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Gyms ~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Tunolipede, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Well, hullo ~

    Here, we shalt discuss which types of gyms we need, or want types of gyms we want. :>

    I think there'll probably be a dark and psychic gym, or Elite Four peoples. Continuing the theme of Black+White/Demon+Angel/Dark+Light - the closest thing to light is psychic. I mean, having gyms that suited the names would be totally cliche, but whatevs. :V

    There should be more ghost-users. Or maybe steel-types ... I don't know, just a bit of irregularity that splits away from the usual Water-, Grass-, Fire- and Bug-typed gyms we see so much nowadays. U:

    Oh wait, there aren't that many of them, are there ... ? >_> <_<

    If any new Eeveelutions come out, there might be Gyms of their type. 8D That'd be cool. I ... think.

  2. I kind of would like to see a dark type gym for once. Take away the rock gym and put in a dark or bug gym since we have had no dark leaders except in the Johto Elite Four and we only had Bugsy as a gym leader in Johto.
  3. Normal - Two gyms
    Fire - Two gyms, one elite
    Fighting - Three gyms, two elites
    Water - Three gyms, one elite
    Flying - Two gyms
    Grass - Two gyms
    Poison - One gym, one elite
    Electric - Three gyms
    Ground - One gym, one elite
    Psychic - Two gyms, two elites
    Rock - Three gyms
    Ice - Two gyms, two elites
    Bug - One gym, one elite
    Dragon - One gym, three elites
    Ghost - Two gyms, two elites
    Dark - Two elites
    Steel - Two gyms, one elite

    Just based on what's already been done-- it would be nice to have a Dark gym for once. Bug, Dragon, Ground and Poison would be nice to have gyms for again. Normal and Electric should get a turn as elite four members, although Rock/Grass/Flying might have too many weaknesses to make challenging elite battles. Flying would be fun though.
  4. OKAI here's my ideal gym/E4 list-type-thing:

    Gym 1: Ice
    Gym 2: Ground
    Gym 3: Grass
    Gym 4: Dragon
    Gym 5: Fire
    Gym 6: Dark
    Gym 7: Grass
    Gym 8: Normal
    E4 1: Water
    E4 2: Flying
    E4 3: Poison
    E4 4: Steel

    If they were to make any new types (which would be kinda cool,) a gym for them would also be nice.
  5. You forgot about Sidney in Hoenn's elite four. But agreed, Dark and Bug Gym.

    My line up:

    1. Normal
    2. Ground
    3. Bug
    4. Poison
    5. Ghost
    6. Dark
    7. Dragon
    8. Mix team.

    Elite 4.
    1. Rock
    2. Steel
    3. Grass
    4. Flying
    Champ: Mix.
  6. While we need to have a dark gym, maybe instead of gym types, gym themes. I mean if a Gym's theme was Circus or something, the leader could use things like Mime.jr and Smoochum.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    But most, if not all, of the pokemon that would fit in a circus would be psycic pokemon, well I guess there are a few exceptions like Ursaring and Ludicolo, the rest would all be psycic types. Pokemon of the same type usually fill the same theme.
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  8. Im not sure but this is what I would want.

    E4C.Mix "At least 2 Ghost type pokemon"
  9. I personally think the Dragon Gym Should be brought back, along with that to see a flying and grass elite four member would prove to be be a interesting change in elite four line up. Hoping for the list below to fall into play


    1 - Flying
    2 - Electric
    3 - Rock/Ground/Steel
    4 - Grass
    Champ - Mix, having atleast a cynthia like theme.
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I was considering this, too, and it would definitely create a nice change of pace compared to our usual elemental gym set-up. We can only use each typing so many times before all of 'em start feeling bland. Throwing an extra spin on all of the gyms (ie. like Tate and Liza being double battlers) could spice things up.

    As of now, the only definite thing I can say is that I don't want another Rock-type gym to be our first. Having new Fire-type, Bug-type, and Normal-type gyms would be nice, too, as would having Dark-type and Dragon-type gyms (take 'em out of the Elite 4 for a change). Unless my memory sucks, we haven't had a Poison-type gym in awhile either.

    Hmm... I'm not too bugged by it either way, I just hope the line-up is as fresh as they can make it.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    just to mix it up, I think we should have an Elite 4 who specializes in Normal-type pokemon!
  12. 1 Flying
    2 Ice
    3 Psychic
    4 Electric
    5 Bug
    6 Dark
    7 Ghost
    8 Fire

    1 Ground
    2 Rock
    3 Steel
    4 Fire
    Champion Mix 2 Normal 1 Fire 1 Water 1 Grass 1 Dragon
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Not to bash your ideas, but I can't see 'em having a Fire-type Gym leader and a Fire-type Elite 4 member. Or at least, I certainly hope they'd never do anything like that within a single region. *cries at Gen 2 borking her memories*

    ... unless they actually had differing Gym leaders from version to version. :O

    Nah, doubt that will ever happen. XP
  14. In Johto, Claire (the 8th gym leader) was Dragon, as was Lance, the champion.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Haha. Totally forgot about that one. My bad. XD

    But then, I've always disliked many things about Gen 2. Redundant typing is redundant. :p

    At least Lance has reason to be an all Dragon-type user. Not so bad if it's the champion because they typically follow different rules than the others. So, yeah. Still wouldn't ever want to see it happen between the Gym Leaders and Elite 4.
  16. And Chuck and Bruno were both Fighting lol.
  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... I stand corrected again. XD


    God dammit Gen 2. Why must you be so annoying? *cries*
  18. Wow, I never consciously thought about that. Redundant league is redundant.
  19. Here are my ideas people!
    Gym 1- Fighting. Something easy to beat.
    Gym 2- Ground. Still sorta easy.
    Gym 3- Dark. Just to mix it up and make it a challenge.
    Gym 4- Electric. To make the water type users have trouble.
    Gym 5- Fire. I like fire types. C:
    Gym 6- Dragon. To make it hard.
    Gym 7- Flying. I feel like it!
    Gym 8- Steel. Thats what the region looks like to me.

    E4 lineups.

    E4 #1- Ghost. For difficulty.
    E4 #2- Grass. Makes it interesting.
    E4 #3- Water. I like water!
    E4 #4- Rock. For hair-pulling resistance.
    Champ- Steelix, New water pokemon, New fire pokemon, Frosslass, New ground type, Zoroark.
    Wow, my longest post ever! Please comment!
  20. Poor Katie xD

    Anyway, for Gyms.....I really do like the idea of "themes" instead of types. It might be kinda hard to pull off, and based on Nintendo's recent "Everybody can play" mentality, I don't think it'll happen. We'll probably types again.

    But themes really would be great. I think it'd also be cool if the Ferris Wheel was a gym. Doubt that'll happen though xD
  21. Heeeey... I thought of the dark/psychic thing too! I seriously think that another ghost gym would be cool and another bug gym would be nice... But that sounds too much like Gen. II. Or maybe another double battle gym, like in Hoenn. But her's my idea:
    Gym 1 Ground Gym 2 Flying Gym 3 Ice Gym 4 Ghost Gym 5 Steel Gym 6 Bug Gym 7 Dragon Gym 8 Dark/Psychic
    Elite 1: Electric Elite 2 Normal Elite 3 Grass Elite 4 (Pun?) Rock. Champion: Mix. Having a category is boring. You like?
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  22. I think they should have more normal-type gyms and Elite 4. So far, there have only been 2: Whitney (Johto), and Norman (Hoenn).
  23. Actually, that ain't half bad.
    Gym 1. Monkeys
    2. Circus
    3. Cave
    4. Dogs
    5. Farm

    and so on.
  24. Just to add something to the mix, guys.

    In the latest collection of gameplay videos shown on Pokemon Sunday, one of them showed the player character trying to get through some weird honeycomb thing. And Gym music is playing.

    It certainly looks like it could be a gym, especially as you can see the league symbol on statues behind the character. This isn't confirmed, but the lack of bug type leaders the last two gens makes me think it could be bug type.

    Also, there are butterflies on top of the pillars. CONFIRMED :p
    #24 Toastie, Jun 22, 2010
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