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Ask to Join Gym Leader RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by tylerrrrrr, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Sign ups are here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/gym-leader-rp-sign-up-and-discussion.15664/
    You are a young gym leader who has recently graduated from Gym Leading University, You are trying to become the strongest ever Gym Leader and one day join the Elite Four and maybe even become Champion of your region.

    Tyler arrived at the Pokemon Center after a fierce battle with Team Rocket "Welcome to our Pokemon Centre!"
    Tyler laughed "Just the usuall Doc!"
    Nurse Joy smiled and healed his Pokemon
    "Thanks Doc!"
    "You're welcome! Just don't forget that meetup tonight!"
    "M-Meet up?" Tyler replied confusedly

    "The Gym Leader meet silly! I'll be there to heal up any Pokemon and would it hurt you to call me by my real name?" She said laughing
    "Oh of course! Sorry Sarah, I guess I try to keep it a secret that you're my cousuin!"
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  2. Becoming a new Gym Leader is hard work! Especially when you’ve come all the way from Hoenn to attend a meeting with the other new Gym Leaders. Katie had been early, way too early! And having time to space in a strange and unfamiliar Region meant there was nowhere to go. Unless you wanted to get lost of course!
    The young girl had been sitting in the Pokémon Center for a few hours now, moving around restlessly. She had been trying to find a comfortable way to sit, but as time passed it had become harder to stay put. Katie wanted to do something! Anything!

    A spark of interest appeared in her eyes when the mechanical doors of the Pokémon Center opened to reveal a new person! Sitting on the edge of her seat, Katie was nearly falling down to the ground trying to hear what was going on between the unknown person and the nurse lady. Despite Katie’s greatest efforts to ‘spy’ on their conversation she couldn’t make out all of it. What she did hear were the words ‘Gym’ and ‘Leader’! He had to be one of them!

    Jumping up from her seat she made her way over to the mysterious person, nearly tripping on the way to him due to her own haste to get to him. “Hi~ I’m Katie!” she started, the excitement visible on her face. “I spied on your talk. Sorry about that~!”

    Katie wasn’t all that sorry, but she knew it wasn’t nice to listen in on people. Truly, the apology was more of a ‘must’ instead of having actual meaning. If anything she was proud of her 'successful spying’. “Are you going to the meeting too~?”
  3. "Yep! My name's Tyler! so Katie i'm guessing you're a gym leader?" after a moment of silence Tyler realised how stupid the question was "Of course you are if you're going to the meeting!" He said laughing

    "Well the meeting dosen't start for a while so there's plenty of time to explore the city!" he said as he pointed outside to a large building which just happened to be the gym he would soon take over "That's the Viridian gym! Hey I just had an idea, why don't we battle?" He asked

    "Ninja!" Greninja exclaimed as he jumped out of his pokeball
  4. As Nathan got off the boat from Sinnoh, he went straight to the Pokémon center to see where the meeting was, but found himself lost. He then asked someone for directions to where the Pokémon center was. "The center is just around the corner" said a random stranger. He then thanked the person for the directions. As he was nearing at the center he saw an unfamiliar Pokémon at the Viridian gym and decided to go over towards to watch.
  5. "Alright Grovyle c'mon out!" Tyler shouted as he threw a pokeball in the air "Greninja, Grovyle! I want you guys to train by battling!" Tyler then spotted Nathan 'Hmmmm......... I swear i've seen him before!' he thought to himself

    "Excuse me, can I help you?" he asked Nathan
  6. As Tyler came up to him he answered " I'm just watching you guys battle." As he said that his Cherrim and Mothim came out of their poke balls. "Guess you two are hungry, here have some poke puffs." He then started to talk to Tyler again. "Also I'm here for the new gym leader meeting. My name is Nathan and I came from eternal city from sinnoh."
  7. "Oh my Grovyle and Greninja? they're just battling eachother to train, i'm Tyler! nice to meet you!" he said as Beldum sneaked out from behind his back "Beldum! what did I tell you?"
    "Dum!" (Sorry!)
    "Me too buddy, it's just i'm worried people might steal you because you're shiny!"
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  8. "So are you here for the gym leader meeting too? Also just wondering why is the metang silver and gold?" As he said that he got up and started to walk towards the direction to the metang and Tyler's other Pokémon. He then started to talk to Tyler again " so where are you from and where did you meet your partners? Ops sorry about the questions where are my manners. It's just astonishing to see these different Pokémon."
  9. "Beldum here is a shiny! My father Blue gave him to me!"
    "Beldum!" (Yeah!)
    "And I don't battle with him much sadly since i'm worried people might steal him!"
    "Bel-Beldum!" (I will be fine!)
    "Until I feel it's fine then you don't battle too much! sorry buddy!"
  10. "I see well sure it would be bad for someone to steal it, but at the same time you should battle with it. If you don't then how can it fight for itself if you aren't around." Nathan questioned. He then sat down again on the bench. "I just think it is ok to battle with him, but it would be taking a risk of him getting stolen. But if he does than the both of us would search for him plus his colors make him easily recognizable and hard to hide or even steal."
  11. "You have a good point! speaking of which......... Can we battle?"
    "Bel?" (Me?)
    "Greninja!" (Let Beldum!)
    "Gro!" (Yeah!)
    "I guess Beldum can battle!"
  12. "Why not, but I doubt my Pokémon will barely do any damage to it." As he did that his cherrim came over a starter to hop around. "I guess I'll use cherrim for this fight. Also don't hold back on me cause I do have an ace up my sleeve." As he said that his cherrim took the battle field and started to dance around. "Also one more thing I taught my Pokémon some dance moves to help them dodge some attacks."
  13. "Okay! Beldum, remember what we spoke about!"
    "Beldum use Take Down!"
    "Beldum!" He exclaimed as he charged at Cherrim
  14. As the Beldum started to charge at cherrim he didn't tell cherrim a command he just stood there and did nothing. As the Beldum grew closer to cherrim he than said "Cherrim use petal dance." Right as he said those words a storm of petals started to swirl around cherrim. "Now jump up toward the sky and use magical leaf."
  15. "Dum?"
    "Beldum! get behind Cherrim and use Protect!"
    "Bel!" As Beldum did this he started to glow and change shape
    "Beldum? y-You're evolving!"
    "Metang!" Metang shouted

    "Okay now use........." Tyler stopped as Metang used Metal Claw on Cherrim
    "You even learnt a new move!"
  16. "Well this is surely unexpected" he said as his cherrim came hurtling down. "I guess we have to use our ace now." As he said that cherrim started to glow a orange color and let a blast go towards the sky making the sun blaze. "Do you want to guess what our ace is I'll give you a hint it is one of the most powerful grass type moves. Now cherrim use magical leaf one more time." As he said that a bunch of leaves started to go after the metang.
  17. "Metang use Protect!" Tyler had predicted what move Cherrim was going to use after Magical Leaf he was just waiting for it
    "Now use Metal Claw again!"
    He shouted as he looked at Cherrim
  18. "Got you right where I want you. Cherrim now use magical leaf one more time then use solar beam. Good luck trying to dodge both of them." As cherrim used those moves it then jumped on to the metang and was jumping on it. As Nathan looked at cherrim he then thought of an idea. "Cherrim keep your balance and don't let go of the metang."
  19. "Metang use Iron Defense then Protect!"
    Metang did this using Iron Defense to help against Magical Leaf and Protect to block out Solar Beam
    "Now let's finish this with Psychic!"
    Metang nodded and sent Cherrim flying into the ground
  20. "We aren't finished yet Cherrim use sunny day once more. I guess I forgot to mention its ability it ups its attack and special defense so the psychic didn't do that much to it. Now Cherrim get on top of it once again and use petal dance." As he said those last words cherrim jumped up and attempts to get on top of it.
  21. "Use take down while it'sin the air!"
    Beldum sent Cherrim soaring into a wall
    "That's how having a former champion as a dad is good! I mean it's good anyway but oh nevermind!"
  22. "Guess I was a bit easy to read during the third attack. I will accept this loss and make it a stepping stone for me to improve my Pokémon and my own skills. Plus the both of us learned a bit about each other's battle style." As he said that he returned Cherrim to its poke ball. "Now a I just have to find a Pokémon center. By any chance do you know where a Pokémon center is? Its my first time in kanto so I don't know where everything is hehe..."
  23. "Yeah it's just there!" Tyler said as he pointed across the road
    "Metang?" (I was good?)
    "Greninja!" (Good? You were awesome!)
    "Grovyle!" (Might be better than me!)
    "Metang-Tang!" (Thanks guys!)
  24. "Thank you, also you should worry about metang being stolen for being a shiny. Because surprising about my cherrim and it might not be noticeable but cherrim is also a shiny. But I will tell you this just cause you won this battle doesn't mean you will win the next. After this I'm going to train my Pokémon a lot so we can beat you guys."
    As he said that he ran straight towards the Pokémon center.
  25. Tyler nodded "I'll make sure we're ready for our next battle too!" He said as he walked to Viridian Forest so he could catch a new pokemon to add to his team "Grovyle let's go!" he said as Grovyle leaped out of his pokeball.
    "We're looking for a Pichu to catch!" Tyler said as Grovyle nodded and spotted one
    "Gro!" (There!)

    "Okay Grovyle use Leaf Blade!"
    "Now use Vine Whip!!
    "Pichu Pi!"
    Tyler threw a Pokeball at the Pichu before healing it

    "Okay Pichu c'mon out!" Tyler exclaimed as he threw the pokeball
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  26. What an exciting turn of events! Not only had she just met two new Gym Leaders, they had also shown off their battle prowess, their rather large and somewhat intimidating Pokémon and one of them even evolved on the spot! Katie couldn’t contain her excitement and jumped in place, cheering for anything and everything that was going on.
    Then the group split up. Tyler went for Viridian Forest and Nathan rushed off to the Pokémon Center! What was that all about, now she had to pick a side as to who she was going to follow around. She didn’t want to leave either of them to be honest, but she knew the Pokémon Center already and was quite bored with it. Well, it was decided then! Viridian Forest!

    Katie skipped her way towards the edge of the city before taking the dirt path into Viridian Forest. She eventually found Tyler as he was battling with a Pichu. Another battle, exciting! Watching every move carefully, she only opened her mouth after the Pokémon had been caught. “Wow! That was real cool~! Where did you get so good?”
  27. As Nathan left the Pokémon center and decided to go to viridian forest as well. When he entered the forest, he felt at home. He started to run around the forest until he realized he got lost. He took out his map, but couldn't make anything out to leave. As he started to wonder around a bit more, he felt a slight scratch on his ankle. When he looked down he saw a paras. The paras looked like it knew the way so Nathan started to follow it.
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  28. "Oh hey Katie! I'm guessing you just saw me catch that Pichu?" He said as Pichu jumped on Katie's shoulder "Wow he really likes you!" Tyler said as he threw out the rest of his pokemon.
    "Guys meet Pichu!"
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  29. You better believe she saw it! Every last moment of the fight had been engraved within her memory. Despite her young age the girl was very awake of her lacking skill in battling. She had her strategy down, that wasn’t the problem, but calling the right commands at the right time wasn’t all that easy. “I sure did~ You’re a great Gym Leader!”
    The Pichu getting up on her shoulder was something that didn’t surprise the girl all that much. She had her own electric rodents to take care off and they preferred that spot as well. Apparently the girl’s shoulder was the perfect hangout for the small electric mouse, but that was to be expected for someone specializing in Electric Types.

    Katie glanced over at the Pichu for a second. “Be careful alright~? Make sure you don’t fall off.” Katie cared a lot about Electric Pokémon and it was showing. However, before she got too distracted by the Pichu she turned back to Tyler with only one thing on her mind.

    Taking out a Pokéball and holding it tight in a stretched arm, pointed towards Tyler, she challenged him right on the spot. “I wanna get better! So, battle me! One on one!” Katie wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. Looking at the opposing Pokémon she wasn’t sure she even stood a chance, but she was going to try her hardest and grow from the experience! Like a true Gym Leader!
  30. "Okay!" Tyler said as Greninja stepped forwards
    "sure but we'll be at a disadvantage Greninja!"
    Greninja nodded before looking at Katie
    "So who will you use Katie?"
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  31. Accepting the challenge was to be expected, but Katie didn’t understand why he would put himself in a Type disadvantage. Was he really that confident in his own ability as a Gym Leader? It was all too exciting, but Katie had to contain herself and figure out what Pokémon to match up against this opponent. “Alright! I know who to pick~” Katie had decided based on it being a single battle and a few other factors. Eventually narrowing it down to one of her three Pokémon. “Okay~ I choose you Zap-Zap!”

    From the thrown Pokéball came a bright flash followed by Togedemaru appearing from the ball. The pudgy, round, little ball of a Pokémon stood no chance against the Greninja at a head-on battle, but Katie had a different strategy for using ‘Zap-Zap’.

    “Right! I challenged you, so you get to go first!” Katie had to keep herself from bouncing around and made a failed attempt at keeping herself cool and collected. “Zap-Zap can take anything you throw at him!”
  32. "You know, since Greninja is my ace you can use all of your Pokemon!"
    Greninja nodded and looked at Togedemaru and smirked
    "Greninja!" (Good Luck!)

    "Greninja use Night Slash!"
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  33. Use all of her Pokémon? No way! Katie was going to play this by the rules she would have to uphold being a Gym Leader or not at all! The girl shook her head at the mere idea of battling two on one, or three on one. “I will play fair and square! No other way! Let’s go Zap-Zap~!”
    The Togedemaru was ready to follow Katie’s directions, but seemed somewhat hesitant to take on the far larger opponent in a battle. Katie on the other hand was brimming with confidence for some reason and opened with a risky move by waiting on the Greninja to come closer. “Zap-Zap! Use Spiky Shield to block his attack!”

    In a second the little rodent had curled up into a ball and stuck out the spikes covering his body. If the Greninja’s attack connected it would only damage him and not the defending Zap-Zap. Katie hoped to take out the Greninja by using his own attacks against him. A pretty clever plan, but would it be effective?
  34. "Greninja make sure that you hit the ground!"
    "Just do it!"
    Greninja hit Night Slash into the ground creating a cloud of dust which surrounded Toogedemaru making it hard to see
    "Now use Water Shurik......." Tyler froze still when he felt something rush through him 'It's time!' he thought

    Greninja was surrounded by a veil of water which eventually formed into a ninja star on his back, revealing that Greninja had changed form
    "Okay! let's give everything we've got! Use Water Shuriken!" He shouted as Greninja took the shuriken off his back and threw it at Togedemaru
  35. What had happened? Were Greninja’s capable of evolving? No, it was something else. Something Katie didn’t know nor understand in the slightest. However it was happening now! She had to do something or Zap-Zap would be hit without even seeing it. “Zap-Zap use Grass Knot beneath your feet!”
    Katie couldn’t see the Pokémon, but if her idea would work then the attack would act like a spring, bouncing the Togedemaru out of the Water Shuriken’s path. It would do minimal damage as well, given that Togedemaru weights next to nothing.

    Her plan had worked! Togedemaru bounced up from the cloud of dust, dodging the Water Shuriken in the process. The Pokémon had been somewhat damaged, but it was a small price to pay for dodging the attack. Now was their chance to deal damage! “Zap-Zap! Use Zing Zap!”

    Togedemaru spun around rapidly, covering its body in a strong shell of yellow electricity, before rushing at the Greninja with the intent of slamming into him. Second chance at dealing damage. The attack was a bold move, getting Togedemaru in such a close vicinity, but it was also fast. Very fast. Would it be fast enough though? Katie couldn’t be sure.
  36. Tyler observed Togedemaru closely and then looked at Greninja 'It's pretty fast, but not fast enough!' he thought
    "Use Double Team, then Aerial Ace!"
    Greninja's Double Team made it so that Togedemaru didn't hit him
    'Surely this will end it?' Tyler thought to himself
    Greninja charged at Togedemaru using Aerial Ace to knock it flying into the ground
  37. No matter what state Togedemaru was in, getting hit with a Physical Move meant counter damage. Greninja’s reckless Aerial Ace caused him to hit the little fur ball’s spiked fur. Not that it mattered. Greninja had been damaged, but Togedemaru wasn’t able to keep fighting after that attack. “Alright, that a good job! Zap-Zap, get back and get some rest~”
    Katie pointed her Pokéball at the Togedemaru and the red beam emitting from it drew the Pokémon back into its ball. They had lost, but not entirely! It seemed odd at first as Katie was absolutely ecstatic about the loss. Sure, they didn’t win, but she felt like she learned a lot. “Thanks for battling me! It was lots of fun!”

    Katie put the Pokéball away and stood around, somewhat restless. “So? What do we do now? Still plenty of time until the meeting.” Looking around the trees she was both waiting on an answer and trying to come up with an answer herself. There was no needs to go to the Pokémon Center for now. It wasn’t too bad and some rest would fix Zap-Zap right up. Which meant they could stay and explore the forest if they wanted too.
  38. "If you want, we couldgo check out the Indigo Plateau?" Tyler said as Greninja, Grovyle, Metang and Pichu returned to their Pokeballs.

    "I know the way there but if you want to do something else, let me know since I pretty much know everything about Kanto!"
  39. When the paras stopped, it turned around and looked happy that Nathan followed it. When Nathan went down to scratch it's head, it touched a pole ball and went into it. Nathan not knowing continued to the direction paras was leadin him ended up being where Tyler and Katie were. "Hey Tyler guess our paths have crossed again." Nathan shouted towards Tyler. When he was near them he then asked " who is she?"
  40. “The Indigo Plateau?” Truth be told, for a soon to be Gym Leader, Katie didn’t know much about the locations in other regions. Apparently she knew so little about them that the very location of the Indigo League was simply unknown to her. The only thing she could use as a hint of sorts was ‘plateau’. “What’s that? The Indigo Plateau? Like a mountain or something? Electric Pokémon don’t like Rock and Ground Pokémon a lot!”

    While Katie was trying to figure out on her own what the mentioned place was, she was interrupted by a voice calling out. It was the same guy from before! “Hi~ I’m Katie! Who are you?” More people meant more fun! And fun was exactly what they needed. “Do you know something fun to do~?”

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