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Ask to Join Granted Fate, Fairy Tail rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by FrostCrispz, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Flore, a world where magic is used all around. People join together into Guilds to stop problems ranging from curses to Dark Guilds. This is the story of a new guild to Flore, Granted Fate.

    "Granted Fate. Strange, able to give a fate to others. Almost a second chance. Our guild is based upon granting others a second chance." -Master Rothuk, first master of Granted Fate

    "Hello there friend. I hear you want to be a wizard? Good, you came to the right place. Sorry, but I'm as blind as a bat, could you fill out this registration forum so you can join us?" -Master Golond, current master of Granted Fate.

    1. Hate the OC, not the RPer.
    2. Please don't go OP/Mary Sue
    3. Put Fairy Law in your bio
    4. Please limit the Dragon Slayers, and if used, put how in the bio
    5. Get creative with magics. New Celestial Creatures are also allowed with brief summary.
    Magic used:
    Brief History:
    Other information:
    This is just going to be a basic Fairy Tail roleplay without much of a major plot going on now. Later on, I might add in something, but a basic one to begin with.
    Name: Maximus (Max)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Magic used: Speed/Free Run
    Personally: Max is quite calm in most situations. She doesn't mind a fight, but does like the feeling of fear/intensity. Max works extremely well under pressure. Max is catastrophic in a way that if she is bound or held, she starts freaking out, which is one of her only fears.
    Appearance: Max wears a blue T-shirt just a size to small for her 5'6" body, causing her lower body to just barely show off. She also wears a pair of loose shorts under a dark pink skirt. Her hair is brown hung in a pony tail.
    Brief History: Max is a normal girl who liked to be free. Her father was a Wizard himself, showing her how to use magic properly. Her mother was a historian who collected many books on forbidden magics. Max soon learned Speed magic, and joined Granted Fate as it was the nearest guild to her. In her private times, Max uses Free Run, a speed based magic that's banned. Master Golond knows about Free Run, but doesn't bother about it cause he knows that she won't hurt herself with it, often.
    Other information: Max is deathly afraid of being held or bound.
  2. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I'm joining.
  3. And an Instant reply. Wow.
  4. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Expect a lot of dragon slayers, I'd put a limit at 3. 2 Celestials I also recommend

    Name: Caesar (Zesawr, nickname given by his baby sister when she was younger)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Magic used: Command T
    Personally: Friendly; serious at times; Loyal to his friends (sorry, I'm wayyy better at showing this WHEN I RP)
    Appearance: Messy black hair; gray bandanna over his mouth; red eyes; black gloves; gray cloak with hood; black hunter suit inside cloak
    Brief History: He's a normal wizard with a small family of him, his parents, and his young sister. He lives by himself though, but visits his family from time to time. Ceaser especially enjoys dangerous jobs.
    Other information: Fairy Law
  5. Accepted, but is the Command T used on a weapon, or just natural?
  6. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    he has daggers which he usually uses them on. usually
  7. Okay, before I make an OC I have this idea for a magic but I want to know if it is okay to use or not.

    Key Magic. Allows the user to generate magic keys that can be used for various purposes. Opening of locks, entering and exiting of a personal "pocket room" used for storage of items, and for weapons. Either multiple key projectiles or a longer "Keyblade" for melee combat. Drawbacks extend to use of these keys eat away at his stamina and he'd have to "rest" in his room for an extended period to regain his magic stamina.
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  8. id like to join but my oc uses a special type of magic i made up and i want to know if its ok or not

    Rings Of Fire

    like celestial spirit magic this magic summons powerful magic beings through magic objects, however its of an extreme level, there are 6 rings, each with a powerful spirit that has two magics, all spirits have purgatory dragon slayer magic as one of them, aka stronger version of fire dragon slayer thats weak to light instead of water, now your probably thinking "this is very op", so here are the drawbacks, aside from the insanely high magic cost making summoning more than one suicidal for normal humans, all pain the spirit receives is shared between the spirit and the summoner
  9. Okay, I am not the OP but I see a few problems with this magic if I were to express my opinion. Even with your restrictions.

    1. The fact that your summons can use more than one magic makes them objectively better Celestial Spirits (Especially if Slayer magic is one of the magics). So if someone wanted to be a Celestial Mage in this story, what would be the point given your character has basically stronger & better Celestial Spirits?
    2. The fact that one of those magics if a stronger variation of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic means you can basically summon a dragon slayer at will and that summon will have a bonus magic to go along with it. Which would make them even better than an actual Slayer mage.

    Basically your character is a better Celestial Spirit & Dragon Slayer mage wrapped into one. It's just too much in my opinion and the drawbacks really don't seem to matter given how OP each single summon is going to end up becoming. I just think that it makes both other magics look bad by comparison to yours and kinda useless with you around.
  10. i see what you mean but just cause someone has stronger magic doesnt mean they are necessarily better, lets be honest we all expected god slayers to be stronger than dragon slayers but that wasnt the case, none the less if the OP agrees with you for the sake of the RP ill tone it down strength wise and keep the drawbacks the same
  11. It's an Interesting idea @Lord Of Pain but as @Godjacob said, (your power is accepted though) it's to OP, especially for early rp. I can see what your idea was, but Celestial Wizards have to use keys to summon beings, and your magic removes that entirely. Also, you have almost all the beings instantly, unlike how others have to collect each one. And the beings summoned are legitimately a selection of Natsus.
  12. actually i require rings to summon, and out of 6 rings i only have 1, but yeah as i said if you see them as OP ill tone them down in power, either make them normal fire dragon slayers or just bring down their experience with the magic in general
  13. Maybe do it like Celestial Wizards, the Spirit's power increases with yours. The beings could start as normal fire wizards, but as your powers increase, so do theirs. Also, if you don't mind, could I get a little information about your beings. Mostly basic appearance, cause if those rings contain actually human based creatures, that is a bit wierd and gets thrown onto the forbidden magic side of the magic chart.
  14. ah ok

    Ring of the Tempest : Ifreet (the one i have)
    Fire and Storm magic
    looks like a red skinned genie with gold arm bracelets and a burning skull for a head
    very calm and collected spirit

    Ring of the Gatekeeper : Cerberus
    fire and chain magic
    a pitch black 3 headed wolf with broken gold chains around each neck
    arguments often occur between each head

    Ring of the Savage : Moloch
    fire and needle magic
    a greyish green humanoid being with a silver lion like mane
    very prideful

    Ring of the Serpent : Apophis
    fire and Poison magic (strongest and hardest to control)
    a giant red cobra with golden fangs
    major anger issues

    Ring of the Tyrant : Ravana
    fire and shadow magic
    a red skinned man with 4 arms, lion fangs and a golden crown, also just wearing pants and a jade bead necklace
    also calm and collected like Ifreet but also suffered some pridefulness

    Ring of the Punisher : Krampus
    fire and Ice maker magic
    a brown furry humanoid beast with horns and icy sickle-and-chain weapon
    primitive and incapable of human speech
  15. So, they are demons?
  16. no, they are spirits but i can see why you thought they are demons, they look similar but arent cause then it will be too op
  17. Let's see how it works out, power accepted.
  18. thanks

    Name: Lucifer Brimstone
    Gender: male
    Age: 16
    Magic used: Ring of Fire : the tempest
    Personally: Lu is very hot headed, brave and flirty, but also short tempered and not the smartest guy out there so expect many ill thought decisions as well as reliance on his friends and Ifreet's common sense to back up his strength
    Appearance: a pale and skinny boy with black messy hair and red eyes, he wears a black shirt and pants, a red fur coat and red sneakers
    Brief History: Lucifer also known as Lu by friends used to be part of a well known family of jewelry makers, his dad had high expectations of him and one day when payed with a magic ring promised to leave it in his will for Lucifer to inherent if Lu becomes a great jewelry maker like him in the future, however when Lu's father found out Lu had no intentions of taking up the family job he was furious and planned to remove Lu from his will, however he died of old age before he could so Lu got the ring, Lu took the ring and ran away from home, joining Granted Fate in hopes of becoming a strong wizard
    Other information: he is a cheesy flirt so he wont be scoring any girls any time soon, kinda like a less successful loke.....
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  19. I would also remove the second magic from them myself, cause I think having a future dragon slayer to summon with an extra ability is a bit much myself. But whatever, if OP is okay with it nothing more I can say. Still worry about Celestial Spirits being useless & weak by comparison.

    Name: Dalton Zephir
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Magic used: Key Magic. Allows the user to generate magic keys that can be used for various purposes. Opening of locks, entering and exiting of a personal "pocket room" used for storage of items, and for weapons. Either multiple key projectiles or a longer "Keyblade" for melee combat. Drawbacks extend to use of these keys eat away at his stamina and he'd have to "rest" in his room for an extended period to regain his magic stamina.
    Personally: Is typically an optimistic, fun loving individual with a little charm to him. Though also can be a bit immature at times and also a little self-serving & stubborn; going with his path even if he knows it is not what the people he cares for wishes of him. Though in spite of it all, he does have a good heart and really just wants to improve the conditions of his "home" and make a better life for them and by extension himself; which shows his loyalty to those he cares for.
    Appearance: Fair skinned individual, and slightly on the short side or his age. Had short, spiky, dark black hair with black eyes. Wears a grey-t-shirt underneath a black jacket with silver designs that remains unzipped along with a pair of silver cargo pants and black boots.
    Brief History: Abandoned at an orphanage, Sacred Heart Orphanage, as a baby where he was cared for by one of the nuns Ms. Strarlus (Tall women who is in her mid-to-late 20s with long brown hair, blue eyes and a beauty mark on the left side of her chin along with the standard nun attire) who became his surrogate mother figure when he failed to get adopted over the years. Ms. Starlus and others at Sacred Heart cared for him and even taught him how to use magic; which would later inspire him to leave the orphanage and begin a path of being a petite thief; selling high end valuables for profit and donating those profits to help Sacred Heart with finical worries; even if Ms. Starlus caught wind of this and tries to stop him more often than not. Though perhaps a better path for him may exist yet...
    Other information: Fairy Law
  20. Both accepted. I plan to start it when we have at least two more people.
  21. Do we start as already joined and acquintaned or the guild is entirely new?
  22. I'm planning on being a new member. Was gonna have him do a small robbery of some jerk to lead to a fight scene with some established Guild Members. Then they can offer my character a spot when they see he isn't a total bad guy.

    But I am not OP.
  23. Your choice. I don't really care much.
  24. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Well considering I said “likes dangerous jobs” I’m pretty sure he says that cuz he’s already a wizard sooo
  25. have an idea for a character, but i don't know if the magic is okay. Would ground based magic work?
  26. Well, there is Earth Magic. Though what do you mean by "ground-based" magic. What do you want your character to do with said ground?
  27. im thinking something like pillars made out of the surrounding earth, and stuff like that. just an earlier idea, might think of something else tomorrow when i have more energy.
  28. That's pretty much Earth Magic (A spell for it anyway) as far as I can tell. If that's what you want your character to do, I would go with that.

    But I am not the OP, and I should go to bed as well. Sleeping on it is probably wise XD
  29. Yeah, that’s likely my course of action, for both my character and myself. See ya in the morning-ish.
  30. @Godjacob I should hire you as my personal assistant!
  31. Aw, that is too sweet :)

    I credit it with my experience with Tales of Ender Eye for my Fairy Tail "knowledge" if you will. And I just want to do what I can to help another Fairy Tail RP off the ground.
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  32. Thanks anyways. I plan to start when @Spoiled Bread does his/her bio
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  33. I am busy these day, so don't wait for me. I may join later when I have the time.
  34. No problem. Join when you can, I get what Life can do to you. Working on the RP now.
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  35. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    You had my attention at Fairy Tail

    Name: Nero
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Magic used: Plant Make(can make things out of plants, such as weapons)
    Personally: overly energetic and quick to rush into combat without a plan. Gets very angry when people question his thinking.
    Appearance: bright green messy hair, wears a teal tank top along with shorts. His guild Symbol is on his right shoulder.
    Brief History: was born in Magnolia with a poor family. Goes to guilds to get money and beat up other people that annoy him.
    Other information: wants to travel to Well as and meet his counterpart, who he hopes knows Fairy Law.
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  36. Accepted.
    And sorry for no post yet guys, I am caught up in school work now. I have to make a blueprint of my entire school by Friday.
  37. FYI my character is the thief and he's being chased by standard police not another guild member @SoulDemon
  38. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Well now I gotta chase your character down.
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  39. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    LET THE CHASE BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!
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