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Hair Dye

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. I know some people will love this topic. XD I have dyed my hair before. Once I got it done professionally, having the ends bleached and dyed red. However, it washed out in less than a month, leaving me with nasty, crispy blond ends.

    Recently, I bought a pot of Manic Panic Shocking Blue hair dye. This cream stuff is good! I place some on my ends, roll it up in foil, and place it in a plastic bag to wear on my head for the rest of the day. (I don't go out in public that day! :D) When I washed it out after the absorption, my hair was much less crispy, leaving a gorgeous dark blue color on the ends. After the first wash, it lightens to a nice dark electric blue. Even after two months, it stayed in, fading to a nice green color. Recently, I reapplied it, and the two shades (faded green and fresh blue) have merged, making it look very dimensional.

    What do you guys do?
  2. Every few months/weeks, I go and get my hair dyed to my usual dark reddish color. It's natural color is a medium brown, so the red usually looks pretty nice.

    Once, after I graduated from my very oppressive high school, I dyed pieces of my hair purple. It was more an act of rebellion than anything else. XD
  3. I've dyed my hair a few times. My hair is naturally dark brown and my sister's is too- and she would put a little bit of red to give it a warm chestnut color that I loved. So I had her dye my hair like that a few times. But, as you all may or may not know, I buzzed all my hair off literally, and now have a mane of natural 'do.

    If you guys are looking for some good dyes, Manic Panic and Special Effects both are very good- but I believe they specialize in crazy colors, not "normal" ones. ;)
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  4. Gosh! I dyed (bleached really) my hair once and I came out looking like a complete tryhard. My mates wouldn't stop hounding me about how I looked like I belonged in a boy band. Also, as soon as I get out of school, my hair is going to be the best silver/grey you've ever seen.
  5. I havnt dyed my hair yet but I really want to,
    Like im constantly in a mood of how boring my hair is and how I want it changed but I havnt got round to it yet,
    However, I have seen the many accidents of whats happened to people who've had their hair done,
    One person I know had natural ginger hair and bleached it to dye it black, but after some time though the bleach blonde and ginger roots come back and her hair looks simply awful, its like .. i dont know, half ginger on the top a bit of bleach blonde and long bits of black hair, you can imagine the mess of that right.
    Another person I know has had many hair dying situations where her natural faint browny/grey hair has been brown, an oh dear god purple (which was quite funny when matching her plummy face xD and also shes tried to go blonde however, it went half blonde and half ginger (which people took the mick out of for ages with) but now her hairs gone like dead and its gross to be fair
    And finally another person I know who had naturally blonde hair went brown and it doesnt suit her one bit, she looked well preetier blonde,

    So lots of things have put me off dying my hair including
    Bad roots (constant going over)
    Hair going the wrong colour
    Hair going dead
    Hair colour not suiting me,

    As A brunette wanting to go either a different shade or blonde I want to go and do it professionally at a hair dressers however, it is expensive where I go and get my hair done so It also takes up a lot of saving up aswell...
    But im undecided at the moment so once I know what i want to do with my hair theres nothing else to do then get it done I suppose...
  6. I think with that issue, a lot of subtle low/highlights might work. It would grow out well with the roots, as well as not looking too unnatural if you pick the right shade.
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    You know, I really wish people realized that what looks good on anime characters looks ridiculous on real life humans. Silverish-grey hair on teenagers is one of them. If you want to look like a fossil so much, wouldn't it be a better idea to wait a couple of years and have your hair naturally mutate to that color? >>

    Also, 'hair going dead'? Hair IS dead cells, you realize.

    And back on topic... I'm not a huge fan of hair dye personally. It kinda bugs me that so many people think that the way they were spawned is an unfortunate mistake of nature and apply ungodly amounts of indubitably toxic chemicals to their person for the illusion it makes them prettier or to yell out into the world how non-conformist they are (just like everybody else), and then obsess over it for every passing moment. You know, the "OH MY GOD MY HAIR IS JUST A TINY BIT DARKER THAN THE NEON YELLOW I DYED IT IT'S FADING GOTTA TAKE BATH IN A VAT OF PEROXIDE" idiots.

    You know, the sort that uses more oxygen on their hair than they do on their gog-damned brain.

    But, you know, whatever makes them feel good about themselves (as they'll all be gone when the revolution comes anyway), and I've seen a few cases of hair-dying done right. Not all hair-dyers are like that... but yeah, a huge chunk of them sadly are.

    Only way I'll ever get near my hair with this sort of thing is if it's one of those dyes that wash off and even then it'd probably just be the tips of my epic deathtendrils. xD
  8. The only reason someone uses the word "dead" when talking to about hair is because that's the only way to describe it. Maybe "unnatural" would work, but "dead" might be more of the sense that the person looks like they have a dead person's hair.

    Which is what happens when people get poor dye jobs.

    Like when people get their hair bleached for the sake of being blonde. Especially when their skin tone don't really match with being blonde. Brunettes are pretty too; I've got people saying they love my hair color. Or "I'm dying my hair black to say that I don't really care about anything!" along with everyone else who says that.

    Although today in my AP English class there was a girl who had rainbow hair. Like, there were patches of different colors of the rainbow all over. It was really cool. So as long as it's for more fun rather than being popular or what not, go for it.
  9. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I decided to do it because I thought it would be fun, and easily removable before I start a job.

    Deathtendrils, eh? Gosh, that really brings up plant imagery, lol.
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, you know me, I'm a biomecha-plant-obsessive person. Not to mention that my hair has this odd wavyness to it, and so if I don't watch them, individual strands tend to interlock and form these weird curled tendrils that make no sense. XD It's especially bad when I wake up and my hair is essentially all over the place.

    Just to get something clear, I'm not 'offended' by the very idea of people dying their hair, nor do I think all people who dye their hair do it for superficial reasons or obsess over it. I'm sorry if I sound a bit harsh - I had no intention of hurting anyone's feelings. ^^; It's just a weird thing about me and the weird obsession of human society with looks... especially where in most cases they look a lot better when they don't artificially mutate themselves - at least to me. ^^;
  11. I'll be dying my hair tomorrow actually, and I'm all right with my natural dark brown. The main reason I'm dying it is because it's a colour that isn't available in the US, at least I haven't seen it anywhere (so if it is available, I just fail at finding it) and I figured, "Eh, what the hell? I may as well do it while I'm here."

    It's going to be black, but in the light you can see that it's actually violet. So essentially, it's black until it reflects light, and it should only last for a couple of months, maybe, before fading back to something near what my normal colour is. I'm all right with dying hair, but that's just because I like to see unnatural colours on people, everyone has "normal" hair colours, I like seeing things like electric blue and the like on people. ^^;
  12. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I dye my hair regularly. As soon as I can find a neon green dye, I'm putting that in my fringe, which is already bleached.

    I've been every colour under the sun though.
  13. I haven't dyed my hair and I don't think I ever will. My natural hair color looks black but it's actually dark brown which you can clearly see in sunlight. If I did dye my hair I'd most likely end up dying it jet black.
  14. The only times I've dyed my hair is once when I was littler and wanted pink streaks. They only lasted a couple weeks, and they weren't too OMGBLINDINGPINK; they were more reddy-pink. Plus, I was like 8 - I couldn't help it D:

    And then last year I was dressing up as Mr Ledger's Joker, and my hair is like exactly the same colour as his natural colour; so a little bit of faint-ish green dye made it look really nice and really similar to the Joker's hair :'D (plus, I used moose to make it look all straggley and stuff c:)

    As for people who dye their hair like all the time; I'm fine if that's what they want. Okay, sometimes I can't help but laugh at some people's hair granted they've gone crazy with the style and colour (like this guy in Tesco's the other week; hot pink/neon green hair with long bangs and spikey bits at the front are just things that you can't not snigger at).
  15. Dyed my hair red, left it alone, and nao I haz blood red hair. 'tis great!
  16. No, I've never dyed my hair before. I don't really plan on it, either. I like my natural hair color (a golden blonde with one natural highlight on my left side, looks kinda strange but its always been there), and don't really want it to change. If we were talking about how to fix the frizzies, well~. Then I'd gladly change things. But, as for hair dye, its a no-go.

    I see nothing wrong with other people dying their hair, though. It is their choice after all. And sometimes, its hard not to giggle at the end results with some people. (Such as this one person where my brother works, who came in to get some food and had neon blue hair in a mohawk. Apparently he thought he was cool. ^_^")
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I really want to get black hilights, nothing too outragus, just something that pops.
  18. Neon green? Sweet, El! I hope it doesn't fade badly. In addition, what precisely makes some colors brighter than others? Is it just the pigment, or is it some brightening chemical?
  19. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    If my hair was to live vicariously through anyone, it'd be you. :)

    As it stands, I've never once dyed my hair. Apparently this is an oddity at my age and my last hairdresser was honestly shocked. Then she tried to get me to dye my hair blue. Repeatedly. XP (It was all in good fun, really. I love her. XD)

    I'm not sure if I'll let my hair go grey/white or start dying it at that point. Something tells me I'd probably just let it go. I find the idea of changing my natural hair color unnecessary, and if such a belief has been rooted with me this long it probably won't ever change.
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  20. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    When I was in my first year at university, I put some red streaks in my hair. But I didn't bleach it first because I didn't want to mess up my hair (I'm a chemist. I know exactly what's in that stuff), so it barely showed. I actually like my natural colour, which is the very darkest shade of red/brown. Most people think it's black, but it really isn't if you see it in the light (or compare it to my body hair, which is black).

    I would like purple streaks, but haven't done so because my hair has been falling out more than it should be for a while now, and if I dye my hair, then doctors etc. will say that's why my hair's falling out. (Rather than, y'know, any sort of endocrine issue).
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  21. Oh dear, let's see...

    As you'd expect from a 14-year-old, I've never dyed my hair. My natural hair colour shifts enough as it is; from dark brown in the winter to light brown/dark blonde in the summer, probably because of the sunlight. I'd love to dye it once- but the pupils at the school I'm at, like every high school, wouldn't be very forgiving of such an attack on the tradition of being normal- Aka, they'd abuse me and I've had enough of that shit in my life.

    Once I graduate though, maybe even before that (Once I have the courage), I'd like to dye it perhaps a deeper shade of brown, maybe even to the point of semi-black, or a lighter blonde then I already have in the summer- I'll see.
  22. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    I'v only ever had my tips bleached blonde but I really would want my hair dye red permanently, and I'm going to see what its like on Halloween cause I'm dying my hair with red cotcheniel. :)
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  23. We just had a charity day at school where people dressed up in a fairytale theme. One girl, who is awesome, went as a pink fairy. And she dyed her hair vivid, shocking pink. It looks so epic and gorgeous at the same time, she really pulls it off well xD
  24. I tried dying my hair a few times. Once, I tried to die it yellow, and tried using hair gel, that way I could be called SS Denver. Oddly enough, nobody messed with me that week ^^

    Another, and probably the last time, wasback in 2006 when I just wanted a blonde streak. My mom messed up, and I ended up with blonde hair all over. I swear, my dad didn't look at me that week. My friends were unaffected, girls actually found it attractive, and some other idiots (most likely their boyfriends) said, and I quote, "It makes you look like a girl, which is probably why you wanted it, you wussy." Well, they said something else, but I censored the letter with w, and they were 6th graders. After that, I never touched another bottle of hair dye.

    As for my sister.... Well... She's had Brown (Her natural color), blonde, yellow (Like Banana yellow), red (cherry red), burnt red, black, dark brown, black and brown, etc.

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