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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by KonfidentKurusu, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. In this roleplay you join as a pokemon of one of the members of the villainous teams below:

    Team Rocket
    Team Aqua
    Team Magma
    Team Galactic
    Team Plasma
    Team Flare

    And you are trying to stop the other teams from reaching their goals
    you get a gun of your choice and you have to unite together but don't let your leaders know!

    Absol and Weavile were sitting in the cell like they have been for two years. "Do you think they will ever let us out?" Absol asked. After what seemed like forever, the guard said "Your coming out. The leaders payed the fine and want you back." He unlocked the door and motioned for the two to come out. As Archie and Cyrus approached, the two just sat there, wondering if they were dreaming. When they confirmed it was real life, they jumped out to their leaders.
  2. "Thank you Archie Sir I'll never disobey were orders ever again !" Said Weavile Crying. " I Know You Won't now stop crying and get back to work !!!!!
    *shudders* Yes Sir thank you again
  3. "Thanks a lot, Cyrus. I really mean it. Lets pick up where we left off." Absol said, looking one last time at his cell. "We have things to do. Like perfect this universe." Cyrus spat. The Leader and Pokémon of Team Galactic walked out of the police station to their base in the forest.

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