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Private/Closed Hajime Region: A Whole New World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. DISSCUSSION ----> https://pokecharms.com/threads/hajime-region-sign-ups-discussion.15516/#post-388110

    Paul Rey sipped his coffee and glanced over at his calendar. Today was his younger cousin,Mikey's 16th birthday, the day he would start his journey. Paul sat down and smiled. He remembered the call he had the previous night with Mikey's mother. She had said that Mikey was so excited and had already chosen his starter. He was going to pick a Charmander, mainly to follow in his older cousin's footsteps.

    Paul closed his eyes to remember when he had received his Charizard, back when he was a Charmander. He finished his coffee and walked over to the sink. he rinsed out his cup, washed it and put it in the drainer.


    Professor Cedar checked his watch. "Where is that boy, he's gonna be late," Professor Cedar thought to himself. He shot a glance to the steel table in his lab. The five Kajime starters, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Eevee and Pichu wandered around on the table. Eevee and Squirtle played with each other and Bulbasuar was giving Pichu a piggy back ride. The Charmander was pacing back and forth, completely excited to start his journey.

    Mikey woke up to his mom shaking him awake and shouting, "GET UP! YOU OVERSLEPT!!" Mikey tumbled out of bed an jumped to his feet. "Now again," he said running to the bathroom to change.

    He changed into his signature outfit and put his goggles on his forehead. He rushed out the door, slinging his green backpack over his shoulder. "Bye Mom!" he yelled out. But he was gone before she could respond. He ran through the peaceful town of Kurin. It was a small town, noted mainly for it's port just west of town and Professor Cedar's Pokemon Lab. He had been basied in Daxdae City, until Professor Cedar decided to change it up and go to Kurin Town. His lab was one that had cruel scientists previous owners, but they were arrested, leaving the lab vacant.

    Mikey burst through the door, and shouted, "Sorry Professor, I overslept!" Professor Cedar gave Mikey a smile and handed him a red watch like device. "This is your Pokedex, town map, and Xtranseiver all in one. I call it a PokeWatch. This is the first year trainers will receive this new invention, and you are one of the first."

    Mikey nodded and put the PokeWatch around hie wrist. "Now can I pick my partner now?" He impatiently asked.

    Professor Cedar nodded and Mikey pointed at Charmander. The Charmander gave a happy cry and jumped on Mikey's shoulder. "I'll call you Burst."
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  2. Jake woke suddenly, his mind still hazy, desperately trying to keep a hold of the wonderful dreams he had just been experiencing. He sat up with a sigh, running a hand through his dark hair. Even on a day like today he had the morning grumps. He lazily looked across the room, his eyes settling on his partner Dusty who was fast asleep in his bed same as every morning. That brought a grin to the boys face, the two of them finally embarking on their big adventure to be the very best together. It was the stuff legends were made of, he could feel it. Now just to clean his teeth before he became a legend.

    After a mad dash around the house to get ready, a quick talk with his parents who were asking all the usual stuff (Did you pack enough clothes? Remember to call us okay?) and one final check of the list of items he was bringing with him, Jake stood at his front door in Kurin. The town was quaint and he had grown used to it after living here for a few months but it couldn't quite compete with his home town, at least not in his heart. Dusty made a gleeful chirping noise and bounded off down the front path to the family day care centre, obviously eager to begin their journey as well. The rookie trainer smirked as he looked at the small and unsuspecting town. You know what they say, from humble beginnings and all that.

    There was only one place any self respecting green horn Pokémon trainer would be visiting this morning in Kurin, Professor Cedar's lab. The two of them ran there in record time, practically collapsing in the doorway upon arrival. Some kid was there already holding a Charmander.
    "Gentlemen, lovely morning we're having here right? Just here to pick up my pokedex Prof. I'll get out of your hair straight afterwards I promise." Jake said upon regaining his breath and approaching the pair, his Trapinch bounding along happily beside him.
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  3. Soma was asleep on his soft bed, as the forenoon light greeted him throughout the glossy window. He slowly aroused to Sparky poking him with his small, black tail; he quietly got up and said to him with a smile, "Oh hello Sparky, I see you're up as usual. Alright, let's get ready here, today's the big day little one!" He walked towards the bathroom and took care of his personal hygiene, as he walked towards his wardrobe after dying himself from a quick shower. He changed into his outer attire after taking off his pajamas, as he placed his bag around his shoulder. He extended the outer area of the bag; creating a sling-like area around the front of his chest.

    He gently picked up Sparky by his side, as he said, "Alright buddy, let's go." He placed Sparky in his sling, as he went into the kitchen and made himself some fast breakfast. He came towards a modest, marble table, as he sat in a smooth, wooden chair that glimmered in the fluorescent light. He ate his big croissant that he made with scrambled eggs, onions, and some sausages into a sandwich. He gave Sparky a small, thick bottle of warm milk, as he continued to eat his sandwich-like croissant; while Sparky slowly sipped his milk that had a very sweet taste to his small mouth.

    Soma got up and went to the kitchen sink after he was finished eating; he washed his dish and the other silverware that rested on the sink. He went to the fridge and grabbed some other bottles of milk, as he placed them in his bag after he closed them snugly with their respective lids. He saw his mother now walking into the kitchen, as he said, "Alright Mom, I'm gonna go now. I'll see ya sometime."

    His mother replied, "Okay, you take care with your little buddy now. I wish the both of you luck." His mother waved to him after he wore his sandals on, as she closed the door after he left the house with Sparky. She smiled at him and went back to the kitchen, as she thought to herself, "My Soma is growing so fast! He's now finally with his own Pokémon! Now, I'm so proud of him here."

    Soma walked through Kurin Town after he exited his house, as he noticed the lab that was within a moderate distance. He walked towards the lab, as he said to Sparky in a calm tone, "Okay Sparky, are you ready for this?"

    Sparky replied hesitantly, "P- Pichu..."

    Soma said in response to Sparky's uneased voice, "Huh, Sparky... what's wrong? You don't seem too happy here, is there something bothering you?"

    Sparky retorted the moment he saw the doors to the lab that towered over him, "P- Pichu! Pichu!" His body trembled with his now abundant anxiety, as he squirmed in Soma's sling; sobbing from the consternation that his teary eyes conveyed towards Soma.

    Soma said to Sparky while he fed him his bottle, "Shh... I understand that you're a little nervous here, just try to relax alright? Everyone gets scared sometimes on their first, big day." Sparky continued to quietly weep along with the gentle breeze that cuddled around him, as he still drank the bottle at a slow pace.

    Soma walked inside the lab after some brief minutes, as he noticed some people that were also in the lab. He saw a trainer with a Charmander that was on his shoulder; he also saw another trainer that had a Trapinch that happily bounced alongside him. He attempted to calm Sparky from his copious discomposure, as he softly stroked his soft body; avoiding the bandaged areas however. He quietly said to the Professor in a collective tone, "Well, I'm also here to pick up my Pokédex here... please don't mind Sparky, he's a bit nervous here right now for some reason."
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  4. Professor Cedar turned and reached out, with a black PokeWatch dangling in his palm.. "Well hello, I'm assuming you are Dusty. Here is your PokeWatch."

    Professor Cedar continued to talk about the PokeWatch's functions, but Mikey paid no attention. He lifted Burst so that they were at eye level. "Are your ready bud?" Mikey walked. Burst gave a nod.

    Mikey remembered when he first met Burst. Burst was shipped along with the other starters, a few months ago, and Mikey had received the pleasure to meet this little fire type. Burst was a very proud, but loyal. Professor Cedar called them soulmates.

    "Stoutland?" Called a voice from around the corner. Mikey turned to see a large Stouland come from around the corner. "Oh hey, Rosco." Mikey said, while he and Burst gave the old Stoutland a wave. "Stouland," grunted Rosco walking past giving only a nod. He wasn't what you would call a morning pokemon.

    Professor Cedar turned to notice the other boy addressing him. "Here it is," Professor said, pulling out a light green PokeWatch from his pocket. He again explained it's purpose for the third time in a row.

    "Wow, Professor Cedar seems a bit tamed this morning. Normally he is excited and doing something odd. Maybe he's just faking it." Mikey said quietly. Both Burst and Mikey chuckled at this. They both knew of Professor Cedar odd tendencies.
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  5. A black PokeWatch? Damn that's stylish. Although it looks like the professor didn't quite know his name....
    "Actually Dusty is my Trapinch but thanks anyway, I'll be sure to keep this thing in great condition." Jake laughed, strapping his new bit of equipment to his wrist and admiring its sleek design. He had actually been expecting a Pokedex but honestly this seemed way more practical. Things were already going his way.

    Jake turned at the sound of Rosco the Stoutland entering the scene, the dog looked about as happy as he did after being woken up. Poor guy. More people were already turning up, this time in the form of a kid and his Pichu. The Pichu was obviously uncomfortable with their current situation and was wrapped in white bandages which gave Jake the impression that it looked injured and a little weak. Could make a good first battle...or at least an easy one.

    Dusty was already trying to inspect the brand new device clasped around his trainers wrist but Jake was lost in thought, considering his next move. It wasn't like he actually knew this region very well....he had barely left town for crying out loud. Perhaps making an alliance could do some him some good. Or at the very least he could get into his first proper battle. Win, win really.

    Approaching the other two newbies who had arrived he called out to them "Hey guys sorry to be a pain but I dont actually know my way all that well around these parts....any of you guys planning on going to get a soak badge? If so we could make that little trip together, you know, make it a little bit of a roadtrip."

    As Jake spoke Dusty bounded around his feet even more furiously than before, a never ending pattern of twists and turns between and around his trainers legs.
  6. Professor Cedar raised an eyebrow and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. He glanced over it, and said, "I guess I misread it Jake." Professor Cedar said shrugging.

    Mikey looked ta the boy who was not named Dusty, but named Jake. "C'mon Professor," Mikey said laughing. "So Dusty," he said to Jake in between laughter, "I'd be willing to go with you."

    "But first, Jake we should have a battle," Mikey said after he finished laughing. Burts looked at Mikey and happily nodded. "Char," he sad excitedly. "So that's one guy in agreement. What about you?"

    "Stop!" Cried Professor Cedar putting his hand over Mikey's mouth. "Let's have this battle of yours after a nice cup of tea." He said. he removed his hand from Mikey's mouth and walked towards a back door. He opened it to reveal a battle field, with a table and chairs set up beside it. There was a perfect view of the ocean and the horizon. Professor Cedar walked to the battle field and said loudly, "After You."

    Mikey looked back at Jake and said, "You accept?" Mikey turned to notice Soma. "You should come have tea too."
  7. Jake couldn't help but see the funny side of the situation, even if it was at his expense. He cracked a smile, both because of the boys joke and the fact that he had agreed to come with on his little journey. Even better though he wanted a battle, a battle with tea. This day just got better and better.
    "Yeah your on. Both of you, I'm not the kind of guy to turn down free food or drink." He smirked, already feeling his heart pumping faster as he thought about the battle ahead of him. Looking down at Dusty he realised the Trapinch was already looking back up at him. That comforted Jake, Dusty's face didn't allow for much emotion to be shown but he had learnt to understand what his partner felt over the years and he knew that they were both raring to go.

    Jake whistled loudly as he looked at the battlefield, clearly impressed by it despite the fact it was pretty standard. He joined the others with Dusty in tow and accepted the cup of tea from Professor Cedar with a polite nod. The other kid, the one with the Pichu, had been pretty quiet so far but hey that wasn't his concern, he had a battle to win. "So.." Jake said between sips of his tea "We good to get this battle started then?"
  8. Mikey cracked a smile. "Hold on, just kept me finish." He took a long loud slurp of his tea finishing it up. "Ahh," he said placing the teacup down peacefully. He then jumped up out of his seat and ran towards his spot on the battle field. Burst also dashed to take his pot on the battlefield. "Come on, make the first move!" Mikey called out.

    Professor shook his head. "He's been waiting for his first battle for quite some time now, it's best not to keep him waiting." He said with a wink towards Jake.
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  9. Soma nodded walked towards the back door after noticing a battlefield; along with a majestic view of the ocean and the horizons that his eyes gazed over. He accepted the light green Poké Watch from the Professor after he explained its purpose to him earlier. He strapped the watch around his left wrist, as he walked towards the other trainers that conversed about.

    He joined in with the others, as he sat next to Jake; staying as quiet as a illusionary Zorua. He nodded in appreciation when the Professor offered some tea earlier, as he saw a teacup next to him. He slowly picked up the teacup and sipped the tea slowly; feeling a rather sweet taste to it. He saw a boy that went onto the battlefield, as Sparky resisted the urge to let off a cry in front of everyone. He whispered to Soma after he finished his bottle, "P- Pichu..."
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  10. Jake nodded confidently at Professor Cedar after being told not keep Mikey waiting. He was happy to hear his opponent was as eager to get going as he was himself. Striding over to opposite end of the battlefield Jake planted his feet firmly in the ground and let Dusty take his place in front of him. Time to give this kid the first battle he'd been hoping for.

    "Letting your opponent make the first move hey? Dont get too cocky kid." He laughed, his face lighting up for a moment before the smile vanished like a Buneary down a hole. This was a serious event after all. "Dusty try hitting him with a mud slap!" Jake called out to his partner who responded with gusto, taking a leap forward before digging his right forelimb into the ground and spraying a cloud of dirt towards Burst.
  11. The dirt hit Burst's eyes momentarily blinding him. "Burst use Ember!" Mikey shouted. Burst who was still blinded slighly, spewed flames from his mouth in multiple directions. "Charr!" Burst roared.
  12. Jake frowned as he watched the little fire type spewing flames everywhere, that was going to be hard to dodge. And he was right. Dusty evaded two balls of fire by diving from side to side before getting nailed by a third, the force of it making him do a little backflip as it caught him in mid-air.

    "Dusty get back on your feet and show him your bite attack!" Jake instructed, still very sure of his friends abilities. Dusty clambered back to his feet, always a tricky task due to that oversized head, and focused his gaze on the enemy. Revenge time. The small ant like Pokémon charged forward as fast its little legs could carry it, lunging forward at the Charmander with its gaping jaws wide.
  13. Dusty clamped on to Burst's tail. "Char!" Burst yelled running around the field. "Get him off with a Scratch Attack!" Mikey yelled. Burst continued to run for a second, before he topped to start to swing his sharpened claws at the Trapinch
  14. Lacy walked into the lab, she had walked a long way to get here. She had purchased a brand new bike so she could ride around the region. She saw a Squirtle running around the lab. The professor had told her the starters and she knew she would pick Squirtle. She picked up the Squirtle and put him in the basket on her bike. Perfect, now she could finally get on and start travelling. She looked around for the professor, "Professor Cedar!? Are you here?!" She called.
  15. Dusty held on for dear life as Burst ran around in a panic, desperately trying to hold on like some kind of grotesquely oversized leech. Those jaws of his sure did make up for his size though and it teemed as though he wouldn't be going anywhere. That was at least until Mikey commanded his Charmander to use scratch.

    At such point blank range it would be impossible to miss, and it was a direct hit scored by the Charmander, right between the eyes. Dusty squealed as his grip loosened and he was sent flying through the air a couple feet due to the fact that he was being waved around by Burst's tail so fast.

    There was a soft thud when the Trapinch hit the ground and honestly the little fella looked beat, he was struggling to get back to his feet and clearly weary. "Dusty you can make do this man, just a little more!" Jake called out reassuringly to Dusty, trying to keep his voice steady although he was actually rather nervous seeing his friend in this much trouble so quickly. A few seconds later and Dusty was back on his feet, down but not out it would seem. Just as stubborn as his trainer.

    "Alright Dusty lets give him the combo we talked about, remember?" Jake asked his partner who nodded in response before wasting no time in getting straight to the attack. He ran forward in his usual little half gallop, making pretty good speed for a member of his species as he closed the gap between himself and the enemy. About a foot from Burst he kicked both his front feet into the soil in an effort to use a large mudslap that created a barrier of floating sediment between the two battlers. He then proceeded to dive through it head first, his maw open wide as he managed to use bite around Bursts whole head.
  16. Lacy looked around but couldn't find the professor, so she went outside. She saw a battle going on with a Trapinch and a Charmander. Lacy got on her bike and rode over to the battle, the two trainers had probably just gotten their starters. Her Squirrel was watching the battle from it's basket. Suddenly, Lacy had an idea. She pulled out some fabric from her bag and made a bed for Squirrel in the basket, Squirrel lay down and fell asleep.
  17. "Charmander!" Screamed Burst flailing his arms around above his head, as his head was engulfed. Mikey looked at the Trapinch that had chomped on to Burst's head. Then an idea came to him. "Ember!" Mikey yelled. Burst fired a small flame inside the Trapinch's mouth. At the same time, he fell to his knees, doing his best to keep going, against the onslaught of attacks.

    Professor Cedar noticed the girl working with some fabric. He gave a wave and called out, "You must be Lacy, come join us for some tea!"
  18. Soma looked over at the battle that still went on between the Charmander and Trapinch, as he thought to himself, "Huh... did that fire lizard just put an ember in that other guy's mouth? I gotta admit, he's both smart and persistent here." He saw the Trapinch falling to the ground, as he noticed that his eyes were closed; giving off the strong signal that he could have possibly fainted. He saw some smoke that came out of the Trapinch's mouth when be opened it, as he thought, "Ouch... that little guy sure took quite a beating even for something he resists; hopefully there's like a nurse or something here."

    Sparky was suddenly silent when he heard the weakened tone from the Trapinch after the battle was over. A vision suddenly came to his mind, as he thought to himself, "W- wha... what's happening to me?! Someone help please!" He suddenly found himself back in the lab months ago, the atmosphere was filled with melancholy; desolation gradually filled in his babyish body. His body started trembling the moment when he saw one of the supervisors coming with a thick cane. He started to hyperventilate from the trepidation he unconsciously conveyed towards Soma. He attempted to defend himself against the person that was merely a hallucination in reality. His cheeks quietly sparked, as he started to cry in a quiet tone.

    Soma looked over at Sparky, as he said to him, "Umm Sparky... are you really okay? You don't look so good, you look like you're having a nightmare or something!" He placed his hand on his right arm, as it felt rather hot to the touch. He felt Sparky's loud, but short breaths, as he said, "Okay... maybe I think that you might need some help..."

    Sparky faintly replied in an anguished cry, "P- P- Pi..." He was suddenly silent now, as his body was inert.
  19. (OOC, due to an error on my end everybody reading will just have to pretend that this post came before Charlespark's last one.)
    Dusty had heard Mikey's command and taken a fraction of a second too late to react, losing his grip just as the Charmander let lose with its attack. The flames filled the tight space that was the Trapinch's mouth and the effect was instantaneous. The little ground type flailed his stubby legs in the air and released his grip and fell to the ground, his eyes closed. This battle was over.

    "Dusty!" Jake cried out, rushing to his fallen partners side. The Pokémon gave a weak noise as it was picked up, a small amount of smoke drifting out as he opened his mouth. A frown formed on the boy's face but was quickly replaced with a small smile at Mikey. "Well done mate, guess you deserved that one, wont happen again." He smirked before laughing quietly. He turned to the Professor. "Have you got any way to heal Dusty up?"
  20. Professor Cedar gave a nod. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some potions. "This will help," he said walking over to the Trapinch. He sprayed the ground type with one of the bottles and walked over to Burst, spraying the other one on him.

    "That was a sweet battle," Mikey said after Profesor Cedar healed the Charmander. "Thanks Professor."

    Professor stood up and said, "Well after a hearty battle, I suggest you should get going onto Route A."

    Route A was a beginner route for most greenhorn trainers. A clear, well trodden path cut through a light forest. Multiple grass, bug and flying type Pokemon could be found there. It was a peaceful place that lead straight towards a small cavern. The cavern itself is well lit, with a clear marked path, throught the cave leading straight to Daxdale City.
  21. Jake returned Dusty to his pokeball after the professor had healed the defeated Pokémon. He remained quiet as the Prof spoke, hoping to take in all the information he could. Route A would be his first stop by the sounds of things and after that battle at least he knew he would be visiting with a powerful trainer.
  22. Mikey gave a nod, and said, "Then i guess we should head to Route A." He looked to see the boy's Pichu acting strange. "Is your pokemon okay? Should we take it to the Pokemon Center?" Mikey asked worried if the Pokemon was okay.
  23. "Oh, yeah I'm Lacy" Lacy said, she rode over towards Professor Cedar. "I hope you don't mnd me choosing Squirtle as my starter"

    "Squirtle Squirt!"
  24. "Not at all," said Professor Cedar smiling. "As long as trainers get their pokemon then I am fine." Then a beeping sound came off from within the professor's pocket. He pulled out a PDA and clicked a few buttons. "Oh, wow, you kids are lucky. Apparenlty Bikuta decided to stop by for a little visit."
    Mikey's eyes grew as big as saucers. "Bikuta, the reigning pokemon champ Bikuta!?" Mikey asked in an exited matter.
    Professor Cedar gave a nod, and right before Mikey could rush out to find him, Bikuta walked into the lab, with his Raichu on his shoulder.
    "Yo Cedar? Am I disturbing something?" Bikuta asked, Biktua was only 18, making him the regions youngest champion. He wore his signature brown overcoat and had his black and yellow hair spiked up.
    "No not at all, we were just having a small get together to celebrate them all starting their journey." Professor Cedar said with a large amount of calmness.
    "Um Mr. Bikuta Johnson sir, my name is Mikey Rey. My big bro is the Flamer City gym leader, and I'm gonna be the one to take your title." Mikey said facing the champ.
    Bikuta gave a laugh and said, "Maybe one day. But now I need to talk to Professor Cedar in private."
    "Yes of course, they were just leaving." Professor Cedar said nodding towards the exit.
  25. Soma replied to Mikey's previous question that he asked earlier after processing it, "Umm... he's not okay here... He doesn't look that great right now." Sparky faintly opened his eyes, as he panted in a sudden exhaustion. He saw that he was still inside the lab with Soma, as he tugged on his sling in an attempt to convey a distresed message towards him.

    Soma was oblivious to the person walking in the lab with a Raichu on his shoulder, as he was more concerned with Sparky's condition. He quietly asked Mikey in a concerned tone, "Do you know where the Pokémon Center is? I think that I might need to take Sparky there since something might be wrong."

    Sparky was about to discharge a spark off at the nearest lab equipment, as he glared over at the some of the nearby envionment that reminded him of his appalling past. He gazed over at the Professor, as he gave off an angered bawl towards him.
  26. "Follow me, it's just north of here," Mikey said walking towards the door. As he walked towards the door he heard Professor Cedar whisper, "It's Team Ultra again, isn't it?" Bikuta gave a nod. As Mikey lead the way to the Pokemon Center, one thought filled his mind, "Who was Team Ultra?"
  27. Jake was astounded when Bikuta suddenly entered the scene and remained rather dumbstruck until the young champion left with the Professor. However after a quick shake of his head he seemed to remember where he was and exclaimed to the remaining trainers around him "Arceus! Was that really Bikuta here, in the flesh?", before his face dropped a little. "I should have totally got him to autograph something."
    He still looked a little grumpy as he followed Mikey towards route A and the Pokémon centre, merely giving Lacy a nod as a greeting, expecting the girl and her Squirtle to fall in behind them. The defeat that was still fresh in his mind wasn't exactly helping his mood. Ah well, at least he could only go up from here. "So how much further to the Pokémon centre Mikey?"
  28. Mikey pointed to a large building with an orange tiled dome shaped roof. A sign written on the glass said, "POKEMON CENTER."
    "Here it is, the Pokemon Center," Mikey said walking inside. He was greeted by woman with pink hair in an apron. "Hello Mikey, Professor Cedar told me today is your first day stating your journey. Good Luck." She said.
    Mikey smiled and said, "Thanks Nurse Joy, can you heal our Pokemon?"
    "No problem," she said.
  29. Jake willingly handed the Pokeball containing Dusty to the Nurse Joy, after all it couldn't hurt to have another check up after the potions that the Prof used on him earlier. After doing that he suddenly felt a little better, once Dusty felt truly refreshed they could start this journey anew, and this time things would go their way. After all route A couldn't be THAT bad now, could it?
  30. Soma was walking towards Mikey in a rush after he left the lab hurriedly; as he quickly went inside the Pokémon Center after he caught up. He saw Mikey and another boy inside; though he was oblivious to Nurse Joy at first. He quietly said to Mikey while panting, "Boy... you're... fast... Sparky's kinda fine..."

    Sparky looked around the unknown building that he was now in with Soma; his anger quickly transformed into fear the moment when he noticed a woman with pink hair and an apron. He quietly emitted a quiet cry at Soma, as he babbled, "P- Pi- Pichu!" His water eyes conveyed a sense of apprehension, as he continued to sob next to Soma.
  31. "You gotta always be ready to keep moving, plus the sooner we get healed, the sooner we can hit Route A." Mikey said to Soma, laughing. "I've waited for this day for a while now."

    "Don't worry, I won't hurt you, I'm a Pokémon Nurse, I help them and make them feel better," Nurse Joy explained after noticing the small Pichu's fear.
  32. Lacy rode up to the Pokemon Center with the others, she was going to travel around Hajime so she needed a map, she figured she could get one at the Pokemon centre. When she arrived she grabbed a map from the front desk and opened it. There were mountains, forest, ocean, deserts and more! She couldn't wait to explore the whole Hajime Region.
  33. Jake was getting a little impatient, too much talking and not enough walking. His hands twitched restlessly as he leaned against the wall, trying his hardest just to wait a little longer for everybody else to be ready. Unfortunately waiting had never been his strongest suite. Giving the group a tired smile he asked in a joking way "How long does this normally take? I kinda wanted to hit the road before dusk you know."
  34. Lacy looked over at the group, she kind of wanted to travel with them. She was a bit too shy to ask though. She leant against the wall holding Squirtle. She needed to see the world.
  35. Mikey healed his team to full health. He made a fist. "Let's go!" He shouted. Then he noticed the girl from the lab. "Hey um, aren't you Lacy? Wanna come along with us?"
    Before a response could be said, he ran out the door. "Come on everyone! It's a whole new world."
  36. Jake smiled as Mikey rushed out of the door, now the real adventure would begin. Giving himself a quick brush down he followed after the excitable lad, stopping to say "You may as well Lacy, you look like you could do with some friends." in what he considered a friendly tone. Hopefully the shy girl did too.

    "So Mikey, route A. lead the way my friend, I'm itching to try my hand at battling again." Jake smirked, his fingers drumming a beat on the only pokeball strapped to his belt, marked with a D (Dusty's obviously). He was glad to see they had such nice weather for the start of their journey, he had heard that this first route was a beautiful walk if you could fend off the wild Pokémon.
  37. "Yeah, I would" Lacy said, she walked out of the building and into the fresh air. She got on her bike and began to ride slowly with the others. Squirtle was awake by now and jumping up and down in his basket
  38. Mikey began to lead the way, heading east. The warm sun shone on his back and and he stretched his arms. He checked the his PokeWatch and said aloud, "We have a nice walk, then a short path through a cave and we'll reach Daxdale in no time." He then began to break into a jog. "We might even be able to catch new members to our team!"
  39. "Sounds like a plan." Jake agreed, breaking in to a light jog in an effort to keep up with Mikey. The suns rays were pleasant and reminded him of Hoenn. That place was always sunny. But he was in Hajime now, he couldn't keep looking back at his past through rose tinted glasses. He had to look forward and see his path clearly. That was some rubbish his Granddad has spouted to the boy before he had left for his journey this morning, he hadn't really understood it then and he certainly didn't understand it now.

    "The Prof said it was mostly bug types up ahead right?" Jake called out to Mikey, who it would seem was fractionally faster than Jake. He stopped for a second and turned around to face Lacy. "Hope your not afraid of creepy crawlies Lacy" He said in a sinister voice before laughing lightly and getting back to his light jog. Dusty and him could take on anything the route could throw at them.
  40. "Yeah, there's Bug types, along with Grass, Normal, and Flyin types." MIkey said looking around. he looked to see a a group of Rattata run in front of him. "They are pretty tame too," he added laughing.
    Professor Cedar shook his head at the news. "They've gained more and more power these past few weeks."
    "The entire leauge is on edge There is little knowledge on their leader. Apparently, there's rumors that he is stronger then the entire Elite Four and me. I love a challenge, but what this guy is doing is unacceptable." Bikuta said crossing his arms.
    "Well, I'm keep you posted on an info about Team Ultra." Professor Cedar said.
    "Okay, talk to you later Theodore." Bikuta said cracking a smile.
    "Really, I told you, Bikuta, call me Professor Cedar. Ever since you became Champ you keep calling me that."
    Bikuta gave a laugh, 'I guess it's fun that I can now."
    "Remeber when I started my journey?" Bikuta asked.
    Cedar gave a nod.
    "Well I hope I get a chance to battle all of those kids one day." Bikuta said. Then he left.
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