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Ask to Join Guardian Spirits Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ariados twice, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. Welcome to Custos, a parallel world where everyone has their own guardian spirits that serve not to defend and protect the humans that they watch over, but are also their companions. These guardian spirits can be quite complex. They can control who can see and/or touch them. All of them, as far as they know, have powers, but some are so mysterious that their powers are not known. All Guardian Spirits have the ability to become invisible and intangible. Guardian Spirits can look like just about anything. This includes all animals (even the extinct ones), Mythical creatures (which includes Yokai), Cryptids, and angels. And not all people and their Guardian Spirits are good. This world can be dangerous. How will you fare? The link to the discussion is here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/guardian-spirits-rp.16205/
    Now on to the RP!

    "Lets face it Cody, we're totally lost." Aiden said to the human boy to whom he was both guardian and companion. The albino Komainu Guardian Spirit looked around the woods. "There are no familiar landmarks in sight. I've never been in this part of the woods before." Cody looked at Aiden. "Lighten up, would you? THings could be worse." he said. The boy pulled out a whistle from his backpack and blew into it. 'Hopefully someone whose nice and helpful hears that. Otherwise we could be in trouble.' thought Cody.
  2. Liam trudged through some tall,dry grass in a field next to the woods.Hog moved beside him and looked at the woods in front of them."These woods are the ones we met in,right?"Hog looked at Liam.Liam just shook his head yes and continued to walk.Hog smiled,kinda baring his big,tusk-like teeth.Liam ran ahead a bit to get out of the grass.Hog ran behind him and stopped next to Liam."What's wrong?"Hog asked Liam.

    "One,the grass was itchy,and two,I heard a whistle in the woods,"Liam looked straight at the woods.Hog perked up his ears and listened.He heard the whistle,too.Hog looked at Liam.Liam already knew what Hog would ask and Liam nodded,running into the woods.

    Liam would stopped once he got far enough in the woods.He looked around and saw nothing.He walked ahead a bit with Hog sniffing around for some sort of vegetation Hog could eat.Liam stopped once again and climbed up a tree.He could see further,but really didn't need to.He looked ahead a few yards and saw a boy who looked a bit older.Liam just sat there and watched the other boy.
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  3. "I told you we shouldn't have taken that unmarked trail. But did you listen to me? No." Aiden said. The Komainu Guardian Spirit then sniffed the air. "There's someone else here. I smell another human and his Guardian Spirit, but I also smell a rogue Guardian Spirit." Aiden said. There was a quiet hiss, then a Rogue gray tabby Nekomata Guardian Spirit jumped from the tree where he was hiding in and sprinted off. "That was Fong, we need to keep an eye out for trouble. That Rogue Nekomata Guardian Spirit is probably up to no good again." Cody said.
  4. Liam continued to watch Cody,hoping he wouldn't see Liam.Liam decided to get semi-comfortable and he ripped some twigs off the steady branch.He laid down on his stomach on the tree branch and looked at Hog."There's another Guardian Spirit with the boy,"Hog said,looking at Liam.Liam rolled his eyes,got up,and jumped from the branch.He walked like two yards closer to Cody,but Liam was still a good three yards from Cody.Liam walked into Cody's view from where he was.Hog walked up next to Liam.

    "Yo,"Liam looked at Cody.
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  5. Aiden's ears perked up then he spotted Liam. He tugged on Cody's pants, then pointed to Liam. "Hey there. What's up?" Cody said. Aiden sighed. "Well, if your not going to ask I will. Do you know the way back to civilization? Mr. Lets Explore here got us lost." Aiden said. The albino Komainu Guardian Spirit cocked his head like a dog would.
  6. Liam sighed and rolled his eyes.He pointed back to the way him and Hog came from."There's a huge field back there.It's about a two mile walk from here until you get back to the nearest town,"Liam said.Hog came into Cody's view and smiled.Hog moved his head to the way to the field and motioned Cody and Aiden.

    "Just follow me,"Hog said walking off.Liam followed Hog.
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  7. "Thank you." Aiden said. He started to follow, then motioned with his ears for Cody to come over as he continued walking. The Guardian Spirit then mouthed the words Your welcome to Cody. Cody rolled his eyes and shook his head at the Komainu, but followed his lead. "Thanks." Cody said, then turned to Aiden, who looked smug. "Just because you were right about the whistle doesn't mean you have to be smug about it, Aiden."
  8. Liam listened to Cody and Aiden as he followed Hog.They kept walking until they reached the field."Keep walking that way and you'll reach the nearest town.But,be careful with the bandits,"Hog motioned them to keep walking.Liam went back to the edge of the woods and watched Cody and Aiden.
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  9. "Okay. Thanks." Cody said. The two continued to walk. "I have a friend that lives that way, I believe." Aiden said. "I believe the question is: Where don't you have friends located at?" Cody said. "I'm not sure. I know a couple guys in Sydney, Australia. The internet and social media sites make it an easy task to communicate with one another. And to find information as well. Did you know that in some allowable cases, a citizen can arrest someone without a warrant?" Cody groaned at the fact-spewing Komainu Guardian Spirit's "fun fact".
  10. "So what have we got here Ronin? Three more rogues or just some folk out for a picnic?" Jake asked from his temporary nest, a scruff of tall grass that did a fantastic job of hiding the boy from sight whilst he worked out what was going on. Sadly the grass did not do quite as good a job of hiding the hulking spectral suit of armour beside him, crouched in a mirror stance to his own.

    "I belive two of them are here with humans which indicates that they are unlikely to be rogue. The third one however is displaying several symptoms. I would recommend that we engage it immediately." Ronin boomed, his armour creaking as he began to get up, stretching out his metal limbs.

    "Okay looks like that tip we got might actually have been onto something. Lets head back to the van an-" Jake began to say before he was cut off by his guardian spirit suddenly drawing his massive claymore and shield, getting into a defensive stance.

    "Jake I am detecting a spirit moving towards at a high velocity, I would recommend you get inside me for your own safety." Ronin said in his calm and emotionless tones, his empty visor staring off into the trees intently.

    Sadly there was no for Jake to even reply before what looked like a bear with porcupine like spines leapt out of the woods towards them, a ferocious roar escaping from its gaping jaw. Only Ronin's quick reaction times saved the boy from becoming a happy meal for this beast, its attack was cut short by his shield being brought down on top of the beasts skull with a sickening crack that sent it straight into the dirt. As Jake scrabbled away and desperately tried to find something in his backpack the bear-spirit got back to its feet and decided to prioritise its targets this time, get the spirit first then the boy wouldn't even pose a threat. This was when the rouge spirit showed off its most flashy ability, it rolled itself into a very spinney ball and barrelled right at Ronin who took the attack head on, struggling to keep his ground as he pushed against the sphere of death.

    "I got it, I got it!" Jake exclaimed as he pulled out what looked kind of like a hand vacuum from his bag, pointing it at the bear. Making sure he wouldn't hit his own spirit he gently pulled the trigger and a shot of red energy flew out, striking the beast in the back and causing it to burst from its ball form so that it lay inactive on the ground.

    "Jake we have incoming friendly spirits." Ronin said as he pointed up the track at a pair of people and their spirits who were walking right towards them. Well this was going to be a little hard to explain...
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  11. "Whoa." Cody said. He and Aiden had seen some of the action while they were approaching. "That's one way to deal with a bad Rogue Guardian Spirit. Now if only others like Fong were that easy to deal with." he continued. Aiden shivered. "I clearly remember our first encounter with Fong. It did not go well for us." Aiden said.
  12. Liam looked at a tree and climbed it."What are you doing?"Hog asked.Liam ignored Hog for a second and grabbed a armful of apples.He jumped and put the apples down.

    "We came out here to get you food.Well,there you go,"Liam pointed at the apples.Hog smiled and started eating.Liam took an apple and sat down.He nibbled on it and watched the sky.
  13. Elk And Puya Were Relaxing Near The Forest, Puya Said
    "Elk, You Do Know Why We Are Here, Right?"
    "No..." Elk Replied
    "Neither Do I." Said Puya. They Continued Relaxing.
  14. Meanwhile, in another part of the woods, someone was in bigger trouble than Cody and Aiden had been. A gray tabby Munchkin cat Guardian Spirit was cornered by a pack of various evil rogue dog Guardian Spirits. "I thought we told you to get lost, pipsqueak?" said a Siberian Husky that was part of the nasty pack. "I-I'm sorry." the Munchkin cat Guardian spirit whimpered. "I think we should teach the small fry a lesson. What do you guys think?" a Alaskan Malamute who was also part of the pack said to the rest of the pack. The rest of the pack nodded in agreement. They snarled and started to approach the Munchkin cat Guardian Spirit. "Help!" the Munchkin cat Guardian Spirit screamed.
  15. Yuki, who was in her fox form, looked in the direction of the cry, her ears flicking. "Eva, did you hear that?" She asked. "Yeah... I did. Maybe we should leave..." She stated, taking a step back. Yuki sent her a withering glare. "What? I was joking." Eva said, adjusting her bag strap. "Then I suggest we hurry." Yuki said, already walking a few steps ahead. "Right." Eva replied. The two broke out into a full speed run, heading towards the cry for help.
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  16. Someone else had heard the cry for help as well. "Let's go." a boy called to his Guardian Spirit. The Okuri Inu Guardian Spirit to whom he had called easily outpaced the boy as they ran. "Hey, slow down would ya!" the boy wailed. "Sorry." the Okuri Inu called over his shoulder. He slowed his pace so that it matched the boy's.
  17. Eva and Yuki stopped upon reaching the source of the noise and saw the dog guardians messing with the cat guardian. 'I love dogs, but...' Eva thought to herself as she picked up a rock. Yuki spotted it. "Eva, think before you do." She advised. "I am." Eva said. "I'm thinking... HEY, LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!" Eva yelled as she chucked the rock at the dog guardians.
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  18. The rock ended up hitting a Siberian Husky in the pack. He yelped. The other dogs in the pack looked at the dog who had been hit, then at the rock, then at the one who had thrown it. "What do you think you're doing, girl?" the Alaskan Malamute who was in the pack asked. The larger dogs in the pack turned on the girl while the smaller ones surrounded the Munchkin cat Guardian Spirit to make sure she didn't run away.
  19. "Stopping YOU!" Eva exclaimed, folding her arms and glaring at them. Yuki shook her head. 'She's going to get herself killed.' She thought, and mentally prepared for any fights that may happen.
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  20. A dog Guardian Spirit leaped at Eva. In mid leap he was knocked down by a snarling Okuri Inu Guardian Spirit. "Nice one!" his human companion called to him. The boy ran up to Eva and Yuki. "You need some help?" he asked Eva. His Okuri Inu Guardian Spirit was knocked off of his opponent. The two circled each other, snarling.
  21. "Hey, thanks!" Eva said, for sure she was gonna be torn to bits. Yuki nodded. "Help would be much appreciated." She said, summoning a few fire balls to launch at any incoming dogs.
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  22. "Picking on a little kitty. Cowardly." Shasta said. The Okuri Inu Guardian Spirit bit the leg of his opponent. The dog howled in pain. Shasta then turned to the smaller dogs that had been told to make sure the the cat didn't run away. They looked at him nervously. One, a Jack Russel Terrier, looked about ready to flee out of fear.
  23. Yuki tossed a few fireballs at some of the bigger dogs that were left.

    Eva was definitely about to lay it on the smaller dogs, but seeing the look on the Terrier's face made her heart strings tug a bit. She knew that they probably deserved what may be coming to them, but... she approached the small dogs, as they seemed more likely to listen. "Don't bully those who are smaller than you. It may seem like the best thing to do at the time, but more than likely, it's probably the worst." She said in a firm tone. She continued. "Even though it may make you seem big, is it really worth being big and bad when people are constantly thinking the worst of you? Think on it." She said.
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  24. The Jack Russel Terrier nodded. "We understand that well enough. It's the big dogs that don't seem to get it. They force us to do these things. Our leader got where she is because of threats and her strength. She maimed the old leader." he said. The rest of the smaller dogs nodded in agreement. The munchkin cat stared at the smaller dogs.
  25. "Hm..." Eva thought. She turned to the fight and took a deep breath. "E-everyone! Stop for a moment, please!" She said, a bit anxious on how this would go down.
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  26. Surprisingly enough, everyone pretty much skidded to a stop. Unfortunately for Jake one dog had been in mid leap when Eva had yelled at them to stop and could not do so. The dog ended up landing on Jake, much to his dismay. Shasta turned to the larger dogs. "Sit." he called out. They all sat, including the one who was currently on top of Jake.
  27. Eva winced as the dog sat on Jake. She gently shooed the dog off before starting.

    She took a breath and began. She started off with a simple question. "Is there a reason you maimed the old leader?"
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  28. "It was not our doing. It was Síla who maimed him." said an Alaskan Malamute. "Yes, no one else wanted to harm him in any way. He was a great leader." Shasta looked at the pack. "Where is this Síla?" he asked them. "She's back at the camp, ordering the others around, no doubt." said the Siberian Husky that Eva had thrown a rock at earlier.
  29. "Can you tell us where the camp is?" Yuki asked, dissipating a few fireballs but keeping two active, just in case someone tried something.

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