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Ask to Join Gorgon Glare (A Fairy Tail RP Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lord Of Pain, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Gorgon Glare Guild
    this will be a RP for a Fan made Guild, to join fill out this forum for your characters

    Name -
    Gender -
    Age -
    magic -
    guild mark location -
    personality -
    appearance -


    1. there will be a limit of a total of 3 slayers so first come first serve

    2. dragon slayers and devil slayers are allowed but no god slayers

    3. fan made magic is fine with me as long as you supply a brief summary

    4. if your going to have celestial spirit magic your limited to 1 zodiac key max, and no

    5. please be respectful of fellow role players

    6. i shouldnt be saying this but no god moding

    7. no one liners please

    8. and yes children of existing characters are fine but remember i will always be wondering why they'd join this guild instead of their parent's guild, keep that in mind

    9. you can have a max of 2 magics, 1 if your a slayer

    10. most important rule, have fun! ^^
    Name - Euryale Stoneworth
    Gender - female
    Age - 31
    magic - Stone eye and Acid magic
    guild mark location - left cheek (by the way guild mark resembles a snake forming a circle around an eye)
    personality - a calm and kind woman that cares for her whole guild, but becomes ruthless in battle and wont stand for aggression towards her guild members
    appearance - a pale woman with sea green eyes and hair, wears a black dress along with snake skin boots, her hair reaches all the way to her back
    Name - Aezer Vansyl
    Gender - male
    Age - 18
    magic - Totem Magic (Falcon Totem)
    guild mark location - right hand palm
    personality - cheerful optimistic guy, emotional and smart, however he isnt too confident and waits for friends to make the first move in a fight
    appearance - a frail light skinned boy wearing a brown shirt and pants, also wears a carefully sewn together cloak of leaves, has hazel eyes and black messy hair

    totem magic is a form of summoning magic like angle magic and celestial spirit magic

    Totem magic is used to summon totem spirits, which are weaker than celestial spirits but make up for it by sharing their magic with their summoner, this magic functions like celestial spirit magic but with wooden idols instead of keys

    Totem spirits dont have fixed names and couldnt care less about having them, so their summoner's can call them whatever they want

    there are 12 totem spirits, and are divided into 4 groups

    Blue Idols (versatile uses)

    Goose Totem
    a beautiful pale white haired woman in a bride dress carrying a golden harp, she acts like a motherly figure to her summoner and is the most obedient of the totem spirits
    summoning phrase - "Goose Spirit Heed my Call!"
    magic - Sound Magic
    status - free to use

    Otter Totem
    a dark hair and skinned, toned male shaolin monk with a calm and patient personality, the most literal of the Totem spirits so he tends to lack a sense of humor
    Summoning Phrase - "Otter Spirit Heed My Call!"
    magic - High Speed
    status - free to use

    Wolf Totem
    a knight in silver armor, wielding a sapphire decorated shield and 3 weapons he can cycle through, a sword, a mace and a lance, he is the most loyal of the spirits
    summoning phrase - "Wolf Spirit Heed My Call!"
    Magic - Re-equip (The Knight)
    Status - free to use

    Green Idols (safe distance Combat)

    Falcon Totem
    a wizard in brown robes and a grey long beard, wields a golden staff, short tempered and loves a good battle
    summoning phrase - "Falcon Spirit Heed My Call!"
    magic - lightning magic
    status - Taken by Me

    Beaver Totem
    a little pink haired girl in a beaver hoodie, very optimistic and a team player, considers the Woodpecker spirit her older brother
    summoning phrase - "Beaver Spirit Heed My Call!"
    magic - Wood Dragon Slayer
    status - free to use

    Deer Totem

    a black haired lady in camouflage tank top and jeans, wearing a leaf cloak and deer skull, she cycles between a bow and a gun, both of which are camo too
    summoning phrase - "Deer Spirit Heed My Call!"
    magic - Re-equip (The Gunner)
    status - free to use

    Red Idols (all in Combat)

    Woodpecker Totem
    a blond guy in black jeans, white shirt and red hoodie, a trouble maker and a flirt, considers the Beaver spirit his younger sister
    summoning phrase - "Woodpecker Spirit Heed My call!"
    magic - Wood dragon slayer
    status - free to use

    Salmon Totem

    a fisherman with a pink-ish skin tone, baggy pants, white shirt and blue vest, wields a fishing pole and has grey hair, expert in armed combat
    summoning phrase - "Salmon Spirit Heed My Call!"
    magic - Water magic
    status - free to use

    Bear Totem
    a towering barbarian clothed in bear fur, has ginger hair and metal braces, the strongest of the spirits physically
    summoning phrase - "Bear Spirit Heed My Call!"
    magic - earth magic
    status - @DarkHydraT

    Yellow Idols (supportive)

    Raven Totem
    a young purple haired girl wearing a black dress, very observant and mostly emotionless, a skilled pickpocket-er too
    summoning phrase - "Raven Spirit Heed my Call!"
    magic - archive
    status - free to use

    Snake Totem
    a brown haired guy with green scales and a forked tongue dressed as a voodoo witch doctor, hisses on every S he pronounces and knows the human anatomy well
    summoning phrase - "Snake Spirit Heed My Call!"
    magic - Enchantment magic
    status - free to use

    Owl Totem
    an old man with a long beard, dressed in a suit and reading a book, is a pacifist and the wisest of the spirits
    summoning phrase - "Owl Spirit Heed My Call!"
    magic - Heavenly eyes
    status - free to use
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  2. Name - Leonidas Wilhelm
    Gender - Male
    Age - 21
    magic - Totem Magic (Bear Totem)
    guild mark location - Red and between shoulder blades
    personality - Down to earth, doesn't care too much about rules unless they keep people safe or the punishment is incredibly harsh. Tends to play and fight rather defensively, keeping his fellow guild members safe whilst he lets the Bear Totem attack, joins the totem when his guild members are safe or when the Bear Totem is outmatched. Gentle to everyone unless they are intentionally harming the guild or his friends. Is known to hold his own when drinking.
    appearance - A large tanned man who looks like he would kill someone if they bumped into him. He wears a black shirt and blue jeans, has a buzz cut high and tight haircut and brown eyes. He carries the wooden idol around his neck.

    I hope that this is good enough, I am willing to edit anything if something feels too strong
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  3. @DarkHydraT My bad, I think I wasn't clear, there is only those 12 spirits in the main post, but if anyone else wants to use totem magic they can choose any of them that isn't taken, my bad I probably should of mentioned that in the post....
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  4. It's fine, thanks for informing me. I should've figured that out myself. I'll edit my post
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  6. Thank you, I look forward to this RP
  7. @SS-I Never I read somewhere that you would join every Fairy Tail RP, so I decided to help you find one
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  8. Name - Souma Onomoto
    Gender - Male
    Age - 15
    Magic - Air Magic
    Guild Mark Location - Right Forearm
    Personality - Friendly, and Caring. He will always have his friends' backs and stay by their side when in trouble. He is also very brave, and when he has the perfect chance to strike first in battle, he will take it.
    Appearance - Black forward hair with blue highlights, black polo shirt, white pants, sky blue shoes, blue eyes, and peach skin.
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  9. I don't remember ever stating such a thing (I'm already in two as it is), but sure I'll join.

    Name- Katrina Lucofix
    Gender- Female
    Age- 18
    Magic- Take Over: Satan Soul and Transformation
    Guild Mark- Blue; Below her eye
    Personality- Katrina is...a decent person to be around with. Due to her having the ability to possess the abilities of demons, she does have the tendency to act cold around others; tending to take situations much more seriously than others, but she at least tries to be nice to others. She does have a sense of justice, however, and values the lives of others over her own, though sometimes she'll let the aspects of her past control these sort of actions.
    Appearance- She stands at 5'09" feet, but she tends to wear high heels which makes her already above average even taller, standing at basically six feet. Katrina has long flowing white hair, with black tips at the end of it. Her eyes are a glowing radiant of blue, and she has fair, white skin. Her usual outfit consists of a black, blue, and white robe with a frilled black skirt.
  10. Pretty sure you said it when you signed up for Gryphon Beak
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  11. It might've been sarcasm, as I was a part of many Fairy Tail RP's (I currently am, actually), but...that was about a year ago, dude.
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  12. Whoops, my mistake for not looking at the date. But let's leave that behind us and have fun, shall we?
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  14. I have a question about the Totem Magic.
    Does this mean that you can use the same magic as the totem spirits? Like if someone chose the Salmon Spirit they would be able to use Water magic?
  15. Yes, since the Totem spirits are half as strong as the Zodiac keys spirits from Celestial spirit magic they make up for it by sharing their magic with their summoner
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  16. Okay, thank you for explaining it.
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  17. Do I need to specify a guild mark location if I plan to be a new member who has not joined yet?

    Name - Melli Durless
    Gender - Female
    Age - 16
    magic - Paper Blizzard
    guild mark location - TBD (Likely the right shoulder)
    personality - Someone who appears to be confident, sure of herself and someone who means business. However, part of this is just an act to try and show off more confidence to others than she may actually have, as she tries to act cooler than she actually is. Still she is very determined and passionate in her goals and a good girl underneath, just a bit more shy & unsure than she presents herself as.
    appearance - Short black hair with fair skin, black eyes and a lean by athletic build. Wears a dark green, sleeveless top and a matching colored skirt with a pair of skin tight black bottoms underneath. Wears a pair of white flats as well.
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  18. @Sarah316 it would be useful to help visualize your character in our minds as we roleplay, also accepted!
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  19. Well I gave a description of where it will be, so I hope that helps. Thanks :)
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  20. Name- Michelle Dunbar
    Gender - Female
    Age - 16
    Magic - Requip (The Knight)
    Guild Mark Location - Right shoulder
    Personality - Though she can be incredibly scary at times, she can be quite nice.
    Appearance - Michelle has brown hair, violet eyes, and pale skin. She wears a custom made suit of armor. The top half of the armor is made more like a vest that that women of the modern day American military would wear, instead of being like Erza's standard armor, Michelle's not having the "dip" between the breasts. The logo of the company (which is a serpent's head with bared fangs) that made the armor is on the top right in green, a red colored fox paw print is on both shoulders (due to Michelle asking for them). The bottom half is similar to Erza's.
  21. @Lord Of Pain we have someone who wants to join, your services are needed.
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  24. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Eleo
    Age: 16
    Magic: electricity .. he can also provoke storms to make his magic faster and stronger (lighting blast , shock , he can make lighting come out of nowhere (sky included)) and speed magic ((at fullest achieves 20x the speed of light))
    Guild mark location:left shoulder
    Personality: not very but kind of silent and kind of nice (Perfect for rival) pretty much a smart dude that doesnt like stuff that dont make sense
    Appearence: has gold eyes , yellow hair , pale skin , wears a green cape with thunder on the middle, has white shorts , and brown shoes,
    Has a scar on left eye

    If he can , could i give him a katana?
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  25. So...when are we planning on creating some arc ideas?
  26. I think around now is fine since our characters got introduced to each other... or I assume they all have, correct me if I'm wrong
  27. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they have, except for my character, or at the very least she hasn't introduced herself formally. I was kinda hoping she'd have to be forced to go on a mission with some of the guildmates, or Melli since she's new. Idk. :p
  28. I did have an idea for an arc but it's very early to do it :?
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  29. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

  30. Alright, let's just see what we can do for a first arc. We can pull off something from Fairy Tail, and make the first few arcs be about a characters backstory. Though, I want to save Katrina's backstory for later.
  31. Oh right didn't see your post sorry :'|

    Your character is accepted but sorry, no katana
  32. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Alright ill be posting soon

    Sorry i didnt post for weeks, i was doing other stuff and i didnt have time for pokecharms SORRY >. <
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  33. @Lord Of Pain We kinda need you to post as Master Stoneworth for the RP, or you can at least grant any one of us the permission to RP as Master Stoneworth when you're busy with irl stuff (I understand if so, life is crazy).

    I also have an arc idea if you guys are interested in hearing about it.

    Gorgon Glare has been in a rivalry with another guild in town, Chimera Wrath, though it has never been anything too serious, like Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. Both guilds actually get along, and Chimera Wrath has pretty strong mages of their own.

    It was a normal day, as any other, when suddenly a loud thunderous smite could be heard. Both guilds were struck with a purple lightning, which caused some members to be covered in a purple aura similar to the lightning, and disappear.

    The mages who were affected by the lightning will then suddenly find themselves in a strange area which resembled a cave. Standing in front of them, will be a cloaked figure who looks extremely young (like 10 years old) and he will be holding a rod that looks to big for him to handle, yet he can. Two girls will be standing next to him.

    The child will introduce himself as Drekavac, and he tells the members that have been transported to the cave that he was bored and he wants a little excitement in his life, so he made a tournament that pitted Gorgon Glare and Chimera Beak against each other to see a battle between mages. If any of the mages failed to do so, then they would face a severe punishment. It is basically impossible to get to Drekavac, however, as he is surrounded by a barrier which just transports anyone who tries to go through it back to where they were in the cave.

    So, all of the mages are pitted to fight each other in a tournament. It is revealed that the loser of each battle get turned into gold, and are added into Drekavac's personal collection. It is also revealed he has other rivaling guilds face each other in the past and keeps the losers of each and every one of his past tournaments.

    The problem with this arc idea, though, is that I think we need more members or we need to create more characters. Just so there's variety and all that jazz.
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  34. We could consider sending tag invites. I like the idea.
  35. Yeah, we should.

    But the only person I can think of to invite is @Godjacob.
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  36. It's a start, and that is we can ask for.
  37. I have been summoned!

    I'll get a bio up ASAP. Just got back from taking my mother to the doctor's.
  38. Sorry for going MIA for a while but I'm back now

    Also @SS-I Never I like the idea but I feel it's a bit too clashing with the idea I have
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  39. Can I hear the idea?

    That is alright with me! Also, do you know anyone who is free and might be interested in this RP?

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