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Ask to Join Gryphon Beak : Fairy Tail RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by hollowhead_, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    {Discussion Thread --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/gryphon-beak-fairy-tail-rp.17975/#post-532414 }
    RPer (s) So Far : @Excalibur Queen, @9012_dirt
    In the magical world of Fiore, magic is an ability that most can use. For most, magic is merely a tool ; a normal part of everyday life. But for some, magic is an art. These...are the wizards. These wizards join up in guilds, to take requests from civilians, and then go up in teams, in order to finish the task, and get rewarded, when completing it. Such guilds, are for example : Fairy Tail, but this isn't really about them, exactly. No, our story is about the new guild : Gryphon Beak. This begins in a small town called...Streamsummit.
    Akize, was walking around Streamsummet, the town with a very long waterfall, the foreigners called it. He held around a sign, showing a picture of a peculiar man's face, and words under it saying 'WANTED : EXPERT JEWEL THEIF & TERRORIST. CAPTURE FOR 800, 000 J' He seemed to be having trouble, trying to find them. He seemed to be in the center of the town, and had seen a few people with familiar faces. The eighteen year old, kept looking.
  2. Yukiro grumbled under his breath as he examined his finger-tips with a sigh, his olive complexion was covered by fierce black markings shaped like flames, these markings once reached his shoulder but were slowly fading. They didn't hurt, but for better or worse he was told to rest when these markings appeared, which was quite frequent lately. Standing up Yukiro took out a handsome stack of jewel form his pocket, a reward from his last mission. He was rather far from his hometown of StreamSummet now, and planned on using some of the money to get a ride back.

    Frisha's glasses focused on the text before her, then suddenly the pages began to flip randomly, after a minute she pushed the book aside and nodded briefly. It was a book of maps, she found that it came in handy at the oddest times to know where you are going. She sat in the public library where the occasional whisper wasn't uncommon, yet today they were louder than usual- made it hard to concentrate. Growling Frisha flicked her wrist emitting a powder that absorbed into the air, and instantly the library fell asleep.
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  3. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Found you." Said Akize to a red headed man, with a brown Cape with a hood, "NEVER!" Said the red headed man, as he opened a magic circle and started shooting boiling water at Akize. Akize opened his own magic circle, and made a large firm tree suddenly pop up, blocking the shoot of boiling water. Akize quickly appeared behind the thief and opened another magic circle. Vines came shooting out of it. The vines had bombarded the thief with hits, and soon trapped him. Akize walked into the shed th thief was in, and freed the victim, and walked out, "Thanks for saving me! That mad man almost killed me!" Said the victim, as they gave Akize the jewels, "All in a day's work." Said Akize, as he quickly jumped away, going back to the guild.
  4. In the big guild hall of Gryphon Beak, Petra sat alone at a table, drinking the heaviest beverage they had.

    "This place is so quiet, it's boring," Petra said to no-one in particular, as she took a sip of her drink, "Honestly, I wouldn't mind it so much if we could fight at least once a week, but that's just how things are."

    Petra wasn't one to go on jobs often, so she stayed in the guild hall for the majority of her time. She thinks all of the jobs on the board aren't interesting enough, and she couldn't wait until she became S-Class so she wouldn't have to deal with all the "useless" jobs.
  5. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Kaelo sat near Petra, drinking a much less lighter drink. Unlike Petra, he usually goes on jobs and right now he is just resting till he goes on another one. “Waddaya mean? Do you really expect all the time some people dishing it out in here? This guild ain’t popular yet *hiccups* why would we do stuff like that, ya numbskull,” Kaelo said drunk. Even when he tries not to, he always gets drunk. “And what’s so bad about our jobs? They are *hiccups* alright. A couple jobs a day makes some money rain. Haha.*hiccups* I mean I like the quiet. At least we don’t get in trouble all the time,” he told her less drunk since it’s been nearly 5 minutes since he last touched his drink. “Plus, what are you doing with that beverage! How haven’t you passed out already?”
  6. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Akize opened the guild door, as some other people looked at him in interest. Akize paid no mind, as he instantly entered and quickly took another job. He took an unimpressive glance at Petra, and Kaelo, as he went outside. He wanted to finish all jobs. He decided to take the one with the highest jewel reward. 1,212,323 Jewels for going to a far away town from StreamSummit, which was called Snowood Town. He presumed it would be cold, coming from the name, so he zipped up his hoodie, and put on his hood. The goal of the job was to find a group of murderers consisting of 12-16 people. He couldn't do that alone, he knew, so he had to get some people, to go with him. He walked back inside, and walked up to Petra and Kaelo. They looked like they needed more experience, "Hello, there. My name is Akize Dravyrth." He introduced himself, "Would you two like to go on a job with me? The reward is 1,212,323 Jewels." He said calmly, not hesitating to go alone, if they didn't want to come.
  7. "Is that all you punks got? I'm honestly disappointed."

    An explosion in the center of town attracted a large crowd as one man stood in the middle of a surrounding group of people as a fight seemed to have broken out.

    Well, had been the key word until he blew them up and knocked them out. Now the young man simply let out a sigh as he placed his hands in his pockets and began to walk away.

    These humans are a pain in my ass. But it seems the worst of it has passed...

    "Halt right there!"

    The young man glanced behind him and took note of several guardsmen who seemed to have been attacked to the explosions he generated during the battle. With a sigh Eric would take his hands out of his pockets and take a battle stance.

    "I could say this wasn't my fault, but I doubt you'd take my word for it. So I'll make this quick." Eric said as his hands began to glow before he charged the guardsmen and the new battle began.
  8. Akeezu was in the Guild hall and watched Petra and Kaelo from as far away as possible. She glanced at the board, and waited for the moment no one was looking to take a job. She then returned to her previous spot. She looked over the job description carefully. Akeezu shook her head when her attention returned to her drunken guildmate.
  9. Petra looked at Kaelo, mostly with an aggravated look. This guy never knew how to handle his liquor. She then told him, "I'm not asking that the whole guild dishes it out, just that I can at least have a sparring partner/rival. And I wouldn't mind the jobs either, but Akize always took the good jobs with him!"

    Petra then noticed Akize standing right behind her, and said, "Well, look at the devil." Akize then offered if either Kaelo and Petra would like to go on a job mission with him, and the pay was high. Petra grunted, and then asked, "Depends. What's the job?"
  10. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Eh, nothin' much. Just a group of murders which have been out for about 8 months, now. It has 12 to 16 members in it." He said calmly. He didn't comment on Petra's job problem. In Akize's opinion, no job was smaller than the other. He didn't really care about the reward, either. As long as he HELPED. "Also, It's in Snowood. We'll need a mode of transport to get there.......Damn..." He muttered that 'Damn' part, because, of course, like any Dragon Slayer, he suffered a bad case of motion sickness...But, he had to finish the job, no matter what.
  11. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    “Hey! Oh hi Akize. Yeah go on a head and say a bunch of stuff, it’s not like you just interrupted a conversation. Never mind. So you got a job of over 1 mil jewels? If it’s just us 3 we could probably get 400 grand each! Wait a second... I know you’re a fricking weirdo but you should think this might be an issue. We have to take care of murderers, and just defeating them might not be enough. We might have to take extreme measures. And besides that issue, how does the master even let you do this! Isn’t this S-Class or something?!” Kaelo ranted. In truth, he very much wanted to do this job, but the thought of not even getting half of the reward for taking care of murderers made him a bit angry. “Also, I got a special thing for you,” Kaelo whispered to Akize,” If you give me your part of the reward I’ll let you use my motion sickness cure potion I bought the other day. You’ll never find the shop, but at least you’ll be able to easily endure the ride to Snowood.”
  12. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "I don't CARE about the reward. You can just take it all and leave me with nothing, for all I know!" He said, menacingly, "And no, this isn't S-Class. However, if you don't want to do this, then I won't stop you. At least I HELP the guild." He said as he walked outside, "I'll do it alone, if I have to." He said as he walked out, and started walking, "All he ever cared about was just drinking...Ugh...Calm..." He said to himself, getting a bit calmer.
  13. "Gah!"

    One of the guardsmen was sent flying through the door of a building by a small explosion as Eric glanced around him. Most of the guardsmen were knocked out by this point, the battle in the heart of the city having gotten fierce, but it was still not over as a couple more guardsmen were still standing.

    "I don't understand! This armor should offer some resistance to magic attacks, yet they haven't done a thing to him." One of the guardsmen said, referencing their magic resistance armor they had one. The idea behind the armor is not to offer complete resistance, but to lessen the damage and give non-mages a better chance against possible dark mage attacks.

    Something that had not shown to have any effect against Eric, who glanced at the cowering group of people who started this whole mess by picking the inital fight with him. Eric's palm began to glow as he greeted explosive power and slowly walked towards them.
  14. Petra grunted. Here we go again. Akize might be S-Class, but he let's his emotions get the best of him. Honestly, it's a bit immature. But who am I to judge?

    Petra then took another sip of her drink, and told Akize, "Don't get your trousers in a knot. I'm in, if you want me in that is. I need the money for rent also, so it wouldn't be that bad."
  15. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    “I thought he was calm, whatevs at least I’m taking two thirds haha!”he shouted. He took a sip of his drink to try and see if it would make him drunk, and he immediately passed out while also spilling the rest of the drink. When he came to he cursed himself and the beverage but his addiction still stuck. “Welp this sucks. I’m going to my house to change so I can do that job. Petra, I’m fine with you, so I’ll let you get half of the reward. By the way, that makes you lucky,” he told her. Then he left the guild hall.
  16. Petra would simply glare at Kaelo as he left. "That makes you lucky." Please, I don't believe in luck. I'll show you why I'll get half of the reward with my own power! Just you wait, because I'll be S-Class one day, and I will beat you in a fight!

    Before Akize could tell her anything, Petra decided to head out of the guild a bit. She knew Kaelo was going to take some time changing into his clothes, so Petra would use this time just to relax. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Petra could see and hear a huge explosion coming from the other side of town. What the!? Petra would then immediately run towards the explosion.

    Petra arrived to the scene, to see that some guardmens were unconscious. Oooh, a fight? Petra then looked at a stranger with a glowing aura, and asked him, "Hey, were you the one who did this?" She was acting surprisingly calm, even having her hands in her pocket.
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  17. Eric, before he could fry one of the bothersome people who started this, glanced over at Petra. She seemed calm, all things considered, which got him interested.

    "So what if I did?" Eric said as one of the panicked men on the ground glanced at Petra.

    "K-kill him! He's a monster!" The man said as Eric let out a chuckle.

    "Said the guy who tried to stab me with a blade. But I've heard enough talk. I'm not done teaching you your lesson." Eric said as he grabbed the man by the collar and slammed him to the wall, his left palm energized with explosive energy as he was prepared to fire a close range blast.
  18. Petra's hand then started turning into a black shining metal, and then formed into a club. She then streched her hand all the way to the guardsmen, and punched him out of the way of the explosion. The punch was able to knock out the guardsmen.

    Petra then turned her hand back to normal, and she glared back at the stranger with a smirk. "Well, if you did do all of this," Petra stated as she turned her arm into a black blade, "Then I would have no choice but to fight you." In all honesty, Petra didn't give a damn about the guardsmen (as seen by her just punching one), but she really wanted to fight, and the guy in front of her seemed strong. So why not?
  19. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Kaelo entered his home and went to his room. There he changed into his winter clothes and headed out. He heard an explosion and ran to the scene to find Petra already there talking to someone. He overheard that the guy she was talking to was a monster. “Listen buddy, I don’t have any problem with you, but I suggest you stop. Just relax and be nice, ok? I’ll even protect you if you stop doing crimes, which I think you are,” Kaelo said, a bit clueless on what’s happening. But to make his point clear, he threw a bone spike right past Eric’s head but without touching it. Then he saw Petra begin fighting him and sighed. “Can you at least give him a chance?”
  20. Eric chuckled at Petra's challenge, and Kaelo's compromise (Not that he knew their names).

    "A fight you say. Fine, but 2 on 1 hardly seems fair. I say we settle this with honor and with a duel. I mean, if you're not afraid of course. You could always let your buddy sub in if you're nervous." Eric said with a smirk, facing Petra as he spoke.

    Fighting them 2 on 1 would be less than desirable. If I can break them up I can focus on them one at a time. My odds improve, I can only hope she takes the bait.
  21. Petra glared at Kaelo, and exclaimed, "Don't interfere! I wanted to take on this guy myself, until you butted in! I've been aching for a fight all month, I need this!"

    Petra then looked back at the stranger, and said, "I wasn't planning on a two on one, but if you're insisting I take you on myself. Well...I don't see a problem with it!"

    Petra got in battle position, glaring at the stranger, waiting for the right oppurtunity.
  22. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    “Fine, but don’t expect me to leave you alone while fighting a “monster.” Whether you like it or not I’ll be ready to attack,” he shouted. With that out of the way, Kaelo created a rather safe formation of bones pushing him to the sky. He was ready to use this pillar to attack, if necessary. Kaelo utilizes his magic as best as he can, but he hopes he doesn’t have to do anything. While he loves fighting he would rather not get involve in a one on one duel.
  23. Eric glanced up at Kaelo at the sky, seemed he'd stay out of this for the moment. Though Eric would keep where Kaelo was in the back of his mind.

    With that said, Eric would propel himself forward like a rocket using a pair of palm explosions and aim to deliver a kick to Petra's gut. Eric had no way of knowing what she could do, but taking the first strike this quickly might give him the initial edge.
  24. Petra had hardened her stomach, knowing that the guy might go for her gut, but what she didn't account for were the explosions. The explosions would send Petra flying to the other side of the alley.

    Petra had landed on some boxes filled with fruit. She seemed not to be moving for a while, indicating that she might've been unconscious. But then suddenly, Petra would get up, cracking her neck, and her whole body was covered in a black shining metal. "Man," Petra stated, "I did not expect those explosions. Gotta hand it to ya', you sure do pack a wallop."

    Petra would then continue stretching, and looking at the stranger. Waiting to see what he would do.
  25. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Kaelo grunted as he observed the effect of Eric’s magic. He was about to intervene when he remembered that it was a duel. “Explosion magic can be very dangerous. And I hope to god there aren’t any nearby explosions either. I want to help but... I gotta trust Petra. Besides, she’s a god slayer. She has the defense of iron. How much trouble would this guy give her?” Kaelo their while increasilingly getting worried.
  26. Gah! Kicking her gut was lick kicking a steel wall! Good thing I packed some explosive punch to that. Note to self, directly hitting her is a bad idea.

    Eric would quickly shack out the pain in his leg from kicking Petra's hardened stomach. Eric would aim to focus on pure blasting power, as he fired a long-range explosive blast right at Petra. Not as powerful, but more precise so that Petra would be the only target.

    Bones up there might jump in if I do too much collateral. Gotta keep this contained until I beat her. Him jumping in would make this problematic. Especially given I sense this girl won't be a pushover....
  27. Petra had formed a shield, blocking each explosive attack. She would then start walking forward, continuing to block each explosion with her shield. What is with this guy? His other blast was able to pack more of a wallop than these small little blasts!

    Sooner or later, Petra would start to get annoyed from all the blasts, and run towards the stranger. She would then quickly form her shield into.... "War Hammer of the Iron God!" and she would aim to slam her hammer into the stranger's side.
  28. Shit!

    Eric would jump over the war hammer and jump back. Taking note that his smaller, controlled explosions were doing little against Petra's Iron defenses.

    Iron God? She's a God Slayer? Well that explains the unusual coloring of her "steel" weapons. Damn it this is more of an issue than I expected. I need more firepower...

    Eric would shift his glance at Kaelo above them.

    ...but doing that risks some collateral damage and he'll jump in then. Have to just keep chipping away and hope for the best.

    Eric would charge forward before using an explosion to jump over Petra and land behind her.

    "Rapid Detonation!" Eric said as he fired several, small & controlled, blasts aimed right at Petra's back.
  29. Petra stood there, taking each hit from the small explosions the stanger was dishing out at her. She was getting annoyed real quickly, from how the stranger's attacks, and how weak they were.

    She would then glare back at the stranger, and said in a grunted voice, "What the hell do you think you're doing? My whole body is made up of the same material as a god of iron, gods who were able to walk on the sun, these measly excuses of explosions won't do anything. Are you, by any chance ....underestimating me!? I'll just show you how powerful I am!"

    Petra would then make spikes appear from her back to make him jump back. Petra would then change her "War Hammer" into "Holy Blades" and charge at the stranger. With her Holy Blades, Petra is much faster.
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  30. Eric would jump back and do his best to dodge the blades Petra generated, though one of them managed to cut his cheek and another managed to cut his shoulder. Blood dripped as Eric used explosive power to jump up to a nearby roof.

    This girl is a pain in my ass. And so is bones up there. I won't win like this...

    Eric would jump down and land in front of Petra. Eric took a breath as his palms began to glow, brighter than before.

    If I use stronger blasts right at close range, I should avoid some collateral damage. It's not top tier stuff, but it should pack more of a punch than before...

    "What I do or how I fight is quite frankly none of your business. But with that said what do you say we kick it up a notch?" Eric said with a smirk as he would dash forward and look to deliver a stronger palm blast aimed at Petra's chest.
  31. "What are you doin....AAAAHHH!" Petra would say before being blasted in the chest by the stanger. This blast would send her flying again, and she slammed against a wall, causing some collateral damage. There was a lot of silence coming from her direction.

    After a few minutes she would get up, looking so...beaten. She would then start walking slowly towards the stranger, with her arms limping. "Now..." Petra spoke out loud, "That's more like it! Pack more of a wallop like that, and I might start fighting more seriously! Man, oh man, am I getting excited!" Petra would then be back in her battle position, and exclaim, "Let's do this!"
  32. Shit! I didn't mean to crash her into a wall. Hope bones doesn't feel the need to jump in and...

    However, Eric's thoughts were interrupted by Petra emerging and...praising him? This girl actually complimented him on his last attack. As she got in a battle position, she seemed...almost excited. Eric had never met someone who enjoyed a good battle to this degree.

    "Man, and people say I'm crazy..." Eric said to himself, with a chuckle and a shake of the head before he assumed his own battle stance. His palms glowing again as he had a grin on his face. Seems the girl was not the only one starting to have fun.

    "Whatever you say, just do go and die on me. I'm only starting to enjoy myself!" Eric said before he would hold both palms out in front of him.

    "Twin Burst Detention!" Eric said as he fired two explosive blasts at Petra, greater destructive power than he had been using at the start of this battle.
  33. The two explosion blasts cause a lot of callateral damage, and send Petra flying into the air. She then landed face first unto the pavement, and was quickly able to recover.

    "That attack was even stronger than the last!" Petra exclaimed, "Can you go even stronger!?" Petra then had both of her hands clutched together. She was really acting like a kid.
  34. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Kaelo grunted once more as he saw Petra get crashed again. He was gonna do something but then saw her get back up and seem to have more energy than ever. Then he looked at Eric which seemed to be enjoying this fight. His eyes widened as he fired those two blasts. Before he could do anything, he saw Petra flying and getting back up. Despite her chuckle, Kaelo was not happy. “That’s enough. I’m getting bored of these games so surrender. Unless you want to face me as well,” he said much more seriously than how he usually was.
  35. Eric glared at Kaelo, but then let out a chuckle as his palms glowed once again.

    "Fine, we'll fight....after I finish your friend!" Eric said as he charged forward looking to deliver a close range blast and what he could only hope would be the finishing blow. Petra was tough, but Eric figured there was no way she could handle another powerful blast if he managed to deliver it right at her face. Eric wasn't going all out, but it was his strongest yet and it should be enough the Ehterion felt...

    This is the end!
  36. Petra looked on at the incoming attack, and her whole face lit up with glee. OH YEA- Petra would immediately get attacked in the face from the explosion, which would send her flying so high into the sky. She would then look down at the alley-way. Wow. They all look like ants from up here. Oh well, time to see what I can do, now!

    Petra would use her enhanced senses as a Slayer to spot the stranger. She would have her eyes set straight on the stranger, and exclaimed, "Iron God's...BELLOW!" A whirlpool of iron would then go straight down from the sky towards the stranger.
  37. Good, it's all over now. Time to deal with that bone brat...wait what is that? Shit!

    Before Eric could make his next move, the blast of God Slayer magic blasted from Petra high in the sky and slammed into Eric. This sent Eric flying back and sent him crashing through several walls. Eric was slow to get up.

    You've...you've got to be kidding me...what the hell is she? And why am I...why am I getting excited?

    Eric would get up and make his way back to his original spot seeing Petra still descending from the sky. Eric's palm shinned bright again.

    "That hurt, that hurt a lot. You know how to make things exciting!" Eric said as he would jump in the air with the intent to cut Petra off before she landed on the ground.

  38. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Kaelo smiled as he saw Eric fly himself. Then he saw him descending and preparing and attack. Quickly, he made his column move towards him and glared at Eric. “Enough is enough!” Kaelo exclaimed as he shot multiple bone spikes near Eric’s body but not touching it. “If you continue I promise I won’t miss on purpose,” he said preparing more bone spikes to shoot. He wasn’t worried for himself being attacked.
  39. Petra smirked, and looked on at the stranger saying, "All right! That's the spirit! Iron God Continental Crus...!" And before Petra could unleash her attack, Kaelo came out of nowhere and stopped the fight!

    "What the hell do you think you're doing!" Petra exclaimed, "The fight was just getting started!"
  40. Eric glanced around him, seeing several bone spikes all around him. At this point, Eric considered his options.

    Can I beat the both of them if I go all out? I give myself, at best, less than a 10 percent chance of being able to pull that off. Damn him, damn everything...

    Eric would lower his hand as the energy faded from his palms.

    "Fine, I surrender." Eric said, admitting defeat as several guardsmen and townspeople got around him.

    The most vocal? The group of men who attacked Eric to start all this.

    "Kill him! Kill that monster!"

    "Yeah, this freak destroyed our town, off with his head!"

    "Funny, you attacked me first and I'm the monster. Oh well." Eric said with a chuckle as a couple of guardsmen restrained him and cuffed him. Eric offering no resistance. Eric had...what could almost be seen as a look of regret.

    So...this is how it ends huh? Maybe it's better this way, none of these people are wrong...

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