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Private/Closed Guardians: Heroes of old (Disscussions, sign ups. Gore in rp.)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 25, 2019.


How many Generals(named monsters) should Selensa have?

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  1. RP thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/guardians-the-first-heroes-rp-note-gore-and-minor-swearing.20797/

    There is a legend, a legend of the Cores, And here is how it goes:
    In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness, then, the first Cores came into being: Time and Space. These two Cores worked in harmony, but soon, the Earth came, along with several other planets, and then the sun came, from the sun, multiple Cores appeared, Fire, Life, and Death, Soon other Cores starting appearing, and formed small gem like objects that are each Cores source of power, Here are the names of each Core:
    Time (Guardian-Tia Hania Virtue @Fraseandchico )
    Space (Guardian-Yin "Sonata" Pantari @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw )
    Life (Guardian- Oliver Thompson @Lillipup07 )
    Death (Guardian-Seth Sylasson Rudderdog @Rex )
    Fire (Guardian-Azar ( @SailorInSpace )
    Water (Guardian-Atlas Wave @m1h4jl0 )
    Ice (Guardian- Tobias Slade @Shadow_Pup )
    Nature (Guardian- Lectio Naturalis @Nintenduck )
    Earth (Guardian- Liam McDaniel @GhostlyCubone11 )
    Air (Guardian- Zikara Varixer @PrincessPika )

    However, one year ago, deep down, near the earth's core, a strange monster awoke....

    The Monster-Selensa, the Dark Lord(@Fraseandchico )
    Notable minions-
    Kagewazo ( @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw )
    Impus ( @Shadow_Pup )
    Mukar ( @SailorInSpace )
    Momon ( @Spoiled Bread )
    Leporem ( @Nintenduck )

    1: Follow the GRP rules
    2. In case you were wondering, this rp is set in a fantasy setting mixed with technology, so all the famous time periods have happened, but there isn't any guns. Instead, magic can be used.
    3. every Guardian will have an Eventual Love interest
    4. Your character can have a disease. Its no biggie.
    5. Don't make them too overpowered.
    6. Not recommending this rp to younger people, as there will be some gore and swearing.
    7. Please only join if you have the time.

    This RP will begin once every character slot is filled, and Selensa has some Minions.

    Guardian Form:
    Eventual Guardian Of:
    Gender: (M, F)
    Species: (Example: Dragokin. Make fusions Between humans and another type of animal)
    Title: (Something cool)

    Monster Form:
    Name: Tia Hania Virtue
    Eventual Guardian Of: Time
    weapon: a sword made of Bone steel(Will later obtain the Time Sword).
    Age(17+): 23
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Can be kind, Playful, messes with her opposition. Seems Rude on the surface.
    Appearance: Tia Virtue has long, blonde hair, and wears a purple mercenary dress, and wears purple hero armour under her 'dress'. Red eyes, peachy skin. Small battle scar on her forehead. Purple Dragon tail that she keeps hidden. Tiny dragon wings that aren't fully grown.
    Other: N/A
    Species: Dragokin
    Title: Legendary Mercenary
    Name: Selensa, the dark lord
    Age: Been alive since the dawn of time, but has been asleep for most of it for reasons he only tells his most trusted monsters.
    Appearance: Natural form is a Purple Flare Spirit, with the eyes of a demon. Can shapeshift if he has enough energy.
    Personality: Pure Evil. Cocky. He trusts smart and strong monsters, and wishes revenge on the Cores.
    Species: Demon spirit(The only left of his kind)
    Other: Gains his energy by feeding off other living monsters' energies.
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  2. Guardian Form:
    Name: Yin "Sonata" Pantari
    Eventual Guardian Of Space
    weapon: Dual Daggers / Space Langger 's ( Dual Dagger's that can become a Lance.)
    Age(17+): 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: She keeps to herself mostly, keeping her eyes on what she has to do. She is known for being Cold or Dark, but is unusually trustworthy to people she trusts.
    Appearance: She has Black bed hair, with it covering her left eye. Her Right eye is Purple, but the Left eye is unknown. She wears a Dark grey shirt under her Black Jacket. She has a Steel Bracer on her Left forearm, and a gold bracelet with a Red gem on her Right. Her tail is Grey, but she usually has it hidden under something.
    other: uwu
    Species: Wolvenborn
    Title: Unforgettable Rival of Yang

    Monster Form:
    Name: Kagewazo
    Age(1000+): 1280
    Appearance:A Grey wolf with a White Underbody. Galaxy Eyes, and Razor sharp Fangs. She has countless Galaxy-like Markings. Her
    Personality: Her wolf form is Ruthless, attacking anyone who dares try to attack her. She is incredibly Loyal, which most likely comes from the Wolf.
    Species: Looks to be a Wolf-like Being.
    Other: memes
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  3. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I will try to find my character from previous reboot
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  4. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Found it!!!

    Name: Atlas Wave
    Eventual Guardian Of: Water
    Weapon: Trident with ability of Hydrokinesis (Control over water)
    Age: 19
    Gender: M
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: His main power is his smartness. Most of the time he is very peaceful, but if there is battle, he is always ready to fight.
    Appearance: Human looking creature with shark tail and dorsal fin. He has brown hair, blue, almost white eyes and has a really sharp teeth.
    Species: Sharkonion
    Title: The Seeker
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  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Eh, why not. I'll revive a character concept for an RP that never got off the ground.

    Name: Seth Sylasson Rudderdog
    Eventual Guardian Of: Death
    Weapon: Tempest - A wicked looking harpoon, longer than Seth is tall. His family's ancestral weapon, with a barbed spearhead of blackened steel meant to catch and hold flesh.
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Personality: Despite the dangerous title, wicked weapon, and the core he'll eventually be guardian of, Seth is a warm and friendly individual. Typically sedate, Seth is measured and hard to anger. Blessed with a keen analytical mind and an upbringing that emphasized caution, Seth is surgically precise in combat, using his weapon to kill or badly maim a target with minimal danger to himself or those around him. However, he prefers to use the simple threat of force, combined with his and Tempest's own reputations, to convince others to back down without violence.
    Appearance: Seth is a tall and lanky anthropomorphic otter, his fur the typical brown dorsal, cream ventral. He wears a black tunic and loincloth, with a belt hanging loosely around his waist and a satchel around his torso from his left shoulder to his right hip. A dagger is usually kept in a small sheath on the left side of his belt, just in case he were to lose Tempest during a fight. Underneath his tunic he wears a chainmail undershirt to help protect his torso.
    Other: N/A
    Species: Otterkin
    Title: Fisher of Souls
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  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Tobias Slade
    Eventual Guardian Of: Ice
    weapon: Bow
    Age(17+): 20
    Gender: M
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Personality: Strong willed, kind, loyal, strategic and will defend friends and loved ones with determined force, he loves hunting and is rather skilled at archery. He is a big fan of the cold and winter.
    Appearance: He looks like a humanoid wolf, his fur is a mix of grey, white and pale blue, he has stunning blue eyes, he is tall and lean yet also muscular. He wears rough trousers and a black cloak, he has a quiver stung across his back.
    Species: Wolfkin
    Title: The Frost Archer

    Name: Impus
    Age(1000+): 3000
    Appearance: he looks like the gremlins from the movie ''Gremlins"
    Personality: Cruel, Very Smart, Mischievous and Crafty
    Species: Gremlin
    Other: Impus found Salensa and became his loyal servant, he mostlytinker with inventions but he is aviscous fighter.
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  7. Guardian Form
    Name: Azar
    Eventual Guardian Of: Fire
    Weapon: Broadsword
    Age(17+): 22
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: No preference, the heart wants what it wants.
    Personality: Bitchy, rude, overly passionate--Azar is an example of fire.
    Appearance: Azar's body is made of fire, so he has no need of clothes.
    Other: Considered demonic, Azar was sealed away from life far beneath the earth's surface. The seal broke eventually and he was set free.
    Species: Elemental (human shaped but made of fire)
    Title: Demon King

    Monster Form
    Name: Mukar
    Age: 1220
    Appearance: A red and gold dragon shaped of lava.
    Personality: Calm, serene, and thoughtful. Despite his appearance, Mukar doesn't particularly care to be a monster.
    Species: Dragon
    Other: Loves to eat rocks.
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  8. Accepted!

    One problem: The Guardian thing is not a job, it is a rumor that first happened the last time the Cores were humanoid. Complete the Core's temple trials, and it will have a final test fight you(AKA a boss). If you succeed in that, you get to be the Core's Guardian, with marvelous powers and an extremely powerful weapon, but with large responsibilities, such as protecting the town the temple is closest to, and protecting the Core itself from thieves and monsters alike. Oh, and trying to kill or seal Selensa. We will have the characters desperately try the Guardian trial things out after a few failed attempts at defeating Selensa and his generals, but I don't think anyone would pursue it, due to no pay, you have to pass it down to your children, and just how dangerous and difficult the trials are themselves. You might need to change that wee bit.

    Mukar is accepted, though.
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  9. Monster Form

    Name: Momon
    Age(1000+): she doesn't bother to count anymore.
    Appearance: Momon has many forms, but her most used form recently is a green-skinned girl with green hair and red eyes. Whatever the form she use, there's always a seedling on the top of her head.
    Personality: She usually spent her time sleeping, while trying to have as much fun as possible while she's awake. She changes her name, appearance and hobby every few centuries.
    Species: Arboreal (ancient tree spirit)
    Other: her oldest name is Igdra
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  11. Alright, accepted!
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  12. Guardian Form:
    Name: Lectio Naturalis
    Eventual Guardian Of: Nature
    Weapon: He currently owns a scythe that was originally intended to be for farming wheat, but Lectio finds that it can be just as useful for killing.
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Hetrosexual
    Personality: Often times, characters who are associated with nature are thought of to be empathetic, with a undying love for the natural world around them. Letio, however, has incredibly different ideals. All that he does embodies the theory of natural selection. He believes that all that happens is for the best, as the strong will survive to make their kind stronger. With this in mind, Lectio goes out of his way to act selfishly, only acting when he is directly benefited. He isn't afraid to steal from others, attack them, or even kill them in order to better his own chance of survival. Needless to say, he's anything but a pleasant person to be around.
    Appearance: Since the approval of others has no meaning to Lecito, he has no reason to maintain an acceptable appearance. His hair is long and messy, falling down clumsily bellow his shoulders, and an unshaven stubble covers his face. As for his clothing, he wears the most average beige pants and white shirt, as well as a brown coat made from a bear pelt for when it gets cold.
    Other: He's a farmer, but he steals from anyone who is unlucky enough to cross his path anyway.
    Species: Human (A fusion between a normal human and an even more normal human.)
    Title: The Man Without Humanity

    Monster Form
    Name: Leporem
    Age: 1027
    Appearance: Leporem is an abstract creature who is seemingly made entirely of darkness. He can take the shape of whatever he pleases, but he usually chooses to take the shape of a tall man wearing a top hat.
    Personality: Though he can be frighteningly dangerous when he has to be, Leporem is hopelessly charismatic, often befriending in enemies accidentally, before remembering his objective and being forced to end his friendship prematurely.
    Species: His species doesn't technically have a name, so he just calls himself a "shadow man" in order to have more of a sense of identity.
    Other: He's the first of Selensa's minions who is roleplayed by someone who's name doesn't start with an S.
  13. Just thinking... What are these titles for? Are these self-proclaimed or it's what public call the guardians?
  14. It's self-proclaimed. Sure, some people might call them by it, but not most people.
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  15. Guardian:
    Name: Ozzie Ocel
    Eventual Guardian Of Life
    weapon: A guitar(Eventually replaced by an expendable life one that he can create using his powers)
    Gender: M
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Personality: He likes to rock out and is kind of lazy and a slob. If someone gets in his way they are getting bashed in the head with a guitar
    Appearance: Although being a slob, loving to eat and all he has a muscular build, he has green eyes and dark brown hair. He usually wears a tank top with jeans.
    other: When he gets his powers playing music will be his main way of making plants and stuff.
    Species: Human(If I need to change this then oof)
    Title: The Wizard of Rock

    Name: Entity
    Appearance: His face a green-eyed, no-nosed, sharp-toothed freak that oozes purple blood-like substances. However, usually to hide that he just turns his mouth into a smaller mouth. The rest of him is mostly human-like besides his liquid like wings made with the same liquid he oozes.
    Species: Unknown, best to just call him by his name.
    Other: His power is inducing fear into his enemies through the fluid that I keep repeating.
  16. I happened to notice that air wasn't taken, but I can't make a bio right now. Mind reserving it for me?
  17. I cannot wait to do this roleplay seems like it will be fun. Seeing as Ozzie's weapon is a guitar I have a feeling his run of the temple will be the comic relief of them all. Also, I do not associate with @Nintenduck. Wink Wink.
  18. Don't get too excited for it, most rps on this site never work out.

    Also this is like the 5th time I've rebooted this rp on this site, plus one on discord.

    And it's only the first part of a story I have in mind.
    which I will not tell you guys yet.
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  19. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Yeah, I heard you said that you will turn this in the story if this reboot doesn't work. If it will make you feel better, I will read your written works if it comes up to it.
  20. Thanks!

    Although for now I'm just gonna hope the rp succeeds. Then I can finally move it onto the second part of the story.
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  21. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    It appears that DeadEdgelord has decided to sockpuppet in order to get around the moderation status he has rightfully earned through multiple instances of SPAM. Unfortunately for him, refusing to read the rules in spite of having them thrown at you repeatedly doesn't mean that the rules don't apply to you - and since creating second accounts to get around restrictions to yours is punishable by a ban... welp.

    Let's just say you won't be seeing him in this RP.

    The rest of you - Carry on.
  22. I might make another OC if no one joins Soon.
  23. It'll be fine, just tag someone who you think might want to join.

    I'm kinda against one rper having multiple guardians in this rp for future reasons.
  24. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I would be really happy if this works out
  25. I'm gonna join, since there's still some spots left.

    Name: Oliver (Ollie) Thompson.
    Eventual Guardian of: Life
    Weapon: Axe, Shovel.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Ollie is shy, but excitable. He is normally the one who is picked on and bullied, but he doesn't care so much, unless it's personal. If he trusts someone, he will seem more relaxed, and happy.I
    Appearance: Oliver has one dark brown eyes on the right, and a dark blue one on the left. He has messy brown hair, wears a light-blue T-Shirt, and a dark blue bandanna.
    Other: When he is in a good mood, he grows Angel wings.
    Species: Human
    Title: Angel of Belief.

    (if I need to change something, let me know. I don't mind being told what I do wrong.)
  26. Hm.... Looks good, mostly. One question: Are the 'angel wings' that appear when he's in a good mood just for design, or are they actually useable for flight and things like that?
  27. A bit of both. They mostly appear when he's happy, but they can be summoned for fights. It has to do with his emotions most of the time.
  28. Alrighty then, seems okay in my book! Accepted!
  29. Oh yeah, probably worth mentioning. Really sorry boys, but I don't have enough time for me to keep up with another RP. Good luck finding another guy
  30. Bing Bing Bong Bing Bing Bing Bong Bong
  31. Lemme guess, still hoping someone will join this?

    If this gets to Valentine's day without another person joining, I will probably get to work on making it a written work, using the characters we have and adding new ones to fill empty roles.
  32. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    Keep in mind that if you create a written work based on this, you're going to have to rely on your own characters (preferably), or (if you absolutely must use other people's submissions) receive individual permission from each person who submitted a character to the RP to use it specifically in a written work/fic. Just like you wouldn't get to auto other people's characters in an RP, you don't get free reign in other people's characters without their permission - and an RP character application is relevant to that RP and only that RP.

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