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Guess That Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I can't remember if we've had a topic like this before or not...

    With the knowledge that there will be at least 100 new Pokemon - of which only 9 new ones have been revealed - what other kinds of Pokemon (creature-wise moreso than type-wise) do you think we'll be seeing, and/or what kinds would you like to see?

    I've believed for awhile now that a fluffy honeybee or bumblebee Pokemon would be a great addition to the bug-type pool. The coloring would be similar to Beedrill, but looks-wise they'd be quite different. Adding to new bugs, we could also use a grasshopper of sorts.

    We need a Pegasus. I've seen various Rapidash-evo interpetation pictures, which is basically a flying Rapidash, but a brand new flying horse would be even better. Type-wise it could be pretty much any Flying/???? combo depending on the design.

    We could also use a flying fox, to which the designgers could get very creative with so that it wouldn't look anything like Zubat's line aside from the wings.

    I have many more ideas/guesses, but I'd like to hear what you guys think :)
  2. I demand a puffin Pokémon. Maybe a penguin.

    A while ago I had drawn out what I thought was a pretty freakin' cool Fire-Fighting-type. Not unlike Machoke, but with a fire skirt and it threw fireballs, which ultimately charred its hands. At least, the idea was cool. I'm not exactly Iveechan, you know. ;)

    Another of my old creations was an evolved Sneasel (hey, I was right!), which certainly looked nothing like Weavile. This was more of an Oviraptor (look it up), which I wouldn't mind seeing as a Pokémon.

    And fluffy bumblebee FTW!
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  3. I think we'll see a lot of huminoid pokemon this gen since most animals have already been used. I like huminoid pokemon so I hope there are some good ones.
  4. Personally, I'd like to see an indisputable cat-like Pokemon that is a type other than Normal, and has good stats in an area other than just speed.

    I mean, really, only Meowth, Persian, Skitty, and Delcatty (Edit: and Mewtwo and Mew, but they don't count since they are uber and practically unobtainable, respectively) are obviously cats. Yes, some Pokemon are cat-like, but they are truly cats. Compared to the dogs...they're kinda boring. Dog Pokemon and dog-like Pokemon have encompassed a lot of types and stats, and there are a lot of them compared to the four cats.

    I want a fire kitty. It would rock. Or really, any type...just not Normal! I designed a bipedal three-stage Fighting-typed cat line awhile back...sketched 'em, too. Something like that would be cool...a three-stage cat line...^_^

    And Crabmeat-san? Most animals have been used? I don't think so...there are manymanymany kinds of animals in the world, and there are less than 400 known Pokemon. For example, they have a lot of insects and sea creatures they've never done. For example...a dolphin, as an obvious one, along with ants. I want to see an ant Pokemon...maybe even Bug/Fire for the fire ants. Ever since watching a movie in Bio about ants, I've realized how amazing they are. So...why isn't there an ant Pokemon?

    I also think there should be a Bug legendary, as well as a Normal one, a Ghost one, and a Dark one, since those are the only types that haven't been represented in a legendary so far. A Normal/Ghost one would rock...if only because it would be ironic. I know that's a type-wise-type-thing, but still...-_-

    And a puffin and a penguin would be great Pokemon. They could be Ice-types, too, since that fits in with the colder environment of Shinou. Yay.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Dude... Score one for QQ ;)

    And Persian has partially had her new kitty wish come true. Time will tell if its yet another Normal-type, tho ;p

    I've been thinking of some new ones for this topic, and one stands out. A skunk. How can we have no skunk Pokemon yet? It'd make a perfect Poison-type, and probably be the cutest one to boot. We've still only seen 24 new Pokemon thus far, so anything is still possible.
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  6. It...better...be...not...a...pure...Normal-type...*restrains hand with plastic spork*

    A skunk Pokemon? Squeee! That sounds cute! ^_^ Yes! That should happen...X3

    And you know what could be cool as a flying horse (Pegasus)? I had this idea...of a carnivorous horse-like Pokemon that would be a Dragon-type. Then, it would evolve, and get wings and a Flying-type. I got the idea from Tsubasa where there were people fighting atop carnivorous horse-like things. But meh...I thought it was cool...-_-;;
  7. I'd really like to see a pokeman like an ent for those of you who have seen Lord of the Rings or read the books. Like a giant walking tree that breaks stuff. Athough I supose that could be like a breloom.

    I suppose that fire ant pokeman would be cool
  8. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    We needs more sharks... Sharpedo just doesn't cut it.

    A fire-ghost type thing. We need more fire-types all together, but. I envision a flaming ball with eyes, and flaming, disembodied hands. This could also work with a water-type... A lion with a flaming mane would be neat as well.

    A walkingstick would be cool too, some sort of Grass and Bug type. Another idea for a bug type would be a FLY. What type/s it would be I don't know but we need one.

    :O A hummingbird... a hummingbird that flaps its wings so fast that it can create electrical charges. A lightning/flying type is something we need as the the only one currently in existance is Zapdos.

    I'll think of more later... infinate possibilites however...
  9. Say hello to David Da Bomb! I've got a few good ideas for D/P Pokemon.

    I'm thinking that our next legendary trio could be either trolls or ogres. One could be a Fighting type, the second would be a Normal type and the third can be a Dark type.

    For our next "Mewtwo", we could have Basilisk. For those who don't know what a Basilisk is, see "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" or just look it up on Wikipedia. Oh, this guy would look like Rayquaza with some Seviper mixed into it, it will have Combusken's feather-crest and the type combo shall be Dragon/Poison.

    Sem's idea for a Fire/Ghost type can also work for a Ice/Ghost type. I've had the idea for a while, but the appearance I was think it would have was just a Haunter made of ice.

    Here's another one. A Warthog, I'm supposing it could be like a Fighting-type opposite of Grumpig.

    Be back with more ;)!
  10. Sorry for double-posting but I have the perfect idea for a Shino Pokemon: A MOUNTAIN GOAT! Shino is supposed to be mountainous and a mountain goat would fit right in.
  11. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    You don't need to double post to say that, just edit it into your original post using the "modify" button.

    And anyways, methinks a dolphin would be nice.
  12. Here's a few more:

    I can easily see Pochama looking like an Emperor Penguin when it's fully evolved.

    Before Pachirisu was confirmed #055 on the Shino Dex (which happened to be one less than Buoysel's number, #056), I was thinking it would evolve into a flying squirrel; but it would be a pure Electric type with Levitate (just for the sake of another Pokemon that had no type weakness). But, I'd still like to see a flying squirrel anyway.

    Also, If there's going to be a Pokemon with a National Dex number of 626, it should look like Stitch. Why you ask? Because Babyfier is a rip-off of Mew (there even both numbered 151, for crying out loud).

    I'll remember that next time...
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Oh. b00yah. Score one for me, too ^^

    The Pokemon have all been revealed, and I got my skunk! Best of all, it's not just poison, it's also part Dark-type. A poison/dark skunk :D
  14. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    Methinks I saw a dolphin in there somewhere... Or was I just imagining things again? :p
  15. You're two-for-two there, too!

    [quote author=Sem link=topic=975.msg7263#msg7263 date=1157505478]
    We needs more sharks... Sharpedo just doesn't cut it.

    They may be land sharks, but you got your wish there!

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