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Private/Closed Hajime Journeys

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. @ManateeMike, @Trainer_Zander, @Pokemon Master Pyro, @Rhabby, and @BriefStar
    Name: Ry Burst
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Ry has reddish brown hair that is somewhat shaggy, and about 4 inches long. He has skin that is slightly tanned and stands at about 5'11. He weighs about 178 lbs. On his left shoulder there is a faint scar, from a encounter with Latios when he was 6
    Clothing: Ry's clothes are similar to one another. He wears clothes that are red and white, with the occasional black. He wears grey jeans, and currently wears a black t-shirt, with a red and white plaid button-up shirt that's open, over it. He wears a pair of red converse sneakers. On his back he wears a one strapped, green backpack, in the style of Brendan's backpack from the Hoenn games.
    Personality: Ry is upbeat, silly, and carefree. Ry loves to battle, and is a good battler. He is a bit reckless at times and often goes with the flow of the battle. He is a kind person with little care for his personal safety. He is a breeder, and is very understanding, and knows a lot about Pokemon. However in non Pokemon situation he is a bit naive.
    Strengths: Ry is a quick leaner, strong battler, and very loyal. He can make friends with a large variety of other people. He is quite knowledgeable about Pokemon, and can make cook very well.
    Weaknesses: His loyalty can be his downfall, and he is very trusting. Ry also is kinda naive to things that don't involve Pokemon.
    Backstory: When he was 6, his dad left to go stop a group of Team galactic rejects and Ry secretly followed. There was an explosion and he was saved by the legendary pokemon Latios. Latios got him out in the nick of time, with the only injury a small scar on his shoulder.
    When he was 10, he received an egg. It soon hatched into a Chimchar and Ry raised it. He and the Chimchar trained with the gym leader Mylene for 5 years. During that time, Ry got stronger and Chimchar evolved into an Monferno. he traveled the Sinnoh Region collecting badges. When he tried to win the Sinnoh League, he lost once he reached the top 16. He then contued to travel other regions.
    Battling Syle: Ry develops a close bond with his pokemon. He has such close bonds, that with some of his pokemon, he mimickes what they are doing from the sidelines. (Similar to Ash during the whole Ash-Greninja thing, minus the shared pain). He was taught that you must be as strong as your pokemon. He prefers a physical assault as compared to special attacks.
    One thing in particular he does is have what he calls Move Combos. They are commands he shouts to tell his pokemon to use multiple moves at once or in a certain way. To a way to save time and catch his opponents off guard.

    Name: Fuego
    Species: Infernape
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Extra: Was hatched from an egg and traine with Ry for 5 years. Together they are best friends. Fuego acts like a leader, over Ry's other pokemon. Has taken on much stronger opponents and won. He evolved into a Monferno, during Ry's training with Mylene. And then he evolved during Ry's Gym battle with Byron. Due to being hatched from an egg, he is very much like his trainer. Hates to lose, but will accept it graciously. He has a tradition, that if he is beaten, he will give a thumbs up towards the pokemon that bested him and their trainer. He loves to battle. He likes to spar with Aura and Jet whenever he can in his free time, but he loves to just chill in a tree with his trainer. Fuego loves Spicy food and has a Brave Nature.

    Name: Jet
    Species: Sceptile -> Mega Sceptile
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Overgrow -> Lightning Rod
    Extra: Was abandoned in Solaceon town by his trainer and called weak. Then, the Treecko lived joint hew woods, dividing his time between training, or pranking passing trainers. He soon evolved into a Grovyle. Then he stole Ry's lunch and Splashy (Who was a poliwag at the time). When Ry found him, instead of being mean, Ry was nice towards the thriving Pokémon. Grovyle returned what he stole. Then he followed the trainer on his journey for a while. Then Ry saw him one day, and offered him a spot on the team. Grovyle accepted and became known as Jet. Jet was hard, for Ry to handle at first, but Ry never gave up an won Jet's trust. Then during a Gym battle with Fantina, he evolved, and beat Fantina's last Pokémon. This is a very stubborn pokemon. He doesn't like most other people other then Ry. He prefers to battle when he is at a disadvantage. Either by type or skill. He hates Mega evolution, despite having the ability to do so himself. He only Mega evolves in tough situations, where he has no choice. He likes Spicy food and has an Adamant Nature

    Name: Splashy
    Species: Poliwrath
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Damp
    Extra: Was the first Pokémon Ry caught. As a Poliwag, he attracted all kinds of attention. He was kicked into a river when Ry met him. Ry jumped in to save him, and battled the trainer who kicked Poliwag in the river. When Ry won, he offered the Poliwag a spot on his team. Every time Splashy evolved, it was to protect his friends. Nowadays, he doesn't travel wit Ry as much, because he is helping Crasher Wake, with the Sinnoh Leauge Fire Department, helping lead the other Pokemon. Very loving and gentle. He is very motherly towards other pokemon. Isn't as strong a battler, as Ry's other Pokemon, but is still an important part of his team. He likes Bitter food, and has a Gentle Nature.

    Name: Voltage
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Rivalry
    Extra: Was the leader of a gang that terrorized Jubilife city as a Luxio. Ry saved it from a crooked cop who was going to hurt him. He evolved later into a Luxray. Very mischeavous and gets into trouble. A lot. He always means well, but he's a troublemaker, and sometimes acts like a loner. Likes Spicy food, and has a Naughty Nature.

    Name: Star
    Species: Staraptor
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Reckless
    Extra: When a group of theives stole Ry's pokeballs, Ry caught a Staravia to help track down the thieves. When he rescued it, she joined his party. Later she evolved into a Staraptor. She is very calm. She doesn't get freaked out easy. She likes Sour food, and has a Relaxed Nature

    Name: Aura
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Extra: Was an egg that Ry found, while exploring Iron Island. While traveling it hatched into a Riolu. Together they trained and and had fun. Then one days he evolved into a Lucario. Very friendly. Loves to have fun. He likes dry food and has a modest nature

    Nickname: Grace
    Species: Togekiss
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Serene Grace
    History: Was an egg given to him by Proffesor Rowan. It hatched after Ry lost the Sinnoh Leauge, and evolved into a Togetic later on. After a while of training in the Sinnoh region, she was given a Shiny stone on a boat ride to Kanto and Evolved into a Togekiss
    Personayity: Very kind and nice. Much like Splashy, but more daring. She likes to explore and see new things.

    Nickname: Sting
    Species: Beedrill
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Swarm
    History: The first Pokemon Ry caught in the Kanto region. Caught as a weedle and do to some special training, he evolved twice and helped win, Ry's first Kanto Badge
    Personality: very happy. He always has a positive attitude. Likes sweet food and has a Jolly Nature

    Nickname: Baxter
    Species: Hitmonchan
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Guts
    History: Ry found Baxter's egg right before he hatched. He hatched in Ry's arms and acts like Ry's his mother. Ry and him trained and he evolved in a battle, only to end up losing.
    Personality: Very young and babyish. He loves shiny objects and is kind of the little kid of Ry's team. Even though he is evolved. He has a Genle Nature and like Sweet food.

    Species: Gyarados
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    History: was originally used by Ry's rival, Dennis then in Kanto, Dennis gave Gyrados to his grunts under him, (he was part of team Zion at the time). A grunt lost him at sea, but Ry recovered is Pokeball. He decided ot keep him and name him Gyra.
    Personality: very angry and aggresive towards people who aren't Ry. He is very protective and loyal

    Species: Pancham
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Mold breaker
    History: While Ry was training with Gurkkin, he met an obnoxious Pancham. They were considered twins, because they're personalities were so alike. Ry chose Pax to travel with him though the Alola region, while his Pokemon instised on training.
    Personality: Very goofy and mischievous. He likes sweet food and has a Jolly nature.

    Nickname: Mimi
    Species: Chesnaught
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Overgrow
    History: Ry met Professor Sycamore, who offered Ry Mimi, considering how no one had picked her, and she had taken a liking to him.
    Personality: She is an innocent brute. She occasionally tackles people as a sign of affection.

    Nickname: Shadow
    Species: Haunter
    Gender: Male
    History: Was a pokemon that over to play pranks on other pokemon. Ry met him at the Pokemon Tower.

    He has other Pokemon which I'll add in the future.

    Ry stood behind the guard rails, of the boat as it came to a stop. He was finally here, in the Hajime Region. The Current Champion, Bikuta had watched his Kanto Leauge battles, from a while ago and had decided to invite him. Kurin Town was a peaceful and quant town, and home to the regional professor, Professor Cedar. Apparently the professor, along with Bikuta were planning on meeting Ry at Professor Cedar's lab, along with a few other trainers. Ry gave a smile, and checked the Pokeballs on his belt. They were all in place, and he ran off the ship, into the town. Despite the town's size, it was buzzing with people, who had heard of Bikuta's visit. The town had become, a temporary melting pot of fans, and reporters, along with the cheerful townsfolk. He couldn't wait to get this show on the road.
  2. Name: Robby
    Age: 15
    Character Description: Wears a plain black T-Shirt with white cargo shorts, wears black running shoes with dark shocks that go a few inches above the tongue of his shoe, and has a grey backpack similar to the regular black one you can buy in Sun/Moon. Has light blue eyes and dirty blonde hair combed up and to the side. As for weight and body, he looks like an average 15 year old and is 5'9".
    Region of Origin: Kalos, Vaniville Town.
    Trainer Role: Pokemon Trainer
    Goal: To get stronger together with his Pokemon, win the Kalos league, and become Kalos Champion.
    Personality: Kind, caring, competitive, determined, loves to run, and not totally dense when it comes towards the ladies. Can get over hyped at times and can rush into situations without thinking. Takes his training with his Pokemon very seriously and believes that training along side with his Pokemon will truly make him and his Pokemon strong.
    Skills: Very good a battling, able to adapt to any situation in a battle. Only can cook Pokepuffs. His battling skills have improved over the years.
    Past: His dad was never around as kid so his mom raised him the best as she could. Usually spent a lot of time at Professor Sycamore's lab and would secretly go to Lysandre labs and learn from Lysandre. He witnessed how Mega Evolution had corrupted Lysandre and now refuses to use it.

    Robby walked off the boat with a smile on his face, he had finally arrived in Hajime. The Champion of Hajime invited him when he witnessed Robby's various battles in the Alolan League. Robby took a deep breathe and walked off the boat and toward the a building that looked like a lab of some sort, "This must Professor Cedar's lab." Robby said as he walked up to the building. "Fro?" Robby's Froakie curiously said said as it sat on Robby's shoulder, "That's right buddy, the lab." Robby said as he smiled at the young Froakie. Robby looked down at the other pokeball on his belt and smiled to himself, and then opened the door, "Hello?" Robby called out as he walked into the main lobby. "Hmm, the others must not be here yet." Robby said quietly, Froakie jumped off his shoulder and curiously looked around.

  3. Name: Brief Starr
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Icirrus City, Unova
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 137lbs
    Hair: Short Black Hair
    Eyes: Green
    Black Windbreaker, Brown Cargo Pants, Black Running Shoes, Black Backpack
    Identifying Marks: Scar on his left eye brow, Melody
    Musculature: Slightly toned
    Personality: Anyone meeting him for the first will call him extremely lazy and almost uncaring guy they have ever met. He has a habit of spacing out when there is something he finds boring but for friends and people that know him still will call him lazy but knowing he is an very helpful and determined person when there is something he wants.
    Skills: Has extremely good hearing, Skilled Miner, Stone and Fossil Specialist
    Past: He started his journey at the age of 14 after losing in top 12 of the Unova League he set out to because stronger. The first region he set out for Sinnoh he hear there was strong trainers there after losing to Roark on his first try he began to have a huge interest in mining he asked Roark who taught him he said his father Byron. Later on in his journey he finally met Byron he begged the gym leader to train him which the leader full heartedly accepted him. For two years he trained under his Master Byron taught Brief everything he knew about stones and fossils he also sent him to help his son mine and do research on any of hid findings Byron also instructed Brief to train his pokemon on Iron Island after these two years Brief dream of becoming champion changed he wanted to find all the treasures that the world had to offer.
    ( Melody) Minun
    GENDER: Female
    ABILITY: Volt Absorb
    SPECIAL FEATURES: Slightly lighter blue than normal (Glows at night)
    HISTORY: While exploring a forest outside his hometown was when he heard it wondrous song it drawn him in quick he raced with great speed to see what was making such music. The music lead him deep into the forest this is where he met her his fateful partner a singing Minun who voices just calms him.
    PERSONALITY: Cheerful like others of her kind but quick to get upset when her voice is not hear and lets you know by shocking you.

    GENDER: Male
    ABILITY: Sheer Force
    HISTORY: Drago was part of Brief’s team when he was challenging the Unova League. Drago is one of the powerhouses of the team he is known to never back down in a battle he has a firm dislike of dodging Brief oftens jokes about him having No Guard as his ability his style of battle maybe straightforward but it makes him tougher being able to take heavy blows without caving.
    PERSONALITY: Tough, Headstrong, Strong willed

    GENDER: Male
    ABILITY: Rock Head
    SPECIAL FEATURES: Slightly bigger than usual, Cracks around his right eye
    HISTORY: Brief met Heavy in the middle of his training on Iron Island as an Onix who made a habit out of fighting all the steel types on the island. Brief took a real interest in watching it battle it wasn't until the Onix was gravely injured fighting a powerful Aggron who crack the side of his head Brief took it upon himself train the Onix until he was strong enough to beat the Aggron. After a few months of training the time had come to face off against the Aggron the battle was intense with Onix becoming the victor with his win Brief gifted the Metal Coat he got from Byron which lead it to evolve into a Steelix.
    PERSONALITY: Calm, Battle Ready, Loyal

    GENDER: Male
    ABILITY: Flame Body
    HISTORY: Brief met Bang as he was exploring though Mt. Moon Bang was very weak and wounded Bang was once the pokemon of a gunt of Team Zion. After helping Bang Brief made it a point to train him after that Bang has become of Brief’s strongest fire type pokemon. Brief had evolved him after trading with a friend after a tournament.
    PERSONALITY: Hardy, Loves to battle

    (Aero) Aerodactyl
    GENDER: Male
    ABILITY: Pressure
    HISTORY: Aero was the first fossil Brief founded when he first started training under Byron. When he was revived it didn't listen to Brief's commands after spending more time with each other Aero started to warm up too him he is now one of Brief's main pokemon he uses to flying.
    PERSONALITY: Likes to relax, Somewhat stubborn

    (HyRuler) Hydreigon
    GENDER: Female
    ABILITY: Levitate
    HISTORY: HyRuler is one of the main six of Brief's team when he was challenging the Unova League.
    PERSONALITY: Loves to eat, Lovingly affectionate towards Brief​
    I will add more later

    Brief has been asleep a the ship after being awoke by the sound of the ship stopping letting him know he has made it to the Hajime Region. He got up and started to make his way off the ship "Man that was a nice sleep I wonder what the Champion of this region want with me?" Brief asked Melody who was resting on his head. As he was walking he spots two trainers who looked all to familiar in the crowd of people leaving the ship "Wait is that ....no it can't be now I really have to get to the lab I hope they are going to the lab" Brief begins to run in the direction of the lab with Melody who fell off his head and is now holding on to her trainer's shoulder for dear life. Brief makes it to the lab in its main lobby and spots one of the trainers already there now having gotten a good look at the trainer there was no mistaking it Brief calls out to the other trainer. "Hey Robby long time no see how you been dude!"

    "If Robby is here then the other trainer I saw must have been Ry?" Brief thought to himself.
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  4. "Hey guys. My name is Bikuta. I'm the guy who invited you here," a man with spiky blonde hair said walking to join Robby and Brief in the lobby. "I saw your guys Kanto League matches and they looked exciting."

    A man in an orange jumpsuit and stained lab coat walked to Ry. "You must be Ry, welcome to the Hajime Region. My name is Professor Cedar," he said placing a hand on Ry's shoulder.

    "It's nice to meetcha Professor," Ry said delivering a broad grin.
  5. "Hey Brief! Yeah, long time no see!" Robby exclaimed with a smile on his face. The little Froakie ran behind Robby's leg and grabbed onto it, "Oh, don't worry little guy. This person is an old friend." Robby said as he smiled down at the Froakie and picked him up, "Sorry, he is a little shy." Robby said as he patted Froakie on the head. Robby then turned to Bikuta, "Hey there, I'm Robby. Thanks for inviting me, I'm sure we'll have a fun time here." Robby said, "Kanto League matches? Man, that was awhile ago. Since then I've competed in the Alolan League." Robby added, remembering back to those two journies.
  6. "Yes, but with Alolan Leauge is a more younger one. While Kanto is older, and and their leauge has more history. I watched it was a way to learn how to improve this leauge." Bikuta said, rubbing the back of his head.
  7. Name: Landon
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Landon wears a red cap, similar to the one Lucas wears in diamond and pearl, along with a green sweater, blue jeans, and brown shoes. Landon also has honey blond hair.
    Personality: Landon is motivated for most things and is always ready to get into a really heated battle. Landon enjoys hanging out with his friends and eating equally. Landon also doesn't have the best sense of direction and typically will get lost all to often but it usually leads him to new adventures.
    Backstory: Landon started his journey when he was 14 in the Sinnoh Region catching a strong team of Pokemon, Landon fought his way and battled against Team Galactic and with the help of Looker was almost able to stop Cyrus but Cyrus escaped and vowed that the world would be his one day. Landon continued to battle and made his way to the Sinnoh League but lost in the Top 16. Landon then went on to travel to the Johto Region where he met a trainer named Lyra but in their first battle he was defeated. Landon continued to travel, battle, and catch Pokemon during his travels and later met up again with Lyra in Goldenrod City, the two then decided to start travelling with each other. During the Silver Conference when Lyra was but against Landon she couldn't bring herself to battle her most trusted friend but she later was convinced by Landon to battle with everything she had. Landon won the match against Lyra but lost in the Top 8. Landon continued to travel to other regions: Unova, Kalos, Hoenn, Kanto, and Alola.

    Name: Spike
    Species: Blaziken
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze

    Species: Glalie
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Ice Body
    Extra: Orland was originally used by a Pokemon Ranger who battled Landon. Landon lost the battle and trained with the Ranger to become stronger and after winning a rematch the Pokemon Ranger entrusted Landon with his Glalie.

    Name: Noiv
    Species: Noivern
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Infiltrator
    Extra: Noivern was a Pokemon Landon caught while in Kalos before his Snowbelle City Gym Battle. Noibat orignally was in a fight with some Zubat over a cave, Noibat was able to win the battle and the sides of the cave was evenly divided for both sides, afterwards the Noibat wanted to join Landon and evolved into Noivern not to long after but stopped obeying him and would start launching Flamethrower attacks at Landon. Noivern later grew respect for Landon when Landon helped it when it was freezing in the Winding Woods after a blizzard hit. Noivern is one of Landon's strongest Pokemon he caught in the Kalos Region.

    Name: Iwa
    Species: Tyranitar
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Stream
    Extra: Iwa was the Pokemon Landon brought with him when he went to Kanto, Iwa later evolved into Pupitar when Landon battled against Lt. Surge and then evolved again during his battle against Blaine. Iwa may look intimidating but really is a soft Pokemon at heart.

    Name: Glace
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Extra: Glace was originally an Eevee Landon found when he was in Castellia City, later it evolved into Glaceon and became a true powerhouse when it came to battling helping Landon whenever he was in a tight situation.

    Name: Zippy
    Species: Togedemaru
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Lightning Rod
    Extra: Zippy was originally an egg Landon obtained when he was in Alola, Zippy is always full of energy, rolling around and usually pinning Landon to the ground with it's spikes. Zippy doesn't usually leave Landon's side and enjoys sleeping in his bag.
    Name: Hunter
    Species: Huntail
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Swift Swim

    Name: Ace
    Species: Swellow
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Guts

    Name: Slack
    Species: Slaking
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Truant

    Name: Shell
    Species: Shedinja
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Wonder Guard

    Name: Chesp
    Species: Chesnaught
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Overgrow

    Name: Xenos
    Species: Charizard
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze

    Name: Rhy
    Species: Rhydon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Lightning Rod

    Name: Garch
    Species: Garchomp
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Veil

    Name: Void
    Species: Dusclops
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Pressure

    Name: King
    Species: Kingler
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Shell Armor

    Name: Tori
    Species: Dodrio
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Early Bird

    Name: Pin
    Species: Nidoqueen
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Poison Point

    Name: Doku
    Species: Venomoth
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Shield Dust

    Name: Tauros
    Species: Tauros
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate

    Name: Leafa
    Species: Serperior
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Overgrow

    Name: Bash
    Species: Metagross
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Light Metal

    Name: Heart
    Species: Swoobat
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Klutz

    Name: Drape
    Species: Drapion
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Battle Armor

    Name: Sun
    Species: Volcorona
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flame Body

    Name: Cindy
    Species: Typhlosion
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Blaze

    Name: Outcharge
    Species: Electivire
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Motor Drive

    Name: Flowy
    Species: Victreebel
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Chlorophyll

    Name: Nessie
    Species: Lapras
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Water Absorb

    Name: 137
    Species: Porygon-Z
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Adaptability

    Name: Joy
    Species: Blissey
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Serene Grace

    Name: Lou
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Steadfast

    Name: Chronus
    Species: Spiritomb
    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Pressure

    Name: Ironwork
    Species: Magmortar
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flame Body

    Name: Chocolate
    Species: Altaria
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Natural Cure

    Landon sat in his room on the boat that was going to the Hajime Region thinking of when he had gotten home. Landon had been told be his mom that Lyra wanted to talk to him at the beach in Sandgem Town, she told him that there was a message that had arrived a few weeks after he left for Alola. Lyra also told him that she wanted to do some research in the region and they would be parting ways for a while. The door to the room creaked open and Lyra popped her head in, "Don't tell me you're upset again," she commented as she walked in and sat with him on one of the beds, "We'll be in Kurin Town soon, after that I'll be off to Terra Town to see if I can find anything to help Professor Rowan and his research." Landon looked down, he was looking forward to finally spending some time with Lyra but he knew how much she valued her research. Intercoms across the ship started going off, "Attention all passengers we will be arriving at Kurin Town shortly please have all of your luggage when we dock," the captain said. "Well lets get ready!" Lyra said as she grabbed her bag, Landon smiled and grabbed his bag that Zippy was sleeping in. Landon and Lyra got off the boat along with a large crowd of people and walked over to a nearby gate, "Well I guess this is where we part ways again," Lyra said as she faced Landon. "Yeah, I'll see you soon," Landon replied as the two shook hands. Landon began to walk off when he was grabbed and spun around by Lyra who gave him a hug goodbye, "I'll see you real soon," Lyra said before she left for the gate. Landon began to walk through the town when he saw some familiar faces, "HEY! RY, ROBBY, AND BRIEF!!" Landon called out at the top of his lungs.
  8. "Oh, I see. I've improved a lot since Kanto, but I'm glad I was invited, thank you." Robby said to Bikuta. Robby then heard some kind of shouting from outside and walked over to the window. Robby looked at the window and squinted, "Woah, is that Landon?" Robby asked, "Man, I haven't seen that guy since Alola I wonder how he's doing." Robby said, "Fro?" Froakie asked curiously, wondering who Landon was. "Landon is an old friend of mine, Froakie." Robby said, smiling down at it.
  9. Landon burst through the doors out of breath, "I... made it..." Landon tried to say before collapsing to the ground. Zippy rolled out of his bag while still asleep and hit a table. "I ran... as fast as... I could," Landon got up, Zippy ran over to Landon and shocked him with Thunderbolt, "Ow hey you know that hurts!" Landon complained as he got up. "Well it's great to see you guys here," Landon said as he picked up Zippy, "As for you Brief I haven't seen you since Kanto." Landon turned to Robby, "I assume you haven't just been sitting around and doing nothing," Landon smiled.
  10. "Hey Landon, long time no see." Robby said as he looked at Landon, "Nope, I just got back from a training journey in Kalos. I was in the more eastern wilderness area." Robby explained, Froakie sat upon his head and curiously looked down at Landon and Zippy, "I see you have a new friend there." Robby said with a smile, motioning toward Zippy.
  11. Professor Cedar led Ry into the lab with the 3 other boys. "Hey, is that you, Robby And Landon. And Brief? And the champion Bikuta," Ry said looking around.

    Professor Cedar gave a wave. "Hello Bikuta, glad you could make it."

    "The pleasure is all mine Professor," Bikuta said giving a smile.
  12. Casys breathed in the sea air as the boat zoomed over the ocean. The boat, owned by his Uncle Burgh, was on a course for the Hajime Region, but more importantly it was on it's way to Casys' former friends. Apollo chirped when Casys thought of them, and Casys said, "Do you miss them too, Apollo?" The Heracross nodded, and took flight alongside the boat, and alongside Zephyr. The two had become mates in the past year and were inseparable. "Alright, you two," Casys called. "Come onto the deck! We're docking soon!" The two Pokemon flew onto the deck and sat side by side in deck chairs.

    Casys strolled through the doors of the lab, Zephyr in her Poke Ball and Apollo at his side. Casys had his face buried in his phone and wasn't paying attention as he absentmindedly called out, "Is this Professor Cedar's lab?"
  13. "Hey, Ry. Long time to see." Robby said as he looked over to Ry and waved, "So this is Professor Cedar, Professor Sycamore talked a lot about you." Robby said as he turned his attention to the Professor. Froakie looked at all the new people as it sat upon Robby's head.
  14. "Hey how you been Ry you looking well" Brief said to Ry he then turns to the Professor. " Thanks Cedar for the invite to take part in the league " Brief now takes a look at this region's Champion. " I thought you would look tougher well looks have nothing to do with skill I'm looking forward to taking that tittle from you better be prepared." Brief said with a smirk along with Melody letting sparks showing she agrees with her trainer.
  15. "It's no problem," Cedar said smiling.

    Bikuta shook his head, "Sorry, but you won't beat me that easily."

    Ry walked forward and saw Casys walk in. "Yeah, this is Professor Cedar's lab, c'mon the gang is all here," he said gesturing over.

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