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Great Pokemon Idea

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by blakely123456, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Hello, my name is Blakely Ray Conlee. I love the idea of what you did with pokemon go but I have another thing you can do! After you starting getting finish with Pokemon Go you should try to do a holagram pokemon thing. So you have glasses or something and in the glasses you can travel around and see pokemon and you have a backpack in the bottom right hand corner that you can grab pokeballs and stuff from and etc. Also have items still on the map. This will beifit so it will be Pokemon in real life! This is lots of peoples dreams and this is just an idea that you could do after Pokemon Go is slowing down or try it sooner if you like this is just an idea and i hope you injoy it.
  2. So hololens meets pokémon go, well that is the dream, unfortunately at the moment we're still waiting for the technology, though I'm sure nintendo are thinking along the same lines as yourself, myself, and the millions of other players who would love a true real life rpg of pokémon and to truly immerse ourselves within it forever.

    I also don't get how someone is supposed to try your idea, but y'no.
  3. There's already rumblings of Pokemon Go on Google Glass so people are already thinking along those lines. However as RLRL said, that's still some ways off unless there was a development no one told me about.

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