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Got a team planned for HeartGold/SoulSilver...?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Very familiar topic. I'm a creature of habit~ XP

    I've been pondering over my potential SoulSilver team for ages now, and the more I think about it - the more I want the bloody game to be released D:

    So far I have two solid plans for the team:
    1. Nothing is to be bred. Everything is going to be caught in the wild because it feels much more natural/fresh and this will probably be the only time I do that for these games.
    2. Minus my starter and a select few exceptions, I'm only going to raise Johto PokeDex-related Pokemon that I haven't trained since Gen 2.

    That leaves me with some restrictions but still many options. There are a number of Pokemon I've been considering, but I seem to keep forgetting certain ones while remembering others. I figured I'd just shove them all into a list and go from there. (Note that names here represent lines, not just the single staged Pokemon XP):

    • Smeargle (Most definitely training one this go)
    • Aipom/Snubbull (A second Normal-type, but I've never trained either of their lines before.)
    • Houndour (I think might have used one in Pokemon XD, but I might make an exception)
    • HootHoot (Definitely haven't raised this fellow since my original Silver run)
    • Ledyba, Spinarak, Pineco, Scizor, or Yanma (I've never trained any of them before, so definitely considering the possibility this time 'round. All depends on how important their eggmoves would be to me)
    • Politoed/Remoraid (Either could make for a fun Water-type)
    • Hitmontop (Only Hitmon I've never trained before :D)
    • Smoochum/Sneasel (Again, this'll depend on which one's eggmoves are more important)
    • Phanpy (Again, I used one in Pokemon XD but might make an exception)
    • Misdreavus (When so many of my friends adore it, I'm surprised I've never raised one before...)
    • Larvitar (An idea, but I'll probably wait for my second play through to bother with this line)

    So... hrm. Ideas, ideas. I'll need to look through movesets more before settling, because I'd hate to use one of these Pokemon if they had a clearly useful eggmove available. I'm willing to pick up any Kanto Pokemon that fit my guidelines too, but I'll leave the list as Johto-only for now.

    But... yeah. Enough from me. Has anyone else started planning out their future HG/SS team(s) yet? ^^
  2. Besides Cyndaquil I might have a male Nidoran (been with me ever since the RBY days), and Gastly (the only Ghost type I like), but other than that, I got nothing, but no matter what pokemon it is, I have faith in it, so basically my team could be anything besides the 3 mentioned above. so I don't really have a team planned out.
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I had a team in planning for SoulSilver for a while, and I still haven't finished plotting it - but it will consist of Meganium (female, named Aranyani, for nostalgia reasons), Heracross (Female, named Gaira, for slightly less recent Nostalgia Reasons), Girafarig, Starmie and Aggron at least. I'm still hazy on Girafarig and Starmie's movesets or about a sixth member of the team.

    I will however totally have the Red Gyarados and a Skarmory as HM bitches, as they rather cover everything between the two of them. And they shall be known as Savage and Noble, and whoever gets THAT reference gets a high five. >>;

    I don't have qualms about breeding anything in particular (especially Aggron, which is unobtainable within the game itself prior to the Nat-Dex) - but the downside is that my team will only be completed when I hit Ecruteak. A lot can happen until then.
  4. I've still yet to figure out movesets and the like, but I have known for a while what I will be training. Definitely sticking with all Gen. II Pokémon.


    I've been debating breeding things ahead of time, but seeing as I've never done that before, I see no real reason to start. I may however give myself a Sneasel, seeing as it would be rediculously late in the game before I got one. Also, I don't normally care about gender, but I will be training a male Sneasel, because that short ear just looks silly.
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  5. Well I think I going with going the same team I did on the original H/S. (note final evolutions used)

    Garaidos (proably the shiny red one at lake of rage.)

    I might change if the I need to.
  6. To be honest, I have no idea. I have written out about 5 lists of teams, but like none. I'll add to my team as I progress in the game.
  7. I try to avoid thinking about what my team will be so even I will be surprised as to what it will end up being come elite four time. However, I can't resist thinking of some of my team as Johto is my favorite Gen, and I'm really excited about HG/SS. So far I've come up with this:

    Meganium - Female (First time I've ever agreed with myself to start over until I get the correct gendered starter)
    Umbreon/Espeon (Haven't decided which one yet)

    Beside those three, I haven't for sure picked anyone else, and I'm going to try not to. I doubt I'll be able to stop myself though...
  8. Aaaaaaannnnnd.... Trainer Card!
  9. I'm actually not going to plan too far ahead. I want everything to be spontaneous.

    I might have to stick with my Nidoking though. Been with me since yellow version, and he's really adaptable.
  10. Typhlosion....and that's about it really. I missed out on Gen 2 completely the first time around. So other then knowing I'll go for the Fire starter I have no idea what to expect in terms of pokemon available. So I'll just have to wait and see.
    I can't wait though, because I haven't heard one bad thing about the originals.
  11. Been pondering this for a while and I still haven't come up with a full team yet. What I do know is that I want to trade in most of my team like I did for Platinum. So far what I do have is:

    Chikorita: Will actually pick this starter and hope for the best
    Totodile: I want to breed a Dragon Dancing and Ice Punching one just to see how awesome they can be
    Mareep/Ampharos: I HAVE to have one considering they are almost nudging out my favorite atm
    Houndour: Never really trained one and have been curious about how fun it would be to actually use one
    Heracross or Scizor: Haven't used one before as a permanent member and there has been so much talk of how unbelievably fun they are, but I definitely want to try a bug.
  12. I'm being more inclined to choose chikorita, for it has been pointed out to me by a friend that it is one of the most defensively minded starters.

    It also benefits from synthesis, and I can see it employing my favorite move (toxic) with a considerable amount of success.

    Typhlosion is amazing, truly, but I am being persuaded into a bit of variety.
  13. In my currently MIA Crystal version I chose Cyndaquil, as I was told it was the "easy choice".
    This time I'm getting Chikorita, for reasons stated above and because of a little favoritism.
    Skarmory will be a must for me and my defense-loving persona.
    As for the rest...I'll see when I get it.
  14. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    In HeartGold, I have this team planned ~

    Cyndaquil (Cinder)
    Murkrow (Killitava)
    Sneasel (Empire)
    Miltank (Cravendale)
    Larvitar (Battalion)
    Eevee (Atlanta)
  15. In order of where I am:

    Before completion:

    After Completion:
    Gyarados (shiny)
  16. My team will consist of feraligtr, scizor,ursaring,granbull,houndoom and donphan.Please pm me if you have any suggestions
  17. I have a team planned for HeartGold:

    Red Gyrados
    and maybe Raichu

    That's HeartGold, but I'm notgoing to get too far in the future with SoulSilver.
  18. [​IMG]
    Just so you know it's after i beat the champion.
  19. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Warned for posting a disgusting crock of shit in an otherwise good topic.

    Kindly read the rules, Pikachu725, before you even think about posting again.
  20. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    My Soulsilver Team:

    -Cynadquil (Helios): Gonna be my starter and he's gonna be it because Quilava is one of my favorite Pokemon.
    -Murkrow (Nyx): Gonna breed her in my Platinum, am currently working on a moveset for her.
    -Chinchou: Just a wicked Pokemon with a wicked moveset and typing and ability. I've never used one in a playthrough, so it should be fun.
    -Swinub (Boreas): My Powerhouse who will beat a number of Gym Leaders, now that I look at their types. And the inclusion of Mamoswine makes him all the more powerful.
    -Oddish: Gonna use a Sun Stone and get myself a Bellosom. I've always had a liking of them and it'd be fun to use in one in my playthrough.
    -Espeon (Terasu)/ Abra (Kvasir): Both very powerful, very fast Physic types. My choice just comes down to the better stats of Espeon vs. the better movepool of Alakazam. This will probably be a last minute choice for me.
    -Sentret: I may also use a Sentret out of nostaglia sake.
  21. Feraligatr will be my starter for one while Typhlosion will be for the other (getting both games at same time)

    I'll have Espeon because it's one of my favorite Eeveelutions.

    I'll have Pideot because it was so easy to train in GSC era. I used to use it to be Falkner when I chose Chikorita as starter.

    I'll have a Dragonite because that was my favorite Pokemon in the GSC because Lance used it and it looked cool. Plus it was really the only Pokemon that learned Hyper Beam naturally at the time. (or so I knew if there's others) I adored Hyper Beam. I wish they kept the same animation for it in Gens 3 and 4. And its sound. My favorite move ever is the Gen 2 Hyper Beam.

    Others I haven't come up with yet but I'll decide eventually.

    *Note team subject to change. This trainer has a nasty habit of changing his team up every once in a while, depending on which Pokemon he is into at the moment. You have been warned.

    EDIT: Forgot the Shiny Gyarados. He's one of the few Pokemon I have actually trained to level 100 (thanks to trading to Gen I) I would love to get another level 100 for nostalgia's sake.
  22. well Im actually playing Soul Silver right now so I might just post the Team that I am using right now:
    Typhlosion because well..someone talked me out of the gatr..which was a major mistake imo D:
    Heracross cause its awesome and the moves he learns have perfect Coverage.
    Magnezone , the Special Powerhouse with lotsa nice Resistances
    Crobat cause somehow I like that thing, and Confuse Ray stuffs is always fun + he is my Fly user.
    Kingler, because HUEG POWAH Marrils are a swarm and I dont know how to find swarms in japanese yet , and because that thing is awesome too. Agility+Sword Dance makes my day.

    the 6th. one is the almighty Furret, used as my HM Slave, you dont need 6 Pokemon for the Main game anyways D:
    I would go for T-Tar though, or Gengar. I always take Gengar.. :O
  23. I've been thinking about this for a while now. I'm gonna go with Feraligatr but, I might make teams with the other two starters though.

    Pre National Dex:


    Post National Dex:

  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Alrighty, finally settled on my future SS team XD

    - Meganium (Traditional Grass-type starter)
    - Noctowl (Traditional 'early bird' Pokemon - gotta have 'em on my first team each new gen/region)
    - Smeargle (Been dying to train one. Should be fun)
    - Lanturn (I've never properly trained one before. Ever. It helps fill some type gaps, too)
    - Hitmontop (Never trained it before, and it looks like fun. I'll probably be breaking my original plans and breeding Tyrogue, tho)
    - Houndoom (Like Lanturn, it fills type gaps. Plus, I love having my Fire-types around. I'll probably be breeding this fellow, too)

    Can't wait until March to finally raise these guys ^_^
  25. Nim


    I have been thinking about my ss team for a while and this is it

    Feralagtr-who else :p
    Noctowl or maybe xatu( need to compare stats)
    Flareon-cause every team needs a fire and this baby has beasty attack stats

    btw i just joined pokecharms and i was wondering how you guys had pictures for ur profiles and how to display your trainer cards at the bottom of ur posts ??? Thnx if u can tell me thatll be great

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