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Open Grande Valse Brilliant (Romance RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Welcome, honoured guests, to the Grande Valse Brilliant. Only the highest and most distinguished members of society are welcome at tonight's ball; dukes, duchesses, counts and countesses, and yes, even royalty are in attendance tonight. But rest assured, honoured guests, this is no ordinary ball. Tonight, you will be looking for love. Every gijinka here has yet to be married, and by the end of the evening, you will all, hopefully, have a mate for life.

    (Let's begin with the rules:

    1.) No homo/biphobia

    2.) No forcing yourself on another character

    3.) This is probably a given, but I'll say it anyway: In character feelings do not equal out of character feelings. You are not to use this thread to look for an IRL BF/GF)

    (And now, here's the form you must fill out. You can only have one OC:




    Rank: (So if your character is male, they can have the following ranks:






    And if female:






    (And here's my form:

    Name: Prince Flavio VII

    Species: Gardevoir (Shiny)

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Prince


    Flavio's butler got the door for him as he sat up from his carriage, taking the young prince's hand as he stepped onto the cobblestones.

    "My lord, are you quite certain that you wish to attend alone?"

    The gardevoir nodded, straightening the cuffs of his shirt one last time. "Quite certain. I shan't need your services, not when there are plenty of staff here to serve me tonight. And besides, I want to find my princess alone."

    The tailcoated butler bowed, returning to his seat atop the prince's carriage. "I wish you luck, my lord."

    Flavio bid farewell to him, as the mudsdale drawn carriage sped away. With a deep breath, the gardevoir put his gloved hand to the door, and began the descent of golden steps into the ballroom.
  2. Name: Princess Felicitty III
    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Princess
    - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~
    Felicitty's friend and loyal butler, Aaron, held the veil of her silk dress as she walked across the smooth cobbles.
    "Aaron, are you sure I'll be safe alone? I don't know who's going to be here,"
    "King Armadus ordered me to come back before ten, I'm sorry," and so Aaron left.
    Waving back at him, Felicitty took her gloved hand and opened the door to the ballroom, being very cautious while traipsing down the stairs to the enchanting ballroom.
  3. Prince Flavio wasn't one to make a grand entrance to occasions like these, despite his rank. He thought it a terribly tacky thing to do; there was no need to announce one's status, when surrounded by others of a similar ranking, though as a prince, he ranked above all of the barons and baronesses, and dukes, and duchesses in the land.

    The gardevoir brushed a stray lock of his light blue hair back into place, before stepping down into the ballroom. As was to be expected, it was already teeming with hopeful nobles.
  4. Felicitty stood in the corners of the ballroom to not get noticed. It wasn't her fault she had to come here but the kingdom needed a heir. The espeon brushed back a strand of her long, purple hair and fixed her gloves. She was not a social person.
  5. Name: prince Patrick the first
    Species: toxicroak
    Gender: male
    Rank: prince

    Patrick sat in his mudscale pulled carage and arrived at the ball "ok I will not come out of this ball without a mate" he thought slightly worried that he would have nobody he entered and his eyes darted around and saw felicitty and walked over to her "uh hello"
  6. As if on cue, an orchestra struck up, signalling the beginning of the ball. To Flavio's delight, it was made up primarily of string instruments, which he so adored back at home. He had been taight to play the violin as a ralts, and he played it long into his adulthood, and up until the death of his parents. The Fortei region's two rulers, King Verum III, and Queen Oktavia VI, had passed away earlier hat year, leaving only Flavio to the throne. The young prince was due to be crowned king soon, but it had been decided long ago that he had to have a queen before his coronation.

    He traipsed through the ballroom carefully, eyeing up each and evry lady in the room. They were all quite beautiful, but could he really decide which one to take as his queen in one night?
  7. To make things more beautiful, the orchestra decided to play. It was made up mostly of string instruments which made Felicitty remember how lovely it was to play the viola. She had also played the piano previously so she was delighted when she heard the piano playing. Felicitty was soon to be coronated Queen but first she needed to find a life partner.
    She waved her tail and stared around the room. There were so many men - but whom should she pick?
  8. Name: Baron William l
    Speces: Luxray
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Baron
    Willam stood quietly as he watched the orchestra began their melody. He stood tall and proud, despite the fact he was only a Baron. He currently was the lowest of the low amoung the other participants currently attending tonight, but that wouldn't stop the young Luxray. Under most situations he was more rough and tumble then other royalty, spending the majority of his days within the forest that outlined his parents castle. He gazed around the room with his deep yellow eyes. The mulitude of people shocked William. There were so many chances to find a mate, like he was expected to do. With a large amount of pride he walked around the outside of the ballroom floor, watching the young women who either danced with a partner, or where acting much like him, and taking precaution of who they danced to talked to.
  9. Felicitty would stop to think. There were so many guests of so many ranks. If she chose one of the lower ranks, there wouldn't be the problem of being Queen of two lands. But if she chose a prince, that might unite the two lands. Her mother was dead and her father was almost at Death's door. As a young Eevee, her father would do anything to get her some friends so there might be a chance not having to let Felicitty choose her own mate.
  10. Flavio's own attempts at finding a queen had proved unsuccessful, so far. He found many of the duchesses and countesses he'd seen far too pretentious for his liking; they loved to go on about themselves, and never let him get a single word in. But, unfortunately, finding a less refined and worldly queen was out of the question for the young lord; many of them did not want him, but instead, were more interested in his rank. To them, marrying him was the chance to make their childhood fantasy of being swept away by a handsome prince a reality.

    Lost in his thoughts, the prince eventually crashed into a lady, an espeon, he noted, as he walked, only noticing on impact the she was there.

    "I'm dreadfully sorry, my lady," he said politely, extending a gloved hand to her, "Are you alright?"
  11. "Oh..um..yes. Its my own fault for standing here. Are you alright?" She said shyly. She had never seen anyone as polite as that Gardevoir. She took the gloved hand into her own and got up. "Thank you for helping me."
  12. "I'm fine," Flavio answered, taking a moment to push a stray curl back into his clean cut blue hair, "Though my oafish conduct would have you believe otherwise, I am Prince Flavio the Seventh, heir to the kingdom of Forte. Charmed."
  13. Willaim listened to the occasional conversations as he walked. People were acting polite, and it seemed there was a general akwardness for most couples. No one person really stuck out, leaving him to his aimless wander. He was coming to the conclusion that him coming here might have been a snipe hunt, and maybe a good mate for him didn't really exist.
  14. "I'm Princess Felicitty the Third, heir to the kingdom of Tribute. I believe you shouldn't think of your conduct that way, for my conduct would simply ask if I was alright and if yes, he would leave to go back into the carriage." She would pull back a glove and brush her hair to one side.
  15. (Ya might wanna edit that. I'm not sure that you quite understood what Flavio was trying to say...)

    "Well," the prince began, his tone changing at the mention of her title. He'd met many a princess in his lifetime, but due to rarity of the rank, he hadn't expected to see one here tonight. He'd expected that some of the lower ranks would attempt to muscle in on the princesses first, eager to boost their own status and gain more power.

    "It's an honour to meet you, princess," and as was customary in the kingdom of Forte, he took her gloved hand and kissed it.

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