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Guitar Hero III info thread

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Nachoman, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. All that you need to know about GHIII(Guitar Hero III) right here.
    Confirmed songs:
    My Name is Jonas,Weezer
    Cherub Rock,Smashing Pumpkins
    Cult of Personality,Living Colour
    Rock you like a Hurricane,The Scorpions
    Suck my Kiss,Red Hot Chili Peppers
    La Grange,ZZ Top
    Number of the Beast,Iron Maiden
    Through the Fire and Flames,Dragonforce(yay^^)
    Alice Cooper,Schools out
    Beastie Boys,Sabotage
    Slow Ride,Fog Hat
    Welcome to the Jungle,Guns n Roses(double yay^^ ^^)
    The Metal,Tenacious D
    Paint it Black,Rolling Stones
    Knights of Cydonia,Muse
    Evenflow,Pearl Jam
    Rock and roll all nite,KISS
    Miss Murder,AFI
    3s + 7s,Queens of the Stone Age
    Raining Blood,Slayer
    Reptillia,The Strokes
    Paranoid,Black Sabbath
    Cities on Flame,Blue Oyster Cult
    Mississippi Queen,Mountain.
    Backyard Bash
    Mitch's Moose Lounge
    Video Shoot
    Ye Olde Royal Odeon
    Shanker's Island
    Desert Rock Tour
    Kaiju Megadome
    Lou's Inferno
    Axel Steel
    Casey Lynch
    Grim Ripper
    Izzy Sparks
    Johnny Napalm
    Judy Nails
    Lars Umlaut
    Xavier Stone
    Midori (new)
    Slash (legend)
    Thx to score hero for going to neversoft to figure out all this crap.
    Rock and roll forever.
    Edit:Locking topic until i can figure out what the hells wrong with score hero.com.

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