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DPPt/HGSS Gyarados/Snorlax/Salamence, good team?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by sunny131313, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. I want to come up with a good team for the battle frontier [level 50, platinum]. I don't want a different team for each place, so I tried to come up with a team with a lot of different moves.

    What do you think?


    Surf, Earthquake
    Dark Pulse, Ice Beam


    Thunderbolt, Phsychic
    Solarbeam, Focus Punch


    Dragon Pulse, Aerial Ace
    Stone Edge, Flamethrower

    That is a total of 12 different types of moves.
    {Water, Ground, Dark, Ice, Electric, Phsychic, Grass, Fighting, Dragon, Flying, Rock, and Fire.} That hist everything except Normal, Poison, Steel, Ghost, and Bug. So I think I hit most of them.

    Also, I don't use defensive moves. I know it's kind of stupid, but that's the way I have played through all the pokemon games. I don't intend on changing now. :)
  2. All though the formatting is nice and easy to read, try posting it like this:

    Pokémon @ Name of Item
    Effort Values (EVs)
    Ability (If more than 1 ability usually)

    -Move 1
    -Move 2
    -Move 3
    -Move 4

    Comments if you wish to include them.

    Also include if you want to re-breed or not, since there are many moves that are only obtainable though breeding.

    It's the basic formatting style we use, and you see this format quite often as well. This format makes it quite easy for others to go in and analyze the Pokémon at hand.


    And for some general pointers:

    Gyarados has a considerably higher Attack stat compared to its Special Attack stat.

    So Surf, Ice Beam, and Dark Pulse have to go.

    Use Waterfall or Aqua Tail instead of Surf.

    Ice Fang or Avalanche instead of Ice Beam, though having Ice Beam is sometimes useful. A physical Ice-type attack is more reliable though.

    Instead of Dark Pulse, Bounce is an option for Gyarados, being a physical attack and having STAB behind it. Stone Edge is also another option, though it has a shaky 80% accuracy. And there's also Dragon Dance as well. A great move for Gyarados. Easy way for it to get around its low speed stat.

    For Snorlax, same thing as Gyarados, its Attack stat is quite a bit higher than its Special Attack stat.

    So Thunderbolt, Psychic, and Solarbeam all have to go.

    Thunderpunch, Zen Headbutt and Seed Bomb will work if you want to use the Electric, Psychic, and Grass-typed attacks for Snorlax. Note that Thunderpunch and Seed Bomb are Tutored moves while Zen Headbutt is an egg move for Munchlax.

    Salamence has a higher Attack stat than Special Attack, but its Special Attack stat is by no means bad. By combining some of the best moves it can use, it can easily destroy opposing teams.

    Draco Meteor and Outrage come to mind. Using attacks from both attacking stats will make it easier for Salamence to handle some threats that come to your team. Especially ones that have a considerably higher Defensive stat than Special Defense Stat.
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  3. I will keep all of that in mind. In fact; I will start teaching those moves yet. However; I am stuck on Evs and Items. I have yet to breed my Magikarp for Gyrados yet, so I'll just give you the Natures for the other two.

    Snorlax @ ????
    Nature: Rash.

    Salamence [actually, it's still a bagon 0_0] @ ????
    Nature: Serious.

    I'll post the movesets once I decide them.

    [Also, this is my new account. My old account; I lost my password...]
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