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Ask to Join Haikyuu: The Wingless Crows

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by JayTaku, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke got out of his bed, he checked his clock, it was 6:50 AM. He then yawned and made his way downstairs to grab his uniform and his training kit. "Alright I guess I'll start getting ready then." Yusuke said to himself before going back to his room.

    After around 2 minutes he was ready to go to school, so he went back downstairs grabbed a can of soda and started to walk outside. "Yeah I guess I'll see you later mom." Yusuke shouted before leaving.

    He had to walk down the hill to get to school, but it wouldn't take him that long. It took him around 5 minutes, but eventually he was at the front of the school, "So the first day back at school, I wonder if we'll get any new members on the volleyball team". "I guess I'll just wait here until some of my friends show up." He then sat down next to a tree while drinking his soda.
  2. "Yo, Takahashi! You ready for another year?" Kenshi Saito walked up to the fellow 2nd year with a smile, cracking open the can of orange juice he had bought from the vending machine on the way. Taking a sip, he set down his backpack and stretching his arms and legs. "The others aren't here yet, huh?" He asked as he looked around, continuing to stretch.

    As if waiting for a dramatic entrance, Ryohei Takashi emerged from the path that led to the school, his backpack slung over his back. "I'm here," He said in a clear and curt voice before setting his backpack down next to the others and looked at the two. "Do any of you have the keys to the court? I'd like to get started as soon as possible, with or without the others." The 3rd year ace of Karasuno had always been quiet and calm, but he never lacked in passion for volleyball.
  3. "Can't you guys think of anything other than volleyball..?"

    Strolling up to the duo of boys, with a mocking -but playfully so- taunt, a girl made her presence known. The girl was dressed in the standard school uniform, but at her hips, the arms of a sweater were tied into a cute little knot. Despite her previous comment, the new entrance was in fact, the manager for the Karasuno volley-ball club, and fortunately for the ball-headed duo, the answer to all their questions. Swirling around her finger with a series of jingles were the keys to the volleyball court. Her eyes quickly flew to the cans of juice in each of their hands, and her lips immediately fell into a pout. Setting her arms akimbo, the girl -Quilla- questioned, "You couldn't have forgotten to get a juice for your beloved manager, right~?"
  4. “I got you covered, miss.” Yoko strolled from around the corner, handing a drink to Quilla, and identical drink in his other hand. “Let’s get this season started right,” he said with a smile, “and work together as a team!” He raised his drink in the air, perhaps celebrating a bit too soon.
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  5. Kenshi turned to see Quilla, the manager, walk up to them with a pout on her face. Putting a look of mock astonishment on his face with a playful shine in his eyes, he admonished, "Hey, come on, now. You really think I'd forget?" He reached into his bag and offered a can of peach soda to her, smiling warmly. "Hmm, anything other than volleyball.... only thing that's a close second is what I'm going to eat. If it's meat, then maybe I'll be anticipating that more than our next match or practice." Kenshi let out a laugh as he added the last bit. Suddenly, Yoko had sauntered up and handed a drink to the manager, prompting the 2nd year's mouth to drop agape before shrugging and returning the soda to it's place in his bag. Maybe for later.

    "No, not really," Ryohei answered promptly, his demeanor unchanging. He leaned against wall of the school as he waited for someone to either respond to his previous question or open the doors to the gym. As he waited, he caught notice of the sound of jingling keys emanating from Quilla's hand. Ah.
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  6. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke smiled as he was very excited about starting the new year, "But I wonder if we'll have any first years join the club this year, it would be nice to have new additions, he said with a slight smile. He then finished his soda and he through the can in the trash. "But anyways what did you guys get up to over the break, I went to Tokyo for like a week, but the rest was just practice." He told them as he then sighed.
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  7. Minako Kaoru slumped out of bed at 6:37 in the morning. Stretching out her arms, she abruptly slapped each side of her face in order to fully wake up. Was it a terrible routine? Maybe. The continuation of said routine consisted of Minako showering, getting dressed, and promptly being distracted by her phone.

    Fashionably late to the group, Minako approached the huddle with mock-seriousness. Saluting with two fingers, she stood with her comrades. “Aaaaand good morning,” the pretty teen spoke, pushing her hair behind her shoulders.
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  8. “Good morning, Minako” Yoko smiled as he turned to see another member had joined their group. “How are you this morning? You look nice for someone in such a rush.” He giggled a bit, closing his eyes as he grinned.
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  9. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke looked towards Minako, "Oh yeah, morning Minako." He then turned to Yoko, "Yeah that's true, normally us guys always look terrible and scruffy when we're in a rush." He stated chuckling after he said it. "But anyway school will start in a while, but we get to meet new members today, if there are any." He said as he then stood up and looked down at Minako, he laughed a little. "So I see you're still short." Yusuke mentioned as he grinned at her.
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  10. "Hey now, Takahashi; no need to be so rude," Kenshi chided to Yusuke. Ryohei turned to glance at Minako, who had just walked up to the group and nodded toward her. "Good morning. Sleep well?" Without waiting for an answer, he continued to look back at the gym keys in Quilla's hand with a burning intent. Kenshi, on the other hand had made an attempt to converse with Quilla. "So, how've you been over the summer?"
  11. “Me? In a rush? Never,” Minako said in a somewhat boastful tone. Irony struck the sentence as she was typically the last one to show up for anything. As Yusuke straightened his stature, Minako crossed her arms at his teasing comment. In return, the short girl said, “And you’re unnaturally tall.” She scanned all of her friends before sighing. “You all are!” Then, gazing at Quilla, she shook her head. “You’re the only one I can relate with.”

    The energetic girl hung her head before looking up with her hands on her hips. Meeting a quick glance with Ryohei, Minako smiled. “I slept well, thanks,” she replied, ears flushing. However, when she re-met his gaze, she found herself nearly deadpanning at his quick determination of getting into the gym.

    “I actually grew an inch over the summer. I’ll take what I can get,” Minako chirped on an unrelated note, then shrugged and tucked her hair behind her ear.
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  12. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke grinned as he patted Minako on the head, "Nice an inch, well as you said you can take what you get." Yusuke then looked towards Kenshi, "And Kenshi didn't I tell you last year that I'd rather you call me by my first name, I prefer that over being called by my last." He told Kenshi before looking towards Quilla and noticing the gym keys, "So Quilla has the keys. wonder if we can skip lesson to go and train."
  13. “We’ve all made progress over the summer, in one way or another.” Yoko scanned the group, noticing all the subtle differences about everyone. “Not to mention, some of our ugly mugs are finally starting to look good this year! Hell, even Yusuke looks alright for once.” He snickered, pointing at his friend and laughing.
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  14. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke gritted his teeth and walked over to Yoko. He placed his hand on his shoulder. "Yeah thanks Yoko, I'm gonna try take that as a compliment." He said with an irritated look before walking away. "It feels like this year's gonna be a lot of fun, and it feels good to see these guys again." He thought before letting out a quick grin.
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  15. After her own arrival things seemed to have really kicked into gear -how could they not?- with the arrival of Yoko and Minako. The former, as a true member of the volleyball team, was thoughtful towards his manager and slipped her a can of juice, while the latter, being one of the last to arrive, found herself rather short of time and apparently a few inches. She chuckled merrily in response to the girl's attempt at finding empathy, merely sticking her tongue out with a benign smile. "I don't need the inches since I'm standing on the sidelines~"

    What followed was a slew of humorously sarcastic banter, as the club members teased each other and caught up on the summer's happenings. Only one such pitch found its way to her side, and its pitcher was Kenshi. A smug grin crept onto Quilla's lips, and the lifted her head confidently and stuck out her chest with prideful gusto. She reached into her pocket, pulled out her purse and whipped out a shiny little card with her name printed in crisp bold letters. She waved it overhead with one arm, while her other stuck outward in a victory 'V~!!'

    "Tadaaaa~n!! I've got my learner's permit!"

    Unlike her legally tender kouhais, she was now capable of sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle. She scanned the other students, eyes peeled to capture the looks of awe and worship she would -no doubt- receive. Instead, the found them lecherously skeeving at the set of keys still settled onto her finger. Said keys promptly disappeared into the pocket of her sweater to prevent further temptation -it was the manager's job to prevent these tender children from being enticed by the lure of volleyball, or any other variety of miscellaneous misdemeanors that could influence their educational well-being or otherwise.
  16. Kenshi was not one of the students with his eyes fixated on the keys. Instead, his eyes shined with excitement as he stared at Quilla's learner's permit, not bothered by the manager's pompous display in the slightest. "Whoa! That's awesome!" He laughed with glee as he offered a high-five to Quilla in celebration. Ryohei watched as the manager pocketed the keys and internally shrugged before flashing her a thumbs up. "Nice job. I didn't really do much other than practice during the break; my spikes still need some work." At least, that's what he thought. Having earned the title of ace as a 2nd year, his spikes had helped Karasuno blow past other teams in practice, exhibition, and tournament matches; nothing ever seemed to fully satisfy Ryohei throughout his life as a volleyball player.
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  17. Yoko’s eyes lit up a bit when he saw what the manager had pulled out as she revealed it to the group. “Woah, nice job, Qui-Qui.” He smiled for the manager, seemingly completely ignoring what Yusuke had said to him earlier. “So, are we gonna go in the gym or wait for everyone to gather outside the doors first?” He leaned back against a nearby wall, taking a sip of his soda.
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  18. “Woe is I,” Minako crowed as she failed to find a similar reaction from Quilla. However, as the older girl displayed the glossy card to the group, her eyes lit up. Tenderly, she thought to herself, The day I get my learner’s permit is the day I grow seven inches. With a sever lack of confidence in such a field of transportation, Minako practically accepted her defeat.

    Minako shifted her gaze to Yoko, tsking shortly after he proclaimed desperation for entering the gym. “Hold your horses,” the teen scolded. “I think we should catch up a bit more!” At the end of the sentence, Minako glanced at Ryohei quickly before staring at a bruise on her knee. I might actually crumble apart during practice, she pondered. Having spent many days of vacation in a gym, Minako was littered with different floorburns and bruises from practically rolling around on the gym floor. She internally deadpanned. Oh, god. Everyone’s gonna be so awesome and I’m definitely gonna tip over the second I step on the gym floor.

    She held one arm with her hand as she mindlessly wondered with different levels of worry.
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  19. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke ran over to the others, "Yes! We can go to the gym!" Yusuke exclaimed as carried on running. He turned his attention to Yoko, "Hey Yoko you're our setter right? And I'm a spiker, so this year we're going to have to work together." He said smiling at Yoko.
  20. Yoko smiled as Yusuke ran up to him, averting his attention that was previously on Minako. “Of course, I can’t wait. However, let’s be sure to let the rest of the team get their time to shine too, alright?” Yoko tried to hide his excitement by using his usually calm demoeanor, but it was difficult as he was heavily looking forward to playing with his new team and learning what type of people they all are.
  21. Arriving in front of Karasuno high school's main building, stood a fairly tall young man wearing the school's uniform looking at the building. First year student Seizo Takeo was about to begin his high school life in this well know institute. Noticing some of the students and other people around him staring at him. "Well, being 1.95 meter probably would cause some people to turn heads." He thought as he shrugged it off before walking in to the building.
  22. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke grinned, as he then turned towards Minako. He noticed her bruises, "Sometimes I forget how hard our libero works." He thought as he then smiled at her, "Come on guys lets get practicing as soon as we can, and hopefully we'll meet some new members to the team." He said while he was still running.
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  23. Ryohei silently followed Yusuke as he ran, no less excited to practice, but deciding against showing it, like always. It had been a while since he had gotten a feel for his home court, and he was eager to regain his touch... not like he had lost it in the first place. Kenshi gestured to Quilla for her to follow him before slinging his backpack over his shoulder as he ran with the others to the gym. "Come on, Quilla! We don't wanna lose to them!"
  24. Yoko followed suit after the two before abruptly stopping and looking back. “Minako, let’s go. Can’t let them beat us to the warm up, right?” He gestured his hand out to his friend, waiting for everyone else to follow after the more headstrong members of the group.
  25. Minako dramatically rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless. She was just as eager as her friends and teammates to get things rolling. "Hm.. I suppose so," the teen articulated. She adjusted the dark, canvas backpack that had been hanging off her shoulder, comfortably slinging it to her elbow. She strolled behind her hyper team-members, a composed expression decorating her face. Truthfully, her heart was quickly pounding in anticipation for the moment she'd step in the gym. Minako skipped a few times as she thought about upcoming tournaments and games in the season to come.
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  26. A mock expression of distress on her face, Quilla glared disapprovingly at the retreating backs of her club members and they all rushed towards the gym. Shaking her head lightly she responded to Yoko, "No rush, it's not like they can get in without me." She rolled her eyes as she spoke. Sometimes she really wondered if all their heads were actually volleyballs- filled with nothing but air. A tense sigh slipped from her mouth, and Quilla retried the can of juice she'd been given, popping it open and taking a relaxing sip. At a casual, unhurried pace, she strolled towards the gym. She couldn't let this rabble of muscle heads get ahead of her though, they needed to be kept on a leash or they'd even skip classes to practice...' Ah, the woes of a manager.'
  27. Not far behind her peers, Minako grabbed the strap of her bag tightly with her hand as the gym cane in sight. However, she veered a different direction towards the locker room. Having no intentions to practice daintily in a skirt and vest, she pushed open the door and set her bag down. “I’ll wash up afterwards, I suppose,” she murmured to herself, glancing at one of the several shower heads on the wall. Opening her bag, she handily tossed a Karasuno white tee and spandex onto the floor, her knee-pads and elbow-pad as well, and then cradled her shoes before setting them lightly on the ground.

    Minako stripped down from the uniform, then ruffled the shirt before putting it on. Then, she stepped into the spandex and easily pulled them up, tucking the shirt into the front. She removed her school socks and replaced them with a different black pair she had wisely packed. Minako bent over and gathered her hair, tying it into a ponytail with an elastic that had been around her wrist. Swiftly she pulled her knee-pads over her feet and let them hang around her ankles, doing the same with her elbow-pad and her wrist. Finally, she picked up her shoes, not wanting to wear them outside. Hesitantly, she walked up to a mirror above a sink. Self-doubt crept over her before she flicked herself in the forehead.

    The teen stepped outside in her socks, leaving her pile of clothes neatly in the locker room. She trekked back over to the gym’s entrance, where she waited and stared inside the doors. At that moment, she realized she had forgotten a water bottle, and immediately thought, Typical.. I’ll just buy a water later.
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  28. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke also saw the gym, and his eyes widened. "Today's practice is gonna feel great, I've been practicing on my own for a while, but now I get to practice with my teammates again." He said with a grin as he clenched his fists. He then looked over to Quilla. "Oh and Quilla I probably should've said something earlier, but it's nice to see you again, how've you been doing?"
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  29. "It's too late to be buttering up to me now." Jokingly, Quilla responded to Yusuke's question, smiling and sticking out her tongue at him afterward. "I've been well though, thanks for asking. I can already guess what you've been doing though..." As the only normal person present, Quilla somewhat prided herself in her ability to resist the nonsense of her club members and their volleyball fanaticism, however, as with all fanatics and addicts, keeping their from their fix was a dangerous job, and Quilla had no intention to put herself between the muscleheads and their volleyballs.

    Reaching into her pocket, she withdrew the bunched keys for the gym, and gave them a toss, sending them Yusuke's way.
  30. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Yusuke saw the keys coming towards him, he grabbed them. "Thanks Quilla! You're the best!" He exclaimed before sticking his thumb up to her and grinning. "Hey guys, I got the keys, we can go and practice now." He told them before looking towards the gym, "But first we should probably go and get changed." He told everyone before running to the changing room and making his way inside..
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