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Guitar Hero III - DON'T BOTHER!

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by baratron, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
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    Guitar Hero III SUCKS.

    We decided to ignore all the people who were telling us not to bother getting it, because Rock Band won't be out in Europe until next year sometime and we need something new to play in the meantime. But, oh my god, it's bad. The new developer has wrecked Harmonix' work! There I was thinking they'd keep the same engine and just fit some new songs on it...

    I mean, these games are called rhythm action, right? Doesn't that mean you're supposed to play notes in time with the music? Well, in Guitar Hero III, PAL edition, you have to play the notes a second or two early and wait for the song to catch up. What the fuck? Also, the sound quality is crap. We have our PS2 wired through our stereo, so listen to everything through proper expensive speakers, and we were sitting there going "is the stereo on?" because it sounded like it was coming through the TV. It's like Pop n' Music 6, where they tried to cram too many songs onto the CD and compressed them to hell. Ugh.

    Richard is now playing the original Guitar Hero, because in his words, "At least if you miss a note you know why". Meanwhile, I'm looking up whether it's true that the PS3 has no region locking, because if so, I'll be importing the US version of Rock Band tomorrow.

    If you have never played Guitar Hero, buy the original or Guitar Hero II - which were made by Harmonix, who do not suck. Do not participate in Guitar Hero III! You will regret it!
  2. i agree with you, when i heard my friend play with his stereos attached it sounded like crap, and i couldn't even hear him make a mistake. also getting rock band is a good idea, this time you don't have worry about timing with the song from a computerized sing.
  3. actually, when i played it on the Wii it wasnt too bad, considering when you mess up the noise comes from the controller, and as far as i know the only time you play the note early is if you are on Easy or Medium. But thats just my opinion (and three other fans that have played since the original)
  4. That's odd. ' 3' I've played GH III for the Xbox 360 and it worked splendidly. I did better on 3 than I ever did on 2. Maybe III just isn't PS2 friendly?

    I dunno about Rock Band, do you HAVE to have 4 people to play? If so, then it sucks already.​
  5. There's a one player mode on rock band, you just have to choose what instrument you want play and the computer players will do the other instruments
  6. Seems fine to me, but then, it is my first GH, and I can't use the guitar...
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Demo for the game on the 360 seems pretty much just the same as the last one to me...
  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Right, I've just sat (well... stood) and blasted through the demo again fully under Katie's request and can safely say that this problem here:

    Not in the 360 version of the game at least. The notes sync up completely and it plays exactly the same as GHII before it. The interface is a bit tweaked so that there's less visual information being fed at you - so when you go into star power or you miss a note, you could miss it, definitely - but I felt it was a bit too distracting in GHII the way they had it set up, and I found I made less mistakes this time around after missing a note to begin with so I think it's better this way around.

    I, unfortunately, can't comment on the sound issue as I only have a pokey wee portable telly and no massive sound system hooked up to it or anything - but there have been reported issues with Stereo sound on the Wii version at least, fixed by replacing the discs. Maybe this has something to do with it? I certainly didn't notice any sound quality dip in going from GHII to GHIII's Demo - so it sounds fine enough for me on my TV anyways.

    Overall, it seems like a faithful continuation of Harmonix's work to me. The game plays the same, you get the same sort of feeling of "hey, my actions are making this music!", which is nifty as hell if it's a song you really like ("PUNK ROCK TRIED TO KIIIILL THE METAL! >=O") and the feel of the game is still fairly cheeky and 'indie'.

    I don't doubt that Rock Band will be the better game, but GHIII seems like a worthy game to carry the name to me - based on my experience with the demo anyway. But, outside of the co-op mode and the new Boss Battle bits, there's not exactly anything else within the game that experiencing will change your mind on past the initial first 5 songs.

    I'll be waiting to pick it up, but it definitely seems to me to be worth picking up. On the 360 at any rate.
  9. I TOATALLY agree with you guys that Guitar Hero III sucks!

    Maybe this should make you feel better, baratron...


    Trust me, even though they don't have Beach Boys, Guitar Hero III is a boatload of awful gameplay! I mean, I even agree what Doctor Oak has had to say!

    (Smashes the Guitar Hero III guitar...Jimmy Hendrix style!) ;D
  10. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    ... How can you agree with both Baratron AND DoctorOak? >> They're on totally different sides of the spectrum when it comes to this issue. Did you even read any of this?

    Awww, CRUD! I haven't played Guitar Hero III and I took different sides! I have soiled the good name of gaming! SOILED IT! SOILED IT! SOILED IT! SOILED IT! SOILED IT! SOILED IT! SOILED-!


    (RagingBanebou stands over his now-smashed robotic clone, holding a rice mallet in his hands as he sighs and looks at the pile of scrap metal)

    I knew I've shoulda worked the bugs on that thing...don't you agree, fellas?

    Still, I was talking about the PAL version of Guitar Hero III...

    (turns to Doctor Oak) Srry 4 wreckin the whole thing for ya, Doc! (Gives Doctor Oak a reassuring pat on the shoulder while smiling) No hard fellings, right? ^_^'
  12. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    I quite liked the Wii version to be honest. My review on it should be up when Alex gets round to it.
  13. lol I'm sorry but...I haven't had any of the problems you listed. I beat the game on expert...I can even survive through the fire and flames. I know at first it seems like the songs suck...but if you get far enough there are better ones. I'm kind of offended by this post I really like guitar hero III...try using an HD TV or calibrate the game if your playing off time. I know I dont live in europe but there is no reason a game should be different overseas
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Well, after talking to Alex about the 360 Guitar Hero III demo, I think I'm going to go ahead with my original plan and buy it for that. Like I said over mirc, maybe the PS2 version got shafted while the newer console versions received the main focus of production?

    Alex couldn't speak on the music quality issue because he doesn't have a big fancy sound system set up for his console, but I won't either so it's all good. I don't own any previous Guitar Hero games, and it'll be nice to have the most up-to-date version with all the online goodies 360 has to offer =)
  15. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

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    I'm kind of offended by the game! Did you play GH 1 & 2?

    I'm a huge fan of Harmonix, the game studio who made Frequency, Amplitude & the first two Guitar Heros, and this game really is dreadful in comparison.

    [quote author=depiro27 link=topic=3173.msg40916#msg40916 date=1197856382]
    try using an HD TV or calibrate the game if your playing off time. I know I dont live in europe but there is no reason a game should be different overseas

    Are you going to buy us an HD TV, then? :p

    As for games being different overseas, there is a long tradition of this. Even leaving aside localisation issues, there are hardware problems to consider. Dance Dance Revolution 1 & 2 were playable on a chipped Playstation, but DDR 3rd Mix would only play on a Japanese console due to the fact that the different regions used a different version of the sound chip. If you tried, the timing of music and dance steps would start out fine, but get more and more out of phase as the game went on, to the point of being utterly unplayable.
  16. Sorry you just made me ticked off a little...i have all three games and beat all the songs on the first two on expert with five stars
  17. i have it for both xbox 360 and ps2 and the ps2 version the notes are always in sync with the music when i play it
  18. Actually the newer PS3's have a region lock thing...
    I have the earlier 20 gig and any gigs after that is all region locked.
    So I can import games from japan or something and they would work.
    (( By the way this is my first post Hi! ))
  19. What?! No!! I didn't bother reading most of any of the posts - You're telling me not to get Guitar Hero? I thought it was such a great game *Reminisces to playing Guitar hero I at a friend's house for first time*

    Hmph, then I'll spend my money on something else - namely Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, I think that looks good on Wii.

    Oh yeah, and if I do get Guitar Hero III, it'll be on Wii.
  20. ...
    You just took my soul by saying that.
    I'll play you in Devil Went Down to Georgia to get it back!
  21. You win the internets for that. xD

    Anyways, I have the PS3 version, and it works fine. Maybe they made it horrible on the PS2, so that you'd spend your money on a PS3, so you could play it good. It's a conspiracy!
  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Wouldn't put it past them XD

    Either way, I can also confirm now that the game works fine on the other consoles. I own the 360 version, and my sister owns it on Wii... and both are pretty much the same. No major glitches like this PS2 version mentioned above. Even the music quality of the Wii version seems pretty good when hooked up to my sister's surround sound system.

    Too bad you have such a bad run in with it, baratron ^^;
  23. I love Guitar Hero III of course it is the first Guitar Hero I have ever played but still never the less. I have it for WII.
  24. I've never really been one for those kind of games but... they have their moments.

    By the way, you wanna tone down the cursing a bit? This IS a Pokemon forum after all. God only knows how many little kids are pretending to be older in order to have an account on here. lol
  25. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Eh, swearing is allowed on this forum. People that sign up have to be 15 anyway, or, more importantly, show that they are at least 15 mentally. If there are little kids here posing as older kids then they have to deal.
  26. Guitar Hero III does not SUCK! Anynoe who says it SUCKS, SUCKS! Guitar Hero is AWSOME! The whole series is awsome. GH1, GH2, and GH3 are all AWSOME!
  27. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    You know something? YOU SUCK! Yes, because this is spam. Warned. Explain why it doesn't SUCK. Explain why its AWESOME.

    Also, don't tell people they suck based on their/your opinions on things, especially not Baratron, because she is also a mod. :p
  28. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I got this for the 360 at the weekend, by the way, hooked it up to my monitor and kickass speakers and the game plays like a charm.

    In fact, the worst thing about it is the overall poor tracklist. But, oh well - the gameplay, at least, is just exactly the same. I think it's safe to say now that it was just an issue with the PS2 port - a port that was handled by a team other than Neversoft anyway to "reduce" it to PS2 levels.

    My advice, avoid the PS2 and Wii versions and get the proper PS3 or 360 ones.
  29. Sorry, I just get angry when people say Guitar Hero sucks. I know I can't judge people on their opinions, it's not right. And since you want me to explain why it doesn't suck and why it's awsome I will tell you.

    1. The tracklist is great, Like the songs Before I Forget (by Slipknot) and One (by Metallica). They are great and when you play them the notes are a varity. A varity of notes is way better than just the same notes over and over again. (Well, in my opinion it is.)
    2. The Guitar battles in Career. The last battle against Lou is som much fun. There are so many notes and the song is awesome, too. Lou is also hard to beat 'cause the song is so long, but that's what makes it fun.
    3. I have it for the Wii, so beeing able to battle/face-off people over Wi-Fi is fun. You get to play against random people and see their skills. When you win it feels great, cause you know it's not a computer or like a prgam, but a real person. (Same if you have an XBox, with XBox Live, I know Xbox Live is much different from Wi-Fi, but it's still awesome.)

    Yup, that's why I think it's awesome. ;D
  30. Basiclly Guitar Hero is awesome there are some flaws but harmonix was involved with all three guitar hero games including rock of the 80's edition.

    Rock band wont help you its the same concept except with lyrics and drums.

    PS2 one sounds fine maybe i dont see your problem.

    Or mabe PAL is messing you up xD

    I maybe reserch into this one...
  31. reason why you have to hit the notes a few seconds eariler because theres lag.. go configurate the lag or something similar to that. :D

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