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Private/Closed Guardians (Sign Ups/Discussions)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Staroid, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. In the small island of Cryundra, a terrible sport has caused Pokemon to become endangered. This sport is Pokemon knighting, where you set your Pokemon against the other's like battles. However, unlike battling, it's either you live or die. There is no surviving if you lose. However the few Pokemon remaining will stop this tragedy and stop evil King Lysander from causing Pokemon to become extinct.

    - You can battle people, but don't overdo it.
    - Remember when I said Pokemon are endangered? Well, stick to that and don't be interacting with NPC pokemon, because they're most likely not there, unless it is a domesticated one.
    - Follow the normal rules, y'know, the basic things you need to do.
    - If you've read this, write 'xephobia' in your 'Other' section
    - Also, I will allow Z - crystals.

    So first of all, you need a character to start role-playing. This is my form and the template form.
    Name : Callis Nix
    Gender : Male
    Species : (don't go too OP with this) Houndoom
    Extra Accessories : (because no Pokemon is the same) He wears galaxy headphones to show his love of space.
    Personality : Loner
    Other : Xephobia

    Name :
    Gender :
    Species :
    Extra Accessories:
    Personality :
    Other :
    Roleplay Sample : (put a paragraph or two here from previous roleplays)
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  2. I'll make a form for this, I guess.

    Name: Gary Sycamore (haha, Gary Oak, haha)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Grovyle
    Extra Accessories: Wears a Lucario-fur scarf, arm blades are slightly stronger than a regular Grovyle
    Personality: Courageous, Friendly, Loves Winning
    Other: Xephobia

    Moves: Leaf Blade (95 BP because of armblade strength) Dragon Claw (85 BP) Razor Leaf (55 BP)
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  3. Shouldn't you include the moves of the Poke'Mon you're RPing with? I think that can help others who want to join the RP know what you can do in battle. I did that, but you don't have to.
  4. Name: Wally Bow Fett
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wobbuffet
    Extra Accessories: None
    Personality: Wally is clumsy and often not the brightest, but he has the best of intentions and is always willing to put others above himself
    Other: Xenophobia
  5. Joining cuz Wynaut
    Name : Swift
    Gender : Male
    Species : Luxray
    Extra Accessories: It seems like he has a wedding ring around his front right paw. His Wife died of disease though. Swift is sometimes angered by her death.
    Personality : Usually Nice (unless angry) He loves to help others and doesnt like to fight, but if he does have to fight,
    It sometimes doesnt end good for anyone. He refuses to kill unless its for his life or to survive.
    Other : Xenophobia, he is trying to find another love, but the chances of that is slim nowadays...

    (Can I have a second OC?)
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  6. That's my pun! I can't bayleaf you!
  7. I can! Im more Serperior than you. (Yay my favorite starter can get a decent pun!)
  8. Onixceptable, can you just shut your big Meowth?
  9. @Sun and Moon, yes you can have a second OC.
    @JLucarioEX we won't battle too often, so people can make it up in their spare time. I didn't want the forms to be too long.
  10. This sounds fun.
    Name: Kenny
    Gender: Male
    Species: Combusken
    Extra Accessories: He's smaller than the average combusken, and is overall unintimidating.
    Personality: Kenny is much weaker than one would think. Despite being a fighting type, he often relies on his vast intelligence to escape dangerous situations. He is quite serious and doesn't like to joke around, though secretly, the one thing he wants most is a friend.
    Other: Xenophobia
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  11. Everyone's accepted. I'll accept two more people, then post the actual roleplay.
  12. Name : Aura
    Gender : Female
    Species : Umbreon
    Extra Accessories: Has a Aegislash sheid tied to her back, she uses the sheid as protection and sometimes to throw at opponents.
    Personality : Kind, is a very skilled fighter, can also cook berries(and other meals) very well...
    Other : Xenophobia
  13. Name: Sphinx
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shinx
    Extra Accessories: Wears a small scarf, blue fur is a more sandy beige.
    Personality: Sphinx is Nice around friends, but tends to be pretty quiet. But he also gets scared easily.
    Other: Xenophobia/Xephobia.
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  14. Name : Kelly

    Gender : Female

    Species : Espeon

    Extra Accessories: Wears a Pastel Purple Scarf.

    Personality : She Hates seeing others get hurt and can be mean sometimes and Bossy but she very nice and only does things her way. She great at fixing things.

    Other : Xenophobia
  15. @KandyCharms and @Shmeee you're accepted, both of you. One more thing I had forgot, can I have a role playing sample from each of you before I post the roleplay?
  16. What do you mean by that?
  17. A post from another roleplay is a sample. You can post it here or in a conversation.
  18. So I just post something I posted in another roleplay?
  19. So just to see if we can actually RP. Hang on a sec
    Searches for the best RP post he's ever made
  20. Wow... looking through old RPs brings back so many memories

    Anywho, this is my RP Sample, just a short gym battle I did

    Also don't expect any of my posts to be this long, this was a special case since I was writing a battle
    “Squirtle get out of there with Rapid Spin!” Will shouted, but Squirtle was unable to break free from the sand tomb
    “Great job Sandile” Lenox said “Now use dig”

    Sandile dug under Squirtle and burst out of the ground, causing Squirtle to be sent flying upwards, but something strange happened, when the mound of sand exploded, water was sent pouring out, covering Sandile and allowing Squirtle to pull off a water gun at point-blank range

    “Smart” Lenox said, impressed “Filling the tomb with water so it would hurt Sandile”

    Will, who had no idea that Squirtle had done that, blushed “Squirtle, now that Sandile is nearly beaten, use water gun again!”

    “Dig!” Lenox quickly shouted and Sandile burrowed under the earth

    “Follow Sandile inside and use water gun” Will said

    “Fool” Lenox said, smirking “Sandile come back up and fill up the hole with Sand Tomb”

    The entire tunnel was filled with sand, Squirtle trapped somewhere under the battlefield

    “Do you give up?” Lenox asked “Squirtle won’t last much longer down there and I would hate for it to-“
    “Please don’t say it” Will sighed “It seems I must surrender”

    But as Will said that, the entire ground started to rumble and shake, and a massive tornadolike gust began spinning through the room. Will felt Pidgey’s Pokeball, still full, who could be doing that.

    The sand was send flying up and around, before imploding into itself, forming a massive crater in the middle of the arena.

    “Whoa” Lenox said “is it?”

    “Could it be?” Will asked
    The dust settled, and in the middle was…
    “Nope” Lenox said, disappointed “Still Squirtle, and fainted too”

    “Than who, or what, did that?” Will wondered, he got Pidgey’s Pokeball, hoping pidgey could give some answers, but out popped Wynaut. He felt Wynaut’s Pokeball, empty. “What?” he wondered “then where is PIdgey”
    His question was answered in the form of Pidgey’s cry, will looked up and saw Pidgey descending from the sky like a heavenly angel.

    “But how?” He asked, and looked as Pidgey gave Wynaut a sly wink, it seems that Squirtle was rubbing off on them.

    Lenox sincerely smiled for the first time in the battle “Well since technically Pidgey was not really beaten in our last battle, I will allow it” he said “Lets battle!”
  21. Okay, now I'm just waiting for the others.
  22. Here's the first post of the roleplay I made a while back.

    It was peaceful in the PC, as the holographic sun started to rise, and the pokemon inhabiting it began to awake. The first of which, as always, was Chatter. Who woke up the second the sun became visible. So he leaped from his perch in the tree house of the Meeting Place, and started to fly around surveying the boxes, and seeing the pokemon wake up. Some slept in trees, some slept in holes they dug, and some of more civilized pokemon had small houses. No matter where they stayed, most of the pokemon in the box, were happy. As he flew around the far side of the Beach Box, he expected to see the Box Leader emerge from the humble house he owned, but to his annoyance, the golduck instead arose from the water surrounding the island his house was on. "I can't believe he fell asleep under water again," Chatter said, annoyed. "I swear the only reason he has any respect is because he's the trainer's first pokemon's son.
    Down where the golduck known as Sven now was, a small oshawott exited from Sven's home. "Good morning Felix," Sven said."How are you today?"
    "I'm fine," he replied. "Is anything exiting going to happen today?"
    "Well I have a meeting with the other Leaders, but other after that we can pretty much do whatever we want." Satisfied with the way the day was sure to go, he began on his way to the Meeting Place, saying hello to all the pokemon who he saw. Once at the Meeting Place, he went up to the top and pressed a button, which scanned him, turned green, and he was transported to the Sky Pavillion. Seeing as he was the first one there again, he sat down, and waited for the others.
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  23. Name : Clair
    Gender : Female
    Species : Skitty
    Extra Accessories: Wears a red handkerchief around her neck that her former trainer gave her
    Personality : Clair is a shy and timid little kitty. She fears battling and Pokemon significantly taller than her. She's very caring the weak and defenseless. Clair is also far too naive and forgiving for her own good.
    Other : Xenophobia
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  24. Name : Crescent
    Gender : Female
    Species : Absol
    Extra Accessories: A slightly larger than average horn and a cross necklace.
    Personality : Crescent can usually come off as cold and distant. On the battlefield, she does whatever she needs to survive, because she knows if she doesn't try her hardest, she'll die. She doesn't like what she does, but she knows she doesn't have a choice. Deep down, she cares for the other Pokemon, but she doesn't like to become attached to them because of the high chances they have of dying.
    Other : Xephobia
    Roleplay Sample (I will have two examples from the same RP, a Halo Reach Roleplay.):
    "My honor means more to me than anything, Field Marshal. If doing the outrageous dishonor of killing children and unarmed civilians is the only way to guarantee my salvation, then I welcome eternal damnation with open arms." As if to make his point, the humongous Sangheili took a step back and opened his arms, as if to embrace someone in a hug. "That same honor-bound code I follow would have me turn myself in and face my trial, so I shall. You will find no resistance from me." Dekan stated calmly, as he walked towards the Phantom. "I've always been a rebel to my parents." He chuckled. "I suppose this shall be my final act of rebellion against them."

    Each of the Sangheili Zealots dispersed, going for one Demon each. The one with the Fuel Rod Cannon took aim at the one who seemed to be their leader, Carter, as the Zealot who'd lost his shields ducked behind cover and began firing blindly in the direction of Emile. The Zealot with the Needlers focused his fire on Jun. The Zealots with the energy swords charged Kat and Noble Six. Dekan charged with his dual Energy Swords and swung at Caleb.
    Caleb immediately recognized the monstrously tall Zealot who'd ordered his men to spare civilians in New Alexandria. "I saw what you did in the city, Zealot." Caleb stated, as he ducked under one of the Zealot's swings and fired a clip from his left Magnum into the Zealot's back. His shields held, however, as he turned to swing again. Quickly, Caleb magnetized his pistols and unsheathed the knife on his Security shoulder pad, and slashed Zealot's gut, which depleted his shields and caused blood to cover the blade.

    Dekan let out a roar as the Demon slashed at his gut, and he felt himself loose some blood. This was the second time today. He deactivated one of his Energy Swords and magnetized it to his hip before he grabbed the Demon by the throat and slammed him into a wall.
  25. Sorry that my post is gone, It was apparently in Present tense, and I didn't realise.
    So I'll make a new post soon. Until then, don't do any interactions with the character.
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  26. Hey @Nintenduck and @StarBlitz , could you edit out my character from your posts?
    Or find some way to not have my character introduced yet so I can make a post that makes sense,
    because if somebody were to read it, such as somebody joining, It wouldn't make sense. It would seem as if there was a character with no introduction but still got in the story anyway. Ok, that's all. Thanks in advance! :)
  27. Let me in

    Name : Parker
    Gender : Male
    Species : Pikachu
    Extra Accessories: Red Scarf, Electrium Z
    Personality : Kind and Brave
    Other : Um... He's Bi
    Roleplay Sample: Thunder, Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack
  28. @DarkTrainerMark I'm going to need a sample of your previous roleplays before I can let you in, or a story sample.
  29. I don't think he read the rules.
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  30. Well, Mark,
    I see you are still rather new, so Welcome I guess. I'd suggest reading the RP and PRP rules as so the admins do not eat your soul :p.
    Anyways, I'm just wondering, how without a Z ring do you expect to activate the crystal
  31. Name: Jade
    Gender: Female
    Species: Lucario
    Extra accessories: Jade wears a big red jacket with big gold buttons
    Personality: Jade is laid back and makes it seem that he doesn't care about anything when he will do any thing to help Pokemon escape there cruel fate no mater the cost.
    Other: Xephobia
    Eliza turned to Viper when she heard his question, Eliza quickly looked around too see if anyone was around and then walked up to Viper and pulled out her notebook "look I think I can trust you with this" Eliza said as she opened her notebook to a page with a long list of names with a few names crossed out "I've spent most of my life traveling and learning how to improve my powers until people told me there was no way that they could help me further them any further and I believed them, until the incident ten years ago when the legendary dragon slayer and former member of fairytail Natsu dragneil came and melted the coluseum that was when I realised that there were people Shi could help me futher my skills and the more I looked into it the more people i found who I thought could help me" Eliza said as she slid her finger down the page and pointed at Cobras name "so I went out on an adventure to find them and-" Eliza turned the page to reveal a map of fiore with markers that had names next to each one "I did. Well most of them at least" Eliza said as she pointed to the names of Lucy, Cana, Freed, midnight and others "sadly I've failed to find any of the dragon slayers" Eliza said with a sigh "that's why I was so exited to interview you" Eliza added "if you've changed you mind about answering your questions I get it" Eliza said with a sigh
  32. @Lil Eliza123 I think you're probably gonna have to look at the global rules first.
  33. Lets do it.
    Name :Spike
    Gender :Male
    Species :Gallade

    Extra Accessories:Wears a leather jacket that he found lying around while he wandering around a forest.

    Personality : Is more relaxed than most people may think, but has an amazing sense of justice, protects others even if he doesn't know them.
    Moves (just in case you need em') :Close Combat, Protect,Teleport, and False swipe.
    Other :Xephobia
    Roleplay Sample :"Cmon guys!" Spike said to the pokemon. "Strength is important, especially when you guys can use both of your attack together." S.T.A.B. and Chandelure nodded in agreement. Spike turned around to see someone at the door of the training room. "Hey. You got a name?" He asked the girl, his pokemon turned around to see what was going on.
  34. Should I edit my post with RP examples?

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