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Grief Counseling for People Whose Favorite Shows Have Ended

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Mockingchu, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Welcome to a place of... welcoming.

    You are among people who have suffered the same tragedies as you. Our favorite shows- ranging from action filled thrillers to laid back comedies- have ended. We are all here to support each other. Simply state which one of your favorite shows has ended, and what made it special. We will try to raise your spirits. If one of the members has loved the show too, you may even make a new friend.

    We're going through this together.

    I'm currently grieving the loss of a fantastic and underrated show. I learned about it through my mom, and zipped through it on Netflix with her. Its beautiful ensemble cast graced my screen for about six months. Six seasons in six months. I was crushed.

    Then, out of the blue, a seventh season was announced! Angels appeared in my living room, and burst out in joyful choruses. Next I learned it was a shortened season. Only eight episodes. At least it was something to tie up the past seasons with a nice bow.

    When Season Seven ended, I was sad once more. Although, the ending was beautiful and touching, I was still down about the show going away.

    The show, New Girl, ended back in May. I've made it this far. I've been strong. I've tried not to break down. The other night, I had a backslide (heh, it's funny cuz that's the name of a New Girl episode---;_;). I was laying in my bed, clutching my phone, scrolling through Netflix. I clicked on New Girl, and got sucked back in.

    The grief has hit me full force. This is so sad Alexa play Descapitwo.

    I need your help to get through this.

    Thank you.

    (in case it wasn't obvious- yes, this is satire. however, i really do want to talk about good, cancelled shows, and reminisce!)

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