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Open Great War of elements sign up and rules

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Gungy the boss, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. This is a Greek mythological battle between fire and air vs. sea and earth, so you may have to go and look up some gods, titans, monsters and elder titans, if you leave your details here in the format shown below there will be a poll on weather you should be allowed in by all the others, once five people have signed up and been voted in for each team, the Great War of elements will become open. The details below are examples, do not use them or you will not be voted at all.

    Please do your details as below:

    Minor god (made up):

    Name: Karakata

    Element: earth

    Sacred animal: scorpion

    Appearance: a giant humanoid made entirely out of rock

    Backstory: raised inside of mount Olympus all crumbling decay was absorbed by his large body, but he went crazy, so far as to raising Gaia, karataka was the starter off-the-peg Great War.

    Demigod (you):

    Name: sthatae

    Parent: Poseidon (sea)

    Weapon: sword made entirely out of water and gold

    Age: 16

    Transformation: minor leviathan

    Backstory and appearance: a large and muscly teenager, sthatae was raised in the underwater palace of his father, but when gaia rose, he joined his dad in helping.

    Gifted mortal (what I will be):

    Name: gungy

    Age: 21

    God: Hephaestus

    Gift (from gods): magical staff

    Transformation (permission only): flaming wolf

    Appearance: thin and shabby wearing tattered clothes

    Backstory (optional): gifted at birth by the god Hephaestus gungy became ruler of a great kingdom, tarretanora, but after the jackolons, gifted by Poseidon declared war on the earth mothers' rise, most of his kingdom fell.

    Kingdom (jackolonia sea, tarretanora fire, thaloutania earth, tathataflakia sky): tarretanora

    When you are filling these in, do not include the brackets ().

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