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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, May 29, 2011.

  1. Yep, I'm graduating from high school today. I'm valedictorian, too, so I have to give a speech. XD Here's the awesome thing--the conclusion is the lyrics from the first Pokemon theme song.

    It's also weird--I'll have to make up new routines for the next few years of my life, as my K-12 education is now over. I'm happy I get away from the idiots at my high school, but a bit apprehensive at the fact of change.

    What graduations have you guys been through, and has anything notable happened in them?
  2. I'm graduating next year, that's a scary thought...

    For now though, my sister is graduating on Friday, and that means she is leaving the house. That is even scarier, because she has always been there with me. We've always been together, whether it was sharing a special moment, or tripping each other up and trying to kill each other. It's going to be strange not having any of that at home anymore, I'll have to make friends with the most violent girl I can find to compensate for that. So yeah, I will be lonely at home pretty soon; I need you guys to keep me company
  3. I graduated May 7 ;D

    Secad, I could've sworn you were in college or something. Anyway, graduation was pretty fun, as was grad practice. Our valedictorian dubbed our senior class "Generation Pikachu", which was oh-so-true and hilarious to boot.

    I've actually never been to a graduation before this one, so it was a pretty cool experience.
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Thanks for making me feel old guys! >=0

    I graduated from high school back in 2007. I also graduated from community college in December 2009 with an AA degree in Biology, but I didn't attend my graduation ceremony because it was the same week I was starting at my "real" college which is out of state. I won't be graduating from there until May 2013.

    What really made me feel old was my brother's high school graduation last year! :'D
  5. I am in college too--Just taking courses for high school credit and college credit. It is an interesting program I have at my school.

    I actually messed up the entire graduating class today. When the principal was speaking, I thought she was going to get to a part in which she wanted us to throw our mortarboards. I did, stepping out of line. Hearing the laughter, I knew I did something wrong, and thus got back in line...just in the wrong place. I then mimed throwing a cap at the right time. XD The exiting procession was interesting, as the wrong names were called.

    At least my speech went well, lol.
  6. Wow, congratulations on graduating top of the class, Secad!

    I've only been to three graduations in my entire life. Naturally the most memorable one was mine. Like P_M I graduated back in 2007 and I had high honors (yay, snazzy accessories!) My high school holds graduations in the evening so it isn't so hot and I remember the weather being perfect. It was just a really fun night~ Two years later I went to my cousin's graduation which wasn't nearly as fun. For one they held it in the morning so it was already burning up hot and then they pronounced his name wrong >>

    The next graduation I'm likely to attend is my own from college next May~

    PS: This talk about graduations almost makes me wish I had made my Diaries charries seniors hurr hurr
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  7. Graduated last night.
    Or went to the lame ceremony last night >.>;. Somehow they managed to read 500 names and have a couple of speeches within an hour.

    I've had to go to... like 4 graduations, sans mine. One for my older sister, and 3 cuz I was in the band. As I was walking down to get to my seat, I was like "Haha, they have to play Pomp and Circumstance for ten more minutes". It was great.

    High school ended for me once I walked out of my government for the last time. I never have to be with these idiots ever again!
  8. Heh... Off to the 9th grade with me next year... Ain't it funny? My school would be the only middle school in Florida not to have an eighth grade Graduation ceremony... Oh well... Well, I guess I've been to one graduation before... My sister's graduation from the nursing academy... (Does that count). LAMEST 3 HOURS OF MY LIFE... We sat there doing nothing but listen to an old lady give the life story of every new nurse... And they didn't even give us snacks... Or at least, they wouldnt let me leave the auditorium so I could get a bag of Combos from the vending machine...
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  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Who's making who feel old? I graduated from my university program in 2007. ;p

    Anyways, I've only personally experienced two graduations: my grade 12 graduation, and my undergrad degree graduation at university. I've attended a couple of others, such as my sister's and brother's graduations, but they're very unmemorable. Sitting in a stuffy gym for several hours just isn't that fun.

    At my first graduation, the most surprising thing that happened was having my name announced for two awards I hadn't been expecting to receive. One was a creative writing award, which was pretty cool because my brother had won the same award three years prior. The other was a full tuition scholarship, which really surprised me because I'd originally been lined up to receive a $600 bursary when they randomly called my name. Apparently one of my teachers was supposed to have told me about the scholarship and conveniently forgot to do so. Nifty surprise to say the least. The rest of the graduation ceremony is a bit of a blur now, but we sang "Seasons of Love" from Rent as our graduation song. :)

    My second graduation is also quite a blur. I had no idea who our speakers were, including our student speaker, and I'm apparently the only graduate from my class who didn't hug our dean. I shook her hand instead. Katie doesn't give hugs to whorefaces (unless they're Sem). :p
  10. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I graduated a whole year ago, and damn that seems so long ago (especially since I my freshman year of college still hasn't finished! T-T). My graduation was bloody hot and all the guys had black gowns and it was outside, so not a fun experience (and plus I sweat pretty much from just thinking about moderately warm weather seeing as I am just naturally warm as can be all the time). Afterwards it was pretty fun though, as I jokingly told friends that I was "proud of them and only them. I mean ONLY you." Most laughed. One person thought I was serious. Good times.

    Nothing was as bad as my oldest sister's college graduation. It took 4-5 hours and was so damn boring and hot. I played an entire game of the dot game where you make lines and try to make boxes out of them. Did an entire sheet of paper of that with my cousin and that barely knocked any time off. Then I played Mario Kart on the DS with my other cousin for a few hours. Then I took a nap. Then I was woken up for my sister walking across the stage. (This was all three years ago, mind you. :x)

    Thankfully my other sister's college graduation was only like an hour and a half (same school too :x), so I just read most of a book and listened to music during it. (Probably what I will do during my own >>)

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