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Ask to Join GYM Leader Academy (GLA)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, May 22, 2020.

  1. Dear Azumi and Maker Towers,

    We hope that this letter finds you well. We have looked over your application to join our school, GLA, and we want to congratulate you on being accepted to join us.
    Please read over our manual and norms to avoid any unpleasant situations. We have included your ID for entrance and also a badge showing you are a student in GLA with the symbol of the house you will be joining.
    We await for you starting August 23rd, in Tohjo Falls, at 8 a.m. Your schedule is included along with a map, but don't hesitate to ask anyone for directions.

    Thank you for choosing us and welcome to GLA, where leaders are born!

    "Wow how dramatic." Maker said as she looked over her sister's shoulder. Like always, Azumi was trying to study and Maker was there talking about her social life. Even though each sister had their own room, Maker always preferred to keep her twin company, whether Azumi wanted to or not.
    Azumi sighed at the comment made by her sister, she thought it was a very nice an formal letter. She even felt inspired until her sister opened her mouth. Azumi looked at her ID that had came in the envelope, she wanted to make sure she looked good in the picture. It took her about an hour to get it right before sending it with the application, unlike Maker who was a professional at selfies.
    "Well we should start packing." Azumi said as she placed the letter and ID on her desk.

    --- 2 Weeks later ---

    "You know, it looked better on the internet." Maker said as she walked up to the school gates with her sister. "Hopefully the inside looks better. I understand it's supposed to look old, but sheesh get some smart TVs here and there, that way you don't gotta spam maps to the freshman."
    "Maker, behave." Azumi said as they slid their IDs and one of the many gates opened for them. "We're here to learn and make a career out of it, you should try and focus on that."
    Maker nodded as if in agreement, but it was really just a natural reaction when she wasn't paying attention. "Yeah okay, we should look for some cute boys, right Eve?" She looked down at her Eevee.
    Eve looked up, annoyed, and then looked away. She didn't like that her trainer always had the same thoughts in her head. Eve could really go for a spa day and Maker wanted to find boys, who most of the time were annoying.
    Azumi covered Nana's ears, trying her best to have her Ralts avoid hearing Maker's terrible ideas. "Now Nana, you just focus on your dancing." Azumi whispered to the Ralts in her arms. Nana giggled and continued to eat a cookie, which seemed to have been in her hands for a while now as the chocolate chips were melting.

    The twins and their Pokemon walked through the small tunnel after the gates. It was made of glass, showing the Forest and rivers around the school property and letting all the sunlight in. It was like and underwater aquarium, but above ground. There were many students with their uniforms running around and talking in groups. Here and there a few battles were going on, some seemed to be more for contest and some for sport. There was a Machamp holding a pyramid of cheerleaders with a Mime Jr on the top, twirling, which made Nana cry out excitedly. There was a Lickytung and a Munchlax who seemed to be having an eating contest and by the fountains a girl was feeding a school of Goldfish.
    While Azumi took in the scenery, Maker looked at the map upside down. "I don't get it, where's my room?"
    Azumi cleared there throat. "Building on the far east, despite being in different houses, all freshman go to the same room. This building is called the filter. Many people drop out during freshman year because they aren't good enough and only those who survive go to their respective houses starting sophomore year. Then we got Suicune house on the south, Entei on the north and Raikou on the west."
    Maker stopped as they reached the end of the tunnel and the path divided into four, each leading to a different building. "Okay, so where is the actual school?"
    Azumi rolled her eyes. "Really? On top of the falls. Everyone knows that, past the house of Entei there's an uphill walk to the school building, GYM and stadiums."

    "Alright everyone gather around!" A man with a megaphone said. "Sorry! Not everyone, just freshman. I am the tour guide to your dorms!" He was lifted by a Hariyama so he could stand out. "Come on! We don't got all day!"

    Azumi pulled her sister to the small crowd that was gathering, with Eve skipping joyfully behind and Nana still working on the cookie. Maker looked annoyed as they reached the group, she didn't want others to see she was a freshman, that could ruin her new reputation.
  2. Daniel had his hands in his pockets as he walked through the school gates, a Dreepy seemed to cheerfully orbit the strange boy who's walking style looked sloppy as if he had just walked out of a bar after a little too much alcohol, a few of the students who noticed him flinched at how he looked. "Dude, what's up with that guy, he looks like he rose from the dead." One student said only to be elbowed by his friend. "Quit it, you want him to hear you?" The latter replied as Daniel turned his head to look at them, his upper eyelids acted like they were only hung by a thread and would close any second.

    "I heard you." He said in an eerily calm tone of voice before he walked onward while his Dreepy simply sneered at the two students who awkwardly stepped back. Daniel got out his schedule to see where he was meant to go, although he knew it would likely be different as he only just arrived. "Huh, interesting stuff here." Daniel said as he looked at the sightings such as the cheerleader pyramid and a few Pokemon battles.

    Before Daniel could walk to get a closer look, he heard one teacher call out for the new students, so naturally, he went over to approach them. Dreepy on the other hand simply went to rest atop Daniel's head while the trainer tried to sand up straight and folded his arms, while he waited, he turned his head to look around, his gaze--while droopy and tired--was unintentionally ominous to some people.
  3. Drake arrived at the new school that he was sent to. So naturally he traveled all the way from Kalos to get here. He looked to his side to see the sidewalk getting ripped up. “Gabite! Get out of there right now!” Drake yelled. Gabite jumped out from the ground with it’s head down. “You know better. Don’t do that ever again.” Gabite looked up at his trainer and nodded. “Good. Now let’s get inside.”
    Drake walked inside the new school. He saw a Machamp holding a pyramid. And he saw a few battles going on. He then heard the person calling for new students so he went over there with Gabite at his side.
  4. “Renz, a letter came for you.”

    Renz burst out of his room and came down the stairs several steps at a time, turned, and dashed into the shop, where his mother was waiting for him. He grabbed it quickly, not caring if he was rebuked for snatching or not. He looked at the address, felt his heart rise in his chest, and ripped into the envelope. He pulled out the contents and began reading through it.

    A moment later he was jumping around, pumping his fists in the air. His mother seemed to guess what he was so excited about, and she smiled widely. Renz stopped capering long enough to wrap her up in a solid hug, and his words began coming out a jumble.

    “Yes yes yes yes yes!! I’m going to JLA! I can’t even believe it oh my goodness yes! Yes!!”

    He let go and ran for the stairs. As he went, you could hear his yells for several houses around:

    “Gible! We’re in! We’re going to GLA!!!”

    -Approximately two weeks later-

    Renz hugged his mom goodbye. He had already thanked her for coming all the way to drop him off, and this last goodbye was all that remained before he could enter his new school.

    “My new school. It’s actually a bit scary... but it’s gonna be great!! I’ll learn a lot, and probably make some new friends. And I’ve got my best friends with me. I’ll be fine.”

    “Thanks again, mom. I’ll call, okay?”

    “All right, sweetie. I’ll talk to you later. Go on, get in there!”

    “Bye, mom!”

    With that he turned and went to one of the gates. It took him a moment to realize he needed his ID Card to open it and how to use it, but after that brief bump in the road he was inside.

    And it was amazing. He to him, the campus looked just as good as it had online. Sure, the grass wasn’t quite as green, and there were a lot more people, but everything looked wonderful. He hustled forward, taking in the sights and wondering where he should go. Then he remembered something, and paused.

    “All right, everyone, come out and take a look!”

    He pulled out three Pokéballs and released the Pokémon inside. First out was a small, grey-blue Pokémon that was 50 percent mouth. Second was a crocodilian Pokemon, brown with black stripes and with dark markings on its eyes, and finally a equine Pokémon, also brown. Renz got their attention.

    “We’re here, everyone! This is the Gym Leader Academy campus! Hey, Gible! Don’t go wandering off already...”

    He was interrupted by a man speaking into a Megaphone and calling over all the freshmen. Renz caught sight of him, standing atop the arms of a Hariyama. Renz turned back to his team.

    “All right, Zade, Mudbray, return for now, okay?"

    He held out the Pokeballs and both were beamed inside. Then he bent down, scooped up Gible in his arms, and hurried over to the crowd. He took his place between a pair of girls and a person with a Gabite. Noticing that it was the evolved form of Gible, Renz took a good look at it. He was curious. However, he quickly turned his attention back to the man with the megaphone and waited.
  5. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    Alex stood in front of the school gates. Fluffy the Eevee sat by his side rubbing her neck against his leg. A few of the other students had already arrived and entered into the school. Alex was nervous beyond comprehension, he's always had trouble making friends and a new school in a new place where he new no-one was nerve-racking. Eventually he entered though the school gates. Fluffy ran off to play with a few of the other Pokémon. Alex noticed a crowd gathered with a teacher standing in the middle calling for new students. He walked up to the crowd and stood next to a few of the kids. One had a Gible next to him and the other had a Gabite.

    a man was shouting for all the new freshmen. He was being held up by a Haryama.

    The crowd was getting thicker so Alex picked up Fluffy and held him in his hands. Fluffy climbed onto Alex's shirt and up onto his shoulder, from there she left up onto his head and sat there for a while.

    Fluffy surprised Alex by leaping off of his head and landing on the head of the boy will the Gible, after that she leapt once again to the head of the boy with the Gabite. In response Alex stumbled forward and reached up to grab Fluffy off of the boy's head.

    "So sorry about that." He told the Trainers."Fluffy likes meeting new people."

    Alex held Fluffy close to his chest so that she couldn't climb back up, she seemed happy enough.
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  6. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Vikal! There's mail for you." a feminine voice came from the front of the farm. Vikal rose from the mareep flock he was tending, and singular Flaaffy, named Schtocky, did that same. Vikal looked over to his father, who nodded in approval, and ran with Schtoky to the voice, his mother.
    When he made it, he took the letter from his mother and sped-read it.
    "Oh hey, I was accepted into GLA. Oh wow." he said, sounding a little less excited than he should be.
    His mother looked at him, confused. "Wow? This merits more than a 'wow'. You put so much effort into getting accepted."
    'Well what?"
    Vikal rubbed the back of his head "I'm not saying I didn't put effort, but I kinda didn't put all my effort?"
    After a stern talking to, he and his family celebrated his acceptance.
    -Spoopy 2 week timeskip go-

    After getting a ride from his dad's Golurk, Vikal was wandering around the campus. Schtocky was walking on his left, his charjabug, named voltug, was clinging on his backpack, and his porygon, Vigit, was floating behind him.
    Vikal sat down on the floor and studied the map again. "Okay, where is the raikou house again?' he groaned.
    After a minute of futile searching, he sighed and reached into his backpack, taking out a disc in a case, a dubious disc. it was a gift from his father, who had innocently bought it from a shifty vendor as a way to evolve Vigit. Unfortunately, his technologically inept father got two things wrong, Vigit would need a up-grade to evolve first, and the dubious disc was, well, dubious. Vigit may not show a lot of self-consciousness, but he always seemed a little...afraid of the disc.
    Vikal's thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice. A man on a megaphone was calling for all freshman, saying he was a tour guide to their rooms. There was already a pretty sizable crowd around him. Vikal sighed, it's not like he was gonna get anywhere bumbling around like he was doing. With his pokemon by his side, barring Voltug, who had decided to move on his head, Vikal rose from his seat and joined the crowd.
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  7. Ashley Silver had been training with her Braviary, who was particularly hard to handle, when her father called her into the living room, finding a letter waiting for her.

    "I've been Accepted!" Ashley exclaimed as she read the letter.


    Two weeks later, Ashley had prepared for school and arrived, her Braviary had been perched on her shoulder. Her stuff had been brought out with the help of her father's Pidgeot, who flew back to her family home. She had her stuff ready as her Braviary squawked, alerting her to a man on a Hariyama, who was calling all freshman.
  8. Adrianna was on her typical routine around town, gathering berries for a snack with Buneary when suddenly she heard a yell from her house. Confused and concerned, the two made their way over to the house. "Honey! Honey come look!" Adrianna's mom cried. Before she could even react to what had caused her mother to shout so loud, she was met with the announcement: "They accepted you for Gym Leader school!".

    Now, after barely surviving using a map for the first time, Adrianna had finally found the place. Gym Leader Academy. "Well, we found it. Only took-" Adrianna checked her watch "-2 hours". The girl looked down in disappointment, but Buneary was there to cheer her up, by nuzzling her cheek. "Alright, alright, let's make our way into this place". Adrianna stepped through the doors and into the building, where she found a plethora of different trainers and pokemon, all waiting to be met. Alright! Who to talk to first?
  9. Ben woke up from his very deep sleep with his Larvitar also waking up. “What should we do today Larvitar?” Larvitar looked up confused. Then Ben heard a noise from the lower floor of his house. “Ben! Come down here! You have a letter!” Ben then slowly walked down the stairs and said. “What is it mo-wait. Hold the phone. I got into GLA?! This is amazing!”
    Two weeks have passed and Ben reached the school. He looked at the ground noticing it had been ruined. Probably from some ground type. He looked up to see the entrance of the school. He walked inside just to be amazed. He then heard a person calling for freshman. He walked up to a person that had a Gabite standing next to him.
  10. Back outside the gate, Renz's mom watched several people, including a girl wearing a hoodie, dark purple inside and black on the outside, go past and enter the school grounds. Then she pulled out a Pokeball and released a Pidgeot.
    "Ready to go, Falkner. Let's get back to Alola."
    She stroked the Pidgeot's feathers as she climbed onto his back. Then, with a fluid motion the big bird took off into the skies.

    The same girl in the dark purple hoodie walked across the grounds idly. She had noticed all the people playing and chatting, and the group of younger students starting to gather, but she didn't move to join any of them. Instead she sat down under a tree and let out her Pokémon. Out came a Zweilous, a Sneasel and a Vullaby. She began talking to them in a murmur, and all three seemed attentive.
    An older student walked over to her and cleared his throat. She glanced up, and looked back at her Pokémon again after a brief, piercing gaze from her maroon-ish eyes. The older student decided he needed to speak.
    “Freshmen should be gathering over there. You’ll miss some important stuff if you aren’t there.”
    The last was added as an afterthought, since the girl clearly wasn’t moving. With a roll of her eyes, the girl got up and began ambling over to the group. Her Pokémon all followed behind, and all didn’t look very keen on being approached.

    Renz was still looking at the megaphone man when he felt a heavy weight bounce off his head. He gave a small yelp of surprise and pain, and dropped his Gible as his hands shot up to his head. He didn’t have time to investigate damage to head and neck, though, because Gible was very unhappy at being dropped so unexpectedly and was preparing to bite Renz’s leg. They both heard a trainer apologizing, though, and Gible refrained form biting now that he realized Renz hadn’t done it on purpose. Renz rubbed his head for a moment, not responding to the apology, and then went to pick up Gible again.
  11. As Adrianna was looking around for new people to talk to, she felt a pull at her leg. Buneary was trying to get her attention, and when she looked at what it was that needed her attention, she noticed a crowd of people, around her age. “Oh my goodness, Buneary you’re a genuis! Cmon, lets go see whats up.” Buneary plopped itself into Adrianna hoodie, and they started towards the crowd.
    On their way they noticed a girl with a line of Pokémon behind her. Curious at the sight, Adrianna dashed to the girl with the purple hoodie to introduce herself. “Hey there! I’m Adrianna, pleasure to meet you. I see you got a Pokemon train behind you, that’s super cool!” Adrianna said, amused and intrigued by the loyalty of the Pokemon.
  12. Tsuzuki hurriedly made his way to the location the letter had told him to go to, stopping only for short breaks. He didn't want to be late, so he was going as fast as he could. He finally made it to the school gates, some two and half hours after landing in Cherrygrove City. The place definitely looked much more worn down in person, he knew it was old, but he expected it to at least be well maintained considering it was still a functioning school. Tsuzuki walked through the gates and looked around for a little while, picking up on an announcement for freshman to gather around. He approached the crowd, noticing that most people were around his age, satisfied that he was now in the right place he breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed for a bit, though his nerves were still keeping him on edge.
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  13. Drake looked behind him to see a boy and his Larvitar standing right behind him. “Hello there. I’m Drake, and this is my Gabite.” Ben looked in awe at the Gabite. “I’m Ben. Nice to meet you. I’m new here so I’m a freshman.” “Same with me. That’s why we’re right over here about to get out tour guide.” Gabite was then introducing itself to the Larvitar. “Larvitar has been my partner ever since I was very young. I come from a family that owns a bunch of rock types.” Drake looked up at Ben. “I’ve owned Gabite ever since he was a Gible. Professor Sycamore gave me a Gible to take with me on my own journey. And here I am.” “Wow. Well let’s stop talking for now.”
  14. Hunter walked past the school gates and joined the crowd gathering around a man being held up by a Hariyama. Was he short or did he just wanted to be seen by everyone? Hunter put his hands in his pockets and stretched himself, trying to look as cocky and proud as possible. He just watched the man speaking, not joining in on the chatter around him. His Monferno, who currently wasn't in his pokeball, was climbing on Hunter's shoulders, and making constant noises.

    "Shut up, please," Hunter said, quietly, to his pokémon. The Monferno quickly became quiet, but was still jumping around on Hunter's shoulders, being very annoying. However, Hunter just took a deep breath and relaxed, something that he had became really good at while training with Bruno. He had developed a really strong bond with Bruno over the five years of being his student. The first thing he was going to do when he finished school was going to travel back to Kanto, so he could tell Bruno the good news. But nevermind that, now he had to focus on his studies. Normally people would be very nervous changing school, but Bruno had taught Hunter how to be relaxed at every time, which Hunter had, with time, become really good at. Now he just had to wait and listen to the man speaking, and he listened closely.
  15. "We have to stay where?" Marinea asked, her speech sluggish but direct. Her odd mannerisms still made Sethis wonder how she'd been accepted to GLA. But the size and the ferocity of the Heracross that slinked beside gave Seth second and third thoughts alike.

    "All the other freshmen, or somethin'." He said. He'd read the rules by himself and once again after running into this odd girl from the Ilex Forest, when she asked for help. They'd arrived in opposite directions, with no prior knowledge of each other. But Mari and Seth fell into a comfortable silence as they walked to the same place.

    The Academy itself was a mountain-hidden haven. Seth checked and double-checked his map as he led Marinea around. Their fellow freshmen flocked to a Hariyama-standing man with a megaphone, shouting for their attention.

    Seth and Marinea had no interest. They wanted to wander up the mountain and get lost. Neither had to express that to each other. It was inherent.

    "Will the man get mad?" Mari asked, more curious than concerned.

    "Maybe." Seth whistled innocently as they wandered past groups of students in conversation, holding mock battles, generally taking up space. The freshmen used the older student bodies to hide their escape.

    "Mountains first?" Mari inquired.

    "Well I wanna swing by the Raikou dorms, first..." he said.

    Seth led the way, working off memory of the map so as not to give away his freshmen status. He didnt want any snitching upperclassmen or teacher assistants ruining their fun.

    "Is this trouble?" Still more curious than concerned, Mari shot a nervous look at Heracross.

    "Eh, what can they do? Kick us out on our first day?"
  16. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    Alex was extremely embarrassed about Fluffy's outburst. The Eevee was occupying his arms so he couldn't help the trainer up. He felt extremely awkward just watching the trainer so he tried shifting Fluffy to one hand so that he could help him up. Fluffy responded by jumping down to the ground and settling down at Alex's feet. He helped the trainer up and apologised again before turning back to the teacher. He slipped his Rotomphone out of his pocket and glanced at the time. Seeing that school was about to start he assumed it wouldn't be too long for the tour to starts.

    In the meantime Alex looked around at his surroundings, he was a social butterfly and needed some friends that he could just be himself around. He looked to his left and saw a boy who he assumed had just woken up, his walking was sloppy and his eyes half closed. People are normal grumpy in the morning so Alex kept looking. To his right he saw a boy all proud and arrogant looking. He hated people like that so once again he kept looking. The guy next to him was an option but Fluffy had just jumped on his head and pushed him over so he assumed the guy wouldn't be too keen to become friends. There was a pair of twins within the crowd, one seemed keen to make friends but the other looked like she wanted to jump off a cliff from embarrassment. He thought they could be some friends so he weaved his way toward them.

    "Hi, I'm Alex." Alex started. "I see you have an Eevee, so do I." Alex smiled as Fluffy crawled around from behind Alex's leg.
  17. Ashley had been listening to the man on the Hariyama's speech when Braviary flew to her head, causing Ashley to groan as her Normal/Flying type landed. She was watching the speech while keeping her Braviary in check. The bird flew off, causing her to chase after her Pokemon. The Pokemon flew over a boy with a Gible.

    "Braviary!" Ashley called out to her Pokemon, then nearly stumbled into said boy, trying to catch up to her Pokemon.
  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Pearl skimmed her hand over the water, her blue eyes sparkling as she watched her Magikarp, Draco, swim within a small pool. Nearby, Derp Lord, a Whooper someone gave her with that name, napped, his small, fragile body curled up in a ball. It was so peaceful on such a lovely day in Hoenn. Pearl simply enjoyed her secret spot, a place only she and her Pokemon knew about. Somewhere where she could relax and all her troubles could melt away for a few moments.
    Pearl hear some rustling of the leaves and instantly whipped around, hoping no one found this spot as well. She was relieved when it was just a fluffy brown fox-like Pokemon with an envelope in her mouth. A smile crept onto the girl's mouth. With her dry hand, she reached for the envelope as she dried her wet one on her skirt. Glancing down at the return address, her heart skipped a beat. This was a letter from GLA. She gulped as she carefully opened the letter and removed it from the envelope before instantly putting it back in. She had to be around her parents for this. She just had to be.
    Around lunch, the same day, Pearl fingered the letter, still unopened. Her parents already said that they would see what it said right before lunch. As the time drew nearer to her discovery whether she was accepted or not, she grew more anxious. At last, the moment arrived. She unfolded the letter slowly, scared to see what it said. After reading it, tears formed in Pearl's eyes as a huge smile appeared on her face. "I'm in. I'm in!" She exclaimed as she gave her parents a hug.

    Pearl walked up to the school. It was so beautiful! To her anyway. Aqua stood beside her as Derp Lord sat on her shoulder. After sliding her school pass and glancing down at a map again, she entered the grounds. She glanced at the various students and thier activities before a man with a megaphone grabbed her attention. She stared directly at the crowd and made her way over, not talking to any of the other students.
    Dai Lin sat on a zabuton as she drank some tea. Her Eevee slept nearby, probably by the fireplace, if Dai Lin were to check. After all, that was one of the warmest places in the house. Dai Lin glanced at Bob, her Oranguru. "The mail should be coming in any moment now and an acceptance letter to GLA should be within that mail," she said calmly before taking in another sip of her tea. Right after she placed her cup back on the table, her father walked in with the mail and handed a letter to her. Dai Lin opened the envelope and read through it before taking the items that came with the letter and heading to her room. The trip from Johto to the location of the school was probably going to take a while.
    Dai Lin entered the school grounds without looking at the map. She studied it when she was given it. After all, she needed to be the best of the best. Psychic was considered one of the best types, and she, as a psychic-type trainer needed to keep that good reputation. Her face showed no emotion as she walked straight to where the freshmen were supposed to gather for a tour, though she didn't need it. She joined up with the others, all her Pokemon within thier Pokeballs. She rose a brow to the amount of 'mons being shown off. And the Eevees. Almost made her feel guilty for having one of the fluffballs. Almost.
  19. Maker looked over at the Monferno, her love for fire types wouldn't allow her to ignore such a strong Pokemon. She waved and smiled at it, causing her Eevee to pout out of jealousy. She stopped when another Eevee user approached her, changing her attitude to an annoyed one. "Yeah I obviously have one." She crossed her arms. "I'm Maker Towers, future top fire trainer in the world. Remember this moment because when I'm famous, I won't remember ya." She smirked.

    "Thank you for gathering around and let me be the first to say Welcome to GLA! I'm the might John Godspeed and this is my Hariyama, known for breaking records in this school." The fighting Pokemon set the teacher down. "Now! We are to take the famous tour around the school! You'll be free to visit each building more on your free time, right now it's just the rundown. Anyways, follow me, stay close and enjoy!" Mr. Godspeed began leading the group to the dorms on the east first, stopping outside of them. "This is where you all will spend your first year and if you survive..." He chuckled. "Then you can join the others in the house you belong to. Anyways, let's keep going."
    He lead the group down the path that led to the house of Suicune, along the way there was a garden well alined with different colored roses and other flowers. Some Pokemon played inside while some students sat on the stone benches to the side. The street lamps were off but they seemed to be part of the decoration. For some reason, the sound and atmosphere was a lot more relaxed compared to the entrance. Add the nice summer breeze and it was the perfect spot to get away from the rest of the world.
    "Here we are. Suicune house." Mr. Godspeed said as he stopped in front of the building. "You wear a blue jacket, you might be here one day. They won lasts year's battle of the houses, making it 13 wins for them." He sighed and clapped his hands, followed by his Hariyama, which caused a small gusts to steer up. "Let's go!"
    He lead the group through another path, this one was different. It was alined with a stone path, short grass on the sides and a tall tree every now and then, with a Sudowoodo who seemed to be pretending to be one. Near the Raikou house there was a group of trainers wearing the yellow jacket who seemed to be watching something important on a portable television. "I knew Whitney's Milktank would stomp that Hitmontop, that thing is a beast man, never bet against it!" One yelled out.
    Mr. Godspeed smiled and stopped in front of the building. "Here are the famous bolts! They have won the battle of houses 20 times! But have a four year losing streak, maybe you guys can change that." He waved at the group of students who gave him a mean look. "They don't like to talk about that..." He chuckled and looked around before pointing down the next path. "Let's continue shall we?"
    He had the group follow him down the next path which was also different. There were many small shops alongside. "This is known as the GLA market, you will spend a lot of time shopping here, trust me." Mr. Godspeed said as they walked.
    There were several shops. One had a bunch of berries set out for sale, being watched by a Xatu, who seemed to be asleep. There was an electronic shop with the employee watching one of the televisions on displayed, where a Milktank seemed to be battling a Pidgeotto. There was also a small convince store that had some tables set outside and students were enjoying their snacks. There was a bookstore with a Glameow sleeping on some books on sale, there was a flower shop with Sunkern and Sunfloras joyfully running around, there was a hardware store with an old man petting a very dirty Mankey, a pharmacy and other common stores. At the end was the Entei building.
    "Here we are, my former home and where some of you will stay, one day. Sixteen times champions and aiming for this year's title. Now let's move on, there's one thing I still gotta show you all." He scratched his short blonde hair and smiled. "You gotta see how to get to school tomorrow, right?"
    He led the group past the Entei building and further north, where there was a a small building with many Corviknights resting nearby. "Here is your way to school, you can go through that trail." He pointed at a path that led into the forest and it seemed to go uphill until reaching the top of the falls. "Or take a ride. Just show your ID and they will take you there." He sighed and looked at the waterfalls. "All kinds of trainers, GYM leaders, elite fours and even champions have passed through here. Hopefully you all do the same." He looked back at the group. "Now, I got here the list of your roomies and room number. Afterwards you're free to go. Remember that our GYM, Stadiums and other facilities are over the waterfalls, I suggest you take a map tomorrow. Anyways let's see..." His blue eyes scanned the list. "First off.. it's a mixed dorm, don't worry you have your private bedroom and bathroom, you just share living room and kitchen. We did this to avoid fights, which for some reason were more common in the girl's dorms... Anyways, room 1A Drake Dragonstein and Pearl Rivera? Sorry if I slaughter names. Then we have 2A Ashley Lina and Sethis Endregon, 3A is Maker Towers and Alex Lockheart, 4A is Nathaniel Hunter and Tsuzuki Soloman, I hope I said that right, 5A Daniel Swanson and Jackie Danthorpe, 1B Renz Flintrock and Dai Lin, 2B Azumi Towers and Ben Ryder, 3B Jade Silvercombe Vikal Gypsum, 4B is the luxury for three and the lucky winners are Marinea Farron, Smith Nails and Adriana Gonzalez." He sighed and smiled. "I'm open for questions otherwise you're all dismissed. See you tomorrow at 8, bring one Pokemon and we will meet outside the track field."

    Maker pouted. "Who's Alex?!" She shouted, while Azumi covered her face in embarrassment.
  20. Cáscara Olas

    Cáscara Olas Previously IExistToo

    Alex stepped back into the crowd, deflated a little bit by the sour demeanour of the other Eevee user. Alex made a mental note to avoid her. The man at the centre of the crowd introduced himself as John Goodspeed a previous occupant of GLA. During the tour Mr Goodspeed showed the freshman many areas such as the older dorms, the shopping district and the flight station. Once the crowd arrived at the freshman dorms. Alex payed attention as the dorm mates where announced.

    "...3A is Maker Towers and Alex Lockheart..." Mr Godspeed stated. As Alex wondered who Maker Towers could be, the girl with the Eevee shouted over the crowd.
    "Who's Alex?!" Alex groaned as he made his way though the crowd to Maker. As Alex approached Maker he decided to try to be as nice as he can, no matter how sassy he wanted to be. As he approached he watched Maker's face as it dramatically changed.
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  21. "Who's this Soloman guy?" Hunter said to himself, quietly. He lifted his cap up to let his long, black, curly hair out. He usually kept his hair under his cap, in oreder for it to not get in the way of his sight. However, now he felt like it was tangling itself under the cap, so he had to let it out. It fell down to his chest, that's about how long his hair was. Hunter took down Monferno from his shoulder and put it on his head instead. The Monferno had started scratching Hunter's shoulder, that's why Hunter had to take it off. He looked around, trying to see if anyone would approach him. "I feel sorry for that guy if he specializes in grasstypes, since you really like to light things on fire," Hunter said to the monkey on his head. Monferno let out a little squeak, while Hunter just laughed.

    "Wow, there's alot of trainers with Eevee's here." Hunter said. "However, I guess that makes sense, since Eevee can evolve into eight different pokémon." Maybe Hunter should've gotten himself an Eevee, but then he remembered that not a single of Eevee's evolutions is a fighting type. Suddenly he remembered what he was doing, and he continued too look for if anyone would approach him. Hunter didn't want to be the one to approach the other guy, since that just wasn't his style. He just stood there, dragging his hand through his hair as he looked for Soloman.
  22. "Which one of you is Nathan?" Tsuzuki said with a raised voice, he had no clue who any of these people were so he was having trouble finding his roommate. He walked around for a bit, looking for the most likely candidate and asking a few people if they knew who he was, no one did and his searching around didn't really get anywhere. "Right, which one of you are Nathan!?" He said again, louder this time hoping for his new roommate to hear.
  23. Hunter looked at the guy yelling. That had to be the Soloman guy, right?
    "Dude, no need to yell, I'm right here," he said. "The one with the black hair and a Monferno." Hunter got a little annoyed being called Nathan. He liked to be called Hunter the most, but of course Soloman couldn't know that. The Monferno on his head took Hunter's cap and started running around him. Then he jumped up on Hunter's head again and put the cap back. "Thank you for that, Monferno," Hunter said to the pokémon.
  24. Renz stood still, looking up the falls and wondering what it would be like at the top. The whole tour had been interesting for him, but this final stop was amazing. He had already decided that he would walk up the path tomorrow when the guide told them who they would be sharing living rooms and kitchens with.
    "Dai Lin? Is that a girl or a boy? I really can't tell... well, I guess I'll meet them soon enough... so what now?"
    He continued looking up at the falls as people began shouting and trying to find their roommates. He didn't particularly care for the noise, so he walked a bit farther away and began to think. It seemed like there was lots to do, but perhaps it would be smartest to drop off his things in his room, and possibly meet his roommate there instead of shouting. So, he set off back down the path to go to the 'Filter'. When he arrived he took his ID card and put it against the handle, like he had seen in hotels. When he tried the door, it was unlocked, but he wasn't fully sure if it was already unlocked or if his keycard had done anything. With a shrug, he pushed into the room and looked around.
    "Hm. Not bad..."
    "But what now?"

    Jackie stayed long enough to hear the guide's dismissal and then left. She didn't need all this information, except for the ways to get up to the top of the falls. Waste of time, as far as she was concerned. She went back to the south, past the Entei dorms and into the area with the shops. She glanced around at the shops again. She had seen them all as they passed through before, but she wanted to remember what was there. Berries, books, flowers, hardware... perhaps... no, she wouldn't check it out now. Later, perhaps. Her Pokemon were still out, and she gave Rift a pat on one of his heads before walking on down the path.
  25. AlolanOreo

    AlolanOreo Previously pocky ✨

    Jade had received her letter to attend the GLA two weeks ago (go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong on that), and she'd been excitedly waiting for this day. She was currently trying to find her announced roommate, someone by the name of "Vikal Gypsum". Hatenna was sitting on her head, looking around at everyone. Because Jade thought shouting might make her stand out, though nearly everyone else in the room was shouting as well, she didn't really want to shout, being a little shy. Then again, nobody would hear Jade over everyone else shouting, anyways. She decided to ask around for her roommate, going over to several people and asking them if they'd met or heard of anyone named Vikal.
  26. Daniel raised an eyebrow at the mention of his name along with a 'Jackie Danthorpe.' "So it seems like I'll be sharing a room with someone; hope they don't get too creeped out by me like a lot of other people do." Daniel thought to himself and looked down with slight worry. He shrugged and decided to walk over and collect his map and key with his room number. "5A..." Daniel muttered as he put his items in his pocket and saw his Dreepy fly around his head once more, the mere sight of his beloved Pokemon was enough to make Daniel smile slightly with comfort as he went to pet her head.

    "Wanna check out some of the stores before checking our Entei dorm?" Daniel asked Dreepy who chirped with excitement, he had a look around and decided to go to the convenience store to get himself a drink. He had two bottles of fresh water packed with him, but he wanted a good drink, a sweet and cold drink for a nice sunny day. As Daniel was a bout to go through the door, he noticed a student on their way out and flinched at the sight of the pale skinned boy, Daniel's face turned to annoyance as he already knew what thoughts went through the student's mind.

    "Yeah, I know, I'm creepy, next question." Daniel said with a clear tone of sass that seemed to reassure the student a little bit as they walked out while Daniel went in, Dreepy on the other hand stuck her tongue out at the student before she joined her trainer. "Nice to know there's a wide selection." Daniel said as he went to grab himself a soda pop and a small bag of biscuits for his Dreepy. "What's up." Daniel asked the store clerk while he put his stuff on the counter. "Not much... you a new student?" The man asked. "Yeah, I'll likely be here often." Daniel replied as he put some money on the counter.

    "You look like you'll be interesting company." The store clerk replied as he slid Daniel's stuff back to him and took the money... only to return a bit of change. "Have nice day." The man said with a smile. "Thanks." Daniel responded with a nod as he took his stuff and walked out, he put the biscuits in his inner coat pocket and went to take a swig of his drink as he walked over to the Entei building so he could find his room beforehand.
  27. “Sorry, I’d been looking around for a while and you didn’t seem to hear my first shout.” He explained, looking at his new roommate for the year. “So you’re a fire type trainer, huh? Not a lot of fire type gyms around so it’s good to see that people are still willing to pick it up. I don’t have any of my Pokémon out right now, but I’m a grass type trainer. I’m hoping to take over at the Striaton City Gym.”
  28. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Vikal turned, planning on finding this "Jade" person. But before he could attempt to find her, another girl had walked up and asked if he knew someone named Vikal. VIkal gave a huge grin.
    "Know him? Hmmmmm, maybe I've met him. Does he have black eyes and hair, about ye high, and a flaaffy partner?" he asked, pointing to his own features, height, and Schtocky the Flaaffy, who looked at his trainer curiously, never being one to understand sarcasm.
    Voltug was now crawling over Vikal's arm, as if racing something. And Vigit simply stared at the girl, analyzing her as he does to anything new.
  29. AlolanOreo

    AlolanOreo Previously pocky ✨

    Jade sighed. "So what you're trying to say is that you're the Vikal I'm asking around for? Well, if so, then I guess we're roommates. And judging by your Pokémon, your type is Electric-type?" She let out Ralts so that Vikal could see what Pokémon type Jade was going to be taking care of. "If that's the case, then that's pretty cool! By the way, as I'm sure you know by now, I'm Jade."
    Hatenna, as usual, was sleeping on Jade's head, not really paying attention to anything that was going on. Ralts looked up at Vikal, observing him in silence.
  30. Drake was looking up at the falls when he heard his name get called out. “1A, huh. With a person named Pearl Rivera. Ben, good luck finding your roommate.” Drake smiled and left Ben. “Thanks man. Okay my roommate is Azumi Towers. Now where are they?” Ben looked around to see if he could see anyone. “Is Azumi Towers near here?!” Ben shouted really loud.

    Drake was wondering around looking for this Pearl person. Where could she be? He looked around for quite a while. He didn’t want to do what Ben did, because he thought it might get him in trouble. “Gabite, search underground please.” Gabite nodded it’s head and went underground. “Hopefully he finds them or I find them soon.”
  31. "So you're Soloman, right?" Hunter asked. "And no, I'm not a fire type trainer. I actually specialize in figthing types." He continued dragging his hand through his hair, but he kept is gaze focused on his new roommate. "I actually haven't met a lot of grass type trainers, so this might be interesting," he said. "And don't worry, I'm not going to strangle you in your sleep." Hunter held out his right hair, still dragging his left through his hair, for the other trainer to shake it.

    "So, what Pokémon do you have?" Hunter asked, staring into Soloman's eyes. "And it's nice that you have a goal. I don't really know what gym I want to take over, I guess I want to take over Bruno's place in the Elite Four. What do you think of the school?" He was hoping that if he asked Soloman a lot of questions then that would distract Soloman so he wouldn't ask Hunter any questions, since he didn't like when people asked him stuff, atleast not about personal stuff.
  32. Adrianna had been looking around at the fascinating other people in the crowd, and not really paying attention to the guy talking. Adrianna was focused more on the Pokemon she'd never seen in person around her, and how lucky she was to be part of something this cool. That is until she heard her name be called by the important person. Realizing she hadn't been paying a lick of attention, fear started to arise in Adrianna, as she looked around to find everyone else had been moving in a certain direction towards a 4 story building. Still wondering what to do, Adrianna looked down to see Buneary using its ears to point towards the 4th floor on the building, and a room with a larger window than all the rest. "Oh thanks, Buneary, you're a lifesaver!" Buneary merely rolled its eyes and hopped back into Adrianna's hoodie as she raced into the building.

    On the 4th floor, Buneary lead Arianna to a room with the title "4B". "This is the place? Well that's gonna be a fun stairway up and down." Adrianna said to herself out loud. She used the ID she had been given by the school to unlock the door and went inside. There, she saw a massive bedroom, with enough room to house 3 people. With hesitation, Adrianna ran towards one of the beds and jumped into it, resting finally after a long day of navigation. Buneary, who lagged behind, making sure to close the door Adrianna left unlocked, also hopped onto the bed and took a well-deserved break from all the craziness.
    We're finally here...
  33. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "So you're Jade huh? Nice to meet you. And I guess you're a psychic trainer too?"
    Vikal looked curiously at the girl, then grinned. "Y'know, since we're apparently dismissed and we have a fair amount of time, we should do something to pass the time. What do you think about having a battle, just to see our skills?"
    At the mention of a battle, Schtocky's tail lighted up brightly, and his started bouncing excitedly, his wool giving off sparks. Voltug began climbing down Vikal's leg, hoping to absorb some of the energy Schtocky was giving off. Vigit's expression remained still, although he gave a slight wiggle with his feet.
  34. AlolanOreo

    AlolanOreo Previously pocky ✨

    "Sorry..." Jade began, "but would you mind if I just kind of explored the Academy to get familiar with it? Then we can have our battle. I just want to take a look around." She smiled apologetically, hoping Vikal would get it. "And yeah, I'm a Psychic-type trainer!"
    Hatenna woke up but didn't move, and Ralts just looked around. Jade's Pokémon were generally pretty quiet, so this was understandable.
  35. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Oh, sure, that's fine." Vikal grinned in response. "I don't mind, it's only logical. I suppose I should get used to this place too. It may be rickety, but it's certainly is more with the future than the farm, that's for sure." he laughed.
    Schtocky seemed to calm down, although his movement had made the static electricity in his wool start sparking. Luckily, Voltug was absorbing the energy, making his body glow faintly. Vigit floated down, intrigued by what Voltug was doing.
    "Still, I kinda wanna start training first, I'm more of a figure things out as you go kinda guy. Or maybe I'm just impulsive, dunno. Either way, I'll see you at the battlefield, Jade."
    Vikal waved as he walked toward the battlefield. Schtocky followed, with Voltug draped over his head, still absorbing the electricity. Vigit gave one last glance to the girl and her pokemon before following suit.
  36. Dreepy gave the back of Daniel's head a poke to get his attention. "What is it?" Daniel asked as Dreepy started to gesture something related to directions and burrowed in to the inside of Daniel's coat to get out his map. "I'm going the wrong way, is that what you're saying?" Daniel asked with a raised eyebrow while Dreepy nodded and handed Daniel the map to look at. "Right, my bad. Thanks for the reminder, lil' guy." Daniel said with slight embarrassment as he stepped away from the Entei building.
  37. "Huh? Yup! That's me, Tsuzuki Soloman!" He said, introducing himself with a smile. "Fighting types? Ah, well I guess that still makes sense. That Monferno of yours threw me off a bit." He said as an excuse, "I only have three Pokemon, my Phantump, my Snover and my starter Pokemon, Servine, who I evolved from a Snivy." He said, counting them off on his fingers even though he had so little. "Anyways, what about you? I know about your Monferno obviously, but you've gotta have more, right?" He asked.
  38. "Oh it's you?" Maker said a little disappointed as she looked at Alex. "Well, maybe you're not as bad as you seem." She smirked. "Just so you know, I might be popular and have many friends over. Also, I like things clean, so clean after yourself and..." Before she continued her twin sister pulled her back and stepped forward.
    "Sorry about Maker, she doesn't like the idea of being separated from me. If she gets out of control let me know please, okay?" She handed over a piece of paper with her PokeGear number.
    Maker pouted. "Azumi! You can't just give away your number to random people! They might get the wrong idea." She looked at Alex. "If you ever use that number for something that isn't an emergency, I will know." She and her Eevee gave a strong glare at Alex.
    Before Azumi could step in and defend Maker's victim, she heard her name being called out. She turned around and raised her hand, while still holding Nana, her Ralts, with the other. "I'm Azumi Towers." Nana imitated her trainer by raising her hand and holding her cookie with the other.
  39. “Hi there Azumi. I’m Ben Ryder. And this is my Larvitar.” Ben looked around. “I was wondering about what type you are. But as you can see, I’m a rock type trainer. And here are my two other Pokémon.” Ben tossed two Poké Balls up into the air and came out a Tyrunt and a Aron. They looked at Azumi with curious looks. And then they looked at Ben. “It’s okay. She won’t hurt you guys. Just stay as calm as Larvitar and you’ll be fine.” The two Pokémon nodded and where calm.
  40. After a few minutes of getting a breather, Adrianna decided it was time to do something to pass the time. While she hadn't been paying any attention to the speech, she did know that the campus was huge and that there were a lot more people she hadn't found or met. So, she decided that her own journey through the place would be the best thing to do!

    Adrianna knew that she had to have been sharing her room with someone since it was so large, so she decided it would be respectful to leave a note on the bed she jumped on, that read:

    Hey there roommate! I'm Adrianna, and I guess we share a room now? That's cool. Just leaving this hear to tell you this is my bed, and if you need to find me I'll be wandering the campus!
    -Signed, Adrianna.

    Buneary, seeing the note with handwriting, put its paw onto it, leaving a pawprint next to Adrianna's signature. Once all her stuff was in the dorm, and all she had on her were her pokemon and jacket, she left her room in search of more to do around the place, and all the wonderful people they would soon meet. That is, right after they took the long stairs again.

    Once the two were on the first floor once more, they stepped outside into the sun and were completely took back by the majesty and incredible-ness that the place showed, and took a good five minutes to simply take in the sight.

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