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Ask to Join Gym Leader RP (Sign up and discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by tylerrrrrr, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. You are a young gym leader who has just finished gym leading school.
    Create your OC here:

    Age: (13-19)

    Make on of these for each of your pokemon


    Here's mine!

    Name: Tyler
    Age: 15
    Region: Kanto
    City: Viridian City
    Type: Multiple (Like Blue)

    Pokemon: Greninja
    Ability: Battle Bond
    Moves: Water Shuriken, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Double Team

    Pokemon: Grovyle
    Ability: Overgrow
    Moves: Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade, Protect, Rest

    Pokemon: Beldum
    Ability: Clear Body
    Moves: Take Down, Protect, Tackle, Scratch
  2. Hey, this seems pretty cool! May i join? If yes my bio is below.

    Name: Caspian
    Age: Seventeen
    Region: Johto
    City: Cianwood City
    Type: Water/Ice

    Pokémon: Froslass
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Moves: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Hail, Aurora Veil

    Pokémon: Slowbro
    Ability: Own Tempo
    Moves: Psychic, Psych Up, Calm Mind, Scald

    Pokémon: Vulpix (Alola Forme)
    Ability: Snow Warning
    Moves: Aurora Beam, Aurora Veil, Ice Beam, Scratch
  3. Name: Lucy
    Age: 15
    Region: Kalos
    City: Vaniville Town
    Type: Dark

    Pokemon: Absol (Nickname: Fang)
    Ability: Super Luck
    Moves: Razor Wind, Night Slash, Bite, Scratch

    Pokemon: Mightyena (Nickname: Jade)
    Ability: Quick Feet
    Moves: Bite, Crunch, Tackle, Take Down

    Pokemon: Liepard (Nickname: Pandora)
    Ability: Prankster
    Moves: Scratch, Fury Swipes, Fake Out, Night Slash

    Pokemon: Umbreon (Nickname: Eclipse)
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Moves: Quick Attack, ShadowBall, Feint Attack, Tackle
  4. You can use any city or town that has an existing gym as you are the new generation of gym leaders, replacing the old ones
    @Trainer Laura ACCEPTED
  5. I'd love to join, but I do have a question.
    How will the Gym Leaders of different cities/regions RP together?
    Do they meet somewhere or no?
    I also wonder if they can have Held Items?
  6. Name: Katie
    Age: 13
    Region: Hoenn
    City: Mauville City
    Type: Electric

    Pokemon: Dedenne (Koda)
    Ability: Cheek Pouch
    Moves: Play Rough, Parabolic Charge, Toxic, Recycle
    Item: Sitrus Berry

    Pokemon: Togedemaru (Zap-Zap)
    Ability: Iron Barbs
    Moves: Zing Zap, Grass Knot, Spiky Shield, Wish
    Item: Rocky Helmet

    Pokemon: Emolga (Sora)
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Moves: Acrobatics, Electro Ball, Tailwind, Thunder Wave
    Item: Cell Battery
  7. They can meet whenever because they aren't official gym leaders yet as they have just graduated but are on their last step, final training
  8. Alright! Thank you~
  9. no problem, just begin to rp whenever
  10. Where do I start? Do you have a link for me maybe? ^^
  11. Name: Nathan
    Age: 15
    Region: Sinnoh
    City: Eterna City
    Type: Grass, Bug

    Pokémon: Cherrim
    Ability: Flower Gift
    Moves: Magical leaf, Petal Dance, Solar beam, Sunny Day

    Pokémon: Mothim
    Ability: Swarm
    Moves: Psychic, Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Silver Wind
  12. accepted just make sure that you start off in Viridian city for the gym leaders meet up
  13. I will and thank you
  14. I'm actually going to bed right about now. It's rather late here, see you guys later~
    I'll respond tomorrow, loving this RP so far ^^
  15. england? cause Ilive there too
  16. America is where I'm at
  17. The netherlands actually, you're the first one to be close to me though ^^
  18. Alright have a good sleep!
  19. Welp, I'm off to bed! Sorry to halt the RP like that ^^" G'nite~!
  20. Is it ok in the RP if I offer your Pokémon poke puffs?
  21. it's alright, we'll try not to rp too much while you're gone! night!
  22. Name: Chojin
    Age: 14
    Region: Johto
    City: Violet City
    Type: Flying

    Pokemon: Pidgeot
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Moves: Brave Bird, Double Team, Peck, and Protect

    Pokemon: Noctowl
    Ability: Insomnia
    Moves: Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Roost, and Feather Dance
  23. Name: Lillie
    Age: 19
    Region: Kalos
    City: Lumiose city
    Type: Electric

    Pokemon: Magneton
    Ability: Magnet Pull
    Moves: Zap cannon,Electro Ball,Thunder Shock,Thunder

    Pokemon: Pikachu
    Ability: Static
    Moves: Electro Ball,Nuzzle,Thunderbolt,Play nice

    Pokemon: Heliolisk
    Ability: Dry skin
    Moves: Thunder,Round,Brutal Swing,Rock slide
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