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DPPt/HGSS Hacked Houndour? D:

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Snapdragon, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Okay, if this is in the wrong forum, then sorry about that. xD; I tried. No really.

    So, being the GTS whiz that I am, I recently traded off one of my eleventy-blue Natus for a Houndour. Nothing special there. But when I go examine the Houndour's summary screen, something's a little off.

    Behold, my incredibly detailed and lifelike depction of the status screen:
    Try not to be too jealous of my talents.

    First weird thing is the '_' face in the corner. Just chilling out in the lower right corner, looking vaguely nonplussed. Second, the trainer name is written in red. Most trainer names are blue, katakana or no. Seems kinda sketchy to me.

    So basically... before I go training this little lady up, can anyone tell me what the deal is? Do I have myself a hacked/generated/otherwise cheatful critter sitting in my PC?
  2. The little face means it's previously had, then been cured of, the Pokerus, the virus that doubles all EV's gained. If the name is in red it means the owner was female I believe. Male trainers are in blue. If you have names on the pal pad you can see this more clearly.
  3. Yaaaay I'm a puppy XD

    Your Houndour is fine. The signs you're seeing aren't hacked at all. Although it kinda stinks that he doesn't have the Pokerus anymore.
  4. a pokemon never loses pokerus--it's kinda like chicken pox. only contagious while apparent. the smiley face just means it's not contagious anymore.
  5. i'm fairly certain the Pokerus does go away.
  6. the infected pokemon NEVER loses the effects. EVER. i've looked it up.
  7. It'd be nice if it still had the double EV action, that's for sure. xD I have no patience for EV training.

    Thanks for the clarification, everyone. Mystery: solved!

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