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Private/Closed Guardians: Heroes

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. There is a legend, a legend of the Cores, And here is how it goes:
    In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness, then, the first Cores came into being, Time and Space, These two Cores worked in harmony, but soon, the earth came, along with several other planets, and then the sun, from the sun, multiple Cores appeared, Fire, Life, and Death, Soon other Cores starting appearing, and formed small gem like objects that are each Cores source of power, Here are the names of each Core:
    Time(Guardian-Tia Virtue @Fraseandchico )
    Space(Guardian-Tri Astrono @Ghostly Jazz Hand's )
    Life(Guardian-Joanne Jo @Rohan Kishibe )
    Death(Guardian-Leonard Miles(@Eeveechu151 )
    Fire(Guardian-Edom Furnace @Red Gallade )
    Water(Guardian-Atlas Wave @MihajloJedi )
    Ice(Guardian-Morana Greymane @LeBarrel42 )
    Nature(Guardian-Talon Forest @Berserker Soul )
    earth(Guardian-Azreal Inaros @RhythmThief )
    Air(Guardian-Wind Archer @Bluebirdie )
    However, Deep down, near the earth's core, A Monster is awakened, one so fierce, that the cores needed protection...


    Inside the tavern of the small 'city' of Greenwood, there was a woman waiting inside, this was Tia Virtue, a mercenary who is a living legend, she was waiting for her almost as legendary partner. As she was very bored from waiting for the brute to return from his mission, as she ordered another beer, she looked out the window, bored.


    Selensa roared as he did his daily call of monsters, which he had been doing for the past year, he had his generals, he just needed a slightly bigger army, he roared to call his generals, and muttered
    "Soon, soon I will cleanse this world of the weak..."
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  2. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Hearing the call of the beast, Valeria headed for the sound. "Sir, no need to be so loud...You know your generals aren't ever that far..." she said, entering the lair. "Now were just WAITING for the others..." she said. "Why did you need us, anyway?" she asked, applying some mascara. "Is it about those rumors again?" she asked.
    Tri combed his beard using his hand. "I guess your quite right..." he said. "But earth looks quite fascinating." he said. "Are you sure its safe to go with all that guardian nonsense down there?" the other alien said. Tri simply nodded, walking into the rocket. "Alright. Launching." the rocket voice said. It launched off, heading its way to earth.
  3. Selensa formed a small body, shook his head, went back to normal spirit, and said
    "No, I just need to check how much closer we are to the right amount of monsters, I need to take the world, and rid it of the weaklings who rule the land. Also, that whole 'guardian' " He made a puking face as if the word Guardian was gross "thing is just some made-up stuff the cores made to make sure no one would mess with them after I ALMOST destroyed them." He laughed. "How pathetic they are. Once I have enough minions, I will access my ultimate form, and destroy the cores, as well as anyone who gets in my way."
  4. Edom resided on one of the tables in the tavern, his feet up and hands behind his head, certainly not one for formality. He looked around and the other people there from the drunken men to the serving girls and the peculiar looking woman who appeared to have the attire of a mercenary like himself. He noticed a man in formal clothing walk over and sit at is table. "What do you want?" Edom asked bluntly. "I hear you are a mercenary of exceptional skill, is that correct?" The gentleman asked in a posh tone of voice. Edom took his feet off the table and began to lean forward. "Yes, but remember I'm the one asking the questions, why are you after me anyway? Job assignment, bounty hunting?" Edom said under his mask. "Not exactly, I desire you to retrieve me a certain relic that has been in my family for generations and has unfortunately been taken from me." The gentleman said. "So it's a recovery job, what's in it for me?" Edom asked. "If you succeed in retrieving my relic, I'll see to it you are paid most handsomely. Follow me and I will provide you with the details." The gentleman requested as he got up from his chair. Edom shrugged and did the same before he followed the gentleman out of the tavern and into the alleyway between the tavern and another building.
    Leonidas flew into Selensa's lair and stood at attention to him, he made sure to keep his scorpion tail in as short range as possible in hopes not to sting anyone. "You summoned me?" He asked as he kept his gaze straight. "Also, I know you focus on only hrting those who would hurt us; therefore you have more people to know of your power." He added.
  5. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Seems like a plan, magnate." She said, sharpening her claws. "However, do you think it's practical? Haven't you ever seen the comic's? The villain's always get beaten by some RANDOM hero hotshots..." she explained. She watched as Leonidas flew in. "Who cares if those weaklings that try to hurt us KNOW of his power? Not like they survive to tell the Tail anyway." she said, smiling at her own joke.
  6. Selensa sighed
    "Ugh, that pun makes even me want to throw up. Anyway, good to see you Leonidas. Anyway, What is the daily minion count?" He ignored Leonidas' comment on more people knowing about him. He muttered under his breath at Leonidas saying that they only attack people who hurt them "heh, sure, boy. You believe that." He muttered it so quietly, it could not be heard

    Tia watched as her fellow mercenary get a job, and sighed, she often relied on her partner to get quests, causing her to get a lot less jobs since he went missing.
  7. Leonidas rolled his eyes, clearly unimpressed with Valeria's pun. "Moving on... our minion count is rising by slightly over 100 per day, although methods in increasing that number has been a challenge to say the least, and yes I used your motives instead of my way of motivating, I'm just surprised how many creatures can hold so much unprovoked malice." Leonidas stated as he remained stood at attention.
    ----Back to Edom----
    "Alright, now that our chances on being heard have slimmed, allow me to properly brief you of your job." The gentleman said. "Go on." Edom responded as he folded his arms. "Allow me to properly introduce myself, my name is Ryan Thompson and I am a butler of the Lyon family. My master, Lord Lyon has had a family relic known as the Silver Eye, a medallion that has been passed down from generations stolen by a group of thieves. Your job is to retrieve this medallion by any means necessary and bring it to one of my colleagues in the square. One of my other colleagues has spotted the thieves residing in an abandoned warehouse near the East end of Greenwood." Ryan stated, making sure nobody but Edom heard this information.

    "Alright, what about the thieves? You want 'em dead or alive?" Edom asked. "You may do whatever you wish with the thieves; Either lock them up or execute them yourself, just as long as you return the medallion to us. My colleague will be waiting for you at the North side of the square with your payment. I should also warn you; these thieves are not to be underestimated." Ryan added. "That's fine; just makes things more fun." Edom said as he walked out of the alleyway and got on his horse. "I'll get the Silver Eye back. Hyah!" He said before he rode out of Ryan's sight and toward said objective. "I wish you the best of luck, Edom Furnace." Ryan said as he placed his hands behind his back and walked out of the alleyway.
  8. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Impus walked up to Selensa, "Sir what would you like me to create for you I finished a new type of adaptive armour or some new swords?" Impus had heard the pun as he entered and mentally sighed. He was showing Selensa the design work of the armour as he stood waiting his response.

    Morana was practising her archery in the woods near where she lived, she loved it outside, the fresh air and the sun were, lovely but her favourite time of year was winter. She looked up at the sun and judged that it must be time for her to go and eat. She walked towards town as she hummed to herself.
  9. "Hmm, interesting..." Selensa said as he looked at the design, funnily enough, he didn't understand the blueprint's fancy words. They looked good, and so he said "Looks good! Great work as always Impus!" He looked at Valeria "Now, I have a secret mission for Valeria" He then said "I would like to talk to you in private, you never know when there is a spy in the room." He walked just outside the main part of the cave, and dragged Valeria along using his ghost pull. He said to the other two "When Surtur shows up, tell him to continue the call while I'm busy."
  10. Talon pulled out the a weed from the ground as he place a seed on it’s place. “Please let this be a good harvest” He prayed as,he filled the hole up and watered it. He walked back to a large oak tree as, he grabbed the rope that was tied to it and climbed up. “Time for a well rewarded nap” Talon told himself as he entered the mad made tree house. He sat down in his wooden rocking chair and grabbed a novel that was close by “101 to farm” He said.
  11. "Pretty eye."
    "Well, it's not an actual eye. That's just the name of the relic."
    "Still, pretty eye." Surtur said, turning back to look the man in the face. This man was Harold Smith, head of a group of thieves. "Looks good. How much did it cost?"
    "What's the conversion between time and cash?" Harold joked. Surtur chuckled.
    "My friend, we'll be getting along great. Maybe we should step out of this vault, though. Metal and lava don't tend to go together well." Surtur and Harold walked out of the room.
    It's clear.
    In a far-off corner, the top of one of the boxes slowly slid open. There was no holes to look through, but that suited him just fine. He trusted his ears more. As the top of the crate supposedly filled with steel bars opened up, a small head poked out as the assassin lifted himself to his feet. He glanced around quickly to confirm what he already knew - there was no one inside, but guards watching the vault door on the exterior.
    That was a smart strategy. I'll have to remember to thank my contractor. The assassin knew the thieves' hideout was practically impenetrable, being extremely difficult to get in. The assassin had gotten a tip from his contractor, however - sneak in by hiding inside one of the boxes bound for the vault. It was the one place they didn't check, as they knew no one could get in.
    No one except Leonard Miles.
  12. Edom rode his horse for what seemed like hours until they arrived at their destination, he could already see how many guards there were... and how fun that would make the job. He moved his horse to a place there he wouldn't be seen. "Stay here Aggro, I won't be too long, I'll call you when needed." Edom softly said to his horse. Edom put his mask back on to cover his face and dashed to the warehouse, from time to time he hid behind stuff when guards walked by, he quickly ran up the walls and jumped off to grab one of the beams to get to the roof. The second Edom got on to the roof, one guard looked back as if he heard something... only to find nothing there.

    Edom opened one of the windows on the roof and jumped down into one of the corridors on the second floor. He started to hide when he heard a guard walking this way. Before the guard could walk past Edom, the latter quickly pulled him back and got out a kunai and pointed it at his neck. "Tell me where the Silver Eye is, or I'll make you die very slowly and make sure nobody hears you scream." He said quietly, yet sinisterly, his mask giving him a metallic echo. The guard appeared to be hyperventilating at the man who held him hostage, he gulped. "I-It's being held in the center of the warehouse... o-on the first floor." He said worrisomely. "How many guards?" Edom asked. "Find that one out yourself, maybe you'll find yourself cornered like a rat." The guard said with a bit more confidence. "Maybe I will." Edom responded before he bashed the guard with the butt of his kunai, knocking him out.

    As Edom walked out of the hiding spot, he was about to walk toward said objective when he heard a voice. "Hey! On your knees and hands behind your head!" A newly arrived guard said. Edom sighed in annoyance and instead raise his hands and slowly turn around to see a guard wielding a katana. "I said on your knees!" The guard demanded. "Oh, I know; that's why I'm still standing... something you won't be doing in the next two seconds..." Edom said slyly before he and the guard turned to the same thing: An alarm button. "...I dare you..." Edom said in a more sinister tone as he lowered his hands and held them out, ready to attack. The guard shifted his gaze between the button and the intruder... and decided to seal his fate and sound the alarm, Edom dashed in to stop him... but the guard had already sounded the alarm a split second before Edom knocked him out. Edom sighed as the alarm started to wail loudly across the warehouse. "Typical..." He said before he ran toward his objective, making quick work of any guard in his way by either knocking them out with punches or graceful kicks or incapacitating them by throwing kunai at them.
  13. Tia was sitting in the bar, when she noticed a fellow Dragokin woman huddled in the corner, crying, Tia went over to her, and asked
    "Hey, what's wrong?"
    "T-th-the thieves! They took my daughter away!"
    "Ugh, of course..."Tia muttered. "Look, if you want, I can get her back for you."
    "Wa-wait really? Hold on, are you a mercenary? 'Cause I-I don't have any money to pay you with..."
    "It's okay. We're fellow Dragokin." And with that, after getting directions to the thieves' hideout. Tia headed to the hideout, and snuck in through the entrance, and as the guard was about to come around, the alarm wailed. Distracting him long enough for Tia to initiate combat(Imagine if this was a game, the other fights so far would have been cutscenes, this is the first player battle)
    BATTLE!- 1 Thief(Lv1)
    Tia(after a minute) defeated the thief, and earned 5 gold. Not a huge reward, but good enough, Tia thought to herself, she decided to sneak around until she could find out where these guys kept their prisoners.
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  14. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Sir, your request?" she asked, looking at him. "I am very eager to hear it, m'lord." she added, facing him. "Now that were alone, anyway." she said, stretching. She yawned while doing this. "I'm honored you chose ME over everyone else to do this task, m'lord." she explained, stopping her stretch to curl into a little ball. He head stuck up from the black ball of fur, looking curiously at their boss.
    The ship had landed, sending a few crates flying. "Earth...quite eager to see its inhabitants." he said to himself. Leaving the vessel, he walked across a bar. "Hmm? 'Bar'? Whats that?" he asked himself. He shrugged, covering himself with his cloak. He walked in, looking around. "Hmf." he mumbled, walking. "Eh! Look at this old creep. You lookin' for some ale?" the guy asked, laughing. "...If your looking for a fight..." the alien said in a dead tone of voice. "Eh! Of course I be lookin' for a fight! Gonna be very easy gainst' a old chump!" the man gestured, getting up.
    Battle!- 1 Bar Ruffian(lv1)
    Quickly defeating the man, Tri smiled. "Respect your elder's, earthling..." he said, turning around. "Whats this thing you call Ale?" he asked to the bartender. They simply nodded, handing some over. "Now for the payment." The Bartender said, holding out his hand. "All I have are rocks from space..." Tri said, putting a bag on the table. "A trade, huh? Space rocks seem valuable enough..." the tender said, looking in the sack. "Hmm...Surely looks like the moon. Alright, take the Ale." he said, smiling. Tri took it, drinking some of it.
  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Impus had climbed the wall and was sitting in a crevice, he was designing a mecha-suit that would mean he could fight with the other monsters. He wondered what the boss wanted with Valeria.
    Morana heard a ruckus in the nearby bar, so she walked in and saw some old man, had he really knocked out the other guy, she was keeping her ears and tail hidden, she accidentally bumped into a man and spilt he stood up and went to swing at Morana.
    Battle!- 1 Bar Ruffian (lvl 1)
    She beat the idiot but her hood was knocked off and her ears were visible, scared at what people might do she ran from the bar and sat on a nearby bench she had put her hood back up.
  16. Selensa smirked, and said
    "Valeria, we need to make our presence known to the whole world instead of the general area. And there is a place just big enough that enough monsters will notice if it sorta just....Disappeared. However, we can't have Leonidas knowing about this. He would turn on us." He shook his head "Surtur is busy, I would rather not risk losing Impus just yet. However, I think it would be best if you led this attack."
  17. Talon jumped from his tree as he started to walk towards the town. “I may need some more supplies” He told himself while he walked. He past the Great Rock Cave which was a local spot for any traveler who may enter the forest. He enter the town while he kept his head down, passing by people unnoticed by anyone. “Ah the store finally time for some shopping” He thought to himself as he entered the small shop.

    “Well if isn’t Talon, my fav customer” The old Shopkeeper said with a warm smile. He exited the counter as he walked to Talon and firmly shake his hand. “I can’t thank you enough for helping me with a delivery last week, it means a lot to me” He said.

    “No problem” Talon responded as he made his way to the bread and picked out a loaf. He walked over to the Honey and grabbed a jar as,he grabbed the milk that was close by to it. “This will be all” He said as he placed the items down on the counter.
  18. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "No problem, m'lord!" she said. "I can surely lead a attack alone." she claimed, uncurling herself. "What place do we start?" she asked, as her claws retracted from her feet. They seemed sharp enough to cut the hardest piece of wood. She waited, anticipated to hear what he was going to say.
  19. Selensa smirked at his pawn's confidence, and said
    "There is a small town named Greenwood, it's not to big, nor too small, and is only a few miles south of here, I need you to go, taking your quarter of the army with you. And destroy it." He smirked "It shouldn't take long to get there, I'd say 2 hours, at the max."


    Tia was wandering the hideout, when she noticed a guard, asleep, she rolled her eyes, and went up to the man, and attacked
    Battle!-Sleeping thief(Lv1)
    Tia swung her sword, and ended the thief in one hit. She continued on her job.
  20. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Impus had begun to build his mech suit, it was currently only the cockpit. He was customising the inside and making sure all the wiring was correct, he was very careful and separated from the world when he built things. He finished the cockpit and began to work on the left arm, he checked his schematics to see whether it was this arm that would have the retractable blade.
  21. Edom continued to run to the first floor center and defeat any guard who got in his way. Eventually, he saw the Silver Eye Medallion being held in a glass container, whoever wanted it certainly wanted it in mint condition and Edom couldn't blame them; it was a priceless artifact after all, but he had a job to do. Before he could take a step closer to the Silver Eye, he heard footsteps heading his way, he got out his wrist blades and looked around to realise he was surrounded by guards. "Great..." Edom muttered. Two guards stepped away from each other and another figure walked in between them, he had the same attire as the thieves but it looked more fancy. "That must be their leader." Edom thought. "Well well well, if it isn't the intruder who thought they could take the Silver Eye from us. Sorry to burst your bubble... whoever you are, but that Medallion is worth a lot of money and my client wouldn't be too happy to find it in the wrong hands. If you leave now... without your gear and fancy coat. I may consider letting you live." The thief leader stated.

    Edom lowered his arms lightly at the leader's suggestion and let out a faint chuckle. "I'll pass, I've been promised a lot of money to bring that thing back to it's rightful owner. If you want to defend it, go ahead and make my night." Edom said as he assumed his combat stance once more. The thieves around his slowly started to laugh, the leader especially. "You are aware of the odd you're in, right? You couldn't possibly take us all on." The leader said mid laughter.

    "Try me!" Edom demanded as the eyes within his mask flashed red.
  22. In a certain shop, a young girl walked around while whistling looking for the items on her grocery list. "This place has some great prices, wonder why I don't come here more often." She thought as she filled her shopping basket. After grabbing all that she needed, the girl walked to the counter and waited in line to pay for her groceries.
  23. Talon paid the shopkeeper 10 gold as he left the shop and headed towards the forest. “What could I make today” He said as he past the Great Rock with a smile. Talon climbed up his Oak tree with the bag of groceries on his back “finally home” He thought to himself while he place the bag down. He pulled out the loaf of bread and placed it into the cupboard alongside the jelly. “The mini fridge is the best I got” Talon told himself whiled he carefully place the milk inside and closed the small door.
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  24. Azreal strolled through the forest, his deep black eyes eyeing up his surroundings. Bandits were crafty. Nimble. He had to be ready for anything. He continued to pass through the multitude of thick bushes and trees before finally seeing a clearing. He paced toward it. He soon found himself at the crest of a hill, and in the distance he could see a fair-sized wooden shack. He could hear a slight noise coming from it's general direction, similar to an alarm.
    "This must be the hideout." He mumbled.
    "...Looks like somebody's beat me to it. Understandable." He continued, now noticing a horse not too far away from his current position. He then slid down the small hill, jogging toward the hideout, which was most likely already under attack.

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