seviper use poison tail!" The Daxdale Devil cried out as he pumped his arms up and down furiously like he was trying to take flight. His Seviper followed his command immediately, slithering into action at an incredible speed. It's tai began to glow a dangerous shade of purple before it whipped it around, striking poor Dusty right on the nose and sending him sprawling into the dirt. "Tra...Trapinch..." he moaned weakly as he struggled back to his feet.

    "Your doing great out there Dusty dont give up!" Jake said encouragingly, giving his partner a determined smile. Dusty nodded upon seeing it and gnashed his teeth together intimidatingly despite the amount of damage he had just taken. "Just trust me with this and use bide!"
    The tenacious little Trapinch nodded before initiating the move, his body flashing white for a second.

    "What was that move?" The Daxdale Devil laughed "It didn't even do anything! Seviper use wrap."
    The large snake Pokémon lunged towards its now stationary target once more and quickly caught it up inside the coils of its own body. The Seviper slowly began to squeeze Dusty with all its strength.

    Jake gritted his teeth as now all he could do was watch and try to ignore this *sshole's laughter. Poor Dusty was barely visible such was the size difference between him and his opponent. All that was clear was that this was a now a battle of attrition.

    Almost a minute of just the Seviper's squeezing and Dusty's grunts of discomfort later the battle finally came to a sudden conclusion. A rather explosive one at that. A blinding light erupted from the inner of the Seviper's coils that completely blew the poison type several feet away back to it's trainers feet. And left behind, barely able to stand was Dusty, panting heavily. Jake almost couldn't belive it, they had won! And all because of his partners amazing effort! He ran to the Trapinch's side and lifted him up, swiftly pulling out a potion and applying it to the most wounded areas. "You did a great job buddy, our first real win against a... trainer....or whatever this guy is."

    The Daxdale Devil has abruptly stopped laughing upon seeing his Pokémon's sudden defeat. Now his head was hung, his eyes fixated on the ground. "I...I lost....how?" He muttered before sighing and walking up to Jake, something in his hand. Jake didn't want to know where that came from either. "Here kid, I got this for my Seviper but it turned out she couldn't use it. You may as well have it. Who knows you might even see me around some other time so make sure you keep our routes clean and safe. Till we meet again!"

    And with that Jake was left standing there, holding the TM he had just been given and watching the retreating latex clad backside of the Daxdale Devil. He turned the green disc over once and saw the words "U-turn" written on it. After roughly shoving it in his bag he turned around and set off for the lake once more muttering to himself "What the hell just happened?".

    And with that he promptly got lost in the woods.
  27. Mikey walked around heading north, until he ended up somewhere near Pyua Lake. A man gave him a smile, and said, "Are you here to enter the Water Pokemon Catching Contest?" He asked.
    "Well actually, i am.'
    "Then hurry, it's about to begin." He handed Mikey a Sport Ball and ushered him in the direction of the starting line.
  28. Jake emerged out of the woods just in time to see Mikey heading off to the starting line. He had a few twigs in his hair and had a single strand of Metapod silk sprayed across his shirt but he was out of the damn trees and that was all that mattered. And just in time for the competition! He sprinted past the guy handing out the sports balls and simply grabbed one off him on his way to the starting line, ignoring the man's startled cry. He ended up beside Mikey, hands on his knees, out of breath with Dusty trotting along beside him all too happily. "S-sup man? How you hanging?" He asked breathlessly, trying to brush some of the plant matter from his hair.

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