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Ask to Join Gym Leader Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by RobbyK, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Welcome to Gym Leader Academy


    Please look over the discussion thread before joining. Thank you!


    September 16th, 2020
    7:45 am

    The Pokemon theme song disturbed the deep sleep Robby was in, awakening him suddenly. He groaned in bed as he turned off his alarm, missing a hand full of times. He sits up in bed. "First day of school.. yay.." He sarcastically thinks to himself.

    He quickly showered up, brushed his teeth, and threw on an old white Entai t shirt before putting on his usual worm out black jacket. After quickly putting on his jeans, shoes, and gathering his bag he awoken Gem from his small bed in the closet. "Let's go, bud. Last first day we can do it." He said to the still tired Sableye as he picked him up and put him on his shoulder.

    Leaving his dorm and opening the main entrance to outside, he let out a long heavy sigh, half exited and sad to be leaving the Academy soon.
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  2. Dolan stood there in his gym looking across the room at his challenger. A silent young man with a with a red hat. The boy turned his hat around and sent out his charizard ,and as he did Dolan sent out his Archeops Chopa. The two flying pokémon soared high in the sky landing blows on eachother before pushing off in different directions. The two then collided near the ground both sides receiving damage. As the battle persued Dolan eventually managed to beat all six of his pokémon while only having two of his pokémon K.O'd. They then walked into the middle of the stage and floor and shook hands. As the boy was about to speak the only sound that could be heard was a feint ringing sound. followed by a loud tremor.The whole gym began shaking ,and rocks were falling landing on the stage. Dolan then woke up to see Dew shaking him in an an attempt to wake him. Dolan then looked over at his beeping alarm clock and turned it off. He then looked over at Duw , "Woah! guess who's gonna be the next gym leader?!" Dolan yelled. "Sudo?" Dew said confused pointing at a picture, "NO! NOT MY BROTHER! Meee Duw, me! I am! This guy..." Dolan said with a goofy smirk while pointing his thumbs at himself. "Speaking of which... I need to get dressed! ha ha!" Dolan said giggling to himself as he dressed up. He ate breakfast and went over to the door ,and put on a brown fedora *indiana jones theme plays*, "who am I kidding Duw, I don't wear hats..." Dolan said laughing to himself as he walked back inside to turn the Television off. He put the hat back on the rack and headed outside towards the Academy.
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  3. "Aaaand done!" said Catherine as she finished up the last touches. Cisterna admired the new clean polishing she just got and did a happy growl. "No problem Cisterna, need all of my friends to look their best on their first day of school," she said as she admired the reflection of the shiny body herself. Aigis the Honedge agreed admiring her shining blade. Catherine folded up the cloth and made a mental note to buy a new one. "Alright, now we need to get to school. Back in the balls you too." She said as she returned both to their respective pokeballs and ran inside. She picked up her backpack and wheeled luggage to get to the shuttle that's pulled up right outside her house. She pulled out her Rotom phone and reopened her email letter of acceptance. "This is gonna be the coolest school year ever!"
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  4. Max was up bright and early, hastily preparing for his first (or more accurately, second-first) day at the Gym Leader Academy. He had double, even triple checked every pocket of every bag, to assure that he was completely ready. His Pokémon were stored safely away, no doubt waiting just as excitedly as their trainer.

    He was certain that his last year of intensive training would prove useful in rising to the top of his class, or at the very least, scoring a winning record in sparring matches. Hey, if you can’t battle, you can’t be a gym leader. Max figured it was that simple. Of course, it didn’t hurt to have a little fun along the way. He sighed, reminiscing about the innumerable, intricate pranks he and his Pokémon had performed on his classmates last year, whether it was possessing objects or misplacing items, there was never a dull moment with Ghost types. Even though he had been made to promise good behavior this year, Max had concocted a few tricks to keep up his sleeve, in case he ever grew too bored...

    With only minutes to spare before the bus arrived, Max made his way downstairs from the guest room of his Aunt Marnie’s home. She had greeted him warmly when he arrived the night before, but was nowhere to be seen now, as she was off at work. He hoisted his backpack from beside the doorway over his shoulder, and stepped onto the front porch. Violet City was still and quiet this time of day, only the faint cries of Pokémon could be heard.

    An academy bus had arrived at a street corner. Max eagerly dashed to meet the bus, and stepped aboard. He flashed a smile at the bus driver before taking a seat. As the shuttle pulled away, Max could feel the new drawing closer with each passing moment.
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  5. The alarm of the clock went off shortly after the morning came, and Dahlia continued to sleep through it. She arrived at the academy dorms last night feeling really jet lagged after sitting through a long flight from Unova. So naturally she would be able to sleep through anything in her exhausted state, even her alarm clock.

    Snivy, who was sleeping next to her, was woken by the alarm and proceeded to shake Dahlia once he was awake. After only getting a muffled 'five more minutes' from her, due to her face being buried in the pillow, Snivy sighed and went on to use Vine Whip to wake her up.

    "AAH!" Dahlia yelled after being hit and woken up by the Vine Whip. She then quickly turned to her Pokémon. "I told you to not do that anymore!" She said to Snivy, a bit annoyed.

    "Snivy snive," Snivy replied with his hands on his hips.

    Dahlia sighed, let out a big yawn, and turned off the alarm. "Well, time to get ready," she said. She brushed her teeth, got dressed into her normal attire, and ate a bit of toast for breakfast. "Alright, Snivy. In you go," she then said before pulling out a Pokéball and withdrawing Snivy into it. Dahlia got her backpack on and looked around the dorm after doing so. "Maybe I'll wait a day or two before getting my stuff settled in," she said to herself, "Who knows if I'll get a roommate." With that in mind, she walked out of her dorm and made her way to the campus.
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  6. As the gentle strumming of a harp began to repetitively play on Brian's phone, Brian slowly opened his bright pink eyes and rubbed them after he turned off the alarm and got out of bed. His Pokemon--all out of their Poke balls--were still asleep, as much as Brian adored how adorable his partners looked while they slept, he clapped his hands a few times to take them up. His Ralts was the first and only one to respond and smiled as he looked up at his trainer with a wave. "Good morning Ralts, can you wake up the others and look for my hat, please?" The man asked softly to his Pokemon who responded with a nod while Brian entered the bathroom to get dressed.

    Once he got out, he heard the sound of a toaster going off... but he didn't leave any toast in. "I don't remember putting bread in, who..." Brian asked before he saw Gothita next to the toaster with a cheerful smile. Brian tapped himself on the side of the head and chuckled. "Thank you Gothita, how silly of me to forget the most important meal of the day." He said as he went to butter his toast and put it on a plate. "...Speaking of which." He said as he race walked to find the Pokemon food and pour it into three bowls, his Pokemon wasted no time digging in while his Ralts handed his trainer his white fedora. "Thank you Ralts, it's comforting to know I have such helpful companions." He said with a warm smile as he put on his hat and ate his breakfast.

    After breakfast, Brian returned his three Pokemon to their Poke balls. He put them in his pocket, grabbed his bag and began to walk out of his dorm room and took a big sniff before he exhaled and smiled. "Alright, let's do this." He said softly to himself before he began to make his way down to the campus, already excited with everything new schools had to offer... apart from the potential bullies of course.
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  7. Catherine stopped playing on her phone to see a new boy get on. He had light blond curly hair and was about Catherine's age. "Oh hello. I'm Catherine," she said. "I'm in Grade B and specialize in Steel types. How about you?" she said as she pulled out a bag of potato chips. "Want one?" she said as she starting munching on a chip. "Sorry if I asked too many questions. I have a habit of rambling on way too much."
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  8. Dolan went to the cafeteria with his sudowoodo just a few steps behind him ,and as they did they say a pale boy with dark blue hair walk towards the cafeteria as they passed by, "Sorry! coming through" Said Dolan as he ran by. Dolan and Duw were careful not to bump into him or anything as he didn't want to cause any problems, "suudo woooodo!" yelled sudowoodo as he cheerfully jumped with joy a few steps behind Dolan. Dolan had already ate so he just sat at the table with his notebook in front of him as he enjoyed looking through it from time to time. Duw sat eagerly beside him as Dolan looked through his notebook.
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  9. Max smiled and nodded to Catherine, and took a seat on the shuttle across from her.
    “Name’s Max,” he replied, casually. “Nice to meet you. My specialty is Ghost type, in case you were wondering. It’s gotta be one of the most fun types out there, so it was an easy choice for me.” Max leaned back in his chair and stretched his arms above his head. “And...I’ll pass on the chips for now. Thanks for the offer, though.”

    Max surveyed Catherine from across the aisle. The steel typing definitely fit her appearance, from what he could see. It seemed like most aspiring gym leaders took on some characteristics of their type in one way or another.“ So, what about you? Why did you choose to use steel types?” Max asked. Then he quickly added, “Not that steel isn’t cool, of course.”
    Only *slightly* less cool than Ghost type. He thought.
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  10. As Dolan sat there he began looking through his fossil notes as in his spare time aside from aspiring to be a gym leader he was also an avid fossil collector ,and enjoyed reviving them. He looked up from his book for a moment and noticed more people were filling the cafeteria. He then got up to get a drink all though he wasn't hungry he was on the other hand thirsty. He grabbed a fruit juice and went to the counter to let the worker know he was getting a juice. He spoke to the worker for a moment then sat down to drink his juice.
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  11. Robby walked through the cafeteria door, taking a scope of the room before making another step. Gem sat on his shoulders looking over everyone as he made his way to one of the food lines. Having picked out a bowl of oatmeal, toast, eggs, and coffee he searched for a table that was already lacking elbow room.

    Seeing one in the distance with only one person, and what appeared to be a Sudowood, he made his way, slipping and squeezing by many people and pokemon. "Arceus, this place has gotten crowded over the years." He complained in his mind finally reaching the table. "Mind if I join you?"
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  12. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "...And the winner is, Gym Challenger Lawrence!" The video boomed from Issac's laptop, as he himself leaned back in his seat, studying the footage. It was of an old Gym Battle in Galar, similar to the ones that got him so invested in the idea of being a Gym Leader. Being from Alola, Issac never got to participate in a Gym challange when he came of age, instead going through the Island Challange and its various trials.

    A couple weeks after finishing the island trials, he caught the Grand Finals of the Galar gym challange and was blown away, and knew thats what he wanted to do next. However, he didn't make it far into the Gym Challange, giving up about half way in. He found a new dream, to become a Gym Leader like the one that bested him, and that takes us to today.

    Issac leaned forward to click another video, only for his hand to be blocked by a large wing. His eyes traced over to see his partner Pokémon Decidueye standing over him. Without a sound, it just nodded it's head towards the clock. "Ahh geez where did the time go! I'm gonna be late for breakfast..." Issac muttered under his breath, scrambling out of his seat and throwing on his usual attire, his t-shirt being of a custom made photo of his partner Pokémon still as a Rowlet, fallen asleep early on in their adventure. Decidueye rolled his eyes at the sight. "What? You were adorable back then. Now come on, back in the Pokéball, you're too big to be riding on my shoulders now." Issac pulled out Decidueye's Pokéball and returned him before leaving his dorm and heading out and into the cafeteria.
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  13. Catherine popped another chip in her mouth. "I honestly don't know what's with my fascination with steel types is. I guess since I grew up in Galar, I always liked stories about knights and kingdoms. Steel types always have been representative of that." she said as she popped another chip in her mouth. "Or it's just a shallow reason like 'they look cool' or something," she said as she chuckled to herself. She looked ahead and the shuttle stopped. "This is the Gym Leaders Academy! Have a good year!". "We got here pretty quick," she said as she put her things in her backpack. "See you around Max." She said as she walked out of the bus and pulled out her wheeled bag out of the cargo.
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  14. Dolan looked over at the dark curly haired boy with a grin, "Sure! I was just look at my dad's old journal... my journal. Its mine to add my notes in now. Though I doubt you came here to listen to me prattle on about fossil pokémon... You came here for breakfast of course! I already ate so I won't be getting any more food... you can feel free to sit and eat!" Dolan said while glancing over at his book, "I didn't introduce myself yet, how rude! If my dad were here he'd smack me across the back of my head... the names Dolan and i'm from Violet City!" Dolan said with a grin as he closed his book. he looked at sudowoodo and took a sip from his drink, "this guy's name is Duw" Dolan said while gesturing towards his sudowoodo.
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  15. "Dear goodness, Frosta," Kendall said as she was taking her ill Glaceon's temperature. "You might just miss your first day of school at this rate. If I can't heal you up shortly, I'll have to take out someone else from the team to walk with me." Frosta whimpered in sadness as she thought about not being there for her beloved trainer on her first day. As Kendall took the thermometer out, it was as usual. Freezing, but no hotter and no colder. Right on 32 degrees Fahrenheit. "Well... I guess it's not that bad. You can come with me today, but just tell me if you feel bad again." Kendall patted Frosta on the head, as Frosta happily chattered. "Now, we might be late. Let's get going."

    Kendall and Frosta walked side by side to the school. She thought about her dreams of becoming a Gym Leader as she walked. She didn't have strong enough Pokemon yet, but that's why she's here. "What if everyone else is stronger than me..? Then it'll be impossible to become a Gym Leader... Is it too late to turn back..?" she thought, slowing down. Kendall stopped walking to recollect herself, but Frosta grew impatient. The Glaceon darted off, getting closer to the Academy. Kendall didn't notice and was still stopped. "Whatever. We'll see.." she thought, walking again. She looked to her side to see how Frosta was doing, but quickly noticed she was gone. Frosta was waiting up ahead at the Academy, as Kendall caught up to her. They both walked in side by side. Kendall saw everyone in the Cafeteria, so that's where she went.

    Kendall ate some toast and eggs and got Frosta the same thing. She let out the others on her team to eat, as well. Wolverine barely ate, Aurora ate all of hers, and Kimono gave Frosta most of hers under the table. They were all alone, and while the thought of interacting with others was appealing, Kendall was already with 4 friends of hers. Her team.
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  16. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    After grabbing a full meal and some extras for his team, Issac walked back to the main section of the cafeteria. There was a good bunch of people socializing, making new friends on their first days of course. Issac smiled slightly nervously. He was in general a pretty sociable person, but he always had trouble approaching someone to actually start said socializing.

    His eyes trailed around, seeing if there was anyone he'd feel comfortable speaking with. He noticed two boys talking, one with a Sudowoodo. He didn't want to barge in on a conversation, and maybe make things awkward. He looked around again, noticing a girl sitting with her team of Pokémon. "Ice type specialist." He noted as he studied her team. With a soft sigh, Issac walked over to her, offering a kind smile. "Hey there, mind if I sit with you guys?" He asked the girl and her team.
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  17. "Vile!" Wolverine said, looking ready to fight the new person. Kendall tapped the shoulder of the Weavile as the others looked to Kendall. "I wouldn't mind at all. By any chance, are you new here as well?" she said, taking her hand off of Wolverine's shoulder. Aurora, her Alolan Ninetales, laid on the seat in the Cafeteria, looking like she was about to take a nap. Frosta's front legs were on the table as the Glaceon stared at Issac. Wolverine pouted, sitting back and relaxing, lowering his claws.
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  18. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac chuckled and smiled at the fighting spirit the Weavile put on display, before returning his attention to the girl. "I'm Issac, and yeah, I've been here one year now." He explained as he sat down across from her. "Still enjoy meeting new people though, especially all the eager newcomers." He said with a soft chuckle.

    Just as he was about to dig in, Issac felt his Pokéballs shake. "Ahh you guys are hungry too?" The trainer smirked, pulling out three of his four Pokéballs, letting out Decidueye, Marowak and Corsala. The archer bird stood firmly at the end of the table, giving Kendall and her team a polite nod, before grabbing his meal. Marowak noticed Wolverine and narrowed his eyes, gripping his bone as if ready to fight. Before he could do anything, both Issac and Decidueye shot him a glare, wordlessly telling him, not now. Finally, Corsala sat just under the table, shyly eating her meal away from the others.
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  19. "Ah, I've heard good things about Violet City. I'm all the way from the Hoenn Region, but it's my third and last year here. It's been a long ride but definitely worth it. If I can pass the exam and battle test at the end of the year, I'll finally get my Gym Leader ID and hopefully get my own gym." He stated as he took a bite of his oatmeal.
    "So." He began, as he swallowed his food, "Two things - what year are you in? I can assume you're a rock type leader." He pointed out as he looked the shiny Sudowoodo up and down. "I like your color." He said to the Pokemon.

    Gem, his Sableye, climbed from his shoulder and sat beside the Sudowoodo, never seeing one that color before. His ears twitched around and he cocked his head as he tried to figure out this differently colored Pokemon. "Sableye.." the pokemon said under his breath as he got closer to it.
    "Gem, don't creep him out." Robby said with a half stern half humorous tone in his voice.
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  20. @RobbyK @ThAtGuY101

    Max sauntered into the Academy cafeteria, which was already swarming with new trainers. He recognized a some old faces, and some new as well. While Max was itching to begin the new year, he would need an actual meal first. He set his sights on the breakfast line, and quickly made his way through. He grabbed a plate of eggs, toast, and a side of fruit salad, which was Noct’s favorite.

    He scanned the cafeteria for open tables, before settling on a group of male trainers and their partners. One boy had a Sudowoodo, and the other a Sableye. Was he another Ghost trainer? A part of him hoped this was so. He would enjoy having a new rival for this year to keep things interesting.

    Max approached the two collectedly and smiled.
    “Sup! Do you mind if Noct and I take a seat here?” As he spoke, a Haunter appeared from inside one of his Pokéballs on its own. It growled happily in greeting to the group of trainers, and flashed a wide, slightly intimidating grin.
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  21. "That's nice to hear. I just recently got here." Kendall replied, petting Frosta on the head. "What type do you specialize in? I like Ice Types, personally." Kimono, her Froslass, stared at the team they were next to but didn't say anything. Aurora was fast asleep, not making a sound. Wolverine, however, was acting fierce towards the Marowak near him. "May I add, you have a very nice team!" Kendall said.
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  22. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac smiled softly and patted Marowak's head, the Pokémon's eyes still ablaze with a passion to fight. "Thanks for the compliment, they're all very special to me." Decidueye's serious demeanor broke for a momenet, giving what seemed to be a smile at the comment.

    "I'm a ghost type specialist. When I decided to become a leader I noticed it was my most common type, so I went with it. Oh that reminds me, theres one other fella on my team. I just didn't bring him out since hes a little...Different." Issac chuckled, pulling out his last Pokéball, and after opening up, a large stone tablet, marked with the image of a red snake like creature appeared, and what looked to be a purple eye.

    "No need to hide away Runerigus, just introducing you to some friends." The trainer patted the stone, and after a few seconds, the cracks that lined the stone started to shift, breaking off but staying held together by a strange purple...Thing. "This is Runerigus. He doesn't usually eat normal food." Issac smiled as he saw the shy Corsola climb up and rest on top of Runerigus.
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  23. "Nah! It's fine Gem is a really neat pokémon! I don't see many pokémon native to hoenn. My father went to hoenn! He wrote some stories on the desert ruins just north of Mauville City on route 111... also yes! I do aspire to be a rock type gym leader! Speaking about rock types I got to meet Roxanne, the gym leader from Rustboro she's very cool! And I'm a third year, C grade by the way!" Said Dolan. Duw didn't mind the pokémon swinging from its arm ,and just smiled at it. Dolan then looked over still drinking his juice noticed a curly haired blonde boy also with ghost pokémon, "sure feel free to sit..." Dolan said smiling.
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  24. As soon as Dahlia arrived at school grounds, she saw a bunch of students entering the cafeteria and decided to go in as well to give her Pokémon some breakfast. Once she set foot inside, she immediately saw the place filled with a bunch of students that were eating and socializing. Many she remembered from last year, while also many that she's never seen before and assumed that they were first-year students. "Is it just me, or did the school get more new students compared to last year?" She asked herself rhetorically.

    Dahlia found a place to sit and brought four bowls as well as a can of Pokémon Food. She then proceeded let her Pokémon out from their Pokéballs, which were Snivy, Bounsweet, Lileep, and Bellossom. "Alright, breakfast time!" She said m. She set down bowls in front of Snivy, Bounsweet, and Bellossom and poured Pokémon Food into them. All three began to eat happily as Dahlia turned to Lileep, "And now for you." She brought out a different can of Pokémon Food from her bag along with a notebook and pencil. She placed a bowl in front of the fossil Pokémon and poured the food into it, which Lileep then began to eat. Dahlia opened her notebook to a page where it had lists of recipes crossed out and asked Lileep, "How does it taste?"

    After taking a few bites of the food, Lileep looked up at its trainer and let out a cheerful cry.

    "You liked it!? Wonderful!" Dahlia said and circled the recipe used to make Lileep's food. "Now then, how would I go about making Pokémon Food that they would all enjoy?" She asked herself as all four of her Pokémon ate happily.
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  25. "Hm!" Kendall said, interested by Issac's Runerigus. "I've just always liked Ice Types. I've loved snow, cold weather, cold drinks, cold everything... I guess it just kinda fit." Kendall finished the last of her food, smiling. "I don't know how or why I wanted to become a Gym Leader. I barely even know if I'd be good as one.." she added, turning her smile into a slight frown. "I was thinking about it on the way here. I don't know if I'm strong enough yet."
  26. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac felt his smile turn into a slight frown as he heard Kendall's words. It was something every up and coming gym leader felt for sure, everyone has their doubts. He let out a soft sigh, before quickly regaining his composure and smiling once again. "Listen, doubting yourself...It comes natural to people like us. We're training to become some of the most important people in our regions, it be strange to not have doubts. But from what I 've seen, you'll be fine. You're here to learn from the best, so don't worry if you don't feep good enough yet. Nobody comes here if they're already an expert. And besides, you have the most important thing any trainer could have. A close friendship with your Pokémon." Issac smiled warmly at Kendall's team, seeing how close they all were with each other and her. His eyes trailed back to his Pokémon aswell, Marowak seeming to have calmed down as he listened to Issac, and Decidueye giving an approving nod.
  27. An athletic young man raced towards the entrance of the Gym Leader Academy, his white tennis sneakers clapping against the pavement, and nearly skidded to a halt outside of the school's iron gate, which stood ajar. He eagerly tore his PokéGear from the band that fastened it to the middle of his muscle-bound arm. The young man, Colin Drake, scanned the screen of the handheld device before a wide grin spread across his face.

    "Yes!" he cried, not quite caring who was within earshot. "Three and a half seconds less than my previous best!"

    He lifted the PokéGear to face the fluffy, white hat covering his black hair. The hat, which was actually a Swablu perched on his head, chirped with enthusiasm and spread its cloud-like wings. Colin continued to poke at the device's screen.

    "From the harbor to here... That's about six miles! Sweet," he said, not paying any attention to the other students arriving by bus.

    Despite Colin's seemingly boundless energy, the preceding night had been relatively sleepless. He had made the journey from Lacunosa Town to the Mistalton Airport before dawn to avoid many of the diurnal wild Pokémon and the hordes of commuters to Castelia City that caused the routes to become congested and clogged. He was directed to the river to the east of Mistralton City and boarded a floatplane. The plane embarked just as the sun began to peek over the tops of the mountains, silhouetting the Unova Region against the hazy, brightening sky.

    Colin never minded flying, though he much preferred doing so on the back of a Dragon-type Pokémon than in a metal machine. He must have dozed off while snacking on the berries he packed, because he awoke with a start, berry juice staining his lips, as the floatplane skipped against the surface of the water just off the coast of Cherrygrove City.

    Now, Colin studied the map application on his PokéGear.

    "You'd think after two years, I'd get to know the place," he said to his Swablu, Nimbus, who was still resting on his Trainer's head. "Where the heck is my new dorm?" His thoughts were interrupted by a low growl elicited from his hungry stomach.

    Colin powered off his PokéGear and strapped it back into the band around his arm. "What do you say we get some lunch?" he said to Nimbus. "That run made me hungry. Bet I can beat my record from the campus gate to the cafeteria!"

    He took off running through the Gym Leader Academy's gate. Nimbus spread his wings, the combination of his position on his Trainer's head and the breeze from the run feeling akin to flight. Colin burst through the doors of the cafeteria, out of breath, but hardly letting on that he was the least bit tired to the group of students who had already gathered there. He hastily grabbed a tray, keeping his distance from the line of students waiting to be served as to not get sweat on them. He piled the tray high with berries, a delicacy that he and his Pokémon shared a similar love for, and filled a bowl with rice and vegetables.

    "Nimbus, you see any empty seats?" Colin asked, surveying the room. Nimbus left his perch on Colin's head with a few light flaps to afford a better view of the cafeteria.

    "Blu!" he chirped, indicating an open seat next to a girl surrounded by Grass-type Pokémon: a Snivy, a Bounsweet, a Lileep, and a Bellossom.

    "Hey," Colin greeted as he approached with his tray. "Is this seat taken?"
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  28. Dahlia looked up from her notebook after hearing someone call out to her, and her Pokémon turned to the direction the voice came from. They saw that it was a male dressed like an athlete with a Swablu flying above him. "Not at all. Have a have seat," she replied to his question on whether the seat was taken and looked at his Swablu, "That's one adorable Swablu!"
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  29. "Thanks!" Colin replied, obliging to take the seat. He was a bit too large to sit comfortably, but he figured he would only be seated for a short amount of time.

    "This is Nimbus," he explained, signaling for the Swablu to land on his shoulder. He plucked a Cheri Berry off of his tray and held it up for Nimbus to eat. "He doesn't like Poké Balls too much, so I usually let him hang out up here." Colin pointed to his head.

    He began to mix his rice and vegetables with a plastic fork. "So you train Grass-types? I've always thought they were really cool. I bet they don't like seeing me eat their brethren." Colin lifted a piece of broccoli on his fork, indicating the connection between plants and vegetables, and laughed heartily at his own joke.
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  30. Dahlia couldn't help but give off a bit of a giggle after hearing the joke, which Snivy proceeded to facepalm a few seconds after hearing his trainer giggle at the joke. "No, they don't mind at all. I mean, they do eat berries," she said, slightly disappointed in herself for laughing at the joke, "And yes, I specialize in grass-types. I've always loved grass-types ever since I was a little girl." As she explained her love for grass-types, she turned to her Pokémon with a smile. She then turned back to the male. "I'm Dahlia by the way, from Nacrene City in the Unova Region," she went on to introduce herself.
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  31. As Brian noticed a lot of people head down to the cafeteria, he decided to join in and use this chance to make some friends... although due to him and his Pokemon having already eaten, he decided to get himself a drink beforehand. Once he got it, he decided to walk around and see if there were any tables with 'pleasant company' only to see a girl with a Snivy and a boy with a Swablu. One thing that caught his attention was when the girl said that she was from Unova, Brian smiled and decided to walk down and greet himself. "Greetings, pardon me for eavesdropping, but I believe I heard you say that you were also from the Unova region, is that correct?" Brian asked with a friendly smile.
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  32. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Before Issac could hear Kendall's response to his words, he felt his watch vibrate, a pre-set alarm going off. "Ahh geez, twenty minutes untill first class..." He muttered softly, slowly getting to his feet. "I usually like getting to class early, make sure I'm ready. So I guess this is goodbye for now." He said to Kendall with a nod. "Nice meeting you and your team, goodluck this year." After swinging his bag back over his shoulder, he returned all his Pokémon and made his way to the classroom.
  33. "Nice to meet you!" Colin replied, wiping a sweaty hand on his pants before extending it for Dahlia to shake. "Colin. Nacrene City, huh? I'm from Unova too - Lacunosa Town."

    He reached into his pack, which he had placed on the floor behind his seat, and retrieved two Poké Balls. "I should probably give my team some fresh air too." He pressed the buttons on the middle of the Balls and released Ardie and Maelstrom onto the table in front of him.

    "Hey, guys, you hungry?" Colin asked, smiling. He offered the two their choice from the pile of berries on his tray.
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  34. "Lacunosa Town? Neat. Nice to see that there are people from the same region as me," Dahlia said as she shook Colin's hand. She then heard someone else call out to her and turned to see that it was another boy, asking if she was indeed from the Unova region. "Why yes, I am. Nacrene City to be precise," she replied to the newcomer with a smile.

    As Dahlia was conversing, all four of her Pokémon had finished eating their Pokémon Food.
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  35. Brian smiled warmly. "Nacrene City? I've been there once before, beautiful place. I myself originate from Opelucid city, my father works as a fortune teller there." He said before he widened his eyes briefly in realization. "Oh, where are my manners? My name's Brian, I'm sure it's obvious due to being here but I plan to become a Gym Leader that would inspire Pokemon trainers and help them reach their desired fate. May I sit with you guys, please?" Brian asked and tried to sound as polite as possible, as he introduced himself, he tipped his white fedora before his pink eyes turned to the Pokemon nearby. "Might I add that you have some adorable Pokemon with you, both of you." He added.
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  36. Robby nodded at the newcomer, moving over to give him a little more room to sit. "Hope you're a fast eater." He said, looking at the clock. "Class starts in about 20 minutes." Gem's attention immediately went from the Sudowoodo the other ghost Pokemon at the table. He jumped down from the table, and made his way around to the Haunter where he just stared at him, his curiosity getting the best of him as usual. Robby finished the last of his meal and drink, gathering it together to head to class.
    "Alright, bud. We got class to get to." Robby mentioned to Gem as the Sableye hopped up on his shoulder. "See you guys around." He said to the other two fellow students as he went to put his tray away and head to class.
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  37. "Sure, have a seat. I'm Dahlia by the way," Dahlia said to Brian and heard his comment about her Pokémon being adorable, "Thanks." She then turned to Lileep and petted its head. "In fact, I got this little guy just recently during our break," she said as she continued to pet the fossil Pokémon, "I saw it as a fossil at the Nacrene Museum, in a shipment with some other relics. After pointing it out, Lenora, the keeper of the museum, had some people resurrect it and gave it to me. She knew that I had a fondness for Grass-type Pokémon."

    Lileep let out a happy cry as it remembered the day it was resurrected and met Dahlia.

    Dahlia seized on petting Lileep and turned back to Brian. "Say, isn't Opelucid City where the Dragon-type gym is?" She asked, going back on the topic of the city he's from.
  38. Brian smiled and went to sit down with Dahlia and Colin and looked at their Pokemon once more. "I'm sure my little ones would love to meet yours." He said as one by one, he got out a Poke ball to let out his Gothita, his silver Beldum and Ralts who all waved at their trainer before they approached the pair's Pokemon to introduce themselves.

    "Dahlia, a wonderful name indeed. And to answer your question regarding my home, yes it is, I've even been inside it once when my father went to talk with the Gym Leader there, my father knows him quite well. I've been in Opelucid for as long as I can remember." Brian said while his Pokemon displayed a sense of politeness toward the other Pokemon.
  39. Dahlia couldn't help but blush a bit after hearing Brian complement her name as no one has done that before, especially a boy. "Th-Thanks," she said after hearing the complement that caught her off guard. Her blush quickly disappeared after seeing Brian's Pokémon. "Wow! What cute Pokémon you have!" She said and noticed that they were all Psychic-types, "Are you working to become a Psychic-type gym leader?"

    Snivy, Bounsweet, Lileep, and Bellossom greeted Brian's Pokémon as the trainers continued to socialize with each other.
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  40. Brian's smile showed a faint sign of teeth when he saw Dahlia's blush, this caused him to chuckle lightly as his Pokemon happily conversed with the others, Beldum eventually levitated up to listen to Brian's conversation, unaware that its gleaming silver body was likely to reflect sunlight.

    "I am indeed. I plan to be a little bit of a mixture between my parents. My mother is a powerful and respected Pokemon trainer and my father is a fortune teller who specializes in Psychic type Pokemon and foreseeing destiny!" Brian said as his tone sounded more and more dramatic, he realized this and cleared his throat with another chuckle. "Forgive me, I tend to get a little bit dramatic at times."

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